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Victoria's Secret Model Cameron Russell Discourages Girls From Modeling!

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victorias secret model cameron russell discourages girls from being a model

Hard to believe, but Victoria's Secret model Cameron Russell claims that models have some of the biggest self esteem issues and actually, in a recent Ted Talk, she discourages girls from entering the industry!

The 25-year-old model admits that even though models are gorgeous, it's not all it's cracked up to be.

In her very honest speech, Cameron says:

"How we look — though it is superficial and immutable – has a huge impact on our lives. I always just say I was scouted, but that means nothing. The real way I became a model is that I won a genetic lottery, and I am a recipient of a legacy.

For the past few centuries, we have defined beauty not just as health and youth and symmetry that we’re biologically programmed to admire, but also as tall, slender figures with femininity and white skin. This is a legacy that was built for me, and that I’ve been cashing out on."

Talking about models' insecurities, she added:

"The thing that I have never said on camera is that 'I am insecure.' And I am insecure because I have to think about what I look like every day. If you ever think, 'If I had thinner thighs and shinier hair, wouldn’t I be happier,' you just need to meet a group of models. They have the thinnest thighs and the shiniest hair and the coolest clothes and they are the most physically insecure women, probably, on the planet."

And she continues to discourage girls to aspiring to become a model. She says:

"The first answer is: I don’t know, they don’t put me in charge of that. But the second answer, and what I really want to say to these little girls, is: why? You know, you can be anything. You could be the President of the United States or the inventor of the next Internet or a ninja cardio-thoracic surgeon poet, which would be awesome because you would be the first one.

Saying that you want to be a model when you grow up is akin to saying that you want to win the Powerball when you grow up. It’s out of your control and it’s awesome — and it’s not a career path."

We do agree that she did win the genetic lottery! At least she's honest about how she became famous.

It certainly is an eye-opener for those who want to be a model… Besides, they'll always have America's Next Top Model as a backup plan!

[Image via Jeff Grossman/WENN.]

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2 comments to “Victoria's Secret Model Cameron Russell Discourages Girls From Modeling!”

  1. Liz says – reply to this


    Why not just let girls be whatever they want instead of telling them what they should and shouldn't be? Maybe some girls like having their photo taken and enjoy modeling. Not everyone is cut out to be a doctor or internet inventor or even president. And if it's so horrible why doesn't she quit modeling and go become a ninja cardio-thoracic surgeon poet??? I understand what she's trying to say but telling people their dreams aren't good enough is just dumb. Let people be whatever their hearts desire.

  2. Jules says – reply to this


    Re: Liz – I get where you are coming from, but I think she's referring to all the non-model type girls (the 99% of us) who CANT become models even if we tried our very hardest. Some 5'1 non-model type girls are starving themselves right now, hating themselves for one aspect of them that they cant help. I think Cameron here is saying dont build your dreams on just one superficial "i look good" aspect of your life, look at the other aspects, your intellect, personality, charitability etc