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Demi Moore is going around town acting like hairy legs are the new hairy armpits! We really don't want to be exposed to either of those things, but the f… Read more…

51 comments to “Demi Moore Exposes Hairy Legs For All The World To See!”

  1. Kim says – reply to this


    What is wrong with you Perez? When Ellen told you that you are mean, she was right. You are mean. Not that i agree with not shaving my legs, but, for the remainder of the world, it's not uncommon. I am no longer going to check out your silly site. I will not miss the pictures you post of others stating their love for you. You are selfish and mean. I do congratulate you on your weight loss, but other than that, I think you're really just too full of yourself.

  2. Rachel Vermeulen says – reply to this


    why does someone have to shave there legs just because it's considered the "norm" you even said it yourself you wouldn't of even noticed if you hadn't of zoomed in. just leave the poor woman alone she doesn't need to impress anyone. men don't shave their legs so if she lets her's grow out for a while who cares

  3. 3

    You mean Demi Moore is human?

  4. Rose says – reply to this


    Omigod hold the presses! Woman has peach fuzz on her legs!!! Perez has a top story!!!

  5. 5

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  6. Rose says – reply to this


    Cute outfit, by the way.

  7. Nicole says – reply to this


    Let's try to focus on more important things. I'm disappointed Perez - I thought you had passed your mean streak from back in the day. Not a great representation as a Latino or a new father.

  8. Cindi says – reply to this


    Oh come on! You can't even see anything in the picture! Give us women a break! Men are hairy like crazy and I don't see them shaving their whole body for hours a week to impress us. After reading about Hilary Clinton going out without makeup and that becoming "News" asking if she "forgot" to put it on before going out. It's obvious that women are set to an obsurd standard of being absolutely perfect everyday starting before they wake up and even after they go to sleep! Like we can't be a human mammal for even one second of the day! It's not right and it's definatley not Fair. I hate the way you worded this post. "She should know better than to go out". Geez! Think about the message you send sometime!

    Also your "play" on words tiles have been out of control ever since you said something about the President taking it "in the back door" as a title to talk about marriage equality. In fact you know you got good about bullying and then I swear the day after I saw you on Oprah's life class you started this horrible pun thing. It's really gross. I read your site daily for probably years now! It's a nice break from harsh reality but you're ruining it! Just think about it man. Think about it now, ya know especially when you have a young child to raise. Stand for something more than gossip

  9. 9

    Absolutely disgusted you would criticize her for not shaving her legs. She can do what she wants.

  10. Hula says – reply to this


    Perhaps it has something to do with shaving around that nasty gash on her shin??

  11. lor says – reply to this


    perez you are a fucking idiot. you claim to have changed but you havent. you've lost another visitor to your site. not that you care, i'm sure, because all that matters is you.

  12. lor says – reply to this


    perez you are a f***en idiot. why are you picking on something that doesn't matter. you say you've changed but you havne't. you are still as nasty and mean as ever. well you have lost another visitor to your site. not that you care, i'm sure. you just care about yourself and your little pathetic world.

  13. 13

    Humans grow it for a reason, not for a 'fashion' statement. An optimistic person would applaud her choice at a 'healthy' shake, a pessimist would post a story such as this. I can't even fathom why this is even considered a Top Story, let alone the fact that the hair on her legs is not even noticeable to the naked-eye. This is just a different form of bullying, but it still is bullying non-the-less.

  14. Rose says – reply to this


    I think it is a shame to quit visiting this cite because it's objectionable. That will just leave him with the haters he encourages to be haters. That will leave the haters just hearing from other haters, to encourage them to hate more than they already do. I hate to see real people leave.

  15. Rose says – reply to this


    When a mean person pretends to be nice, they are still a mean person.

  16. Grace says – reply to this


    This is a really jerkish story to post, Perez. Try being a little nicer.

  17. Rini says – reply to this


    Don't tell women what to do. Do you shave your legs, Perez?

  18. jesse says – reply to this


    I don't see any hair and even if there was hair WHO CARES????

  19. 19

    Yea, I'm with the girls on this one Perez, shoulda left this one alone. Girl has enough on her mind, who cares about shaving…

  20. Mo says – reply to this


    This is NOT news! who cares if a celebrity has hairy legs. What a Pointless and mean post Perez. It's hilarious when you talk about bullying but here you are doing the exact same thing. Real classy and the fact that you have wasted time zooming in looking to get something on her to post is extremely sad. You've now lost another fan of yours.

  21. madmike says – reply to this


    Well on the upside - at least debi isn't wearing slUggs.

  22. 22

    She "should have known better"? Are you kidding? You are an absolute idiot, Perez. We women are entitled to do whatever the hell we want with our bodies, such as not shaving our legs or underarms, just as men are. Why do you hate women so much? You make it WAY too obvious.

  23. shelly says – reply to this


    you're a class act you sad fucker. what would oprah/chopra think of this. Ommmm, contemplate it on your way to hell, you bullying, money grubbing, fame whoring sad fat fuck.

  24. justine says – reply to this


    Oh Perez. It's sad that your new son is going to grow up hating you just like the rest of the world. People like you are the reason hate goes around. And you claim to "stop hate" and "love oneanother" and are for "equal rights" bla bla. You are a fake and a phony, and if you died, I assure you, no one would care. Now go jump into the nearest pile of dog shit, tuck yourself in, and go to sleep where you belong.

  25. Els says – reply to this


    Everything you post is what you are teaching your son. Lesson No 1: Hey son, it's fine to take the piss out of a woman because she's not conforming to some outdated gender stereotype. It's fine to make her feel like less of a person just because she's trying to go about her daily business in peace.

  26. diane says – reply to this


    if this were kim kardashian all of you would be laughing at her… don´t hate perez…

  27. Jackie says – reply to this


    Perez, who supposedly stands for equal rights and is apparently opposed to sexism, chose to write a story like this. I'm so disappointed. I enjoy reading the stuff on your site but you've completely ruined your own reputation now. Clearly your 'activism' is as shallow as this post.

  28. Stephanie says – reply to this


    And yet, people wonder why celebrities ALWAYS have to look their best. Stupid websites like these that point out the tiniest flaws in people make others self conscious and feeling ugly. Let's give a round of applause for Perez and his puppets that work for him for being a bunch of ASSHOLES!

    Thank you.

  29. Miranda says – reply to this


    Who cares? People in the western world are too hung up on having a baby appearance. The hair is normal, not constantly removing it for some contorted beauty ideal.

  30. 30

    Everyone always points out the unrealistic expectations of beauty in the media, Perez included. Acknowledging how people aren't actually perfect, and how it effects young people thinking they can look unrealistically perfect.
    And then when a star comes out with a little prickle on her legs, she gets chastised. She's human, it happens. She shouldn't have to hide in the house until she is perfect. She shouldn't have to cover up if she doesn't want to.
    Perez, you are doing nothing but perpetuating the ridiculous standards of beauty. You act like the media is so harming to the youth, but then make sure the problem continues.

  31. 31

    She's still human. Probably feeling down of late and im sure we've all been guilty of having a lazy/busy/sad/no boyfriend period where we leave it a day or two too long to shave our legs.
    To be fair though, if she doesnt want people commenting on it, she shouldve known better than to be in a hot city, wearing shorts and the fact that she's demi moore - people are gonna follow and snap! I can get away with it because if you wear short in the UK, you freeze to death! :P
    Still, if she doesn't care, why should we?

  32. @v@ says – reply to this


    Forget that. Look how strong and healthy those former toothpicks are looking now.
    Awesome. She's taking care of her body. Women don't shave anything in Europe.
    Women have leg hair. Sometimes they're too busy having fun to get to it. Get over it.
    Why the hell should any woman feel guilty because they didn't hide their natural hair?
    Phuck that.

  33. barbara says – reply to this


    Zoom in, what an ass. Let people live, you are still a bully. Your going to be a horrible dad with your thinking and big mouth.

  34. blah blah blah says – reply to this


    Perez, are you kidding me? Why do women have a duty to shave their legs? Youre extremely chauvenist and sexist. I thought more of you.

  35. Lover55 says – reply to this


    OMG! Call out the National Shavers Association!!! What the fuck,Leave this poor woman be.People have been hackling her since she decided to boot her worthless cheater ex husband to the curb.She didn't harm anyone, she has been going thru hell, so lets stomp on her some more.She is looking pretty healthy & happy lately. So lets be happy for her.She is getting her life in order again.So instead of being a big douch,lets wish her the best.Why does some people thrive on other people's misfortunes & letdowns.It is such a cruel,cold &I heartless world,people who practice this way of life are sad,sad human beings.It definely makes people look like small,shallow, & cold people.So Perez you may what to revise your way of thinking.You have a little one now.And the first time someone bullies him, it will break your heart.Just something to think about!!!!!

  36. Liz says – reply to this


    Wow. Really unimpressed with this "story." Why do you care if her legs aren't shaved? Get over it. For a man who claims to be pro-women, this type of "reporting" is so asinine. Ugh.

  37. 37

    What the hell kind of story is this???? Its borderline sexist and just…seriously?? You're criticizing a woman for daring to run out with hardly noticeable hair on her legs?? She was probably sitting at home, decided she wanted a smoothy, looked her legs, and decided that since no one would be close to her legs and she'd just be out for a bit, it wasn't worth the time to take care of. Trust me…every woman has done that at one point in their lives.

  38. K8 says – reply to this


    1. this is not even celebrity gossip
    2. she probably forgot 2 shave and wore a nice outfit anyway
    3. you cant even really see the hair on her legs anyway
    4. who gives a f**K
    5. perez i started going on your site to give it a go ,but now i just like the comment section to diss most of your posts :) bcoz they …. suck …
    6. the majority of your posts are about YOUR IDOL LINDSAY LOHAN :D

  39. Sarah says – reply to this


    Your a piece of work Perez accually you know what ppl call you? A BULLY! That's it. Believe it or not you accually do have to grow some hair before you can wax it and if she felt okay with going out looking like that then shut the fuck up , you don't need to be so mean and rude, you don't have any clue what she's going through right now , she could be depressed or something idk but who cares right well guess what karma a bitch and you'll get what's coming

  40. Bella says – reply to this


    Re: Kim – Amen!!! You ARE mean Perez… Karma is a bit*h you know!

  41. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    LOL ! She is getting TOO OLD to bend over and shave her legs ! LOL ! I don't even want to think about her UNDER-ARMS ! LOL ! Demi Whore - SO pathetic !

  42. Be-Atch says – reply to this



  43. Be-Atch says – reply to this



  44. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    PERVEZ HAS A HAIRY ass……………….

  45. Alice says – reply to this


    Seriously!!! I mean really? Hairy legs. Give me a break. Anything else important we should know about that you just happened to ZOOM in on.

  46. Blackbeered says – reply to this


    You definitely have more hair on your tongue than Demi has on her legs.

    Maybe you need to dust your screen?

  47. william says – reply to this


    there are pics of a 19 yr old demi still on the net. Just google demi moore bush and you will see the most hairy slit you've ever seen

  48. brian says – reply to this


    I'll always remember those photos of her hairy bush with fondness

  49. 49

    Wow, I can't believe I just wasted time setting up an account to respond to this article…but hey what the hell here goes. "Perez, your an idiot!"

  50. Cory Bantick says – reply to this


    Perez, were you born in the 1920s? "Demi should know better than to wear shorts…when she hasn't shaved".

    I'll never visit this site again. If I want to hear inane, sexist drivel about celebs, I'll take a US Weekly over to my grand-dad's and listen to his bs instead.

  51. lee says – reply to this


    wow, nothing better to do than zoom in and fixate on a couple of stray hairs that are barely visible in your photos?? All of Europe has hairy legs Perez! Grow up and stop your mean-spirited attacks.