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Nicki Minaj Steals Mariah Carey's Birthday Thunder & Style On American Idol!

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mariah carey nicki minaj same color dress american idol

GASP!!! This is a fashion faux pas of diva proportions!

Mariah Carey, being the true professional she is, celebrated her birthday on the set of American Idol last night.

The birthday princess was all smiles in a bright orange flared party dress, that is until Nicki Minaj sat down wearing a curve-hugging frock that was practically the same color!!!

It's like Mariah and Whitney at the 1998 VMAs 2.0!!!

Unfortunately Luckily both dresses escaped the taping unharmed and fully intact, as did their weaves.

We have a feeling Mariah's glam squad is firing off rapid texts to Her Minajesty's peeps to make sure this never happens again.

Who Was More Original In Orange???

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Who Was More Original In Orange???

  • Nicki Minaj (52%)
  • Mariah Carey (48%)

Total Votes: 6,491

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28 comments to “Nicki Minaj Steals Mariah Carey's Birthday Thunder & Style On American Idol!”

  1. 1

    I'm not really a Nicki fan, but I LOATHE Mariah. Don't confuse "diva" with "holier than thou." Bitch thinks she's God. She and Kanye Fucktard would make the perfect couple.

  2. Valentina says – reply to this


    Me too, Angela. Mariah….Yeah I just don't even care if she's ever in the spotlight again I don't think she deserves it with the attitude she puts out to everyone.

  3. Jimmy Choo Tilla says – reply to this


    Because Nicki is nothing but humble pie. Mariah is certainly a diva, but at least she has the talent to back it up. Nicki has done nothing but rap about sucking d**k and grinding her ghetto booty on music videos. Nicki needs to come back to earth and realize she ain't the wonderful talent she thinks she is.

  4. dreamssweetly says – reply to this


    At least in this instance, Nikki knew she didn't have to have her tits out for attention. Mariah is 43 with the brain of a 14 year old. He cleavage is old and she needs to put it away and focus on her voice, that should be what is in center stage.

  5. John R says – reply to this


    For starters Angela what we have seen on idol is exactly the opposite. Mariah is actually very nice and humble while Nicki is very arrogant and bitchy. Apparently she's also very jealous of Mariah because when at the beginning of Idol she was dressed like the crazy ass clown that she is while Mariah has always been very classy since the first episode, suddenly Nicki went into competition mode and is now "trying" to look classy. All facts! Nicki and Mariah shouldn't even be compared to start with since Mariah is a legend while Nicki is just another talentless, rude, guetto mess.

  6. Guy says – reply to this


    Mariah deserves the spotlight. Why the hell is Nicki even on the show. Mariah has BEEEN a WORLDWIDE idol her entire life and her accolades prove that.

  7. Guy says – reply to this


    Re: John R – very well said John!

  8. 8

    Re: John R – perfectly said

  9. 9

    I couldn't vote. You left both "Fat" and "Stupid" off of the ballot.

  10. robdeezy says – reply to this


    Perez, first of all, its RED. Second of all, the whole panel wore red to support gay rights.

  11. k says – reply to this


    Nicki of course,i just because mariah is a legend don't give her the right to look down and cr-p on people,she is a legendary singer,but being a judge she s-ck,you all can deny it and fabricate lies to cr-p on nicki who is actually doing her job,in stead of admitting that mariah isn't a good judge,no dis toward mariah but it is what it is,people was coming in thinking nicki was just going to be there and mariah the person who bin in the game forever and accomplish alot is going to judge and help the contestants…but it flip no one expected that nicki is th wwho ise doing that and mariah is the one who is just there trying to please the audience to not get booed d-mn…guess nicki isn't this unintellegent person most is trying so hard to make people believe.

  12. 12

    Re: John R – I noticed that too. Even her hair has changed. Clearly trying to compete with Mariah. Same thing happened when she started changing up her style to look like Lady Gaga. Will the real Nicki Minaj please stand up?

  13. TeamMariah says – reply to this


    Re: xoxo_anonymous

    I would add to that that yes Mariah is a DIVA. The best we've seen in a long time and is still the only DIVA. Of course, mindless and brainwashed children without any concept of what a book is would only define diva as some kind of vicious, self-centered woman, instead of embracing it as a feminine term, one that celebrates femininity.

    Who is niki?! Oh, the one that somehow make believes that she's the next "black barbie"?! (that's degrading in and of itself…) and now thinks she's a diva?! [/pity] No matter what she does she'll never get out of L Boogie's a$$crack. LULz. Lauryn got an education and told YOU how you're miseducated, told ya why and how. Can niki's pig-brain grasp this?

    ***Gives niki the finger ’cause she ain't even worth the whole hand. Yeah keep rollin' them eyes little girl. Muahahahah!

  14. mslady269 says – reply to this


    I think they both looked fine in their dresses and since they are on camera together, it didn't look bad to have the same color. Nicki actually looked more conservative than normal.

  15. JORGE says – reply to this


    Mariah Carey is so fake to me… She talks, acts, and looks fake!!!! Your 43yrs old!! Get over it!! Own your age!!!

  16. TeamMariah says – reply to this


    For real, I know niki is hard and Perez is…ugh, biased?! I actually love seeing niki mature into her ownself. The new looks are great honey and they suit you! Now, next lesson is in humility. It never is about the number but the quality, the humility, and growth. That's why harry Belafonte said what he said about B…

  17. TeamMariah says – reply to this


    Can't even imagine how slow this site would load if it had a filter for comments?!

  18. 18

    Mariah is actually nice and polite on the show, Nicky is too much and doesn't have that much talent.

  19. Kaz C says – reply to this


    Re: John R
    "Apparently" she's very jelous of Mariah<BAHAHAHAHA LOL
    Nicki's hairstylist Terrence Davidson happened to quit after the first few episodes of Idol, she now new hairstylist and diferent wigs(less crazy) meaning less crazy outfits to match her new hair!!!! anyway at the begging of the year Nicki already said she was going to tone down her look.

  20. jay says – reply to this


    Re: k – I agree wit you !!!! Enough said.. Mariah sucks as a judge !!!!!!!!! An Nicki changed her style because she wanted 2 take career more serious but it seems like nothin she do is good enough for you dumb F==k

  21. tahoegeminii says – reply to this


    MeMe doesn't deserve any spotlight-she slept her way to the top of the charts-no Tommy no Grammys, no air play no nothing-she is and will always be his marketing creation-she is just living on the leftovers and her blow hard bragging now-and frankly i think most people are tired of it-Idol sucks and she sucks on Idol-they only have her on cause they knew she would a arrogant snotty bee-yotch when they brought another woman on the panel and that is her only function–Seacreats #1 game plan on all his reality TV shows-nasty cat fights with women people can't stand

  22. Kurt says – reply to this


    Why does anyone say Mariah has a "holier than thou" attitude? Certainly not on the show. Even the contestants have all said that Mariah comes to talk to them backstage after they've been voted off to encourage to keep going and how great they were. ALL of the contestants also said that Nicki didn't even bother to get up and say anything to them.

    Mariah is the biggest selling female artist of all-time, the most influential female singer of the last 3 decades, is 43 and STILL looks more beautiful than women in their 20's, has an incredible work-ethic, a gorgeous husband, two beautiful children, and is STILL humble and kind to her peers (who don't disrespect her).

    It's sad to see that people are fans of Nicki Minaj. She's mildly talented, occasionally funny, and somewhat attractive, but her nasty temper, huge ego, and unprofessional behavior is exactly what a BAD role model is for young girls.

  23. Lesley says – reply to this


    Re: tahoegeminii – It is widely known that Mariah had a record contract with the other biggest label at the time, before she even met Tommy. When Tommy met her and heard her sing, he said that she had the greatest voice he had ever heard and that she was going to be bigger than Whitney Houston. He bought her contract out with the other label to make her the star he knew she deserved to be. It's in his memoir that he just released a few months ago (Tommy Mattola, that is).

    So, to make a long story short… WRONG!

  24. Michael says – reply to this


    Ummm why is this even a question? Minaj will never look nearly as good as Mariah, and Mariah is 43. Nicki looks fake fake fake. Fake ass hair, make up looking like a clown and that big pointy nose of hers. Plus her attitude sucks. Yeah mariahs boobies may be fake, but her face is gorgeous! And at 43, she is a timeless beauty. And of course Mariah is a diva, she is a legend in the music industry, Nicki just thinks shes a diva, rollin up to idol with her entourage lol. This girls a joke!

  25. 25


  26. NWGuy says – reply to this


    Nicki is a slob

  27. gabriel says – reply to this


    Message for k: Mariah does not look down on people. She knows what it's like coming from humble beginnings. She actually speaks to contestants after the show and encourages them to keep pursuing their dreams. So shut the fuck up.

    Nick is the one yelling at the contestants about their performances. Take a look back at Kree's performances where Nicki said she doesn't care that people are blowing smoke up Kree's ass. Or the time when Devon, Lazaro and Burnell performed together and Nicki yelled telling them to get off the stage. This was on national TV, which could have been in front of children.

  28. opel says – reply to this


    Nicky is simply awesome