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Ouch, Kim, OUCH!!! Kim Kardashian has been honest about how uncomfortable she feels in her pregnant body, but does the discomfort come from being pregn… Read more…

41 comments to “Kim Kardashian Kuts Off Circulation To Her Feet!”

  1. kiki says – reply to this


    girl…pregnant women are so beautiful on their own..stop doing this to yourself. just let loose and get some flowy dresses and loose sandals.

  2. 2

    How can somebody be this pregnant and this much in denial? >_<

  3. 3

    It's like twine baking around bread…..

  4. Sara says – reply to this


    She's going to be such a great mother…said no one ever, ever, ever.

  5. Raymster says – reply to this


    She looks like Caro Emerald here..
    And thats cool ! Caro is Gorgeous !

  6. 6

    I'm actually angry looking at this. Put some damn flats on and call it a day. I won't poke fun of her weight, her style whatever….but she looks RIDICULOUS.

  7. 7

    The dumb bitch really IS risking a fall that could kill her unborn baby just to wear a brand name shoe?!? Wow. Really? I think it's great actually. More proof that even her fans and supporters can't deny that she is a complete idiot.

  8. seriously?! says – reply to this


    Should a woman this obsessed with the superficial and a man prone to childish temper tantrums and ranting be having a child?

    God help that kid and god help society when he/she is unleashed into the world.

  9. 9

    I normally don't care about the Kardashian stories, but what a fucking idiot. You know what lack of circulation in your foot can cause? Blood clots!
    I think Kim has it the other way around.

  10. dddff says – reply to this


    She is so gross.

  11. Stan Smith says – reply to this


    Bahahaha what a dumb bitch

  12. 12

    Kim "Why YES I'm a "BACKDOOR" PORN WHORE and I FUCK MEN, while married, who ARE NOT my husband, and get KNOCKED-UP with their BABOONS ….

  13. Yaaa Girl says – reply to this


    Love the dress, but it would look just as good if not better with flats! Take care of your feet girlfriend, you're going to get bunions.

  14. Step says – reply to this


    The weight isn't an issue, you're pregnant…what is the issue is the fact that you won't allow yourself to be comfortable. Girl you'd look really cute in some nice, loose, flowy, sundresses and flats and sandals. Cuz that edema look is not hot.

  15. Lola says – reply to this


    Cut her some slack people! When I was pregnant my feet would be fine in the morning but after working 10 hours in FLATS my feet would look like this! I find it hard to believe her feet were this swollen when she put them on in the am. Maybe she should cary some flats with her so when this happens she has a backup.

  16. 16

    Gross and unhealthy! And her clothes are always so tight her poor baby can't even move! She's already a bad mother and she hasn't even given birth yet! Her little cat died when it was still a kitten, because she took shitty care of it and treated it like an accessory. She will treat this baby the same way. Thank goodness the baby will be raised by nannies and not Kimye.

  17. 17

    she is nuts! she should just give the kid to Khloe and Lamar, she is never gonna be able to care for a kid. she and gay babydaddy are just way to into themselves to care for a kid.

  18. Deb says – reply to this


    She's being ridiculous, she would look fab in a maxi dress and flats rather than trying to be all about fashion! She should be more concerned about safety! I will never understand women who are heavily pregnant wearing high heels, just dumb!

  19. Brianna says – reply to this


    There's a good chance that they fit perfectly fine that morning, but her feet started to swell as she walked around. Her legs would probably look like that no matter what kind of shoe she's wearing, since fluid retention is a common side effect of pregnancy. Not to mention, feet tend to grow during pregnancy, and sometimes that change is permanent. I'm not a fan but I don't understand why people are being so cruel to her. It's not that serious.

  20. 20

    this is one fowl animal.

  21. lump says – reply to this


    This chick is a nut job. Really!!! You think this is attractive and good for you and your baby. There's a whole lot of crazy wrapped up in there with those feet!

  22. whateveryou says – reply to this


    First off yuck! I had twins, a little swelling, didn't show it off to the world. Who wants to see that? What do you think the baby will think if it grows up to recognize the real reason it's here?

  23. 23

    She's stuck on her image, stuck on her self and definitely stuck on stupid. She probably thinks she's the biggest celebrity in the whole USA. All that for doing nothing more than just walking around in good clothes and skaking her ass for the camera. As Perez used to say, Barf!

  24. 24

    Can't believe she thinks she looks good..so sad how off we can be "seeing ourselves".
    Doesn 't her family care, can't anyone clue her in? Feel sorry for her really, and that beast she is hooked up with, ugh.

  25. ThrutfulSkr says – reply to this


    She needs to embrace her pregnancy and wear something else. She's pretty, yes. She can totally wear something classy without having to suffer so much and still look cute. C'mon girl, I thought you knew better than that.

  26. 26

    The Kardashian whore is one stupid bitch; almost as dumb as the ape-faced homo who owns this site. If she's wearing things that are too small for her and is, as a result, uncomfortable, whose fucking fault is that? She's an asshole.

  27. jack says – reply to this


    Poor feet. Ouch-a-roo!

  28. 28

    I'm not going to be cruel because yeah, feet do swell through out the day. I'm sure they were a little tight when she put them on and they got worse through out the day. However…shouldn't she also realize that? And plan appropriately…such as wear comfortable flats? Or at least bring a pair with her? That seems just as easy.

  29. jack says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter – Wow., Angry much?!

  30. medy says – reply to this


    You judge too fast! This is edema due to pregnancy. When I was pregnant, even in flats and tong my foot skin would overflow and mark. I'm all about confort, but in the end it's her choice!

  31. Leslie says – reply to this


    OK, it's obvious this woman is too stupid to become a mother. Can't she just go hide somewhere for about a year. How much is she paying the paps to take these pictures? And how much is she paying sites like this to post them? NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THIS HAS BEEN!!!!

  32. fairmaiden says – reply to this


    Life is hard. It's harder when your stupid.

  33. cydney21 says – reply to this


    Who in the heck is she trying to impress with this????? So sad…WE DON'T CARE!!!! We are all making ourselves comfortable out here…you are torturing yourself girl.

  34. 34

    Who in the heck is she trying to impress by torturing those poor feet???? It's laughable cause we don't care….why are you putting yourself through this???? Be comfortable and stop making us so embarrassed for you….it's only 9 mos for goodness sake….WEAR FLATS!! Help y ourself out.

  35. 35

    Every woman behaves differently during her pregnancy. Some women come up with incredible hair "dos", other wear really strange clothes, yet other wear make up that they would never wear while not pregnant. I won't mention the food we crave because, I guess, this is something everyone has read about somewhere, being so common (food cravings). So, no I don't think she can be a good judge of how she looks (while looking at herself in a mirror) because she sees things differently now. It will pass.
    Re: Lola – Valid point.
    Re: whateveryou – You are not followed by photoreporters every minute of the day, are you?
    Re: cydney212013 – I think her partner is giving her a hard time. I don't know about any one else but this dude (can't remember his name) has the most miserable ugly-puss face I have ever seen. What was she thinking when she let herself knocked out by him is beyond me.

  36. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    She looks like a $10 Tijuana street walker

  37. 37

    She always looks miserable. She talks about how this pregnancy has taken a negative toll on her body. I've never heard or read about how she's loving the experience of her pregnancy, or how maternal she feels when experiencing the baby kicking. I repeat: NEVER about the joy of pregnancy, ALWAYS about the toll it's taken on her "bionic body."

  38. 38

    her body wasnt that great she acts like she was some goddees shes a short fat hairy midget

  39. hungman says – reply to this


    what an ignorant cow!! perfect pair with that thug,, Kanye

  40. DebSays says – reply to this


    That poor kid it has an idiot for a mom and a moron for a dad.

  41. chipmunk1227 says – reply to this


    Re: VeronicaSharon – i think people MIGHT cut her slack if she werent so determined to look fashionable,, regardless of the risk to her child with those heels. shes an idiot; she'd be smart to just suck it up and wear flats so shes comfortable; but apparentlly her appearance is more important to her then comfort, and the safety of her unborn child. giving me yet another reason to dislike her..