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Will Lindsay Lohan EVER catch a break?! You know, other than the dozen or so times she's avoided jail. After filing a lawsuit against D.N.A.M. Apparel IRead more…

46 comments to “Lindsay Lohan & Her "Drug-Addled Image" SUED For $5 Million Over Botched Leggings Deal!”

  1. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Her promoting leggings …. ? Well, her stink'n snatch must react will well with that ! STINKY ! ! ! YUCK ! ! !

  2. Mark says – reply to this


    So f'ucking stupid. Those people are hags. I hope Lindsay KILLS THEM in court. They're just mad because the line fell through. They knew what they wanted with Lindsay. Publicity = sales. If the line were released, they wouldn't be suing.

  3. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Oh Please Lindsay launched this line with the same "Drug-Addled Image " Then . When this line was launched LL still had this image . Lindsay was what sold these Leggings to begin with . Tell then to try to sell them without Lindsay

  4. @v@ says – reply to this


    Even with all the hype and pushing of leggings, they didn't catch on. I wasn't feeling it, and I guess others weren't either.

  5. Williams-Sonoma says – reply to this


    Crock-Pot meet Deep-Fryer. — —- SHE sued Them, FIRST.

  6. to Taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Please go to E story on this & read the comments there to learn the truth in this matter.

  7. TO MARK says – reply to this


    Re: Mark – There is plent of documentation to show you are totally full of shit. Please see post # 6 and follow up if you are genuinely interested in knowing the truth. Holley KNOWS. They were notified 3 yrs ago.

  8. TO PEREZ, says – reply to this


    Just want to let you know We have NO OBJECTION to you reporting on REAL EVENTS. Our dissatisfaction with you is when you take something from YEARS AGO and try to MISLEAD that it is a current event; OR if you make up shit that degrades & implies AMA violations of conduct of an established treatment facility. Tell the TRUTH about ANYONE all you want. By now you should know MISINFORMATION, and it's proliferators are our TARGETS.

  9. LEARN THE FACTS! says – reply to this


    Re: Mark – You don't seem to know even the basic facts in this lawsuit/counter lawsuit. The line WAS RELEASED. The line was not a total failure until months AFTER she made a personal choice that hurt their company brand. The line FAILED after the FU manicure and the hit & run on the baby stroller. They are not counter suing because they didn't make enough money, they are counter suing because SHE instigated a bullshit settlement against THEM hoping to get an out-of-court settlement. They countersued because they HAVE EVIDENCE of WHY HER BEHAVIORS AND PERSONAL CHOICES crashed the line and DEGRADED their entire company name.

  10. LEARN THE FACTS! says – reply to this


    Re: Mark – You don't seem to know even the basic facts in this lawsuit/counter lawsuit. The line WAS RELEASED. The line was not a total failure until months AFTER she made a personal choice that hurt their company brand. The line FAILED after & because of the FU manicure and the hit & run on the baby stroller. They are not counter-suing because they didn't make enough money, they are counter-suing because SHE instigated a bullshit lawsuit against THEM hoping to get an out-of-court settlement. They countersued because they HAVE EVIDENCE of WHY HER BEHAVIORS AND PERSONAL CHOICES crashed the line and DEGRADED their entire company name. Do your homework.

  11. 2 JEANMICHAELBASKETCAS says – reply to this


    Dear JMBcase, We want you to know that the very 'scientists" you have been adament are really Daddy Lohan are responsiible for the recent reveal of pertinant information in regards to ASSISTING the DNAM counterlawsuit AGAINST Lindsay Lohan. (See Post #6) We are curious if after We have publically stated We are oppose to LL transfering to Flordia; and now that We have provided DNAM with evidence that sinks LL's lawsuit against them: Big Time …Well, do you still think Jumpin' Jack Flash is Daddy Lohan? –*jjf*– …We do understand why you despise him. Quite a prize there, girlfriend!)

  12. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: to Taylor, – ONCE again Lindsay was signed with the Same rep as today.
    When and where in their contract does it say LL you must be a model citizen to sell the product or else? BULL . They knew by using Lindsay's name they would be able to sell . LL did not destroy this company Oh and LL NEVER hit a stroller . Plain and simple just another trying to cash in on LL . If they felt so strongly about Lindsay why did they sign with her to begin with .
    Hmmmm thats right TO SELL . All about the Money and the Blame Game

  13. Oh, Taylor, says – reply to this


    I can NOT believe ur post.. Did u read the comments on E's story on this matter? The baby stroller incident WAS REAL. How many wheels left the ground or if she left skids marks on the kid's forehead…it doesn't matter. She DID run a stop sign, she DID have some type of EVENT w/a nanny taking a baby-stroller sized child out for a walk/some fresh air. AN EVENT W/A HIGH POWERED SPORTS CAR DRIVEN BY LINDSAY. People in the area SAW IT, & watched LL in following days. Read the damn story on Eonline, you are talking shit out ur ass. MADD were notified many times over her driving after the baby stroller event. Lindsay & her attorney were NOTIFIED, activist were going to go after her product line in protest. She still kept driving loaded. Fuck that shit, girlfriend. Some Mommies spread the word, anything Lilo is off limits. Do u know why LL crashed the line? Because Mommies told their kids what a turd & bad person LL was for acting like a rude & dangerous person. Long talks about why Lilo & her stuff IS NO GOOD. Send a group of clicky, hot, admired teen-age girls into schools in LA & let THEM spread it around that Lilo is TOTALLY UNCOOL. TOTALLY TRASHY-JUNKIE SHIT. …damn straight We crashed the line, BECAUSE SHE DECIDED SHE'D RATHER DRIVE THAN CALL A FRIEND OR A CAB. SHE WAS GIVEN A CHOICE & SEVERAL WARNINGS and then Mommies ….figure it out. I am disgusted w/ u on this one Taylor. Seriously.

  14. MORE TO TAYLOR, says – reply to this


    I am stunned that AFTER I WROTE U TO HOP OVER TO E, TO *READ THE FACTS* U THEN wrote a long post that is completely bizarre given the FACTS that were given 2 u. U recently wrote 'U KNOW WHAT'S HORRIBLE IS THE PUBLIC DOESN'T EVEN WANT 2 LEARN ABOUT HER REAL STORY!' …& I've explained I know Linds, have good &heated comminications w/her for YRS. I write u w/facts & legal file info; & u don't 'TAKE IN' THE FACTS I SHARE W/ U!? I explain things in a way I believe is clear; yet, u keep posting in DEFENSIVENESS, cyber-screaming, "NO! NO! NO!" - then ur off-to-the-races w/EXCUSES, & FLAGRANT MISINFORMATION. Most disturbing is ur constant agenda that EVERYONE is both responsible for L being where she is, & SOCIETY is responsible for fixing her& providing her w/more chances to steal from sets, drunk drive & hit vehicles on the LA Freeway @65mph. U keep DEFENDING HER W/LIES & rooting for her - U DENY the reality before u. U assign dark&wicked motives to EVERYONE BUT LINDSAY! U seem 2 really believe ALL people r money-whores & users&manipulators. WHERE do u get such a mind-set? The world *IS* FULL OF GOOD PEOPLE, too! U keep blaming everyone else, BUT LINDSAY, FOR HER PROBLEMS & THEIR SOLUTIONS. - Sista, WHY DO U THINK & COMMUNICATE JUST LIKE SHE DOES? Excuses; Lies; BLAME! ?

  15. DEAR TAYLOR, says – reply to this


    been about 8hrs since I wrote back to u, & I truly am so dismayed as to why u wrote on another story something like, "People have no interest in knowing Lindsays real story.' For months I have been directing u to resources, legal documents, my personal communications w/linds, etc. I have taken u under my wing as someone who PRESENTED THEMSELF AS BEING DRIVEN TO EXPOSE TRUTHS about Lindsay, BUT u don't even study it, 'take it in' or acknowledge it in anyway. U SAID u wanted truths; then when they were handed to u, u smacked them away w/out even processing the info. Just came back w/ total bullshit, confusing & blaming accusations against people who could be CLEARED if u took a little time to process/investigate DATA;the documentation that shows the information U HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR. WHAT ARE U DOING THAT U SAY U WANT INFO, R GIVEN IT, & THEN U WRITE UTTER BULLSHIT AGAINST DIGITAL/COMPUTER RECORDS? IGNORE/DENY TRUTH 2 KEEP PROMOTING LIES & BULLSHIT? PLEASE EXPLAIN UR CHOICES & POSITION TO ME. HOW WE CAN WE ACCOMPLISH OUR GOAL OF GETTING LINDS HEALTHY IF U R MAKING UP LIES ABOUT HER REALITY??? I AM SO MAD @ U RIGHT NOW I COULD ALMOST CRY!!!! WTF R U PULLING HERE? R U A MENTAL PATIENT? THATS OK, BUT EXPLAIN WHY U LIE& DENY!!! PLEASE, Sista! –*JJF*–

  16. THERE IS NO ! CHANCE.. says – reply to this



  17. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Hi Taylor. It's after 8pm PDT, and u haven't responded to many post I have left u in regards to a BIG CONFUSION & MISUNDERSTANDINGS between us in regards to what are *TRUE-FULL* circumstances in Lindsay's life. Are u forgetting WE HAVE THE SAME GOAL? TO SEE THAT LINDSAY TAKES THE CHANCE TO SAVE HER LIFE! Everything that is UGLY and EMBARRASSING for Lindsay is NOT HATE! People who talk about UGLY THINGS & PAINFUL CIRCUMSTANCE THAT ARE GENUINELY HAPPENING ARE NOT HATERS. *THEY ARE NOT HATERS, TAYLOR* THEY ARE CURIOUS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS IN LIFE & WHY THINGS HAPPEN IN LIFE" …EVERY PERSON on these boards for the last few months IS SOMEONE WHO CARES DEEPLY ABOUT LIFE & SEEING A HEALTHIER WORLD. You say people are haters, but you are SO WRONG, they are passionate lovers of LIFE; who are angry&furious at this young woman who was gifted & charming. And she keeps tying herself to a pole & drenching herself with jet fuel, drugging herself-out of her head & then cracks up a blow-touch. Then u scream,'That bad blow-torch company just wants to be famous & make money off of Lindsay because she's a movie star." — SHE IS DYING TAYLOR! If you want her to live u MUST put your Pom-Pom's DOWN, and while your down there, U HAVE TO PULL UR HEAD OUT OF UR ASS! Until u comprehend a problem; u can't solve it; save luck. She is OUT of LUCK now. –*jjf*–

  18. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor, – JJF You say my head is in my arse because LL Almost hit a stroller But the FACT is LL did NOT hit it . Is it wrong for her to drive this way YES !
    I believe LL actions are totally blown out of proportion for the Media . The Media never released the WHOLE tape of LL in the jewelry store either. The business Lindsay is in is all about Money and looks . Ask any over 50 Actress how many parts they get offered yet over 50 men are still getting parts . There are good people out there just try to find them in Hollywood that are not out for the Money . The FACT is LL signed with the Leggings with a bad rep and they Knew this

  19. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: DEAR TAYLOR, – COMPREHEND JJF Here is what I know . What did people expect to happen Lindsay comes from a troubled family at a young age LL had to watch abuse from her Father , fighting, at times LL was the grown up in the family making sure her siblings were ok . The issues this causes are more than people can imagine . Now take Lindsay as a teenager send her to Hollywood where she meets up with the pretty and rich partier s , who are all cheering her name . Now these same people who call themselves your "Friends " turn on you . Keep in mind LL already has abandonment issues fitting in issues . No Idea how people really are in Hollywood ………

  20. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor, – Lindsay had no idea at the time why her so called friends turned on her . Coined her "Fire crotch " LL was a Teenager at this time . Now she is introduced to the party lifestyle . LL is on her own and trying to fit in . REALLY WHAT DID YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN ! Lindsay was growing up in a place most teenagers only read about.
    The business LL is in is all about how much Money you can make the studio . Yes LL made mistakes and so do kids her age in college with Rich Daddy's to get them out of trouble !
    Try to imagine how LL must of felt . LL had NO ONE to guide her

  21. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor, – So Lindsay got caught up in the party crowed not the first kid for this to happen and not the last . All LL was looking for was Love and acceptance just like anyone , but that is not what she found . LL found her friends to be back stabbers , users , and Liars . Do you have any idea what a Mind Game that is ? As far as passionate posters . Anyone who can call LL a "whore "etc has only negative passion . I understand Lindsay and what happen . Does LL need help YES . Vulgar harshness does not HELP ANYONE ! Pom Pom's UP and rooting for Lindsay to pull through !

  22. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – I'm glad to see u wrote back. Ur 1st sentence is completely wrong. I did NOT say u had ur head up ur arse BECAUSE Lindsay hit a babystroller. & taylor, are u really saying that driving a high powered sports car, running a stop light and ALMOST hitting a babystroller is an ok thing to do as long as the car doesn't actually hit the baby? Ur head up ur arse comment is because u do the ostrich hiding his head in a hole to avoiding seeing things that he doesn't want to see. U have many good EXCUSES of why Lindsay has problems, but blaming the circumstances of her life for all the problems in her life is a cop-out. We live on the same planet, don't we? The world is what it is & L isn't the only person who has bad parenting & mean people in her life. By the time ANY kid gets to his senior yr in HighSchool that kid has been teased, shunned, laughed at, rejected, made fun of. U seem to believe that Lindsay is somehow unique in her struggles w/ others in life, & we ALL get kicked around at times don't we? U say the jewlery store didnt play the whole tape for the media. Well, Holley was Ls attorney @ the time & its bullshit that Holley allowed L to take a fall because noone ever got to see VIDEO TAPE that could have dismissed the charges. LL would not have been arrested & charges w/ theft over a RUMOR or because the judge refused to watch the WHOLE video tape. Are u implying that Ms. Holley screwed L over on that one?

  23. L's HOLLYWD FRIENDS? says – reply to this


    I certainly agree that Paris H & her lap dog boy-toy that put it out in media that L was a fire-crotch were mean & nasty. Disgusting & terribly immature. U write, she didn't know why her friends turned on her. She still doesn't have ANY idea why thousands of people in the industry & 'millions' of 'fans' have turned on her. Because L doesn't EXAMINE WHY these hordes of people might have changed their opinons of her. ITS BEEN 6 LONG YEARS, SIX YEARS TAYLOR of lies, theft, acting like a lunatic, late to work, stealing from job sites, drunk, not paying people for services& products she put on a tab, not paying bills&taxes, she screwed that decorator show over big time. Whenever someone HIRES a person to do a job for them, & the hired person not only does a shitty or half-assed job & STEALS from the job site….are u serious? If u hired a housekeeper who not only did a shitty job but stole ur jewelry & kicked ur dog everytime she came to the house, would you KEEP this housekeeper for yrs AND recommend to ur friends that they hire her, and pay her A LOT of $$$ to do half-assed work & steal from them & kick their dogs too? Real friends would NOT, COULD NOT be SUPPORTIVE of this abusive housekeeper & tell their friends she'd be great working for them too. Right, taylor? Would U hire & keep on such a housekeeper, just because the housekeeper had bad parenting & u feel sorry for her beause she doesn't have any 'support'?

  24. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor, – I Never said it was ok for Lindsay to drive like that . Yes I agree that by the time we are in HS we have been through the mill . BUT in LL case not all kids go to Hollywood with NO guidance . In the Jewelry case Lindsay wanted to plea innocent which would have lead to a trail . Holly advised LL so the charge would go away faster and for LL to put it behind her and move on with her life . Believe me I do see everything but I try to Understand the Origin I am not saying Lindsay's mistakes are right . I just understand where things went wrong

  25. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILIT says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – I know u care deeply for L but u come across as believing Lindsay is an utterly helpless moron who has no mind of her own. U 'blame' L's plea of NO CONTEST on Holley telling L to plea out? TAYLOR, LINDSAY DOES NOT HAVE TO DO WHAT HER LAWYER ADVISES HER TO DO. LAWYERS AREN'T YOUR BOSS, THEY ARE ONE'S PAID CONSULTANTS. IF that video tape PROVED L WAS INNOCENT Linds would HAVE NEVER BEEN CHARGED. Cops don't arrest people because of a COMPLAINT. You think Tom Hanks could walk into a jewelry store, look@ a necklace for a gift for his wife, walk out & the owner of a small jewelry store coulld just call the cops, make up a bullshit story that Tom Hanks, the Movie Star just stole something & the cops would just go get Tom Hanks & arrest him? Lawyers, including Hanks lawyers, would view the stores security video, which clearly would show Hanks NEVER stole anything @ all, but u think the law would uphold his theft charges anyway, - and Hanks lawyer would say, 'oh, just plead NO CONTEST Tom, and accept probation, Tom, cause it's FASTER that way" ? Really?

  26. YES, IT WENT WRONG says – reply to this


    It's really helpful that you know where things went wrong for Lindsay. It is through understanding problems that we can learn WHAT CAUSES BAD PROBLEMS & then WE CAN CHOSE TO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE BAD THINGS THAT LEAD TO BAD PROBLEMS, right? The problem w/u focusing exclusively on WHO IS TO BLAME for L being where she is at, is that NO MATTER WHO OR WHAT IS TO BLAME, blaming others & life's circumstances DOES NOTHING TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM! Would u not say my statement there is correct? Further, regardless of WHO'S FAULT IT IS that Lindsay is up to her ears in horrible problems, …well, BLAME CAN NOT ERASE what happened & regardless of who's fault cause LL to be in such thick muck&mire, LINDSAY IS STILL LEFT WITH HER PROBLEMS, isn't she? If we find out someone served LL wine w/ lunch before she crashed her car, blaming the person who gave her wine WILL NOT, CANNOT UNDO the car crash. Is this not so? Taylor, it seems all u really want/are after for lindsays HEALING to begin is for more actors/Hollywood types & fans to take to MEDIA to say Lindsay is a great person. But people are valued & judged on THEIR BEHAVIORS too, not just their good soul that is invisible & rarely actually shown. Lindsay Lohan just isn't POPULAR or WANTED as a Hollywood actress anymore. That isn't the end of the world. AND, LL being POPULAR & 'supported' by Hollywood & fans IS IN NO WAY NECCESARY FOR LINDSAY TO GET BETTER.

  27. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: PERSONAL RESPONSIBILIT – JJF Holly is a smart Lawyer Now are you going to tell me with all the Media attention on Lindsay she would get a fair jury of her peers ? You have got to be kidding me . LL hires a Lawyer to get their advice their knowledge of what would work and what would not . If Lindsay was advised to plea no contest Why on earth would she go against Holly ? BTW the store clerk could notice Lindsay earring which in under a great amount of hair , but could not notice a chain around Lindsay's V neck low cut tee-shirt ? Then try's to make a deal selling the video tape ? Who is fooling who here ?

  28. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: YES, IT WENT WRONG – NO what I really want is for people to stop hurting Lindsay further but the unjust name calling . That will not help her get better . Making LL feel worse about herself will not help . Just Know that LL made WRONG mistakes but Can redeem
    herself . Lindsay is in rehab and still is called vulgar names , names that if someone called their family members would cause a blow out . Is it so wrong to want people to stop kicking LL when she is down ?

  29. LOVE & ACCEPTANCE says – reply to this


    U write:'Pom Poms up & rooting for her.' I think the misunderstandings between us r because u & I are rooting FOR DIFFERENT TYPES OF SUCCESS FOR LL. Lots of people r on these boards appear snotty but r clearly rooting for L HEALTH & LIFE TO HEAL. U rarely write about L SOLVING HER PROBLEMS & REGAINING HER HEALTH & FINDING & HER MIND in order to ever be functional enough to find ANY kind of work. U have DISMISSED HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE who have been SUPPORTIVE of LL getting better; seems her actual HEALTH & WELL-BEING aren't priority to u. U seem to want NOTHING MORE than for 'REAL PEOPLE' 2 take 2 MEDIA to be SUPPORTIVE of LL being A WORKING ACTRESS IN HOLLYWOOD. U keep harping on that she JUST NEEDS more 'real people' COMING FORWARDS to be 'SUPPORTIVE' of her, but hundreds HAVE TRIED. U think that's NOT EVEN IMPORTANT because NOT ENOUGH people r 'supportive of Lindsay.' U don't seem interested in acknowledging REAL SUPPORT & HELP. U seem to believe all L needs is MORE fans & more Hollywood types to SUPPORT her in her ACTING JOBS. She is VERY ILL. SHE IS CRITICALLY ILL…& all u r focused on is upping HER FAN BASE. U try to Pom-Pom her into being a POPULAR & heavily publically supported ACTRESS. MANY people are desperate for Lindsay to HEAL. U appear to be desperate for NO OTHER thing than for Lindz to have MORE FANS & MORE 'SUPPORT' from HOLLYWOOD. Don't u think that's kinda a dumb thing to be Pom-Pomming for WHEN RIGHT NOW - SHE IS DYING?

  30. WHAT YOU WANT says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – First, IF the video tape would have cleared LL SHE WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN CHARGED. now, on to your HUGE flaw. It certainly is NOT WRONG for u to want people to quit calling LL names & 'kicking her when she's down'. BUT apparently calling her name IS WHAT THEY WANT TO DO. THEY HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT TO CALL HER NAMES. So, here we have u wanting them NOT to call her names, and them who want to call her names. Right? Well, what in the hell makes u think that what YOU want is MORE IMPORTANT than what they want? Taylor, u are mad at REALITY. The world is what it is, it isn't going to change or kiss ur ass anymore than it's going to change or kiss LL ass. Everyone gets an equal vote, so the name callers and you ARE EVEN. U seem to think that you are ENTITLED to have OTHER PEOPLE give u what you want. Doesn't work that way for U or for Linds. IT is YOU & LINDZ that need to find a way to ACCEPT that the world & it's people aren't here to give you what you want. Life sucks sometimes, T, that's just the way IT IS. Ur constant whinning, " it isn't fair" keeps YOU stck in a mind-set that WHINNING will change the way the world IS.

  31. WHAT? says – reply to this


    You wrote about the theft of the necklace that Holley is a SMART lawyer, but did I think Lindsay could get a fair trial w/all her media coverage? YES, I do believe it is possible for LL to get a fair trial. Why? Because JURORS ARE SCREENED AND CHOSEN BY LAWYERS ON BOTH SIDES. There is a REASON why 6 year-olds are not on Juries and why Lawyers FOR BOTH SIDES are deeply involved in picking the jury THEY WANT. Jurors are INSTRUCTED in how jury trials are to be conducted. Jurors KNOW that gossip & personal feelings about things like race, hair cuts & chothes ARE NOT PART OF WHAT THEY ARE TO JUDGE. There is something called 'change of venue' meaning Ms. Holley could ask the courts to MOVE LLs trail to a different county where the residents are not likely to have heard a lot of gossip on the case that could BIAS them in one way or another. You seem to believe the world is FULL of complete IDIOTS who don't have minds of their own to make decisions in front of them. IF Holley told LL to plead NO CONTEST to something Lindsay DID NOT DO, then Holley IS'NT A GOOD LAWYER. Taylor, there are many stupid people in the world but the world is NOT FULL of NOTHING but gullible idiots who don't know how to think or make decisions without MEDIA telling them what to do.

  32. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: WHAT YOU WANT – Hey you are the one who asked me what I wanted by I gave you an answer only for you once again for you to turn around everything I say into something else .

  33. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: WHAT? – I will answer this as soon as I can

  34. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    U once again accuse me of twisting what u say. U should know by now I am not a malicious person. Since I have worked -for decades- with Top psychologist & educators & I am a well-enough publish author I have to conclude that if u genuinely believe I am twisting what u say then it is because U are NOT expressing WHAT U MEAN in a way that someone who is highly educated can understand from ur limited explanations/cyber-chats. There are plenty of people on these boards, many who are not the least bit shy about expressing themselves & their judgements on things. Yet, not one person has ever written that JJF is twisting things. Also, i have never seen anyone argue for the same things u do. I am NOT saying u are a bad person, I am saying if u read my sincere post to u & are constantly under the impression that I don't understand u & that I am twisting what u write, then I believe the problems is YOU are NOT taking THE TIME to communicate in a way that makes ur position CLEAR TO OTHERS. Surely u know Taylor, I am not TRYING to twist ur words OR put words in your mouth (or ur computer/cellphone.) IF u feel MISUNDERSTOOD, TRY HARDER to express what u really MEAN.

  35. Is It So Wrong to WANT says – reply to this


    u ended one of ur post with: is it so wrong to want people to stop kicking lindsay when she's down? NO, Taylor it is not wrong to wish that. Where u go wrong is believing u have any CONTROL OR RIGHTS over what other people r going to say & do. The world has always had assholes in it. It always will. I also wonder how it is that u think people who write things on blogs, (when Lindsay is in rehab?), how do u really think that stranger posting unkind things on a blog ACTUAL AFFECT L when the girl is in treatment & should not even have anyway to be reading this stuff anyway? Why do u believe that strangers writing on blogs have any POWER over Lindsay? Do u see what I mean? U are assigning an ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF POWER to strangers who pop off some anger at L but the truth is these are ONLY WORDS ON A BLOG. NOone is KICKING her. The bottom line is u MORALIZE more often & more severely than the Pope, or God himself. U will be a happier person when u come to an understanding that assholes, idiots, stupid & rude people R JUST PART OF LIFE, they have just as much right to be in this world as u do, so just make room for things & people & their dissapointing behaviors because rude people are NEVER going to disappear. L DOES NOT HAVE TO READ THIS STUFF. DO U KNOW THAT? NOBODY is kicking Lindsay. They are on a BLOG that does NOT belong to her, that she does NOT have to read.

  36. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: Is It So Wrong to WANT – JJF Yes I believe I could explain myself better and will take note of that . I am well aware of Rude people in this world . No Lindsay does not have to read blogs but I am sure she hears about it from friends and family . There will always be positive and negative in this world . Would it not be a nicer place if people were just a little kinder to one another ? Yes there will always be A-holes in life . There is nothing wrong with standing your ground and say sure you have the right to be an a-hole but I also have the right to tell them . To watch and accept Rudeness is not something I do easy

  37. ME TOO. says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Wouldn't it be a nicer place if people were kinder? YES! &at times it frustrates me greatly that people don't make more of an effort to be kinder to strangers but tend to believe if they are having a crappy day/crappy life that its appropriate to snarl&snap at someone just standing in line at the bank next to them, because they aren't happy. I am not 'in support' of people being shitty&mean. The point I am trying to make to u is that u aren't responsible for their anger & there isn't a lot you can do about it. I have no problem at all that u r unhappy w/seeing vulgaries & nasty things on these boards but for the record, L is pretty crude&vulgar herself when she's mad. The only thing I am trying to really get u to catch onto is that u don't allow sour people to make ur days or ur heart sour because of what they say or do. U have written considerably about what greedy, using people Hollywood is full of, so I am not at all understanding of why u think she should try to work in Hollywood again -given how difficult it has been on her w/the drug use, night life, phonies & exploiters that r probably more plentiful in that industry than, say, working as a college professor or being a chef or such. U r not wrong to dislike mean people. But, you are wrong if u think u have the ability TO CHANGE THEM. Thats what my point is: don't get angry & fuss & spin & ruin ur own peace of mind over things YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER. See?

  38. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: ME TOO. – JJK I agree with you totally I cannot change them .
    Why I would want Lindsay back in the industry is because When LL in on a set that is what she is good at Acting , that is what LL knows how to do . To take that away for LL is like taking a paint brush from an artist . Lindsay can make it in the business if she has the right people around her working with her . If LL has help to focus on her art not what comes with it LL could make it . Yes it can be hard for LL . I just believe LL can over come this is she wants to

  39. IF SHE 'WANTS TO'??? says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – I must say I find ur post bizarre. U seem to think that all L has to do to get off the drugs, stop her compulsive behaviors & get her Hollywood career back is she just has to want to. This is her SIXTH attempt at rehab (@26yrs old!) & she was quite outspoken how she thinks sending her to rehab is a waste of time. Whats stunning to me is how u have previously written about what a den of theives, exploiters & heartless bastards Hollywood is full of… & u have delusions that this completely dysfunctional person is going to pop out of rehab & somehow have the abilities to fight her cravings for drugs & attention seeking acting-out behaviors …um what in the world makes u think L has the ability to keep herself from being sucked right back into the system? Its ridiculous to think someone who has been LOCKED IN to self-destructive behaviors -someone who has been a flop, a disgrace & a royal pain-in-the-ass on sets, and who has a compulsion to steal from sets, is going to just pop into being a whole different person when she gets out of rehab, just because she wants to. Are u under the impression that she WANTED to be a horrible actress in Liz&Dick, that she WANTED to act like an insane asshole diva on the set of Canyons?

  40. SHE CAN'T ACT ADULT says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – While I can understand that Lindsay might get gratification from acting, u seem to not see something very important about her. Her work as an ADULT ACTRESS has been sub-par. She was cute as a kid, popular w/ Mean Girls, but her part in Mean Girls could have been played by all kinds of actressess. Mean Girls wasn't a hit because of Lindsay. It was a hit because teens & adults alike could relate to the STORY. The yearnings & heart-aches of wanting to fit in in High School. Nothing Lindsay has done as an adult has even been as good as AVERAGE. Your expectations that Lindsay is going to be a star in Hollywood is sheer delusion. Noone wants to work with her. She isn't gifted as an adult, she is truly sub-par. Everything she's done FOR YEARS has been parts she has begged for & she causes big problems on set, steals from sets, her work sucks & the public doesn't like her or want to see her in movies anymore. She is almost 27 yrs old & hasn't turned in any acceptable work in ALMOST A DECADE. If she needs to act for her soul, she should be aiming at community theater in a small town.

  41. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Now you are an acting critic . Scientist now have the credentials to judge acting ?????? Lindsay has the talent did I mention LL can sing too ?
    For some reason you get enjoyment putting LL down . Sorry I DON"T AGREE !
    Lindsay can act and until you try to do the same you have NO creditability to Judge Lindsay otherwise

  42. EVERYONES A CRITIC says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Taylor, I am entitled to think what I want about any actor or actresses performance & body of work as a consumer of movies. I dont have to act in order to say Liz & dick was an embarrasing performance, & I am hardly alone in my opinion that her performance in that movie was sub-par. What the hell is wrong w/ u that u think ur justified in telling me I cant have an opinion about an actors performance unless I am an actor? Are you an actress, which is why ONLY you can have an opinion of what you think everyones opinion must be? U fight against peoples OPINIONS. YOU DONT NEED A LICENSE TO HAVE AN OPINION. U dont have to be a master chef to have ur opinion about how the pot roast turned out. People are allowed to have, and express, their personal opinions on things, PARTICULARLY COMMERICAL/PUBLIC PRODUCTS THAT ARE MEANT TO BE CRITIQUED. Maybe u shouldn't offer your opinion of ME if you don't have a degree in Bio chemistry, psychiatry, or a PhD. You are so bizarre.

  43. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: EVERYONES A CRITIC – BIZZAR Yes that is what you are . You have admitted you have only seen Liz&Dick and a little bit of Georgia rules Based on this you judge Lindsay's acting ability ? Now that is a JOKE .

  44. DOESNT NEED RESEARCH says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Sorry Taylor, I do want to just leave you alone to do your own thing but this one is too ripe to pass on. The DIFFERENCE between Ls acting in georgia rule and L &d is the point. Ive never said she couldnt act as a minor, the point was her dysfunction/drug use has impaired her talent, as an adult, in substanialand unflattering ways. All i could tolerate of L&D was ten minutes because IMO she was embarrasingly bad in L&d. If you like her adult work, please enjoy it. My OPINION, similiar to most reviews of L&D, is that she was awful in it. But, its an opinion. I am not Steven Spielberg declaring Lindsay is the worst actress alive in a paid advertisment in The Hollywood Reporter. People are allowed & encouraged to have opinions on public products. Why you are so opossed to me having an opinion, just because I dont share your opinion, is of issue. I am not attacking YOUR personhood/soul in pointing out your flaws in logic. You take everything so personally.

  45. One More Thing, says – reply to this


    I would like to point out that u jump me for stating opinions saying I am not qualified to have an opinion on L's acting because I am not an actress. But u also stated A. Sienfried was out-of-line, for stating her opinion that L HAD talent. And u stated she shouldn't have said that BECAUSE she was also an actress &had no place commenting about the talent of another actress. -So u tell me I am not qualified to have an opinion on Ls talent because I am NOT an actress;& A.S. is wrong for opin on Ls talent because she IS an actress. T, I am NOT trying to get u to agree w/ANYTHING i say. I am trying to HELP u see that ur logic is ILLOGICAL & CHANGES w/the topic. Im NOT trying to get u to think WHAT I do. I want u TO THINK about how INCONSISTANT u are from one posting to the next. I am NOT against U. I am annoyed that u 'talk out of both sides of ur mouth'. Im NOT picking on U, I am pointing out ur logic is FLAWED. To say u KNOW LL did this/that is to say u have HARD KNOWLEDGE of FACTS&EVENTS. If u meant u THINK u know how she feels, based on percieved experiences, that would make sence. But it does not make logical sence that u say u don't her, don't believe media but u KNOW, have FACTUAL KNOWLEDGE OF EVENTS IN HER LIFE. I can't say I KNOW how Henry VIII felt, because I never KNEW Henry VIII. Its ur choice of words. Educated people r going to interpret ur words using the PROPER definition of the word u used.

  46. LOOK WHAT YOU DID says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Here's an example of how you seem to barely glance at things and then your off&running with a defense that is based on you twisting the facts. You write here, in snottiness, that I only saw Liz & Dick and part of georgia rule. Well that IS NOT what I wrote. I wrote I had seen about ten mins of Liz & dick and I saw Georgie Rule on tv. Please SLOW DOWN and read a post several times before you try to quote a post or put up examples from a post -that in your tissy-fit, YOU GET TOTALLY WRONG. If ur going to throw shit back at me, at least get your damn facts straight about what I actually wrote. Slow down, calm down, think, rough draft, edit- THEN publish. Your impulsive, sloppy mistakes are all over these boards. This is one of the reason I think you think like a child. You do NOT take any time to consider what was actually said/written. You just respond with twisted information that is driven by your emotional systems NOT LOGIC. U make a lot of sloppy mistakes because u dont THINK about -THINK THROUGH your EMOTIONAL and child-like errorneous rebuttal.