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Mickey Boardman Dishes On Celebs: Nicki Minaj's Rude Antics, Mariah, Lindsay & More!

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mickey boardman talks nicki minaj and mariah carey

Paper magazine's editorial director Mickey Boardman has worked with some of the most famous celebs, and now he's dishing out some inneresting goss, and he ain't holding back!

He had the pleasure of working with Mariah Carey for the December 2009 cover and called it "super-easy and fabulous."

And, even though you'd expect diva behavior from Miz MiMi, Mickey says that she was far from it, adding:

"With Mariah, I wanted her to drink only out of a gold goblet, but none of that happened. She was a little nutty, though — all she wanted to do was be on all fours with the boobs out and the butt out. If you have Mariah, you’re going to get Mariah."

As for Lindsay Lohan, who did a spread for their March 2008 issue, he claimed she was "five minutes early" and also very easy to work with. Huh! That's a bit of a shocker.

And, Prince seemed to be the most pleasant to work with for their June 1999 issue.

He says that the rock star arrived early, and was already clothed, with hair and makeup ready. Unfortunately, Mickey and his staff weren't ready for him, so the artist offered to drive around in his stretch limo for a half hour until they were ready for the shoot.

When things fell through, he was happy to come back the next day to finish the project, which was "easy breezy" and became one of their biggest sellers ever.

The same can't be said for Nicki Minaj, who he says "was not fun" to work with. (Same goes for Marisa Tomei.)

Not only was she not a barrel of monkeys, but it was "two weeks of hideous torture." He continues:

"The Nicki thing turned out fine in the end, but it was two weeks of hideous torture and [her] walking off shoots… The first day of the shoot, she was locked in a room with her hair and makeup team, people whom she picked — she made them put [all her hair/makeup] on, then take it off. She would not let anyone from our team, stylists or photographers, talk to her. She came out and it was a mess. The photographer took some shots and she said, 'Let me see.' He [showed her] five frames and she walked off — it was insanity. I had to sign up for AOL Instant Messenger so I could talk to her later, and she hung up on me on AIM. It was a super headache. We were going to do another shoot and then she had to cancel the day before. In the end everything was set up, but she wouldn’t use the stylist that we had. [Eventually] we got it, and the pictures looked great."

Not exactly shocking about the Nicki stuff, now is it?? She's always been known to tell it like it is.

We want to know more, Mickey!! Dish! Dish! Dish!

[Image via Paper Mag.]

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11 comments to “Mickey Boardman Dishes On Celebs: Nicki Minaj's Rude Antics, Mariah, Lindsay & More!”

  1. Gettin_shine says – reply to this


    So, in the end, Mariah is an angel and Nicki the uncompromising diva huh? Nicki is a super star and has a signature look. If a star wants to use their own stylists, that is their right. Obviously, she was hot enough that you wanted a 2nd shoot. Everything turned out fine in the end? Then, why does this story even need to be told?

  2. Calvin says – reply to this


    Re: Gettin_shine – Because Nicki was a rude bitch. If someone of Mariah's caliber (think of the worldwide success she's had - bigger than beyonce/rihanna inher hay day) cam act respectful, so can an up and coming star.

  3. 3

    Well I'm just shocked that Nikki Minaj can't be satisfied with that face of hers LOL!!! Maybe she should of thought of that pre-franken freak. Can't stand her Non Factor butt! Anyone who thinks otherwise is also a non factor.

  4. 4

    Re: Gettin_shine – I'm pretty sure they had to do a second shoot because she left the first one before they were done. I'm tired of her diva ass, she hasn't earned the right to act that way.

  5. k says – reply to this


    Re: fabulousdivabuns – you are delusional,and who are you to call a super star a non factor,like i said who are you again.

  6. k says – reply to this


    And why was that story bin tould if everything worked out with nicki,she wanted to use her own stylist so whats the big deal,they probly wanted to take pics of her real hair and other stuff so she wasn't having none of that…so they were a bit upset at first then it work out.

  7. 7

    "Tells it like it is." Um no. She treats people like sh it. Because she is sh it. I have no respect for people in a position of 'power' who use it to belittle others and treat them like fecal matter on the bottom of their expensive show. It is only a reflection of her sh itty character.

  8. shelby says – reply to this


    Nikki Minaj doesn't "tell it like it is", she's a spoiled little piglet with a horrible personality who likes to boss everyone around.

  9. The Truth Hurts says – reply to this


    Re: Gettin_shine – LOL @ yr comment. Nicki is as disposable as disposable gets. Her "signature look" is forged. . She is an unoriginal, Lil Kim rip off, throw-away pop star. Her music is completely forgettable and detrimentally flimsy. She has been in the game since 2010 (mixtapes don't count) and her sophomore album is struggling to go Platinum in the peak of her career. Her first album, Pink Friday already sounds like a dated, trendy album from that era. It is as far from "classic" as it gets. She is about as original as a Cher impersonator.

    Mariah, on the other hand, is a classic artist. Over decades strong in the game, she always maintains an originality and superstar quality.

  10. Ashleyyy says – reply to this


    I think it's funny how you guys can say all of these things about Nicki and her personality, when you most likely haven't met her.

  11. MALI says – reply to this