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16 comments to “Miley Cyrus Cleans Out The Chanel Store In London!”

  1. madmike says – reply to this


    In a time when families suffer with unemployment and struggles in putting the basic necessities on the table for their children - this is absolutely appalling. What a moronic twit.

  2. bnietzsche says – reply to this


    Lets count how many Miley stories are posted today

  3. sammy says – reply to this


    and somehow she said justin is a mess and he needs a break..she is a bigger mess..what a brat people are struggling and you are buying the whole store wow

  4. 4

    Doesn't she ALREADY have warehouses full of this Chinese-Made Chanel crap, anyways, this is an advertisement.

  5. M says – reply to this


    Re: madmike – I do agree shes waisting money… but its her money! not urs not mine …. so wer in not place to be counting it… there will always be rich and poor that's just the way it is… let it be a reason to study and work hard and maybe one day you can clean out chanel store

  6. karri says – reply to this



  7. hmmm says – reply to this


    way to be humble

  8. shelby says – reply to this


    Does this skank every do anything for charity? What a waste of space.

  9. danielle says – reply to this


    im so jealous! and to think that she always looks like sh*t…. she better put those clothes to good use and stop dressing like a homeless sl*t

  10. Frankie43t says – reply to this


    stop attention seeking you stupid prostitute

  11. 11

    Disgusting. The contents in just one of those bags could feed a small country.

  12. whateva says – reply to this


    Buying Chanel doesn't buy you class or fix your family issues MILEY

  13. liz says – reply to this


    Yeah, I'm sure all you magnanimous assholes would give away ALL your money to charity if you were Miley. PLEASE. You'd all be buying everything you could get your hands on. Bunch of sanctimonious hypocrites.

  14. fgh says – reply to this


    Rihanna wannabe…

  15. 15

    F*cking hate this skank. Stop buying her shit!!!

  16. Terryn Suxx says – reply to this


    LOL ok so if you guys made as much money as Miley you'd be giving all of your money to charities and still be shopping at JCPenney? Didn't think so. If you can afford the best you're going to get the best.