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Jennifer Aniston Is Flawless At 44 In No Makeup Pic! See It HERE!

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jennifer aniston beautiful no makeup pic

So she really IS perfect??

Well, we might have to go as far to say Jennifer Aniston is more than perfect because her makeup-less face is as gorge as most people's all dolled up faces!

Jen's longtime friend and hairstylist, Chris McMillan, posted the barefaced pic of the starlet on Instagram and revealed she was au naturale in it.

And helloooo, she looks damn flawless!

And, even better, she doesn't looks totes frozen or lifted or nipped and tucked!

Way to prove age is beautiful, Jen!

Ch-ch-check out more pics of Jen (below)!

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20 comments to “Jennifer Aniston Is Flawless At 44 In No Makeup Pic! See It HERE!”

  1. 1

    She may not look frozen, lifted, nipped, or tucked - but you can bet that she is. She has done it well. You start early and only do small procedures so it looks much more natural.

  2. 2

    IMO she has a man-face.

  3. guest says – reply to this



  4. mj says – reply to this


    I think she looks like Barbara Streisand in this photo

  5. really? says – reply to this


    yes compared to most hollywood faces WITHOUT make up she looks ok for her age.
    but other then that she is no classic beauty at all just a nice face with a very good hairdresser and not have giving birth helps a lot also

  6. maria says – reply to this


    First of all, she's only 44, not 94, secondly, can we stop praising how Jennifer Anniston looks all the time. She has had no children, she has the money to spend on the best facials treatments in the world known to man and god know what else she has done, trainers, people prepping her meals, it's just too much praise for nothing….and for a lot of hollywood stars. There are numerous articles on how great this one looks or that one looks, who wouldn't with all the work they get done. I'm not implying Anniston has had an actual face lift, but there are many other non-surgical procedures out there they have access to that a lot of people can't afford….and trust me, by 54, she'll have had some more major work done…we are definitely praising people for the wrong reasons.

  7. 7

    Perez- back when you were honest and not just a pure across the board butt kisser, YOU YOURSELF NAMED her Maniston for a reason. Why did you change your mind? She looks like a man in drag. I learned it from you. Fess up.

  8. Cat says – reply to this


    Don't kidd yourself, while she is very pretty, she has done some Botox and filler!! All of us aging are doing it as naturally as possible and it does cost alot of money to keep up with, which she has!!!!

  9. 9

    Re: Ramona the Pest – She ripped him a new one on Ellen, and he "saw the light", and said he was changing, no bullying, not drawing on photos. Too bad he is back to doing all that, a tiger can't change its spots.

  10. 10

    ** stripes ** got my cats mixed up.

  11. LookatYou says – reply to this


    I can't see anything with all the bright light hiding the crows feet and lines in her face. Stop all the azz kissing. It doesn't make you a better person, just a fake one.

  12. YAWN says – reply to this


    lighting makes a huge difference with the iphone pics and shes obviously wearing coverup, shes not 100 percent makeup free, any woman would know that. plus shes done alot to her face - botox, fillers, and multiple nose jobs along with her boob job so no, the picture is as unnatural as her methods of looking "natural". shes just a superficially talentless actress that bases her career on playing rachel in every movie and stripping to stay relevant. i can only give her credit in having such longevity by pulling the same redundant shit out of her ass over and over again and getting away with it every time. how many box office flops does it take for her to leave the industry? the number just keeps getting higher….

  13. tootsie says – reply to this


    angelina looks better without makeup no matter how skinny shes gotten, at least she has feminine bone structure unlike maniston. and this so happens to be the first real pic of her without makeup after google image searching it and shes been in the business for how many years yet theres no actual paparazzi candids of her without makeup? what a load of shit, shes not makeup free or botox/filler/nosejob free. big setup up the ass and every news site has this story of this pic of her without makeup calling her stunning roflmfao, shes a Type A bullshitter and if people cant see that, theyre braindead ignorant. this is all she likes to get validation on, her looks. shes nowhere near the domestic goddess she believes she is, barf.

  14. kissofdeath says – reply to this


    She looks good. Angelina looks like Skeletor and is not aging very well. The lips and that made her famous are staring to look clownish and her hair line recedes. Look at Angelina's brother and you will see how Angelina will look in another ten years.

  15. 15

    Wow a lot of haters here huh! I personally think she looks good even without makeup!

  16. 16

    looks like she has tinted eye makeup which makes anyone look better she is certainly not makeup free

  17. Calvin says – reply to this


    Not trying to put Jen down as she is a beauty, but my mums 53 and she looks slightly better with no make up. And my mum certainly doesn't have as much money as Jen.

  18. Jacki11 says – reply to this


    keep in mind…bot ox, 1000.00 masks, fillers, …..expensive creams…..lets not give her too much credit….

  19. 19

    Re: mj – OMG I have always thought that. She is not flawles homegirl is sun damaged or has liver spots on her face. I still like her.

  20. jg says – reply to this


    ENOUGH! Every day there is an article on this woman - not just here - everywhere! She is a nice looking person and average actress. Why so much attention? Will this still be happening when she is 50? I know she has her fans, but I am so tired of her. Because of all the attention on her, I not interested in seeing any of her movies.