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Beyoncé's Vogue Cover Did Better Than Everyone Else's!

Beyonce's Vogue cover outsold Michelle Obama and everyone else

Beyoncé's beautiful March Vogue cover is the best-selling issue for the fashion bible so far this year, selling 355,397 issues and even besting Michelle Obama's April issue!

Maybe she can joke about it with FLOTUS the next time they have a super special lunch together at the White House. We're assuming they totally do that.

Queen Bey also beat out Nicki Minaj's Elle and Teen Vogue covers, outsold Taylor Swift's Vanity Fair issue, AND kicked Jennifer Lopez's booty on her Harper's Bazaar cover.

In fact, all of the above ladies were the worst sellers for the respective magazines they appeared on! OUCH! We might feel bad for them if they weren't all super successful millionaires.

And here's how the rest of the magazines fared:

Cosmo's best-sellers were Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian, while Rachel Bilson was the worst.

For Glamour, the cover queens were Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, but Dakota Fanning failed to garner much newsstand enthusiasm.

Drew Barrymore sparkled for Harper's Bazaar while J.Lo totally fizzled. Whomp.

On Vanity Fair's cover, Audrey Hepburn, who died in the 1980s, outsold Taylor Swift, who has already sold 6 million copies of her Red album worldwide since its release last year. Um, that's kind of awkward.

Finally, for Marie Claire, Olivia Wilde proved to be a winner, but Heidi Klum finished last.

Will J.Law's September Vogue cover snatch Beyoncé's crown? We'll just have to wait and see!

[Image via Vogue]

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11 comments to “Beyoncé's Vogue Cover Did Better Than Everyone Else's!”

  1. Beyonce says – reply to this


    you suck mario

  2. 2

    Beasshole must have replaced kardashawhores in the daily pay-off to perez hilton.

  3. Rosie 0H says – reply to this


    Really how sad
    Air brush, photo shop to change you into someone you are not
    Why would she allow them to do this to her ?

    I would like to see black women, be proud of who they are, and stop being white washed , to fit into what Anna Wintour idea of beauty is

  4. madmike says – reply to this


    Vogue's beat. Winsour's dated and toxic.

  5. namers says – reply to this


    But what we'll remember most is her current hair don't.

  6. 6

    I remember when magazines sold and there was something of value to them. I don't find it that flattering to be the queen of a sinking ship. If magazines are only selling 330,000 copies a month I'd say that's more of a fail. You're phony comments are exposing the truth which is the whole industry lacks credibility because it became money driven as opposed to money and art driven. The marketing agenda has finally over shadowed artistry. Artistry is revolution. That's why they won't hire real artists because real artists would put an end to the BS. There will be no modern John Lennon simply because his attention is given to false performers.

  7. A says – reply to this


    Perez first off, Audrey died in the 90's get your facts right! Secind it isn't awkward that she sold more than swift she's an icon. Get over "now" and think long term, bro.

  8. CreoleBoy says – reply to this


    Re: Rosie 0H – Beyonce is of mixed heritage (Creole)!! Her family comes from New Iberia Louisiana and I know that because her Great Grandfather is my Great Grandmothers Brother!!! I cant stand when ignorant ugly ass white and black people talk out their asses just because they're jealous!!! Beyonce is a very light skinned mixed woman whether your broke bass like it or not!!! so stfu and deal with it!!

  9. Choctaw89 says – reply to this


    Re: fabulousdivabuns – oh whatever!! so now it isnt valuable all because Mrs.beyonce has graced the cover and hse happened to outsell every other cove?? lol gtfoh!! donthate her, hate yourself!!

  10. K says – reply to this



  11. GhostDog9 says – reply to this


    Foto-shopped her face. It isn't that thin.