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Is Kanye West messing with Kim Kardashian's family AND business?? It sure sounds like that might be the case, and we wouldn't be surprised if she listens… Read more…

21 comments to “Kim Kardashian Urged By Kanye West To Bail On Sears Line Because She's More Of A Posh Spice?!”

  1. Kippy says – reply to this


    "Cheapens her brand"? I always thought she cheapened Sears brand. What were THEY thinking when they signed her. She should be selling novelty tee shirts with "pee" stains all over them. Through E-Bay. Or the back of some truck at intersections. That HER brand.

  2. nono says – reply to this


    She should go back to making independent films ……..porn suits her best

  3. 3

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  4. Kimye says – reply to this


    This article is nothing but spin to make the Kuntrashians look good, and maybe save face from their failing fashion endeavors. We went by Sears yesterday, and ALL of the Kuntrashians clothes were at 50% off, and the racks were full! People seemed to be buying everything BUT their krappy kollektion. When, and if, Kim decides to not "cheapen" her pisswhore brand anymore, and goes for the higher end stores, her and her brand will take a nosedive, since she has no talent/training as a designer, and nobody (seriously!) seems to want their clothes. I Kan't Kwait!!

  5. Maggie says – reply to this


    wasn't it countess luann who said or sung "money can't buy you class" (or taste.) That is what comes to mind with this fashion scheme. Kayne should stick to ghetto street wear and Kim to letting sweatshope mass produce clothes for sears. The Sears line in't that bad actually….

  6. Nene says – reply to this


    Re: edwardcollins234 – B*tch! You hate spammers, for real??!! Didya bite yer tongue? LOL

  7. Maggie says – reply to this


    Re: Kimye – I noticed the same thing when I was at Sears buying some appliances, I needed a couple of tank tops and noticed the Kardashian line was all at least 50% off and racks of it 75% off. I have no idea if it is popular or not, but that deep of discounting usually indicates the brand is not selling well.

  8. greetingsfromyonkers says – reply to this


    Oh, yeah, like THAT'S gonna be a winner. These are the two people responsible for Kim's maternity style, which consisted of one ugly, uncomfortable outfit after another which made Kim look like a sausage stuffed into a casing three sizes too small.

    Kim needs to get a clue that after her stylistically disastrous pregnancy, she is fashion poison and nobody in the industry will want to commit professional suicide by working with her. Kanye needs to grasp that his talents lie in music, not fashion design, and stick to what he does best.

    BTW, I wouldn't be caught dead in Kartrashian frock. The clothes simply do not work for my life. Weekdays I need a conservative look for work. Weekends are jeans and polo shirts. Do these people think that the average woman does nothing but go out to clubs and film premieres? The klothes are designed for the way THEY live, not the way the rest of us do.

  9. 9

    her brand is cheap. She is the Queen of the wannabees. And the follower and clingers on. I mean wealthy women want YSL, Alexander, Armani. Givenchy, McQueen Donna Karen, Rachel Roy, Missoni, Ralph Lauren, C.K. D&G the list goes on and on and on.No one is gonna pay high dollar for her shit. BTW again he is ruining her career and costing her money daily. They should have cashed in on those pics and premiered them on Kris's show an continue the Kardashian was. Now so pap that yeezy hates is gonna make a mint they are being hunted by the paps Kris will be cancels for the Real and why did kim not get a big endorsement deal like Jessica Simpson. At 1st I thought she was gonna mess up his image he is destroying her brand.

  10. shirley z says – reply to this


    I've been looking for a sofa like that. Mooooooooooo.

  11. 11

    Kimmy the porn star is such a high class brand, give me a break.

  12. 12

    Victoria Beckham is a well-respected designer??!! Where the hell have I been living?

  13. 13

    What an idiot. I can't wait till the nail finally goes in the coffin because watching this slow ego maniacal death is so embarrassing. Her clothes are fug and everyone makes fun of her clothes so naturally she's a designer. GTFOH Con-yea

  14. 14

    Re: Pretty_on_the_Inside – Actually Posh is. Not saying I would buy it but her dresses are on the carpet and on her celebrity friends. They aren't so bad. I'd like to point out though that Posh Spice actually knows something about fashion and starves herself to keep a particular figure which is really her claim to fame. She actually looks good in those clothes.

  15. 15

    if kanye wants a high fashion line, why doesnt he create one himself?

    also im sorry but kim's name & fashion choices don't scream skilled designer to me. yeah she looks good sometimes (when someone else dresses her for an event), but there are too many times where she doesnt to make me respect her. and comparing her to VB? what a joke. VB has worked for what shes gotten. i can't imagine kimmy doing the same for this supposed line.
    and i'm glad kanye is advising her to do this stuff, i personally hope he tanks her. i know i'd thank him for it!

  16. MichJB says – reply to this


    Perhaps she can take fashion advice from her monkey boy. All he wears is hoodies, leather jeans and a shitty scowl.

  17. 17

    Come on! Victoria Beckham has good taste! Something Kim has never displayed. She dresses like a slut. And Kanye and his "line" that just came out…..people paying over $100. for a tee shirt you can buy at Target…he has no taste also.

  18. 18

    Re: babyspice – He's already created his own label and shown at Paris Fashion Week. He's probably pigging Kim into doing it since his own line has not done well at all. Not many people take him seriously as his designs are sub-par and lackadaisical. It's a slap in the face to those in the industry as they do it for the passion and have worked to get where they are, her its for the money.

  19. dbkqn says – reply to this


    The thing is, if KK is a real chick about HER money and ventures then KW will have to take a seat. And as it stands HE has been scoffed at by the fashion community MORE THAN ONCE! In my opinion, she shouldn't take ANY advice from KW for business as he has failed miserably at all attempts of success in her arena.

  20. 20

    I understand he dressed her during her pregnancy. Did not like the clothes and most of them were all black. This is Southern California and we like to wear colors. I still remember when Macy's bought Bullock's department store and I went in there to buy 3-4 dresses and almost all the racks were full of black (I suspect NYC buyers at the time). Walked out and did not spend a dime and let them know why not.

  21. Jess says – reply to this


    Good idea Yeezy, make her even more hated by the majority.