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Oooh, gurl, everyone knows you shouldn't get on Anna Wintour's bad side! But leave it to Miley Cyrus to break the rules because gurlfriend has apparently… Read more…

53 comments to “Miley Cyrus Axed From Vogue's December Cover After Anna Wintour Deems Her "Distasteful"?!”

  1. 1

    I have to say Anna not only knows her fashion but she can clearly read ppl like a book. That was a good decision she made knocking Miley from the cover now that Miley has shown the world how really low rent she is. First KK and lets all admit it, the dress Anna wanted Kim to wear in the name of starting a friendship was just a joke from Anna because I cannot see Anna giving anyone else a curtain or couch cover to wear as a dress. Kim was so busy sucking up and willing to wear it to make nice with Anna and we all know the reviews. Now Miley and if Miley is a fashion icon that is news to me.

  2. 2

    And you know Miley's response will be something along the lines of "I don't care. I don't need to be on the cover of Vogue or get Anna Wintour's approval." While I agree Anna Wintour thinks her sh%t don't stink and is high on herself, I think Miley needs to step back and realize that she isn't just being "relevant" or "edgy". She isn't just "making mistakes because she is growing up". She is acting like an idiot and maybe she doesn't care what everyone thinks, but she is becoming a laughing stock. She is on the edge a really reputable career, with a song for the first time that has actually been accepted by the masses, and she is quickly flushing it down the toilet with her stupid behavior. I swear…if I see another picture with her tongue sticking out I'm going to scream!

  3. theJerk InTheaters NOW says – reply to this


    Who asked the stoneage people their opinion? Wilma is trying to enforce moral codes on us space age people who were not offended by dance.
    And who the hell even reads vogue? The only place i ever see that thing is at the doctors office. I've never seen it in ONE HOUSE i've ever been in.

  4. theJerk InTheaters NOW says – reply to this


    I swear .. if I see another picture with her tongue sticking out, I'm going to jizz'm

  5. momomo says – reply to this


    Anna Wintour will be the one to regret it. She's just jumping on the 'hate on Miley' bandwagon. Seriously people do you think Miley Cyrus just got up on the stage and did that all on her own? The performance was choreographed and there were rehearsals. I'm pretty sure the Executives and Producers attended and gave their stamp of approval. It's a show. The parents who brought kids should be the ones to have known better. It's the VMA's! This is a kid who grew up working on television and she's a woman. I don't see Robin Thicke losing business due to his part. Just a big slut shaming session with an easy target. If you look at the video for Blurred Lines - the whole performance is just an extension of that. Anna Wintour has a stick up her ass and honestly….. this is the same magazine that will cast Miley away, then show the styles she inspired from the VMA's. Madonna - huge impact on fashion and this is how she started her career at the VMA's.

  6. Ditty Smith says – reply to this


    I still don't understand the tongue. Can someone please let me know if that girl has a challenge of some sort that that tongue keeps coming out like that — is she vying for Gene Simmons' title?

  7. 7

    And this is the problem with her fake edginess. She thinks its great that it makes people talk about her, but when you're losing magazine covers (especially major ones like Vogue) you're not helping your career. All she's doing is appealing to the mindless masses that are fickle…not to anyone who actually has any serious pull over pop culture. She's setting herself up for huge stardom…for 6 months, and then general being laughed at.

  8. jackwad says – reply to this


    I DON'T LIKE kunt-basket Anna Wintour but I do this is awesome! I can't stand dip shit Miley even more. She's such a vapid dumb-ass! That tongue is DISGUSTING, juicy and FAT! It looks like a cartoon drawing coming out of her mouth. If only she could see what we're seeing she suck it back in!

  9. jackwad says – reply to this


    Re: momomo – IF this is truly the case, that it wasn't Miley but was the producers and her managers that had her do this, then she's nothing but a mindless puppet and should be respected LESS because of it.

  10. Mr Vreeland says – reply to this


    When it comes to good taste,
    what does Anna know, She's is the woman who allowed/ encouraged Kardashian to attend the Met event dressed as a sofa
    When it comes to good business, what does Anna know She's the woman who hosted million $$$$ fundraisers for Obama, believing she would be named Ambassador to Great Britain

  11. The Matrix says – reply to this


    She fully endorsed the trashcanian porn star; but is highly offended by a suggestive dance routine. Guess Miley wasn't graphic enough.

  12. AEM says – reply to this


    As others have stated, Miley doesn't care if this was true. Even better, Vogue's competitors like Cosmo and VF will be knocking down MC's door. Yes, I wish Miley would stop being so vulgar, but Miley doesn't need Wintour. I guess Miley won't be going to the 2014 MetGala that is run by Wintour.

  13. 13

    It's a very good decision on Anna's part. Vogue has always been about class, and only classy actresses, musicians and models are on the cover of Vogue, not trash and clearly Miley does not fit the Vogue image. I would never buy a Vogue cover with Miley on top of it.

  14. 14

    maybe she is gonna give the dec cover to her new bff the kartrashians??

  15. 15

    Re: momomo – Exactly what you said.

  16. 16

    Overexposed + desperate = unattractive.

  17. 17

    Seriously though, if I saw Miley's face on Vogue's cover, I'd never buy Vogue again.

  18. 18

    Re: Ditty Smith – my guess, the tongue is a shout out to honey boo boo. Its my thought

  19. jeff says – reply to this


    So , Vogue shows some class. Thank You Anna

  20. 20

    Well, we've all had enough of Miley sticking out her tongue. It is totally stupid and disgusting. A lot of people wouldn't buy a magazine with Miley on the cover.

  21. jeff says – reply to this


    ] So , Vogue shows some class. Thank You Anna

  22. karri says – reply to this


    Thank you Anna….

  23. annainparis says – reply to this


    And that broomstick up Anna Wintour's rear is just as distasteful….and so not ANY worldwide vogue!

  24. 24

    GOOD! The bar has been set too low for too long. Anna Wintour may be finally realizing that what killed the magazine business is putting so many vapid talentless hoes in them, causing people not to buy them.

  25. Geok says – reply to this


    Re: theJerk InTheaters NOW – Who reads vogue?? Are you fucking retarded?? Vogue is one of the number one best selling magazines in the world! And just because Anna Wintour is old doesn't mean shes not "fresh" or some shit, she is still currently holding up the most expensive book in business, so please take your 2 year old mind somewhere else and spare us from absolute retardation of OUR minds, it's too late for yours…

  26. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: theJerk InTheaters NOW – Maybe because "space age" is irrelevant in a society where morals still play an important role? Think twice before posting messages like this one, especially when you know the "Anna Wintour" you hate so much is totally right on this one. Miley Cyrus has turned into someone irrelevant. Such a pretty girl acting like she is some low life skank!.

  27. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: momomo – You make me laugh. Now you are comparing Miley Cyrus's performance to that of Madonna? Madonna has class act even when she's in SM mode. On the other hand, Miley Cyrus looks like pure trash while trying to be "Avant-garde". Why would anyone want a girl sticking out her tongue and acting like she was 14 on a magazine that's survived many years in a world where people are simply turning into sheeps and following "hype"? Anna Wintour is right! I would not put someone who does not respect herself in a respectable magazine made by people who knows their jobs in the fashion industry (even if they have a stick up their ass). No pun intended. Have people no morals anymore or ethics? I swear some of the responses on here are just shocking!

  28. 28

    FINALLY!!! Some one doesn't buy into the trash.

  29. AllisonVictoria says – reply to this


    Anna, how upholding your ways are! Thank You for not sharing disgrace with the public! It is much appreciated!

  30. misty says – reply to this


    This girl is a laughing joke…so nasty…keep it up miley and you will be yesterday's news just like your olllllllllllllllllllllllllllld father…too many talented singers your age with class….Selena Gomez would be a good one to mentor miley…now that is talent + class….

  31. The Truth says – reply to this


    Finally someone with taste got it right. You go with you bad self Anna!

  32. Senfida says – reply to this


    Maybe it will be a wakeup call? Anna Wintour is very influential, she can decide what's hot and what's not and everybody will listen. Do you know that she was the person who started putting celebrities on the covers instead of models? Everybody told her that she was crazy at that time but it worked for Vogue and now every magazine does the same thing.

    She sets trends and this one won't work well for Miley. She needs a kick like that though.

  33. Senfida says – reply to this


    It's not true, she was never scheduled for the cover. Perez, you are reporting a LOT of false info lately…

  34. 34

    pretty sure Vogue readers dont give the slightest fuck about little Miley and her stupid childish antics. Only tweenies are impressed.

  35. tacogirl says – reply to this


    YEAH!!!!……Miley Cyrus is Not shocking, she is Just Pathetic and needy.
    Good move. She shouldnt' be on any magazine cover period. She brings the word
    desperate to everything she touches.

  36. 36

    Good choice Anna! She honestly had no other choice but to put filthy Miley in the trash where she belongs. What made things worse was Miley admitting that she wanted to be a whore onstage. I don't know what Miley is thinking but her career is a big joke.

  37. 37

    anna likes to wear patterns that remind me of bbq tables but in this light i am behind anna 100% miley only has to grow her hair back and act normal and she would prob have her fiance back and her life back but she chooses to unravel in the worst revolting way and not listen to anyone .. NO VOGUE FOR U trashy miley

  38. 38

    Thank you, Anna!

  39. 39

    I like Anna, good decision on her part.

  40. Janey says – reply to this


    Don't know much about Anna Wintour to like her or lump her, but this news makes me want to stand up and applaud! Good call, Anna!

  41. Rangga says – reply to this


    What if she put her tongue back in? Will it work? HAHAHA

  42. Rangga says – reply to this


    Re: AEM – She won't be invited anyway. Hear hear!

  43. Carl says – reply to this


  44. 44

    Perez Hilton is WRONG AGAIN !

    She was never invited to do the cover.
    She did no photoshoot.
    She was NEVER axed !

    Gossip Cop has learned exclusively from a source close to the situation that the claim is 100 percent “NOT TRUE.”

    We’re told “Miley was never scheduled for December Vogue,” and she most assuredly did NOT even do a shoot for the magazine.

    Cyrus, however, will grace the cover of Harper’s Bazaar in October.

  45. 45

    "forgetting to put pants on" —- hahahaha, you illiterate douche Perez, you're SOOOO funny. Not.

  46. 46

    Re: misty – hahahahaha….! How funny.
    Selena Gomes and the word talent don't mix at ALL. You must be one of her dumb fans that are clearly blind. Like do you know how much her Movie flopped. No Talent!

  47. 47

    Miley was never cover material to start with. She should not have ever crossed Wintour's mind.

  48. mzdom says – reply to this


    I'm going to try not to be mean but I'm glad she lost the cover of a very well known magazine! she is a disgrace to all the white decent girls that still exist! I hope the cover goes to a girl that all young girls can look up to. I don't like it when someone looses their opportunities even though they are already rich but she made a fool out of herself!

  49. 49

    I guess Chanel and White Trash don't go together…

  50. VC Blackwell says – reply to this


    Than you, Ms Wintour, for your taste, your finesse and your business decorum. At least, I'll continue indulging in your magazine ….if not the contents so much.

  51. Taylors Used Up VaJJ says – reply to this


    Re: FUCKANNA – but 8 isn't big though o_0

  52. Taylors Used Up VaJJ says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse superfan 777 – go away, EVERYONE KNOWS PEREZ HILTON HAS NO FANS OR STANS!

  53. 53

    BEST thing that EVER happened to Miley. This is one of the milestones that will follow Miley throughout her career.

    And while idiots like Perez mockingly spin it as bad, this will end up being a badge of honor for the next 30 years, long after Anna "SAME HAIR, SAME DRESS" Wintour is dead and buried.