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Johnny Depp Drops $50,000 On Diamonds For Amber Heard!

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Johnny Depp drops some pricy diamonds on his darling Amber Heard!!

Pirates sure lurrrve their booty — and we're not just talking about buried treasure!!

Johnny Depp has shown his love and adoration for his main squeeze Amber Heard by showering her with a girl's best friend: diamonds!

A not so dead man telling tales spilled the deets about the pricey purchase, saying Depp "recently surprised her with $50,000 Neil Lane diamond drop earrings."

Holy Tonto!!!

That's one helluva surprise!

Could a diamond ring be next???

[Image via WENN.]

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254 comments to “Johnny Depp Drops $50,000 On Diamonds For Amber Heard!”

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  1. Mala says – reply to this


    he knows no boundaries to surprise her!
    the horse, the bar, the beach with her name on the private island, the flowers everyday, the diamonds earrings now…
    he is such a romantic, isn't he?
    lucky girl

  2. maria says – reply to this


    This news is old.

  3. 3

    Wow, he's completely head over heels for her isn't he? Somewhere I see her just saying ugh…another gift. I don't think gifts really impress this chick and I like it.

  4. 4

    I always liked Johnny Depp. I was a little pissed when he left his paremour Vanessa Paradis for this Amber person. Especially since she was going around telling people she liked only girls. Whatever. Does anyone in Hollyweird not look alike? She reminds me of a cross between Scarlet Johannson and Heidi Klum. For goodness sake ladies, stop with the plastic surgery already. Everyone looks exactly alike.

  5. missliss says – reply to this


    It's really too bad that his attentions and gifts are being given to amber heard, a selfish social climbing homewrecker, and not the mother of his children. Men at that age can be so sad and pathetic when they go through a midlife crisis.

  6. luz says – reply to this


    Re: missliss – yes ,Johnny is crazy for Amber. He was different with Vanessa.

  7. 7

    You mean Amber Whored. This chick is a gold-digging slut.

  8. 8

    A mid-life crisis can be expensive.

  9. Matte says – reply to this


    Re: luz – He also gave expensive gifts to Vanessa, c'mon.
    Just read about all the Marilyn Monroe's props he bought for her because Vanessa is the biggest fan of Marilyn Monroe.
    He is generous, dedicated, romantic, and crazy with all his girlfriends

  10. Egon says – reply to this


    Perez, you are a couple of days late with your "news".

    So, Johnny is supposed to have gifted some earrings and the public even gets to see what they look like from a photo that seems to be taken from some warehouse catalogue?
    Aha!? Not sure if i can believe this.

  11. Venezia-Italia says – reply to this


    Johnny… I would give you 50.000 kisses……….


  12. isla says – reply to this


    His main squeeze? LOL!
    You would tell us if there were any others, wouldn't you?

  13. 13

    He's given more valuable things to people who are just friends of his. He's made it very clear that he will never get married, so I really doubt that would ever happen, especially with her. It's really hard to believe that someone like him can't see her for what she really is. She's not very well liked, there's a reason for that.

  14. 14

    Don't know much about her, but I like emeralds much better than diamonds. My Late husband told me they are much more expensive. Diamonds just leave me cold for some reason.

  15. the public says – reply to this


    looks like a piece of shit on the red carpet hahaha thats funny

  16. 16

    Diamonds are a girls best friend.

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Teenybits – Then those girls probably need some better friends.

  18. WhereismyJohnny? says – reply to this


    Why does he chose to stay with a gold-digging slut and homewrecker rather than be with his wonderful family? Better alone! Where is that father in love of his children and devoted to his sweet wife. God, I want the old Johnny, I really don't know who is this ! Please God…..!!!!

  19. Falala says – reply to this


    Re: WhereismyJohnny? – She was not his wife, and he still loves his kids you fool.

  20. bert says – reply to this


    Maybe these are a parting gift, sometimes men drop the loot just before they leave because they feel quilt…I sort of think if Vanessa is willing he will go back to her.

  21. lizziebob says – reply to this


    I think his is still sort of a fake relationship she is gay. I think he might be too so they cover for one another. Vanessa got tired of being a prop for him, she gave him kids helped to raise them then got her pay out.

  22. who? says – reply to this


    $50,000 for JD is like $500 for us.

  23. Who? says – reply to this


    I love your choices for pics, Perez. This pic shows well how Amber is, so pretentious.

  24. Look at me!!! says – reply to this


    I really love this pic, she looks at the photographers as a queen near her king, but he looks somewhere else ..! As in their life, she does everything to be what she is not ,only to be loved by him . He instead wants her only for the sex and he buys earrings for her simply to keep her quiet . Poor Amber…. This pic is too funny ..

  25. deb says – reply to this


    she looks like someone stuck on her self and he is such a doll I hope she's not using him even though I believe that's the truth must be good in bed all that practice with her girlfriend I guess as long as he is happy that's all that counts

  26. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Look at me!!! – dafuq? why are you talking as if you live with them? you really know nothing about them so STFU.

  27. 27

    Re: lizziebob – if the relationship was fake then why the hell are they keeping it private and low-key? why aren't they making out in public and doing PR stuff huh? she is BI and he is straight and they are in love. don't make up stuff you dumbass

  28. 28

    Re: rosebud99 – mid-life crisis? ahahahaha and what did he do to be going through a mid-life crisis? Oh i forget he broke up and moved on with another woman just like any other normal human being! wow that really makes him going through a mid-life crisis!

  29. 29

    Re: missliss – what gifts? are you buying this total bull? and what about vanessa now? they BROKE UP 2 years ago and moved on, who the hell gives gifts to his ex? he was very gentle with vanessa and they are still friends so stop the mother of his children nonesense because they are OVER. mid-life crisis your ass ,bitch.

  30. think first says – reply to this


    Re: Falala – His kids mean everything to him.Because they broke up that doesn't mean that his children are no longer his reason to breathe.He loves his children more than anything else and he cares for his ex too.But he moved on with his life and she did too.There's nothing wrong with that.

  31. Caption says – reply to this


    JD: I'll see you in my room, tonight? Again?
    Amber: Not so fast. Some goodies are required before. I prefer diamonds.
    Would someone else venture another caption?

  32. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Caption – i can't believe that you bitches are buying this BS!

  33. haha says – reply to this


    A: oh! Johnny,i want to be your girlfriend !
    J : No yet baby,but we can meet in secret and without Vanessa finding out…..

  34. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: haha – LOL, he started dating amber after he broke up with vanessa.

  35. Wake up! says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – "after the break-up? " Do you still believe in Santa Claus? Girl, you can stay here to defend this man all the time, but the people aren't naive like you ! You and others like you should stop telling "stories" to yourself and you should start seeing this man for what he is in realty. That woman was his "dirty lover" long before the break-up with ex-girflriend. Sorry, but he isn't a saint!

  36. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Wake up! – um, and how on eath do you know that? do you know him personaly? relaible sources?

  37. Cuuek says – reply to this


    Re: Wake up! – wrong! he started his affair with Amber Heard, and almost immediately he went to break up with Vanessa…yeah! Amber is THAT good -wink- ;)

  38. Wake up! says – reply to this


    Sorry girls, but there are many "clues" about his relationship with this "toy-girl". It started before his separation. I remember a pic in which she was climbing on his car, (February 2012) and she had been seen several times getting on his plane (March 2012). The rumors of their reletionship are dating back to November 2011. You just look at the pics at the premiere of their movie. There are many pics which she was wearing his gifts and much more…… It doesn' t need to live with them to Know these things. Come on…!!!

  39. Clara says – reply to this


    Re: Wake up! – yeah but according to the magazines, Depp and Paradis' real split was in november, after the rum diary premieres. They only announced their split on june to protect their children (the announcement was a couple of days after the kids were with school vacations and the children- according to some source- were already out of the states). So, the pictures from january with Amber wearing his t-shirts, the pictures from Valentines day and their trip in Las Vegas, etc, etc, are just the demostration that they were already a couple without Vanessa Paradis really on the map anymore.

  40. Nicole says – reply to this


    I read that this information is not true, but if this is true….. I don't like Amber because she prove vain and full of herself in her last interviews and Johnny always is so humble.
    Johnny is also rich and I agree that for him 50,000 is not much money.
    Johnny is very generous too and often he gifting people close to him.

  41. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Clara – yes, but what I can not understand is if Johnny and Vanessa agreed to postpone to speak publicly about their split in respect of their children and they even denied in TV interviews that they had not split up, so why Amber didn't have that same care and she was often using things of Johnny near of the paparazzi. We all know that Amber was never the target of paparazzi until she starts to appear with his stuff, so why she did do it?

  42. maria says – reply to this


    that is. In November he cheated Vanessa with Amber y vanessa dump johnny.

  43. he did the same says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – Johnny appears in the video clip "My Valentine" wearing Amber's pendant, c'mon it's the same and even worse, did you see how many visit that clip has in youtuber? millions!

  44. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Wake up! – Oh so you don't know that he broke up with Vanessa in 2011 before the "media spilt"? he started dating amber after he broke up with vanessa so he did not cheat he just moved on with another person just like all other human beings.

  45. Skins fan says – reply to this


    Re: WhereismyJohnny?
    Johnny was never married to Vanessa, he was married a long time ago before he met Vanessa. Also unless you have proof that Amber you need to stop saying because that is called slander.

  46. The Real Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Wake up! – What makes you so sure they were dating before they Johnny and Vanessa? Do you have proof did you see them together?

  47. Wake up! says – reply to this


    Re: Clara – " …. just to protect their children ". What? A father who wants to protect his children, doesn't show them around the world with his "toy-lover" and a mother who wants to protect her children doesn't allow them to post videos and pics on the web and she doesn't let his daughter to go around half naked. So "the protection of children" is bullshit … According to me, he had his "mistress" (maybe for years) and the mother of his children, has dumped him forever. That said, I still love so much him as actor, but I love less the man who became. Sorry. It's just my opinion. End

  48. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: he did the same – It's not the same thing. If the pendant worn by Johnny in "My Valentine" is the same as Amber wears, this is something that only they both knew. No journalists, paparazzi and even Depp fans knew it.
    And this pendant was hard to see because he wore various necklaces and scarves. Then it is not the same thing, because is different when she wore stuffs that everyone knows that they are of Johnny and she wore them to the paparazzi.
    By the way, how is this pendant?

  49. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: he did the same – I'd like to add that Johnny likes to wear dangles given to him by his friends.

  50. About the pendant says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – Amber didn't gave the pendant to him, she still wears it from time to time and recently also Johnny did appear at the London press conference of Lone Ranger wearing it
    And in the Dark Shadows premieres, when he was denying the end of his relationship with Vanessa, he had the pendant too ;)

  51. he did the same says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – So do you really believe that any person other than his obsessive fans- which also took months before to realize- knew that the t-shirt she was wearing was the same than Johnny? Please, be serious!
    That's why only when she appeared in october and after weeks (or a whole month after that) somebody catch her. No one cared about that t-shirt before and nobody (not even you or any obsessive fan, i'm sure) would have noticed about the t-shirt if it didn't were for that person who put the pictures of them wearing it.
    And also, if you want to blame Amber by "exposing" their relationship through a silly t-shirt, then why aren't you blaming Johnny who took Amber to the trip to Las Vegas in his airplane? that's was the real moment when everybody realize that something was happening between them
    Or why did he give to her a horse? the moment when everybody realize that they were in fact dating (he couldn't send flowers or something smaller than a horse?)
    etc, etc. He was the main generator of the most relevant rumors. The thing about the t-shirt has no comparison to the horse nor the trip to Vegas, etc.

  52. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: he did the same – that was all in 2012 after he broke up with vanessa so yea he was dating amber. whats your point? isn't he allowed to date whoever the hell he wants after he breake up with someone?

  53. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Wake up! – um, so taking his children with him while he travles to keep them with him is not protecting them? they are getting pictured and not raped ok? all other celebs children gets pictures and it's not a big deal. How the hell do you know he had his "mistress"? making up stuff much? there isn't even rumors about that.

  54. Finish girl says – reply to this


    I'm wondering why the business gossiped about with this jewelery, and matter pictures?
    They know that Johnny very private and is unlikely to would like lose
    a client like Johnny. Is Johnny given permission tell the, and why?
    If they're hardly Johnny without permission any more dealing with them?

  55. OH! says – reply to this


    Re: Finish girl – Good point!

    I believe Helena Bonham Carter was seen with such a pendant too.

  56. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: he did the same – Please, don't distract the answer making personal comments about us, just answer what you know or what you think about their posture.
    Amber was caught wearing a t-shirt of Johnny in January 2012. She was papped leaving her house. (weird or not?)
    He took Amber to Las Vegas in secret and in his particular plane and strangely Amber was photographed getting into the plane. His legs was photographed and strangely Amber was photographed from head to toe. Does not it seem strange to you?
    The horse he gave Amber was also a secret and once again strangely it ended up in the tabloids. Johnny always managed to keep his life in privacy, but since Amber exposes the life of them, we were knowing of many things in his life.
    For you, all these facts were coincidence?

  57. Nicole says – reply to this


    Indeed, we do not know when Johnny and Vanessa broke up, perhaps in December 2011 as was reported but in June 2011 it was rumored in Europe that they would be split up, but in September 2011, approximately, we saw pictures of Johnny and Vanessa kissing in their former yacht in France.
    Anyway Amber was papped in 2012 after the split of Vanessa and Johnny, but Johnny and Vanessa wanted to keep the end of their relationship in secret, just because there was rumors that Johnny was having an affair with someone and the name of Amber had been raised . Perhaps they wanted to announce in a time when rumors had decreased and so things would not attain the kids, but it seems that Amber could not wait and several times in 2012 she tried to show that she and Johnny were seeing each other.

  58. You're biased says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – So, your whole point is to blame her? because that's what you're writing and I'm HIS fan. I know exactly every detail, because -with difference of some of you (because, i'm sure that you're in the same group of people who denied it until the end that the t-shirt were even his.) - I knew that rumors were true since the beginning!. But even when someone is a fan, we've to retain some objectivity and you have ZERO.
    To you there's only one guilty in whatever, and that guilty has to be Amber (without any real clue, proof, pure speculation and avoiding the fact that the all the relationship are between two)

  59. Mag says – reply to this


    I can see this happening all day long. First, $50K for a man who has millions is a drop in the proverbial bucket. Second, why wouldn't he buy her gifts - they're sleeping together. She's his main squeeze so why not? The better question is…will they ever tie the knot. My guess would be 'no'. He had 1 wife years ago. The rest were partners. So I think he'll hang on to her for a while until one or the other gets bored and moves on.

  60. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: You're biased – Michele, give us a break, ok.
    I don't want just to blame Amber. I blame the lack of character of Amber.

  61. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Mag – wife? LOL, it's weird how you say Vanessa was his wife and the others were partners while she was just a partner herself. she did not want to get married and they did not get married so don't count her as a wife. they broke up more than 2 years ago and he is been with Amber ever since.

  62. HanksterCat says – reply to this


    Too Bad, she's got you by the balls, you can't get free at all, having a good time? ' Go Johnny Go!', not to worry Johnny if the Dykes win they'll turn her into K D Lang eventuality. lol Follow Your leader…lol

  63. Mandy says – reply to this


    I can't believe that people are still arguing if he cheated on Vanessa Paradis or not! My God, it's his life and even if he cheated, he's human, he's not God and he hasn't the duty to be a model for people. His only duty as an artist is to be liked for his movies. What he does in his private life is only his business! Vanessa wasn't a saint either. When he was rumoured of dating Amber, Vanessa was rumoured of having something with Matthieu Chedid and if you look at their pictures together you can see complicity between them and also chemistry, so who knows the truth? Who knows who cheated for first? You know Amber wasn't the cause of their split because Johnny and Vanessa were rumoured to be in trouble since 2010. There were rumours that Vanessa was often leaving him alone while he had to work and she was in France indeed when he was rumoured in the summer of 2010 of cheating on her with several women on the set of the 4th pirates movie. So maybe their troubles started since then. Their pictures on their yacht in sep. 2011 while kissing seemed staged to me. Maybe they were pretending to be still in a relationship when it wasn't true just to protect their children. It was also rumoured indeed that after those pictures were taken Johnny took another direction going somewhere else, leaving his family travellinf for another destination. What if they had split since 2010 and kept the silence to protect their children from media assault???

  64. Mandy says – reply to this


    People should stop to repeat aòways the same things about him and Amber. They're a couple by now, deal with it. Johnny wasn't happy anymore with Vanessa because he and her grew apart long time ago. He himself stasted in his last interview that his situation with Vanessa wasn't easy because they were often away because of work. This is the real reason that made them growing apart. Amber came only later into the picture, when things were maybe already too much compromised between him and Vanessa.

  65. You're biased says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – Sorry, I don't know who Michelle is.
    And also I don't know how can you judge the character or lack of, only by looking to pictures? or by wearing jewelry that he -himself- gave to her (I'm sure that -as every human being who does gifts- he wants her to use every gift he does to her) or by wearing his clothes (that speaks more about intimacy, infatuation and passion than anything more) and also he should have allowed her to use (or do you believe he didn't know that she was wearing his t-shirt and flannels or more recently, his belt, and he doesn't feel flattered every time he sees his woman walking around "marked" by his clothes?).
    Oh well, I won't continue this talk i don't have time, and you seem to be too biased (even if you try to make excuses to justify your dislike to Amber or this relationship) to have normal understanding between us.
    Greetings and Goodbye!

  66. Jamina says – reply to this


    Paradis and Chedid are great friends since 2000. Who tries to pass her as a bad mother or a bad partner, is clearly not objective! Open your eyes ..! It 's quite clear betrayal of Johnny, but that doesn't mean, he doesn't love his ex and his children. As someone said "he is not God" (finally!!), he is only a man with some flaws and many talents ..! That is all…!!!

  67. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: You're biased – You're also Mandy and Michele.

  68. Nicole says – reply to this


    re=6543482]Re: You're biased[/re] oh, god, I'm not stupid. If someone asks me to keep something secret and I go and show it to all the paparazzi. How do you call it, at least I call lack of character

  69. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: You're biased – Stay calm Johnny is already in London

  70. Amber Whored says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – Johnny is in London with Amber Whored?

  71. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Amber Whored – Probably so

  72. Praline says – reply to this


    Re: Amber Whored – AHahahaha! You're the best! You made my day. I laughed my head off when I read your post and your nickname!!!!

  73. Amber Whored says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – I see. JD took a friend of Amber, IO tillet also there. Another threesome

  74. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Amber Whored – I don't believe in it, but it's weird that Amber always needs a friend when she's with Johnny

  75. Amber Whored says – reply to this


    Re: Praline – Thanks :)

  76. ego sum says – reply to this


    Johnny and Amber are a couple very deviant.

  77. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – Nicole, you're paranoid. It doesn't even worth to answer you but I will. Maybe you use more than a name to write here, that's why you're so familiar with such a suspect but this is not my case. I'm Mandy forever and unlike you, I don't need any other name to write what I think. You're really paranoid and boring.

  78. Peek-a-boo says – reply to this


    Amber has been joined by her lesbian friend IO Tillett in London. It was rumoured that she travelled with Johnny on his private jet since she posted picture on her twit. So Amber still needs a female friend along with her. Amber is working a lot and I think she doesn't have all this time to go around, so it's really strange that the little time she can have during the day after the work, she's going to share it with IO instead that with Johnny. Isn't him enough for her at the end of the day when they both have finished to work? Clearly not. Amber needs a friend like she's at the nursery school. IO isn't her assistant but she often accompanies Amber everywhere. Amber is really promiscuous since ever and I don't buy she's having a monogamous relationship with Johnny Depp. She always needs a friend along with her. When she was in France with him Marie de Villepin accompanied her also, when she travelled with him during The lone ranger tour Brittany Bleustis accompanied her and now IO. I can only imagine in how many threesomes are engaged Johnny and Amber since they started to date.

  79. June says – reply to this


    Why does IO Tillet seem to stay at a hotel and not with Johnny and Amber at their rented place?

  80. Enedina says – reply to this


    wow with gifts like that Amber better be a keeper. Johnny Depp still knows how too be Romantic

  81. Amber Whored says – reply to this


    This pic above shows the old happy days. Amber was beautiful and now she just has a common beauty. Johnny was very happy and excited with Amber and today he is always tense when he is with Amber. Vanessa gave Johnny the worst punishment he could receive she let him live with Amber, Vanessa is very smart.

  82. Wake up! says – reply to this


    Re: Amber Whored – You're very smart. I totally agree with you, it's exactly what he deserves: a sl.. !!!

  83. Manie says – reply to this


    It's official since a while and not just since today my friends: Amber and Johnny have split. Of course they don't need to make a statement about it since they don't even have ever formalized they were a couple, so don't expect them to tell something about it. That's why you don't see them together anywhere since long and you won't. Johnny was seen alone in Rockport. Never wondered why? And Amber is alone in London since almost a month. Johnny and her remained friends though. IO and Whitney flew there in London to comfort her. She feels alone and desperate now that she's not Johnny Depp's princess anymore. His last gift, the earrings were just a gratitude gift. Just wait and see that I'm not lying. Johnny isn't in London yet and even when he will go there you won't see him with her. Forget about it. You'll see him on his own soon, alone. Just wait and see.

  84. Bad trade says – reply to this


    Re: Amber Whored – I totally agree. He made a bad trade. He should be with Vanessa or find someone cool like her and not this Amber.

  85. Falala says – reply to this


    Re: Manie – oh hi veritas. how convenient for you to show up eh just as veritas disappeared after losing credibility. Please have several sits. You are just using facts that everyone is already aware of like the earrings, her friend and sister flying to london to put a story together (on johnny's private plane btw cos amber cannot afford such things) and oh his daughter aparently saying she will be in london soon plus his bodyguards there with her….please we are fed up of the lies. If you too (or should i call you veritas) cannot prove that you are indeed tasya's friend then you are a liar. Answer the question that has been asked so many times but remains ignored. What is Tasya's next piece of art going to be?

  86. Manie says – reply to this


    Re: Falala – I don't owe you anyhting and I prove things only when I want. You can't tell me what to do. But I can tell you that you'll have the proof that I'm not lying soon because as time goes time you'll realize that Amber and Johnny won't get papped together and as soon as Johnny will be seen in London you'll have the proof that he's alone and that he won't be photographed with Amber anyway. They are over and you all will have soon the proof. Just pay attention also to Tasya's arts to know the truth. Her arts tell everything.

  87. Falala says – reply to this


    Re: Manie – veritas child I am not telling you want to do…just asking for proof like everyone else. I am not the only one that has asked you ( veritas) this question to prove yourself and you know it. oh aparently someone said they saw a tweet from a chef at gordon ramsey's restaurant which said johnny is the coolest person ever and his pretty nice lady friend.

  88. Manie says – reply to this


    Re: Falala – Poor you that still believe in fairytales. You will get soon an abrupt awakening when you'll find out that Johnny and Amber have broken up.

  89. Falala says – reply to this


    Re: Manie – I do not care less about them whether they are together or not..i honestly do not give a shit. why? because it makes no difference to my life veritas. I just hate it when people lie or mislead others just to keep their fantasies alive..which is what you are doing. i mean what is the point of doing that. It would not kill you to tell the truth once in a while even if you don't like it. You are the one living in a fairy tale honey …lesbian women, gay people, transexuals as well as heterosexuals or whatever do split up and move on. It is life. Stop acting as if you will die if things (that have nothing to do with you btw) do not go your way. Enjoy your own life. I only follow this story when i am less busy at college. My life does not depend on these people.

  90. Manie says – reply to this


    Re: Falala – If you do not care less about them whether they are together or not why then are you always here writing about their life instead of thinking about your own life, my dear? If you do not care less why you're always here answering people that tell nasty things about them as a couple and seeming interested and obsessed about what's happening to them? People that do not care less don't waste their time reading comments and responding them on internet and they don't even read gossip while you seem well informed about everything…. wow it's a strange way to show your disinterest!

  91. Falala says – reply to this


    Re: Manie – idiot did you not read the part where i said i only come here or pay attention to celebrity news when i am LESS BUSY AT COLLEGE?? and what i do child is call out those that are blatantly lying cos i think it is ridiculous. and i prove clearly with facts that such people are lying. If they split up good..if they do not good. That is exactly how i feel about them. I am not like those people holding out a candle or fasting till they break up (like you veritas). if i was after those saying nasty things about them, i would have replied to most people here. But i do not care and am not emotionally/psychologically invested in this like you. I just don't get why people feel the need to lie about someone else' life..i mean are things that bad? has life come to that?

  92. Falala says – reply to this


    Re: Manie – and No i am not always here. i only started writing on the graveyard article. I have not been here that long like you, tega, mandy, nicole and so on. Goodbye.

  93. Manie says – reply to this


    Re: Falala – Yeah yeah falala, blah blah blah… give up already I didn't even read all your stupid justifications. I've something better to do, my dear. Take care.

  94. Kat says – reply to this


    So, I've read that Amber's sister and her best friend flew to London on his private plane…nice! I wonder if it was a surprise or already planned? if it was a surprise, i think i also would be in love with Johnny!
    And if it was already planned, then it's quite nice anyway

  95. The Insider says – reply to this


    Johnny is a very nice guy. He arranged this surprise for Amber of her friend and sister visiting her in London. She was feeling miserable and alone in London because he was not there for many days so he felt guilty and he did something special for her. He didn't split at all with her and people should stop to speculate about them all the time. Just get a life and stop making up tales.

  96. Veritas says – reply to this


    They don't split but their romance is on the rocks because they have nothing in common, just so.
    Ah, Johnny isn't bi and he and Amber doesn't have an open relationship. It's a relationship in troubled, in and off, Amber and Tasya saw each other as lovers in May. Now it has been a normal relationship, but without being a relationship because they have no affinity. He still thinks she's pretty, but that's it.

  97. karen says – reply to this


    we are crazy. they are together and are living together.There are many evidence.

  98. Rally says – reply to this


    Re: The Insider – That's so cute. And also it was the birthday of her sister the past week, and Amber wasn't there (because she was in London), even Lily-Rose Depp let a happy birthday message to her, so maybe it was also a birthday present to have a little vacation in London along with her big sis!!

  99. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Peek-a-boo – I think you mean IO "Toilet" since that how she allowed herself to be photographed. On the toilet of a plane believed to be Johnny's. If you don't believe me go to Inkandrage.com, then "Johnny Depp", the "Jamber news" and go to page four and if you can't get there then register and try again. If this is the type of friends Amber hangs out with and he continues to be with her then Johnny should just retire now,

  100. tega says – reply to this


    Re: tega – As to the plane, it has never been proven that he owns one. It has been said that he charters them, uses the same pilot (as he uses the same SUV driver), and stewardess service but it makes sense b/c if he did own one it would be too easy to spot and thus his privacy would be compromised at airports by the airport personnel and paparazzi. I think this is why he able to get in and out of places, besides the fact that he uses private airports.

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