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Johnny Depp Drops $50,000 On Diamonds For Amber Heard!

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Johnny Depp drops some pricy diamonds on his darling Amber Heard!!

Pirates sure lurrrve their booty — and we're not just talking about buried treasure!!

Johnny Depp has shown his love and adoration for his main squeeze Amber Heard by showering her with a girl's best friend: diamonds!

A not so dead man telling tales spilled the deets about the pricey purchase, saying Depp "recently surprised her with $50,000 Neil Lane diamond drop earrings."

Holy Tonto!!!

That's one helluva surprise!

Could a diamond ring be next???

[Image via WENN.]

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254 comments to “Johnny Depp Drops $50,000 On Diamonds For Amber Heard!”

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  1. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Thanks so much Tega! can always count on you for good info. This is a lot of info to process. Especially the picture on the plane. wtf?!

  2. tega says – reply to this


    Liz - no problem. I have issues with this website posting comments sometimes but anything that you have missed you can probably find in these past comments here.

  3. tega says – reply to this


    For anyone interested, Johnnytim.com has posted a few pictures of Johnny arriving at the Dorchester hotel in London on Sunday, Oct. 6.

  4. maria says – reply to this


    The Daily Mail confirm that Johnny was in the set of London Films……

  5. Carly says – reply to this


    i wonder than opinions would have all people followers of this story if one day is announced that johnny will be father again.

  6. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Carly – My guess is that most people who post will say she tricked him into it b/c many people who post do not like her for him.

  7. Falala says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Yeah they would say she has done a vanessa on him.

  8. Robert says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Johnny needs to cease to be a clown marionette

  9. Annoyed says – reply to this


    Re: Falala – And some would say your comment is stupid!

  10. Robert - rumours says – reply to this


    The rumours about the fact that they have an open relationship are increasing. I think it is Amber who is spreading these rumours so Johnny will defend her and will end up living with her in the same house

  11. I agree says – reply to this


    Re: Annoyed – ITA

  12. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Robert - rumours – Johnny doesn't care for rumors. He never cared about them and neither he'll care now. He will never be pushed by rumors or by Amber to go live with her.
    He will not let that happen

  13. Robert says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – keep dreaming. she is wicked

  14. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Robert – Although I also don't like Amber, but Johnny is not stupid

  15. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: Robert - rumours – you are a dreamer, with hatred of amber

  16. claudita says – reply to this


    these two have gone through so many obstacles Durantes two years, only with much love, to deal with the hatred of others

  17. karen says – reply to this


    Re: claudita – What obstacles ? They have always made what they want.

  18. The Insider says – reply to this


    Everybody should just stop with this rumour of the open relationship. They aren't in any open thing. Johnny is really nice to her and it's true he played a cameo in her movie (London fields). Just wait and see. He played the role of Mark Asprey. Johnny is aware of all the bad publicity that his relationship with Amber generated but he simply doesn't care even though he's upset that many fans of him (not all fortunately because most of them don't care and have a life) are often judging him and Amber like they're the owners truth. He expected respect for his private life from fans since it's only his business but the constant nasty judgments and prejudices of some of his "fans", made him wishing even more and more privacy about his new relationship. That's why he stopped to show up at some point. He got upset that people can't just think about their own business.

  19. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Robert – What is it with you and clowns? Right now I own 33 of Johnny's movies. I just went through them and counted TWENTY SIX where he didn't wear white make up and I don't even have five others of the early ones (4 of which he doesn't wear make up) and I'm not even counting Rango or Corpse Bride b/c those are animated. Like said before, I'm not going to do your homework so if you want to know which ones he didn't wear white make up you're going to have to find that out yourself.

  20. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: The Insider – Are you an insider of your own mind?

  21. Falala says – reply to this


    Re: Annoyed – sorry it is not stupid. I merely said what some people would think if she got pregnant early on too simple. Hell, people said that many times way before amber came into the picture. You remember when vanessa was hated too? exactly people hated on her when she got pregnant really early. So they would think amber did a vanessa on him. You may not like that i said that…but it is FACT hun..sorry!

  22. Falala says – reply to this


    Re: I agree – But its the truth tho..lol. People thought that about vanessa way before amber came into the picture. Am just saying it like it is…take it or leave it…that is just FACT (and you know it).

  23. Annoyed says – reply to this


    Re: Falala – It is stupid, offensive, and an insult to Johnny and what his children mean to his life! Whether you're "just repeating what some people thought" or not. LR was not a trap , but a blessing! Johnny has said so himself. And I'm sure the now convenient Vanessa haters can come up with more clever insults that don't involve the existence of their children.
    Johnny was an adult in control of his body and actions, so no one "trapped" him into anything! And the last time I checked his children are not adults, so they could still benefit from a united home, and Johnny obviously didn't feel too trapped to move on with his life!

  24. Falala says – reply to this


    Re: Annoyed – Like i said before…you do not have to like what i said, it is what some people thought when she got pregnant so early. People would think the same about any woman who did the same thing. Of course all children are a blessing, everyone knows that. I am just saying that at that time, that was what people thought of the situation. Got it? I do not hate vanessa cos i do not care about her and i do not know her. I am just SAYING WHAT PEOPLE THOUGHT ABOUT HER GETTING PREGNANT SO EARLY. and i am DONE discussing this issue with you cos i do not care about it. I guess if amber gets pregnant you will be quick to pipe up in support. Goodbye:)

  25. Robert says – reply to this


    Re: The Insider – He stopped showing up?
    Not showing up with her is part of what caused the problem so far.
    Insider? How are you connected other than your own mind? At least the other insiders gave us a hint.

  26. Annoyed says – reply to this


    Re: Falala – Goodbye to you as well… With your silly and back handed comments!Hopefully your way of thinking evolves…

  27. tega says – reply to this


    I think it doesn't matter when Amber gets pregnant whether it is now or ten years from now the haters will still say she did it to trap him or keep him trapped. I think the only way the haters will accept it is if they are married and even then they will say she made him marry her.

  28. Meh says – reply to this


    - Yeah! it doesn't matter when she gets pregnant, the haters always going to find a way to criticize her. Even if they have been two years together, haters would say she trapped him anyway.
    - Now, I don't know why the people said like Johnny won't be living with her. Are you sure that he isn't living with her, already? as far I've read in magazines, since the 2012 always has been said that Amber spend most of her time in the Depp's Mansion, and even if is not permanently. and all these months when he was working in New Mexico and even now in London. Even if you pay attention (and see some old Vanessa's photoshoot and pictures from his daughter) you could see that Amber's photoshoot for "Edit Magazine" seems to be done in the Depp's mansion…
    - Only as comment, Depp was at the China Tang restaurant at the Dorchester Hotel. You could read the name in the carpet in one of his pictures ;)

  29. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Meh – Johnny was photographed on Sunday arriving at the hotel with one security person. As far as I know, It is not known who was dining there with or if he even ate in the restaurant. The only picture I saw was the name of the hotel on the doormat. As for Johnny and Amber - haters will always hate, lovers will always love and the debate is never going to end which is good publicity for her but bad publicity for him. However there are millions of his fans that don't care about his relationships and it's always been said that there is no such thing as "bad publicity".

  30. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    I agree that the right word for what the people have for Amber is not hate but repulsion and I think that the article in jamber news with the title For the Morons can explain it well

  31. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: Meh – I noticed that it seemed the mansion depp. lol for photos that have lily postou.Achei only I had noticed

  32. ru says – reply to this


    I think Amber is lesbian and she loves Johnny but she is not completely happy.

  33. The Insider says – reply to this


    Nicole and Robert, don't insult my intelligence. I'm not an insider of my own mind of course. I shouldn't even be here talking with you haters because it's really hard for me to buy you're his fans. His real fans respect his choices and his private life without scrutinizing them because it ain't anybody business after all. Many of you speak like you have the right to judge things you don't know at all and there are also many fake insiders making up too many stupid tales about him and Amber. Is too much asking to stop all this and think of your own lives if you have any? Fortunately Johnny doesn't read at all what people tell about him on internet but some of his friends do and they inform him about how much some of his obsessed fans like most of you with no life scrutinize his relationship with Amber like they know everything when you know nothing.

  34. tega says – reply to this


    Well, now that Ion Toilet (sorry…Io Tillet) is back in the states maybe Amber will get lonely and we'll see her and Johnny out together somewhere if the paps there actually do their jobs. They seem to be there when Johnny arrives places but never hang around for pictures of him leaving. Are they just lazy or only getting paid for arrivals?

  35. What Happened? says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Tega, didn't you withdraw your support for Johnny and Amber's relationship not too long ago, because you said she would always be known as a homewrecker? Why are you now talking about haters and etc not being supportive?

  36. tega says – reply to this


    Re: What Happened? – I don't support haters. I was merely trying to explain that people who hate will always hate for whatever reason they started to hate in the first place and when some gets a label put on them it will always stick. It is true I did support the relationship but now I am starting to see things in a different light. Maybe I would feel better if I saw some happiness coming from him that I have been waiting for but right now I'm just not seeing that and I'm really turned off by her circle of friends embarrassing Johnny by doing private things on the plane the carries them to see her and the other ex posting her "art" of men with cut out heads with the caption "looks like a new series is coming out" after they just announce that Johnny's production company is doing a new TV series. I know it sounds awful but that kind of stuff really turns me off.

  37. tega says – reply to this


    Re: tega – And I really can't understand why someone would push for relationship to come out when the other one is clearly not ready to do that and then act like they don't want their picture taken. I understand she didn't want to hide anymore but I think in Tokyo she blew it. She could have at least lifted her head ONCE. Everyone else did including Johnny. Why couldn't she? It never bothered her before to be photographed so why the sudden diva change now?

  38. Meh says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Maybe Amber is still with her sister? and they aren't papped because the rumor is that they are on the outskirts London. isn't that obvious? I read other forums and read your theory about Johnny staying in that hotel, and of course he isn't there…the Dorchester is full of paparazzis, and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be missing him everyday. he would be papped 24/7
    And read again the same doormat and you can read "China Tang" as the main title (with the large letters) and that's the main entrance of China Tang, I'm sure, just google it!
    Johnny isn't stupid. If when he arrived saw many paparazzis, of course to retire he could use another entrance from the restaurant or hotel

  39. You're right says – reply to this


    Re: Meh – hey! you're right, It reads: "CHINA TANG at the Dorchester"

  40. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Meh – When does Johnny EVER go out to eat anywhere taking only one security person with him?

  41. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Meh – Didn't you ever stay at a hotel and return through the restaurant simply because it was easier and quicker to enter through the restaurant and not have to walk through the main lobby? Does he really look like he is dressed to dine at a five star place?

  42. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Meh – All paparazzi know entrances and exits of hotels and they all stalk them if they really want a shot but either they didn't stick around or Johnny didn't leave and if he did then he really must have fooled them.

  43. Meh says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Then how he gets out at all from that Hotel, if he is staying there all days? you are saying that paparazzis know all the entrances and exits from the hotel…
    And paparazzis are there everyday. he couldn't go unnoticed for over a week
    And according to the report he was coming from work, he was with Malcom and his assistant, maybe it was a fast dinner after work or a business meeting and he was coming from home and that's why Jerry isn't there, it was sunday he need a day off sometimes (he was even in NYC for Letterman just with Malcom, so nothing too weird)

  44. claudita says – reply to this


    obvious that he is not staying at the hotel. Many tweets relantando have seen him in soho, which is close to kent place he has a home.

  45. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Meh – Ok. Maybe I was wrong about the hotel. When was he in New York? You mean he was there and there are no pictures of that either?

  46. tega says – reply to this


    Re: claudita – There were many tweets from Rockport Texas also when he was there dining in three different places at the same time. I read of only one in Soho where someone actually saw the picture and it was just one day. How do you know where Johnny is staying?

  47. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I do not care where he is, I'm just reporting what the sun said the house in kent, it seems pretty obvious. Binds to the hotel in question.

  48. Meh says – reply to this


    Re: tega – No. when he was at the Letterman show (in the Lone Ranger promotion) Jerry wasn't there. He was only with Malcom.
    But also remember that when he was seen at the gas station in Morongo Valley, he was only with Amber and her dog, not bodyguards at all. So, maybe we don't know much how his security works when he isn't doing promotion or public events.

  49. Mag says – reply to this


    Re: Yousef - Johnny did have a wife many years ago. Where were you??? Just google it and see. He was legally married. After his first wife, he had various other women including Vanessa. So get your facts straight….

  50. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Meh – Thanks. Jerry owns a security company. He does not work strictly for Johnny. I don't remember the name but he has been seen working for other celebrities. Some of the men working with Amber who were seen in the pictures wearing POTC jackets are part of Jerry's team and they have been identified working with Jerry on other locations. There was a topic somewhere "Is Jerry Cheating on Johnny?" and it showed pictures of him and his crew working for Kristen Stewart, I think Tom Cruise and others.

  51. tega says – reply to this


    Re: tega – When Johnny arrived at the Jimmy Kimmel show on 7/16/13 Jerry was there with him.

  52. Insiders says – reply to this


    If any insider is still reading PH, I'ld like to have more news about Amber and Johnny. I know that some insiders are not insiders, but I also know some real insiders are infiltrated here and guiding the conversation in the way that is appropriate to them.

  53. 253

    I have a question. If Johnny and Amber are both In England filming movies, why aren't there any pictures of them together? Lately it's just been Johnny all alone. Any comments?

  54. Zoe says – reply to this


    Re: sunshine63 – Good question.

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