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Madonna Launches #ArtForFreedom Flipboard Magazine With GIFs!

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Madonna debuts new Flipboard magazine for her #ArtForFreedom revolution!

It's a Madonna takeover! The best kind!

The Queen of Pop threw a massive party to celebrate the release of her new film #SecretProjectRevolution in NYC on Tuesday, and now she's announced the release of a new Flipboard magazine to commemorate the project.

The mag, called #ArtForFreedom, which was created by Madonna, Steven Klein, and Giovanni Bianco, consists of 85 exclusive GIFs (yay!) from the film to be shared and enjoyed by fans all over the world!

Her Madgesty said:

"Working with Flipboard was an eye opening experience. They've given me a whole new outlet to show my work. They've been totally supportive and collaborative and I love the way it looks. One more important puzzle piece in the revolution of love."

Madonna is also urging fans to take part in the larger conversation by answering the question, "What does freedom mean to you?" through the ArtForFreedom website or even by making their own Flipboard magazines.

Check out artforfreedom.com to find out more!

Let the revolution begin!!!

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10 comments to “Madonna Launches #ArtForFreedom Flipboard Magazine With GIFs!”

  1. Pervort says – reply to this


    She should donate half her money to help fight for freedom in the world. If she does that, then she will seem sincere enough for me to give a shit.

    Half of madonna's money for freedom.

  2. Perezisadumbass says – reply to this


    she still looks like she would smell like piss.

  3. 3

    what cracks me up is madonna wound up miley wind up toy and set her loose and then miley made a ass of herself which is still going . freedom for me is being able to write on this site instead of no computer and begging for food somewhere ..there are beggers at the bottom of the eiffel tower thats art .. i gave em 2 bucs then seen one change out the begger clothes and walk off dressed better than me oh well …vive la france

    long live the queen of everything MADGE

  4. Pervort says – reply to this


    What does madonna love more? Freedom for people in the world… or half her money?
    Here is the ultimate test of her sincerity. I'm not saying she should give ALL her money to fight for her cause But she doesnt need half of it. If she donates half of her money to help save the slaves,the oppressed and the women of the world …. I will actually call her a QUEEN of HUMANITY. Half of her money can save 100's of slaves and could educate 100's of 3rd world women. That is the greatest publicity stunt of all: donating half of ones fortune FOR FREEDOM. That would inspire more people than her posing with shirtless men will.

  5. lori says – reply to this


    In her video, she says the revolution cant "be downloaded". guess not!? hypocrit……

  6. CourtneySucks says – reply to this


    Copying Louise Brooks again, I see.

  7. mlignton says – reply to this



  8. Bluddruddrudd says – reply to this


    Re: mlignton – what are you? on her payroll or something or some obsessed creep?

  9. Yaz says – reply to this


    So basically it's a bunch of pseudo-art from a pseudo-artist.

  10. jack says – reply to this


    The camera work is amazing but the video itself is violent and relentless. There are more peaceful and competent ways of getting a message across. Being shocking for shock sake is not one of them. Not buying this revolution.