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There’s no doubt celebrity photographer Terry Richardson is a fave amongst stars. However, he’s also an alleged sex offender! And after the internet… Read more…

8 comments to “New Petition Demands Fashion Industry To Stop Hiring "Alleged Sex Offender" Terry Richardson!”

  1. Lil Birdie says – reply to this


    I don't like this guy in the slightest, cant stand his photography content and don't like the stories being told. It is becoming increasingly clear that the media loves and profits from controversy whether or not it is healthy or morally correct. Look at Rolling Stone putting a photo of a terrorist/killer on its cover. DISGUSTING. Terry Richardson might be next to be the cover of Rolling Stone. Wouldn't doubt if they dangle his supposed large appendage just to get attention. They have sunk that low. The recent cover of Molly Ratchet was the ugliest photo of a woman they could possibly put out. She looked dead. It is a sad thing that society today needs "shock" to be entertained. True and real talent is becoming a thing of the past when "shock entertainment" takes over. I stand to salute the Editor of Vogue and others who refuse to take part. I am a simple person who doesn't like violence as entertainment and never pay to see it. I change the channel when it is on TV and refuse to support it in any way. I do the same with this Richardson guy and his ugly pornography. It turns me off.

  2. 2

    now this is a petition i can get behind. i will never understand why hollywood loves him so much. he's easily the most overrated photographer on the planet.

  3. liz says – reply to this


    his photos are subpar at best and he does not do anything groundbreaking or interesting with his work. Add to that the fact that he's pressured numerous young models to do things they didn't want to do, and it's clear this man has GOT TO GO. He's disgusting.

  4. Samthejamrambam says – reply to this


    how older women of western society became "good looking". By bullying men. "oh my god he's 80 and dating a 50 year old. Gross, Oh my god he's 60 and dating a 40 year old. Oh my god he's 46 and dating a 27 year old. Oh my god.. he's 35 and dating a 22 year old.. oh my god…gross ". ….."ok. we'll make that perverted, culturally. just shut up". "thank you. Hmm. OH MY GOD. This should NOT apply to us. call us cougars.. ok?"… "Ok old women. jeeese. have your little label. just shut up"…. "thank you. but i cant shut up. its not my nature. I need something to gripe about. WAAAAAAAAA TERRY TOOK PICTURES OF YOUNG WOMEN. no more taking pictures of young women. OR ELSE!!! us old women are going to be the BEAUTY even if we have to SLANDER You. ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME"

  5. thetruthhurts says – reply to this


    Dude is a major fucking sleazyball but because he is supposedly artistic he gets away with his behaviour…and his new muze,Miley Cyrus….

    Suprise suprise. Sorry but people in the fashion industry do not give a fuck. And apparently people in the music industry are starting to stop giving a fuck either.

    He will keep ”guiding girl of around 14 to 16 to the path of sexual enlightenment”….because it is all fun and chilled out and the fashion and music industry dummies will rave about ”Uncle” Terry. That is until they have a 14 year daughter,niece or sister that also wants to model and now has a shoot planned with said uncle. Hypocracy of these people if beyond believe.

    But that how it goes,everybody forgave Polanski pretty quickly as well (including his victim to be fair). The same goes for Terry. But he will go out of fashion sometimes (not a lot of lasting talent like Polanski) and that might be the undoing of him,perhaps,eventually.

  6. cass says – reply to this


    Re: Samthejamrambam – you are a fucking dumbass! hahhaha. a complete idiot! i can assume by your comment that you have hatred toward women… this must mean you live in some ass-backwards country ruled by a bunch of poo-flinging savages, with a society that allows men to set fire to a woman that doesn't "obey" him.

  7. Taylor Bell says – reply to this


    EXPOSED! Miley Cyrus-Justin Bieber will play sex offenders in this book to movie production:

  8. Taylor bell says – reply to this


    Re: liz – EXPOSED! Miley Cyrus-Justin Bieber will play sex offenders in this book to movie production: