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Sometimes it seems like Rihanna couldn't escape controversy if she tried! And this time she was fully dressed, too! Over the weekend, RiRi posed for an u… Read more…

37 comments to “Rihanna Asked To Leave Mosque After Seductive Photo Shoot! See The Controversial Pics HERE!”

  1. Isaac says – reply to this



  2. Isaac says – reply to this




  3. Kate says – reply to this


    you can show your asses we are bored with but anyway but dont touch things YOU dont know. its dangerous people

  4. TFK says – reply to this


    I Am From UAE/Abu Dhabi And I Think That Rihanna Shouldn't Post That Kind Of Photos in Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Because Mosques Were Build To Pray In Them Not To Shoot In Them.

  5. jnp says – reply to this


    Lady Gaga's new song Do What You Want is number 1 on iTunes!

  6. Beferkerker says – reply to this


    Americans should NEVER travel. Americans have no clue how to act in foreign countries and it gives all americans a bad name. Except japan. You can act like a loud, rude, perverted shitty american and still get laid there by gaijin hunters (the hottest feline hunters out on earth) especially if you are male. I've seen american females in japan get angry at how easy it is for male americans to get laid in japan (angry = jealous). "damn. These girls are sleeping with american men JUST BECAUSE they are american. He's not even good looking. waaaaaaaaaaaa. And now I'm invisible. I would have made him work for it and thats why he left my table to go to her table waaaa"

  7. A says – reply to this


    @Beferkerker Maybe you should get off an AMERICAN blog then ya pig.

  8. Porcelain_Veins says – reply to this


    Re: Beferkerker
    I totally agree with you!!! I would ban all Americans from entering AUE. They wouldn't know respect if it came up and bit them in the ass. Just take your sexed up degenerate ass selves back to your stink hole of a failing country.

  9. Jessica says – reply to this


    1st of all to the people who are saying that Americans should not be allowed to travel… Rihanna is NOT an American. I'm an American and I will travel where ever I want!

  10. 10

    Why, Perez, do you say the location was ill-advised? I know some Islamics can be dangerous, so is that the reason, or because it was a mosque? Yu respecting a place of worship? If because a mosque, you would not have this attitude if she were shooting this at a church, especially a Catholic church. And if they asked her to leave? Holy crap! You would be all over that! If this were a church, you can bet RiRi would not be covered up!

  11. 11

    at least rihanna had the balls to do anything to a muslim, most of the "cool" liberals just have the nerve to diss catholics or christians because they know we won't cut their heads off with a butter knife.

  12. 12

    Re: Beferkerker – Rihanna isn't American. She's from Barbados.

  13. 13

    Re: Porcelain_Veins – Rihanna isn't American. She's from Barbados.

    Not everyone from the US is disrespectful. That's stereotyping.

  14. Beferkerker says – reply to this


    Re: misscheriamor – Barbados. Thats even worse than americans. Barbados is a far higher crime/homicide country than america is let alone UE. The Barbados homicide rate is more than double the usa and MORE than 11x higher than UE (one of the lowest homicide rates on earth). They need to go to the middle east to get middle eastern women to raise their babies for them cause they obviously cant do it themselves properly.

  15. beferkerker says – reply to this


    Re: Jessica – OH pleaseeeeee. You know you can't afford to travel WHEREVER YOU WANT. You didn't marry a rich man and you arent rich yourself. Traveling "wherever you want" is for women who married rich men or built their own wealth. Middle class americans can barely afford to leave their own town (and I'm assuming you are middle class and not lower class). You can travel wherever you want…… dollars permitting.

  16. americain says – reply to this


    Re: beferkerker – oooh looky an american in paris…vous voulez etre la ou je suis

  17. americain says – reply to this


    Re: BeferkerkerRe: Porcelain_Veins – hypocrites, bashing americans while trolling on an american blog. you want to be us. lick lick lick it up

  18. A says – reply to this


    Re: beferkerker – You stated that Jessica (who falls under the category American) shouldn't be allowed to travel. She doesn't seem to agree and said if she wants to travel no one (including you) can stop her. If you had half a brain you would realize that but given the fact that you said Rihanna was American then you obviously don't even have half a brain. Hope you're not typing from an Apple product (Iphone, Itouch, Ipad, Macbook ETC).. would hate for a close minded idiot like yourself to be supporting successful AMERICAN companies. Now please get off this AMERICAN blog and go write a book about how much you hate the world and give false reasons why. Ha!

    Your Favorite American

  19. Maawn says – reply to this


    I'm from the UAE and I think Rihanna doesn't really know a lot about our religion (islam) so maybe she thought it was ok to take such pictures, but the thing that pisses me off is how the headline has been written.

  20. A says – reply to this


    Re: Porcelain_Veins – You do realize that you're being really nasty while saying americans aren't respectful, right? Where are you from so I can bash every single person in your country based on your ignorance. LOL

    Your Favorite American

  21. Blaise19 says – reply to this


    None of these pictures look seductive to me. All they said is she took pictures and left when they told her to. Why are people getting upset and offended. I don't think these pictures are sexual or seductive, and when they asked her leave she left.

    So why are people going on about how Americans are?

  22. Blaise19 says – reply to this


    Re: Beferkerker – What does what you're saying have to do with this?They said her taking pictures was inappropriate, and asked her to leave and she left. How is that disrespectful? She left when they told er to leave.

  23. Nonya says – reply to this


    Re: Beferkerker – She isn't American you dunce.

  24. beferkerker says – reply to this


    Re: A – 1) I didnt say she wasnt "allowed to travel". I was implying that she, like most americans, probably CANT AFFORD TO TRAVEL. "I want to visit spain"…"then go!"…"can i borrow some money?" (typical americans). My last major 3 month vacation cost me $22,000. 2) "american companies". I OWN an american company (a small one but its still AMERICAN and a COMPANY). What does business have to do with anything? I was talking about tourists. If I have no brain for not knowing she wasn't american then you have no brain for not knowing i'm american (These IQ tests are getting trickier and trickier). Anytime you buy ANY american product.. you are in fact supporting CHINESE companies (its not 1940 anymore). American manufacturing died when america's menial labor decided they deserve a doctors salary for sawing planks into 4 quarters.

  25. beferkerker says – reply to this


    I thought She was a little too exotic looking to be american.

  26. gg says – reply to this


    Rihanna obviously has no respect for other peoples beliefs. Duh they asked her to leave. Americans dont know how to respect. They just think about themselves.

  27. whatever says – reply to this


    She might not be American, but she definitely practices their culture of acting like a slut for attention. Such a waste of space.

  28. 28

    Muslims should target her for defiling a mosque.

  29. 29

    Re: Beferkerker – You are a jerk. I have been to many places outside the US, like Costa Rica, Mexico (just got back from 10 days in May), Europe, and Buenos Aires and I am always polite and tip well and try and find out nice places to visit fr,.om the local people I meet. I only speak a little bit of Spanish but enough to get by.

  30. Mrhanky says – reply to this


    thats why every other country are trying to be american. and F*** rhianna. Not every american likes shitty music. SOME of us still have manners thank you. I won't even get started on canadians, australians, or the worst….british people. ughhh

  31. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Mrhanky – Yes, we can all see your manners, Mr. "I won't even get started on canadians, australians, or the worst….british people. ughhh"

  32. A says – reply to this


    Re: beferkerker – Why are you still trying to state facts when your first one (where you seemed oh so confident) blew up right in your vacation taking face? Now I'm just thinking you're making everything up! Sooooo you own a company and all you have time to do is write comments on Perez Hilton's blog??! HAHAHA business must not be doing well hahahah :')
    Go count your friends on one hand.

  33. Devin says – reply to this


    Rihanna is trying to upstage Miley Whore and Piss Whore, Kim K. …I wonder who will come out the winner?

  34. Asiana says – reply to this


    Her poses aren't really seductive but come on it's the world of Islam,someone should've given her heads up on that.Well Riri likes challenges and risks,gotta admire her for the guts;p

  35. Asiana says – reply to this


    Re: Beferkerker – I've noticed here in Asia most esp the southeast,American men are way nicer and friendlier than American women.I'm SE Asian and have lived in diff Asian countries…the Am men are charmers generally while Am women tend to be snubs or shows off their English speaking skills like they're perfect…sorry but that's just an observation.

  36. k. says – reply to this


    I'm not a Muslim, but I'm an American, and I think what she did was distasteful. Obviously she doesn't know that traditional Muslim woman are not all about sexuality, so the fact that she has a hijab on BUT has all that makeup on and her outfit is rather form fitting, to me, seems like she's making a mockery of it.

    But, to me, seems like she's trying to create more controversy & drama since Miley's naked all the time these days… Someone make them stop!

  37. k. says – reply to this


    Re: beferkerker – Go away. If you hate Americans so much, why are you on this site? Besides, most Americans aren't that way. Everyone talks about how narrowminded Americans are, but what are YOU doing? Stereotyping. I couldn't ask my parents for money because they don't have it; I'm paying for my college. The rich kids of any country could ask their parents for money, so don't act like that's just an American thing. There are some Americans, many, I'm sure, who don't like the American stereotype & would LOVE to get out and see the rest of the world, but oh, guess what — they can't afford it. Pull your head out of your rear end.