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Jay Z Asked To End Barneys Partnership After Department Store Is Accused Of Racial Profiling!

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Barneys is being accused of racial profiling by Jay Z fans, and they've created a petition to end his partnership with the store!

Ugh, racial profiling is SO not fashionable!

Barneys of all retailers should know that, and yet multiple reports have surfaced of black customers being arrested for buying expensive merchandise when security and staff think they don’t look like "Barneys shoppers".

The situation has sparked so much outrage that one Jay Z fan has launched a petition asking the rapper to sever ties with department store before launching his holiday collection!

Derick Bowers wrote on his Change.org petition titled "Shawn Carter aka Jay Z: End all partnerships with Barneys New York":

"Barneys lacks any connection with the black and hip-hop community. And without [Jay Z's] vast wealth and brand power, they would see him the same as they see Trayon Christian. Jay Z should be appalled by Barneys actions, and withdraw all support from them. If he does this, he will send a clear message to all corporations that are likeminded, that this behavior cannot be tolerated any longer."

So far the petition has over twice as many signatures as the 149 needed for it to pass.

Jay Z's camp has yet to respond.

Do U think he should end his partnership???

Read the full document (below):

Shawn Carter aka Jay Z: End all partnerships with Barneys New York

Right as Jay Z prepares to roll out a new partnership with Barneys New York for the holiday shopping season, I've been disappointed to hear new allegations about how the retailer treats young black consumers.

Recently, we have learned the shocking news that a young college student Trayon Christian (a black male) was arrested in NYC after making a $350 purchase at Barneys New York. According to The Post, following his purchase, he was stopped by police officers, allegedly called by a Barneys sales clerk, who believed the transaction was fraudulent. After hours being held in a precinct cell, Trayon was released with no charges.

Just days later, Kayla Phillips, a 21-year-old black woman, came forward with her similar story of discrimination. Kayla says that she was surrounded by police and questioned after she purchased a handbag from the store. She was also incorrectly accused of using a fraudulent card.

We can no longer tolerate blatant prejudice and discrimination. It is clear that the minority buying power is devalued by some. We must withdraw support to those who will not support us.

I've been a lifelong Jay Z fan. Jay Z is currently in partnership with Barneys New York for the release of his holiday collection — called "A New York Holiday" (or BNY SCC). Barneys lacks any connection with the black and hip-hop community. And without his vast wealth and brand power, they would see him the same as they see Trayon Christian. Jay Z should be appalled by Barneys actions, and withdraw all support from them. If he does this, he will send a clear message to all corporations that are likeminded, that this behavior cannot be tolerated any longer.

Please join me in calling on Jay Z to withdraw his support from Barneys New York because of this discrimination.

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18 comments to “Jay Z Asked To End Barneys Partnership After Department Store Is Accused Of Racial Profiling!”

  1. 1

    cor i cant beleive they are arresting folks for buying stuff
    lets see whos side he chooses ..

  2. flyingmybeautiesflygoo says – reply to this


    its a catch 22. If you watch blacks in your store, you are a racially profiling them but if you dont watch them.. they rob you blind. But why do they rob people blind? From Jay Z's wiki page: "In his music he refers to having been involved in selling crack cocaine.[22]". Black thug crack dealers addict blacks to drugs and then those addicts have to rob stores to fuel their need. Then the stores watch them more closely and they get arrested more which cuts into the crack dealers profits. So the dealers say "stop racially profiling my customers. I needs to make me some money, yo" (between the lines). He's a rich black man, he should be condemning black gangs. Those are the real enemy of black america.

  3. thebigboot says – reply to this


    But what about the Democrat that compared the Tea Party to the KKK, going so far as showing a burning cross? Should people drop him for racism?

  4. 4

    Jay Z don't give a rats about the blacks; he just wants their FOOD STAMP & WIP Coupon money…after they sell their benefits on the streets.

  5. Dee Dee Heller says – reply to this


    That is one ugly looking blackman

  6. 6

    honestly I wouldn't be surprised if he ignores the petition….

  7. L. J. Williams says – reply to this


    Jay Z should part partnership with Barneys Department for if they treat one black that way they will get around to treating all blacks the same way. If Jay Z desire to stay with Barneys, that I/ we should not buy any of his records.

  8. Pickles111 says – reply to this


    Re: flyingmybeautiesflygoo – You are completely confused. THE ISSUE IS NOT SHOPLIFTING…THE ISSUE IS ASSUMING THAT EVERY BLACK MAN IS A THUG THAT CANNONT AFFORD TO BUY ANYTHING BECAUSE HE IS BLACK. You are a bigot so why don't you just talk about that and promote your pathetic cause of racism. YOU are part of the problem and the racist people like you who think they know something and know nothing. Then you start talking about black gangs….There are many gangs of many ethnicities, not only black. You are racists whether your black or white…Your mind is warped.

  9. Pickles111 says – reply to this


    When will people stop promoting racism. It is the cause of so much trouble and confusion. Yet people persist in glorifying racism, passing it down to their children and such. This is not a win win situation. Its time to move on with these attitudes, we are just holding ourselves back. As a country, united we stand, divided we fall and we are falling. The combination of the 1% and racism will be the undoing of our country as we know it. Is that what you what you really want for the next generation…just leaving one big mess as your legacy?

  10. GoldenSmoldenLoden says – reply to this


    Re: Pickles111 – Racism is bad…but being "racist" never stopped white culture from reaching the moon and the clouds. It never stopped our progress. But in africa… tribal warfare is holding them back. African countries are some of the most human rights abusive places on earth. Go preach to africans in africa. That is the world capital of ethnic wars. At any given time.. there is a tribal clash in africa. The problem with the word "racist" is that its racist. Its only used for whites. NON white countries abuse human rights way more these days. Go preach to them now. Go end tribe-. Its a sad world when a mere election in kenya can cause a race riot between tribes.

  11. goldenSmoldenLoden says – reply to this


    Re: Pickles111 – how about you black women do a better job with the baby nurturing? Your babies have the highest homicide rate and crime rate in the world. Detroit (a predominantly black city) has a homicide rate of 48- 52 murders for every 100,000 citizens (the highest murder rate in europe is around 5. Greenland is around 20 but its not a white country. Its siberian. Siberians always have high homicide rates. Even eskimos). That makes detroit one of the absolute highest killing rates on earth. Stop preaching to others and preach to your own children about lowering their crime and homicide rate. Its your crime/homicide rate that divides people.

  12. goldenSmoldenLoden says – reply to this


    Re: Pickles111 – I was : flyingmybeautiesflygoo . You just racially profiled me as a "racist" just because I have white skin. You, like most blacks, cant practice what you preach. If racially profiling is bad.. then dont racially profile everything a white does as "racist". FAct: I am white..with an asian woman. Currently, white/asian couples raise more college grads per capita than black or white couples (far more), fewer murderers than black couples, we are wealthier as a group than most americans (the white asian household is richer than even the asian/asian couple ) and the white/asian household consists of more than 40% TWO college educated parents (far higher than white or black couples). Dont preach to us. Its your babies that need the preaching. If you preach to your children the same way you do "racists who arent racists".. you wouldnt have bad stereotypes.

  13. goldenSmoldenLoden says – reply to this


    Re: GoldenSmoldenLoden – "Go end tribe-"….. i guess i never did figure out what the word for tribe on tribe racism is. Is it "tribalism" or "tribism?" What was idi amin? A tribalist or a tribist? tribe-ist? Sigh. Forget it.

  14. @v@ says – reply to this


    The time to check if the credit card is legit is when the sale goes through, not after the
    customer of whatEVER color is leaving with their purchase. Do your job properly, Barney's.
    If a card isn't right, it comes up flagged. Ask for accompanying I.D. from everyone to see that it matches the identity on the card.

  15. Pickles111 says – reply to this


    Re: goldenSmoldenLoden – I profiled you as a racists because you have white skin?????I have no idea what color or skin you have. You did not say that you were white in your post so how would I know that. Your skin color means nothing to me. Racists attitudes is a state of mind and any race can be guilty of that. So what are you talking about.

  16. Pickles111 says – reply to this


    [re=6562344]Re: goldenSmoldenLoden[/re: If you really care, "dig deeper". Answer the question what causes crime. And there are many types of homicide. I am not going to go pointing fingers that its the black man or the white man. You can stay on that level of thinking if you like, small minded thinking.

  17. Pickles111 says – reply to this


    Re: goldenSmoldenLoden – Who said racists is a word only used for whites. That's in your mind. Black people can be just as racists as anybody else. That's the bottom line.

  18. Pickles111 says – reply to this


    The easiest thing to do is point fingers and place blame, it does not solve anything.