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HOVA has spoken! Last week, Jay Z came under fire for partnering with Barneys after the department store was accused of racial profiling. The rapper … Read more…

15 comments to “Jay Z RESPONDS To Barneys Racial Profiling! Find Out If He's Terminating His Partnership HERE!”

  1. thebigboot says – reply to this


    Yet a democrat can send out an email not only calling the Tea Party the KKK but showing a picture of a burning cross and that's ok? Kinda funny.

  2. Blaise19 says – reply to this


    he's a smart man. he's assessing the whole situation and making decisions from there.

  3. ifyouarehotyounothot says – reply to this


    How about black men preach to black women about the importance of doing a better job raising babies? Black women raised the most violent crime ridden children not just in america but in pretty much every black country. She is a colossal multicontinental mothering failure who needs a good preaching to. Its a sad world when asian women and white women with biracial black children are raising MORE college graduates than black women with better crime statistics. So are white adopting parents. But babies raised by black women are struggling with vioelnce/crime issues. NEvermind Barneys. The problem is womb.

  4. 4

    oprah started all this crap when she ACCUSED the salesperson at a high-end store of racial profile. this is what you call a SHAKE DOWN of Barneys. they will pay or the sharptons will destroy them day by day with the help of the liberal press. Its ONE of the reasons American companies are leaving America, there isn't an American company that hasn't been shaken down by the negroes. being called racist is so damaging to these companies they just pay the negros to shut up. its an old game, rev jackson and rev sharpton are REAL GOOD at playing. many companys feel paying off the negroes to leave THEM alone is the PRICE of doing business in America.

  5. jay says – reply to this


    Bullsh"t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to listen to Black Slaves and it will explain who Jay really serves(hint-he serves JAY Z).

  6. 6

    Cut all ties, or stick with the plan and educate to change public perception in the process? This is of course if the sincere plan is to educate and make changes and not simply promote a brand.

  7. blaise19 says – reply to this


    Re: thebigboot – Why are you spamming this in all the comments? Just go to youtube if you want to spam.

  8. Mr Vreeland says – reply to this


    Barney's at one time was a first class, quality department store
    Who carry some of the worlds top designers
    Jay Z, or his agents approached Barney's about carrying his line
    In order to get in they pressured them, Jay Z was going to claim racial discrimination, because Barney's has too few Black designers

    Always remember
    No good deed goes unpunished

  9. Judy says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309 – You do know racial profiling actually exist right? You must have never had a job in retail. So many stores I worked in while I was in college had us following/looking out for what they said were "suspicious" people, but the assistant managers just pointed out Black and Hispanic people who weren't doing anything different than other people. In the end they chose to shop with me, than the other people treating them differently then other customers, so I got the commission.

  10. 10

    On of the funnest scenes in King of Queens is the scene were Doug is trying to get somebody else's photos at the photo counter at a drug store. He asks Deacon (his best friend who is black) to create a distraction. Deacon, bows his head, shoulders down and says okay, I'll go look at the watches.. and he mopes away. It was so funny.

  11. Rosie 0H says – reply to this


    re Judy

    If you worked retail, than you would also no that loss prevention team also keeps a very sharp eye on gay men, I'M expecting we will be seeing some claims of homos being targeted very soon

  12. 12

    Re: Judy – I grew up in RETAIL, not all shoplifters are black but a HUGE portion of them are.

  13. 13

    Re: Judy – I grew up in RETAIL, not all shoplifters are black but a HUGE portion of them are. trust me everyone has been watched, whether they knew it or not.

  14. 14

    Jeez, who can afford Barney's even at their sale at the Santa Monica airport? I am retired and live on a small fixed income so I do most of my shopping online at KMart and pay the delivery fee. Glad for those of you who can still get around to shop and can afford the stuff that they have at Barney's.

  15. swane says – reply to this


    Re: ifyouarehotyounothot – why put the blame on black women only? how can black men preach to black women on raising babies when they are the main group of men abandoning their children? imo they should all stop breeding.