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Kylie Jenner is only 16 years old, but she already has a knack for stirring up controversy! The youngest of Kris Jenner’s brood partook in a photo sho… Read more…

70 comments to “Kylie Jenner Raises Eyebrows By Blatantly Baring Her Boobs In Controversial New Photo!”

  1. 1

    Let the bidding begin!!!

  2. 2

    16 yr old with fake face, fake boobs, no talent and an up and coming Ho! getting groomed to take the place of the old Ho's!! f… pitiful

  3. Ummm says – reply to this


    What a terrible picture, she looks older than me here, and I'm 37! Seriously, lighten up on the makeup sweetie!

  4. confused says – reply to this


    That dress doesn't look real. The cleavage and legs looks like a joke. Like those aprons with bikini boobs on it. It's a joke, right?

  5. 5

    Clearly they are not photogenic so why pose this way? Kylie and Khloe are asking for the hate.

  6. Marcela says – reply to this


    wonder who shes going to choose for her first sex tape. if she hasnt done it already.

  7. 7

    They're grooming her to be another little miss slut slut talentless tool. They even admit to doing this. "Kendall is a model and Kylie will be a 'personality'". Ya. Ok.

  8. Jessica says – reply to this


    Give her a f***ing break. I was 16 not that long ago, and if my body was as great as hers, I'd wear that dress too!

  9. 9

    Slut in the making.. just wait..when she turns 18 she's gonna be spreading 'em everywhere!

  10. 10

    shes starting to look like Tommy Lee 20 yrs ago!! rocckk n rrroollllll

  11. linskylulu says – reply to this


    I think she looks amazing! Yes she probably at 16yrs old shouldn't be wearing this dress, but the comments on here are just rude people. She's beautiful inside and out.

  12. Eizza says – reply to this


    Wow — she dosnt look good at all. She would look so hot posing in age appropriate clothes. And, um…..the boobs….??? Real? Fake? Real but look like fake at 15?? I feel so bad for her!

  13. 13

    Hi Ho! Hi Ho!! what a p//// whipped total ass/h is that bruce to allow his underage daughter to be exploited like that! He looks like an old lady and she looks like a mannequin with fake boobs!

  14. Ty says – reply to this


    Fuck it SHE's hot, if you got it flaunt it!

  15. HeHaa says – reply to this


    Well if she had took a picture without cleavage would you of posted it on this site or the 100 sites who have. NO! She wins!!!!

  16. VeronicaSharon says – reply to this


    Her and Khloe are so fug. Ugh.

  17. Grace says – reply to this


    Re: Jessica – completely agree! I think Kylie is great, I know way trashier people personally.

  18. sexy bitch 69 says – reply to this


    she reminds me to lorde in this photo :)

  19. 19

    The difference between having a mother and having a mom who pimps her daughters out. Watch for her sex tape next….Kris needs more ammo for her family.

  20. fid says – reply to this


    Funny how teenagers want to look older (in this case a 38 year old eastern european hooker) but I'm guessing by 25 she'll start getting work done to make herself look younger. And really, this is the same family that shot to fame from a sex video containing urine. I'm guessing this kardashian will be pooped on in her next big feature.

  21. fid says – reply to this


    Re: Grace – is that something to be proud of? what trailer park do you live in

  22. 22

    She is a pretty girl, but whats so wrong with staying a child and acting your age? Im 20 years old and i dont even dress or put on make up. it seems like she is growing up so fast and she will regret it when she gets older.

  23. wth says – reply to this


    Re: linskylulu – HAHAHAHA inside and out?!! yeah right lol

  24. er says – reply to this


    ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly looks like a granny with the mouth wrinkles

  25. DD says – reply to this


    She looks like Kathy Wakile from New Jersey Housewives….LMFAO

  26. ... says – reply to this


    Jesus, they aren't ulgly. Stop that shit about them!
    Maybe they are all a bit fugly in their inner, L0L, but they are certainly not ugly!

  27. 27

    lol are you people serious?? ive seen kuwtk episodes where she is in a bikini but never heard a damn word about that…but everyone is upset because she is wearing a dress?? lmao someone explain this logic!!

  28. 28

    One of the uglier Kartrashians you would think at least one of them would turn out to have some self respect but no they are all worthless whores.

  29. 29

    Has Bruce been found HANGING from his Malibu garage's rafters yet?

  30. 30


  31. Jody says – reply to this


    All the Kardashians/Jenners should concentrate on getting an education!

  32. Al K. Dhuh says – reply to this


    Too much makeup and the dress is too old for her. This is why young girls get into trouble sometimes…too busy trying to look older than they are then they get in situations with men (not boys) that they can't get out of.

  33. 33

    I think everything about the Kardashians is inappropriate, so this sounds about right. What chance does the kid have not to be a ho?

  34. 34

    I think she looks amazing!

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  35. disgusted says – reply to this


    What a nasty slut. She looks like a cum dumpster just like Kim…these girls are good for nothing but swallowing loads of cum. Stupid fame whoring sluts. Those tits aren't even real. Shitty plastic surgery…..and bad parenting. What parents let their 16 year old whip her tits out like that for the whole world to see? Disgusting and not classy at all…she looks like a tramp that is just asking to get fucked. I bet this girl is going to release a sex tape in like 5 months.

  36. 36

    Pee video vixen in training, contact momma Kris for an appt.

  37. sexy bitch says – reply to this


    she looks like a cheap slut

  38. tay says – reply to this


    VictoriasSecret model ON ;)

  39. LD says – reply to this


    Very unflattering dress and photo but to say she is not a pretty girl is off base. She is a very pretty 16 year old but she is trying to hard to look older than she is. I've seen other 16 year olds who are not famous try out the same things… hair, makeup, inappropriately revealing clothes, etc. Is it poor in taste? Absolutely… especially when staged like this.

  40. looksaboutright says – reply to this


    who wants to take bets on who the male role will be in her first porn? Her mom will probably be the one coaching her through how to make a sexy O face. Lets be real, we all know Kris had a hand in Kim K's porn going viral. Played it out real well on TV to make Kim look like a victim in that whole situation…so gross.

  41. Troybenz says – reply to this


    She,s only 16 she should not have done that shoot there are normal pictures that you can take as a 16 year old and still look sexy and classy its wrong and i dont hope that they would consider this for whatever photoshoot they or she was doing …

    i would have prefer kendall to do a photo like this since she is 18 years old now..

    kylie dont become the next miley cyrus hahaha pleas!!!

  42. @v@ says – reply to this


    16 going on 40.

  43. Sarah says – reply to this


    What I can't seem to understand about this is the fact that her family gets so much attention. What have they really done? They have a reality show, so what. There are more important things in life than their family's life and this young girl showing off her assets, which her whole family seems to condone. I mean it's not really like she's gotten the best role modeling from her older siblings, who do the same thing. The only reason these people are even talked about is because other people want to see into their lifestyle. They're probably alright people, but in the grand scheme of things what they do is not important at all. They are just a "rich family" who love to be in the spotlight.

  44. Lola says – reply to this


    Kris really needs to be a mom first and a manager second. Why aren't these girls ever in school or something educational? On another note….there is no need for the name calling people!!! How is she a slut or any of them for that matter? Sure, one had a sex tape *rolls eyes* but what have the rest done to warrant such hate though? This negativity is unnecessary and it makes us no better :-/

  45. Cathy says – reply to this


    Who made this family famous and richer? Oh yes…..its YOU, the PUBLIC, the STALKERS, the HATERS etc so don't blame them for capitalizing on your FOMO syndrome! I don't care much for their show and their schedules but I do admire them for making the most from the garbage they feed us. I'm sure if any of you had the opportunity you'd do the same so don't spread your hateful and vile words about people who've done absolutely nothing wrong to you. Hw are they sluts or whores? Get your minds right and be better people!

  46. anna says – reply to this


    ppl always say shes 16 if shes got the body flaunt it but they miss the point completely. you can have an amazing body but it doesnt mean you have to flaunt it in a sexual manner. a figure hugging dress is a good example of how to do it appropriately without your chest on display. im the same age as her and i wouldnt be caught in that ever. plus she looks so old for 16, so when shes 25 shes gonna look even younger and wished she acted her age.

  47. ari9087 says – reply to this


    she says how people (the society so basically us) is always asking her adult things and treating her like shes an adult so were putting pressure on her yet he goes and does things like this MAKING people assume shes like 25 o something. Make up your mind kylie!

  48. 48

    Fugly boobs to match her face. She obviously wanted to get the attention away from her face by getting those hideous implants.

  49. 49

    They used to hire girls to go to japan to be dancers the pretty ones got to dance the UGLIER ones were sent to the hoare houses .. DO THE MATH

    vile disgrace !

  50. 50

    Sorry the dress looks terrible, especially the bottom part.
    Enjoy being 16, when I was that age I was allowed to date and go to sock hops on Friday night at the high school with A&W Root Beers and a snack afterward. Later I got to enjoy my Junior Prom.
    Please do not try to grow up too fast, these years pass so quickly.

  51. 51

    She has the face only a porn producer could love…

  52. @v@ says – reply to this


    There's no reason the wares need to be on display at 16. Jeebus.

  53. The Matrix says – reply to this


    She presents herself as a wholesome teen, ready for "secret" movie making.

  54. bidbud says – reply to this


    She looks like she's 40. Hot for a milf but slow down girl, damn!

  55. syl says – reply to this


    ok granted, that at 16 us girls want to look sexy & older. did we all push up our boobs to have cleavage? absolutely! was my mom there to check me? you fucking bet! at 16 we have no fucking clue what it is we are doing… like one of you guys mentioned, at 16 we want to look older to attract men (not boys) then once all is said and done, we find our-selves in a pickle. anyway, this young girl needs a mother figure not a momanager. i don't think she has any idea where all this non-sense is going to take her. what these people need is a reality check. maybe, just maybe, they will get of the high horse they seem to be riding.

  56. 56

    Perez your bias towards this family kills me. Had this been Demi's daughter or since we're talking about reality stars, Kim Zolciak's daughter Brielle, you'd have a different headline and a different opinion. I don't care who the fuck your family is, this is inappropriate for any 16 year old. I guess it doesn't matter that there are sick people out there looking at your photo thinking god knows what. Whore bag mother spawned another whore bag daughter.

  57. mel says – reply to this


    oh please. lets not act like we haven't seen worse with other 16 year olds. If anything, this is pretty tame. Look around people, this is the friggin world we live in now.

  58. ThebunionFoooooot says – reply to this


    Once again, you americans never cease to amaze me by how arab-like you are. Everything that comes out of Kris' womb ends up looking arab (I'd love to see a DNA study on her) but americans ACT arab. You are nothing but wannabe arabs with a different religion (I'm not hating. I'm american but I consider myself european first and foremost). In some countries in the world, 16 year old girls beach totally topless. How can you people even enjoy traveling the world? If you visit africa on safari, You will see 14 year old girl nubs carrying jugs on their heads. How do people who cant handle the sight of the human body even live?
    Hey, wannabe arabs. JUST COVER UP YOUR WOMEN already ARAB style. I'd prefer that over your whining and bickering.

  59. ohmy says – reply to this


    HO! Just like all the other Kartrashians.

  60. Oh says – reply to this


    Lol, if you think THIS is bad, try living where I do. THIRTEEN YEAR OLDS dress worse than this.

  61. SaraBard says – reply to this


    That photo is soooo photoshopped… her breast are not that big judging by other photos, also I think Kris is going through a divorce so she is just trying to win over the kids, because these two girls like Bruce more, so she lets them do more things.

  62. 62

    courtney stodden

  63. catton says – reply to this


    She's only 16. Seems gray line for kiddie porn. child services should be involved as mom was at the shoot. Pretty much putting your kid out there for the $$. Momager needs to let her kids grow up normal and stop selling them to the press and teaching them this is the way life is. Come on Bruce, step up to the plate.

  64. Heather says – reply to this


    Her body looks fine, too provocative for 16 year old to be wearing…
    The scary thing though is her face. It's really old and witchy looking. She has crazy deep around the mouth creases/wrinkles, it kind of looks like a mustache. Girls! No matter how young you are take care of your skin!!! You don't want to be 16 with the skin of a 50 year old! That is not a good sign.

  65. 65

    She's gotta make money for Mama!

  66. DAyDreamBelieverAnda says – reply to this


    Re: Heather – American women always say old women look young and young women look old. How delusional can you get? Women always have one foot in the fantasy zone. (its not just you. Its all of you)

  67. 67

    Kylie Jenner is not aging very well.

  68. John says – reply to this


    Well, I can clearly see that Kylie has been taking some good notes from Mama Spotlight and the other remaining skanks in her family. This family desperately seeks attention pretty much on a daily basis and it makes me sick, almost as much as trash bag Miley.

  69. Devin says – reply to this


    Kylie is not a beauty at all…the makeup and clothes disguise what is essentially a post op boy in drag…the dress he is wearing doesn't flatter him at all - why would he want to emulate his slutty older half sisters??? They are typically whores, not women he would ever want to emulate!

  70. MEagan says – reply to this


    Guys, she looks amazing! She's got curves, great skin and style and she flaunts it! Her makeup is beautiful and she's suppose to look olderin this photoshoot (in case any of you missed that) SO WHAT?!?! Big fucking deal! It's NOT up to any of YOU to say that she shouldn't be wearing that or not because it's her body and her photoshoot… Whether it depicts her style or it's her stylists pick, It's a gorgeous picture. She looks amazing and people will always hate on those who have what they don't. Jealousy is vicious people, ease up a bit and give the girl a break! It's just one picture… NEXT!