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Adele Rejects $19 MILLION Offer To Be New Face Of L'Oreal, Leaving Brand "Gobsmacked!"

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Adele reportedly says no to $19 MILLION offer from L'Oreal so she can focus on her music!

Money doesn’t mean a thing to Adele!

At least that’s what it seems like, because the mega-hit singer reportedly just turned down 12 MILLION pounds (over 19 million US dollars) from L’Oreal to replace Cheryl Cole in their ads. Dayumn!!

Adele must consider her time to be worth much MORE than a 'because you’re worth it' beauty campaign!

An insider revealed:

"L’Oreal was in negotiations for the deal with Adele and it looked to be happening – but she just changed her mind on it. L’Oreal is gobsmacked that she turned down such a huge amount."

The singer has been in the studio lately working on her next hit album, so we can see why she wouldn’t want to be distracted.

But still, $19 million is a HUGE sum to turn away from, and Cheryl was reportedly only given $799,000 for the same campaign! L'Oreal must've REALLY wanted the Oscar winner on board!!

Basically, we’re taking this to mean that Adele’s new music will be even MORE epic than we were already expecting!!! Eeeeeekk!!! Can't wait!

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5 comments to “Adele Rejects $19 MILLION Offer To Be New Face Of L'Oreal, Leaving Brand "Gobsmacked!"”

  1. B says – reply to this


    I will do it for $10,000.

  2. 2

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  3. Ryan Moraw says – reply to this


    Adele, you are very talented and maybe you are holding out for more. You could get it fo sure.

  4. 4

    The "Adele" brand is a Billion Dollar brand. It's not about Adele turning down $19m, it's about continuing to manage her brand with the integrity the she demands. The marketing of Adele is a masterclass for any brand on the planet today.

  5. joey says – reply to this


    integrity or not that`s just stupid.