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Doesn't it seem like Amber Heard appears in more magazines than movies? Not that we're complaining -- she looks AH-Mazing in print! Johnny Depp's main sq… Read more…

15 comments to “Amber Heard Gives Us The Pleasure Of Her Company

  1. ellen says – reply to this


    she it is ridiculous! lol

  2. abbi says – reply to this


    honestly can not stand her! are detestable, just see I do not need to know, she is not one, just because he stole the husband to another, that is not done

  3. the public says – reply to this



  4. Meh says – reply to this


    I've read the interview and she didn't mention Angelina Jolie as the media reported…it was the journalist who mentioned Angelina
    Also she didn't talk about Johnny. The journo asked her if he/she can ask about Johnny Depp and Amber chose the funny way to say "NO!"
    Also, it seems she was in Los Angeles at the time that Johnny was seen there (in September) some people believe that Amber was there for the birthday of her sister, but they deleted the idea because Amber has work in London. Well, it seems that this interview was done at the time in Los Angeles and she mentioned that she was busy working in London. So, it looks like Depp and Amber don't spend too much time apart at all!

  5. Amber is an angel says – reply to this


    Amber is wonderful, she's a goddess, one of the most beautiful woman on this earth! And she's a very caring girlfriend, Johnny Depp is lucky to date her! She's also very kind and caring with his children. She's a real lady, no matter what jealous people tell about her. They're envying her just because she got to date JD but well, it isn't so much, Johnny is a mid-age man by now and if he wasn't JD the famous actor, but if he was the man next door, no woman would be interested in him. Amber has much more to offer than him.

  6. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: Meh – I said it at the time, no one believed. September 20 she returned to Los Angeles and returned to London on 22

  7. mayk says – reply to this


    Of course she is beautiful, hot and sexy BUT She has no talent at all and is not the smart person that she claims to be.

  8. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: maykRe: mayk – You're confusing yourself with Vanessa Paradis. It's her the talentless one who thinks to be smart. I don't love that much Amber but I think she's better than Vanessa anyway. At least Amber respects Johnny and didn't play any trick or game to get pregnant after 1 or 2 months that was dating him and Amber keeps doing crap movies at least because his boyfriend isn't helping her to be casted in a Tim Burton or in a Disney movie, he isn't doing almost anything for her while Vanessa realized a cd that talks about him in a very explicit way, so it's her the gold digger who is using Johnny's name and her relationship with him to sell more than she ever sold. Her music sucks, I don't think that there's anybody else in the world other than french people that buy her horrible cds.

  9. vx says – reply to this


    Vanessa is fertil at least,she had two children, by contrast amber is sterile in two or more years in this relationship…….

  10. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: vx – This is the dumbest thing I've ever read on this site! It's not about being sterile or not because nobody knows if Amber is. Just because she's respecting Johnny and she isn't playing any game to get pregnant without they planned it together it doesn't mean that she's sterile. You should check your brain because I guess it's full of water and air. There's nothing in it, that's why you started to talk about Amber being sterile just because she's not playing any trick to have a child with him as Vanessa did. There's nothing to appreciate in Vanessa. She's the real gold digger that played her games to convince Johnny that she was the best choice to start a family. Vanessa's name got worldwide fame only thanks to Johnny. She was just an over rated artist in France before meeting him and she didn't care so much about him. She cared more about her boring and insignificant career. You know it's not Amber that realized a cd that talks about her relationship with Johnny to sell more copies of it. More over I don't get why Vanessa keeps singing. Her voice is simply piteous.

  11. patricia says – reply to this


    Love this phase without johnny vanessa. Makes me believe that she was destroying

  12. patricia says – reply to this


    At the time vanessa johnny drink and walked side by side, he most often was always bloated and fat.

  13. vx says – reply to this


    the years most happy were with Vanessa .Now Johnny is resigned,not happy with Amber goldigger sterile.

  14. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: vx – He looked miserable with Vanessa since 2009 and only blind people wouldn't notice that. He cheated on her because he wasn't in love anymore with such a dog like Vanessa. Johnny settled down with Vanessa only because she trapped him with a child. He tried his best to make things work but after the second child he realized that it wasn't meant to be. vanessa wasn't the right woman for him. She's just a racist and ugly french woman that playing some tricks to get pregnant to convince him to settle down with her. Johnny is a very vulnerable person and it's easy for women to manipulate him. Only Winona didn't manipulate him. Vanessa manipulated him for many years but fortunately it's over and this is the proof that it wasn'y meant to be since the beginning. Vanessa is a gold digger who got more fame to her name thanks to him and she's only over rated. She doesn't even look like a woman, she looks like a man because she has got a boy body, shapeless and very thin.

  15. jack says – reply to this


    I sooo can not stand this Heard person. She has zero talent, plays every card In the play book on how to be a fame whore. the lowest of the low was the whole, "I am bisexual..I don't want to be labeled.. I don't want to be a celebrity.." all that crap while calling her publicist to take her picture before she leaves the house. she wrecked one of the most beautiful families I have ever seen. she cares only for herself. I wish Johnny would dump this trash and find a beautiful woman who actually loves him for him, not for how much he can boost her career! Well he had the most adoring, beautiful partner with Vanessa and I guess she is just not young enough for his shallow new self. Come on Johnny, we all want better for you, and thought better of you