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Cindy Crawford Shows Side Boob And Wishes She Had Her 22-Year-Old Body Back!

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Cindy Crawford is smokin' hot at 47 for V magazine!

Wow, can we all please look like this when we're pushing 50???

Cindy Crawford's hotness is UNREAL!

The legendary supermodel appears in a seXXXy spread in the December issue of V magazine, modeling some menswear pieces, but mostly looking fabulous while half-naked. Just the kind of editorial we like!

In addition to giving plenty of side boob, the 47-year-old opens up about her current life and her spectacular modeling past. Though she's certainly not as busy as she was in her heyday, she remembers that time fondly.

She reminisces:

"What a wonderful time for me. That was a fun time to be a model. It was a lot of focus on fashion and how all these worlds were colliding. MTV was bringing music and fashion and television together. It felt really fun, and we were all really busy and really making money."

She also describes how over the years she's come to terms with the word "supermodel," saying:

"In a tongue-in-cheek way, maybe. At first I found it silly. Do we change into capes and tights in phone booths? But with anything, the more you hear it, the more it seeps into your language. What it means to me is that before us models were more two-dimensional—mostly nameless faces on magazine covers. We were the tipping point. Some girls before us, like Twiggy and Lauren Hutton, were making the shift. But what was unique about our group was that there were five of us and we were all very different but looked good together. Is it five or seven? I never know who to include. Depends on who you ask, I guess. It was a moment when it felt fresh and different and new."

And she shares her "supermodel moment" with some of the greats. She explained:

"If I had to label my supermodel moment, I would say it was that Versace show when Naomi, Linda, Christy, and I all came out together. We had just done the George Michael video for Freedom, and George was in the front row, and we came out skipping and holding hands. It felt like the stars had aligned. But then the next day we were all on another plane going to another city to do another job. I remember thinking, What am I going to do when I’m 25? Or 30? Or 40? We kept pushing the sell-by date."

The mom of two also admits that she's only intrigued by modeling jobs nowadays if they're new, saying:

"I’m not doing [modeling] every day anymore. At this point in my life I’ve done more photoshoots than I can count, so I like something new. I’ve had people say on a shoot, “This is so Helmut Newton,” and I think, No, not really. I knew Helmut. The part of modeling I like is telling a story with an image. Modeling is a skill, and you become better at it the more you do it. Understanding clothes and lights and your face and angles…you don’t lose that, even though other things come into your life."

Cindy further talks about how she began to build her business and brand when it was much less common for models than it is now. She said:

"In the beginning it was more like, why not? I’ll try MTV, that sounds cool. But my agents were telling me not to do it. They said I could make more money doing other jobs. But they were wrong, and House of Style opened a lot of doors. When I did Playboy, it was a big deal because I was also in Vogue. I trusted Herb Ritts, which is why I did it. So those things worked out in my favor, and it gave me the confidence to go and do other projects—but not everything worked out! I did a movie that was successful for me personally, but not successful in many other ways. Choosing to do my exercise video was the beginning of making deliberate choices to do my own projects that were authentic to me, and that led to my skin care line. That was a really hard decision, because I had been with Revlon for a long time. But it was time for me to do my own thing, and now it feels like I have a real business. I love that. I had my whole modeling career, which was about learning the business. For the last 10 to 15 years, I’ve been building a business."

Finally, she confesses that she'd like her younger body back, though we have to say she looks better now than ever. She said:

"I’m a better model at 47 than I was when I was 22, although I wish I still had the body I had at 22! Ah, youth is wasted on the young."

Gurl, please, you look fresh as a daisy!

Ch-ch-check out Cindy's full spread in the gallery (below)!

[Image via V Magazine]

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10 comments to “Cindy Crawford Shows Side Boob And Wishes She Had Her 22-Year-Old Body Back!”

  1. 1

    shes looking amazing

  2. 2

    She looks really good.

  3. tara says – reply to this


    Perez im talking directly to you when i say you directly contradict yourself when you infer about (what seems to me) women rights and against ageism. You contradict yourself when you post something like 'cindy crawford wishes she had her 22 year old body back'. you know your audience and you know what kind of kind of reaction this kind of headline will garner to the youth of your audience. just because someone ***appears to have*** a 22 year old body as a female does not make them any more valuable as a being or as a **32 year old*** or as a ***42*** year old in any way, you would not question such a person if they were a man. i feel you should look thoughtfully at the posts you make particularly concerning youth and beauty because you have a lot of influence in that sphere and you ca

  4. tara says – reply to this


    make a difference in making other youthful women and men (thats the demographic i assume) understand, that your posts arent purely superficial and that you have a stronger message at heart

  5. 5

    I cant imagine what you are going to look like when you are 50 perez… *shutter*

  6. GiantFunnyFamily says – reply to this


    Re: tara – search the article "why you always regret falling for an older man" by petronella (something). read the comments on there. Thats how evil women are towards the older generation of white men who 1) gave them equality 2) invented nice words for older white women like "mature". . But after reading the comments there…. I vowed to NEVER again pretend white females are great aging. It was a lie from day one. If they age good, it was a fluke. Not a norm. I'm next generation of older guy in 15 years. I'm devoted to just sugardaddying girls in asia then. Thanks to that article… an asian girl will have a financially secure sugardaddy 15 years from now. She doesnt know it now. hopefully she is only 5 right now.

  7. 7

    Re: GiantFunnyFamily – Men did not give women equality. Women took it. Get real. Women don't owe you anything. And I don't think they care if you appreciate them or not. Stick with your fantasy of 'owning' a woman.. it says a great deal about your respect for women.

  8. giantFunnyFamily says – reply to this


    Re: NinfaTurtle – at this stage of the game… I dont give a shit. I am firmly entrenched in white male/ asian female (the only good aging female). Racist white females have been calling asian women "weak and submissive" for eons and that is why I am elated that currently in the usa… us white male asian female couples are 1) RICHER than white couples per capita 2) more educated per capita as a couple 3) raise more college grads. Asians females in the west didnt take equality. They took domination. And their IQ is thru the roof. China almost put my dad out of business (he spent 30 years competing with china). Japan now out inventing america. Asian females are the better breeder. Better team.

  9. giantFunnyFamily says – reply to this


    Re: NinfaTurtle – In a few asian countries.. asian females actually outscore white females and white males in IQ (but not me. My IQ is far higher than 105-109) as for "owning a woman". I feel sorry for boytoys if cougars think being financially generous is sexist and means you are owning the younger person. There is a reason boy toys stopped calling older women sugarmamas and started calling them "cats". No generosity. NO cool gifts. No college bill payments. (at least not to the extent that girls get). I own my housekeeper (for as long as she works for me). But I dont own any woman I'm with. Generosity is not ownership. I currently speak 1 asian language fluently and am learning 2 others and have a lifetime of experience in asia (thanks to my dads business) and have dated more nationalities of asians than most asian guys have. I am firmly committed to financially secure white male/poor asian girl. Some might say I'm already a sugardaddy in my early 30s. But my girl is only poor because she chose to be. She has a degree and can work anywhere (including for my business). But I know where to go for when I'm single and want to sugardaddy (hell.. even the mailorder bride industry if i have to). But I will never be with an old white woman. They dont age too good.

  10. tara says – reply to this


    re: GiantFunnyFamily
    i dont know what the fuck is wrong with you, especially with your comment 'i hope she is only 5 years old now'