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In the immortal words of the Animaniacs, "Hellooooo, NURSE!" Kim Kardashian brought some major curvature to the streets of NYC last night in a cream VerRead more…

36 comments to “Kim Kardashian Meshmerizes With Her Booty & Boobies In The Big Apple”

  1. 1

    So wait a minute….did Kanye use a naked body double for his new video with Kim? because some things aren't adding up.

  2. Eizza says – reply to this


    Um….she looks awful!!!! Make up, boobs, figure, everything is just off off off!!

  3. madmike says – reply to this


    That's just really freakn gross pezes ( or whomoever is writing this now so PP can pose and take selfies!). Stop it!
    Women have enough body issues w/o you compounding them with these processed cheese images of this lipo'd pampered persian princess.

  4. Elle says – reply to this


    Ummmm, Fail.

  5. Eizza says – reply to this


    Her boobs look the worst over everything else. They look way too big and saggy. Ew!

  6. 6

    The Michelin Man called, he wants his 'look' back.

  7. 7

    She looks absolutely ridiculous. She parades around like an overstuffed sausage and then complains that people comment on her body? Idiot.

  8. 8

    By Big Apple, did you mean the giant one posing as an ass? Eww. She looked better before, dressed better. She looks almost vacant. She looks uncomfortable, like she wants to run home and throw on her sweat pants.

  9. 9

    I don't find her sexy.

  10. 10

    Years ago people wore "girdles" to hide their big fat asses now it seems to be in style the bigger the better however there is nothing sexy about her! she looks totally vacant and over stuffed!! and the blonde hair does absolutely nothing for her makes her look pale and vapid.

  11. 11

    one word…GROSS

  12. 12


  13. 13

    I thought the Human Urinal wanted PRIVACY…

  14. syl says – reply to this


    ladies and gentlemen, this is what a rich hoodrat looks like… barf! stop it kim stop it! you should be ashamed of your-self. stop trying to be in the spot light.. you were a thing of the past.. now what the people want to see is YOU BEING A MOTHER TO THAT CHILD and less of you flaunting your ish! your dad must have rolled over a hundred times by now. and if you want "privacy" stop calling the fucking paps you moron! gosh, learn something from kourtney and be a good mother.

  15. missydial says – reply to this


    hahahaha. she is the QUEEN of tacky…and I dont think she even realizes it

  16. Dani says – reply to this


    What a gross cow. My New Year's wish is that the whole Klan disappear once and for all. Stupid, narcissistic, fame whores just sucking up oxygen.

  17. 17

    Re: justtospeakthetruth – Right either that or it was photoshopped or airbrushed. In the video she is SUPER skinny sideways where she ABSOLUTELY is not here. her boobs would in NO WAY be covered the way she was posed in the video on the bike. And the alleged naked poses of her alone on the bike … did you notice she has no nipples showing.

    She was supposed to be stepping out of the limelight because she wanted provacy yet here she is pathetically clamoring for attention. She cannot stay out of the public eye. She looks ridiculous perez like a stuff sausage NOT impressive at all. Apparently it take VERY little to impress you or just sone $s waved under your nose.

  18. 18

    Kim's father is JACKING-OFF to that photo of Kim in Hell…..

  19. 19

    Shes gross. Everyone knows it. STFU.

  20. 20

    Epic fail…so there trying to tell girls what to wear?

  21. danamac says – reply to this


    She is disgusting! She does not even LOOK the same….so after Baby while in hiding, she had work done to her face? Let's not ever talk about her again please!

  22. liquid kitty says – reply to this


    All that sagging reminds me of mamie van doren and trying to fit into clothes meant for a younger, taller, svelte girl.

  23. 23

    And this is the FAT PIG Kardashian! not because you just had a mutt, but because you've always been a HEFER.

  24. 24

    Obviously she still has pregnancy weight but if she didn't cram her body in clothes that were 4 sizes too small she wouldn't get half the grief about her weight. She looks like a ………fat person crammed in too small outfit.

  25. BLECCCCHHH says – reply to this


    120?????????? Please

  26. 26

    that is so unflattering. omg. stop letting kanye dress you!!!

  27. 27

    Major curvature does not include folds of fat, like this moo-cow is styling around. She really wants people to stare at her saggy breasts and her ass of an ass. Please suck the fat out of your overdone ass, it will probably make you walk less wobbly. Moo!

  28. JPM says – reply to this


    Um, I actually don't find that outfit attractive at all. BLAH. Looks like she really has something she is trying to prove. Just be, Kimmy, just be. Stop trying so hard.

  29. 29

    Its incredible how young girls, including me, do not have someone to look up to. I wish there wasnt anything called "plastic surgery". Kim has had more plastic surgery than anyone relevant today. Its incredible how people think that her body and face are natural. If you look up kim kardashian in 2004, you can obviously see that she has no hips or booty. Its completely fake and people still suggest that its real. Shes a high class hooker,thats all she is. She is trying soooo hard to stay relevant, but she doesnt want to get photographed and she wonders why papparazzi are always on her front door. Shes an attention seeking whore.

  30. deb says – reply to this


    Gosh. She really has to stop letting Kanye dress her, as he has no class. Go back to your own sense of style Kim!

  31. 31

    Fat fuck!

  32. Carl says – reply to this


    She's a middle aged matron with a fat arse…I can see that any time down the street

  33. juststopreally says – reply to this


    What is with this whole boobs out completely thing…seriously. She's been wearing a lot of shear tops lately. She's trying to take attention away from her fat ass & thighs…not working, you just look like a whore. Stop listening to Kanye's advice..the dude dresses like a construction worker..not helping your image at all.

  34. juststopreally says – reply to this


    Re: Kornholio Kollection – Your comments no this blog are always so completely racist.What is wrong in your little brain?

  35. juststopreally says – reply to this


    Re: richr03 – I HATE this whore…but did you seriously just call a baby a MUT? OMG, seriously…what the hell is wrong with you. Were you raised in the 50s????

  36. 36

    im just glad im not a man this is absolutely disgusting