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Miley Cyrus BLEACHES Her Eyebrows To A State Of Nonexistence!!! See The Photos HERE!

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Miley Cyrus is no longer shocking people with her nearly naked body -- instead, she's sporting shockingly bleached eyebrows!!

Miley Cyrus claims she started the short hair trend, so here’s the next big thing the star is endorsing — eyebrows that are BLEACHED to smithereens!!

And by bleached to smithereens, we’re talking SO bleached that as of last night, Smiles looks like she doesn’t have eyebrows at all.

Honestly, her eyebrows were so expressive and well-defined before that we don’t know if we’ll ever get used to this look. EVER!!

But Miley does what Miley wants! She Can’t Stop, people!!

A few pictures of her new look popped up on Instagram late last night/early this morning, and in them she poses with the ever sexy Miranda Kerr, best bitch Lily Allen, and Mert Alas from fashion photog duo Mert and Marcus.

What do U think of the nearly invisible brows???

[Image via Instagram.]

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16 comments to “Miley Cyrus BLEACHES Her Eyebrows To A State Of Nonexistence!!! See The Photos HERE!”

  1. 1

    That's what happens when you smoke crack.

  2. 2

    Not that I'm a fan of either, but didn't Gaga start walking around with a bleached face recently?

  3. Artflop says – reply to this


    Cuter than GaGa… :(

  4. 4

    Jeez. Miley is a circus side show freak these days. If she's trying her best to alienate her fans she's doing a fantastic job.

    Who knows, maybe Miley smoked a bunch of marijuana, popped some "molly" (ecstasy) and watched Pink Floyd's "The Wall" movie where the singer in the band goes crazy in the bathroom and shaves off his eyebrows.

    Miley might have thought that was cool so she essentially did the same thing by bleaching her eyebrows until the hair fell out.

    I bet if Miley has a therapist he/she is very busy these days trying to figure out why she does these weird azz things.

    Did some pedophile producer at Disney molest her when she was a little girl on that "Hannah Montana" show? I think that really did happen to that actress Amanda Bynes when she was a young girl working on her Nickelodeon TV show. Amanda ended up in a psych hospital this year after she nearly burned herself and her dog with gasoline in some stranger's driveway in her hometown. No joke.

  5. BillieP says – reply to this


    well well well…
    Iggy and Yolandi have fans among the usa pop stars I guess :)

  6. 6

    Her eyebrows were the only part of her face I actually liked. Yikes.

  7. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    That's stupid and ugly. If anyone does this to look like her or to follow some "trend", they are nothing but losers too.

  8. 8

    I've actually been loving Miley lately, but this I don't love so much. :/

  9. 9

    She licked them off.

  10. justathought says – reply to this


    Niether cool nor edgy. It's been done, Miley and put your tongue back in your mouth. She's like a ridiculous teenageer, starved for attention.

  11. 11

    She looks like a child, desperate for attention. She is trying to be rebellious and show she is grown up, but her attitude and actions prove jut he opposite.

  12. cmcota37 says – reply to this


    I didnt think i could HATE her more….I guess I was wrong!

  13. John says – reply to this


    Well, we all know how "proud" Billy Ray is of his daughter. Billy Ray should be congratulated, as he and his wife Tish have successfully raised their daughter just as well as Billy Ray's record sales! I can CLEARLY tell that they have both taken BAD PARENTING 101! I mean, their daughter successfully went from good girl Hannah Montana to a career-in-the-toilet attention whore in a matter of a couple of years! If they like your daughter as a sewer rat, then I'm sure they're both REAL proud!! Way to go parents! Miley needs immediate rehab!

  14. TWang says – reply to this


    asshole bleaching is in again ?

  15. SordidBordid says – reply to this


    She can have any guy for free, but, I would literally pay her $140,000 for one full weekend and then $1000 for each encounter after that. That would be friends with REAL benefits. Only losers pay, but, losers get the sexiest females.

  16. UnrealTournamentFRAGGY says – reply to this


    Re: John – Did you raise a richer more successful child than they did? I dont think so. You raised a nobody in a classy dress (aka a polished turd). Even trailer trash parents can do that.