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5 comments to “Elle France's Beauty Editor Gets It Wrong! Dons Insensitive Blackface For A Party!!”

  1. baby says – reply to this


    if u arent black but wanna dress up like a black person then u would have to paint your skin or u arent gunna look black i dont see how that is offensive at all

  2. 2

    I agree.. this is bs…. not offensive at all. If I wanted to dress up like someone black, I would paint my skin black…. just like if I wanted to dress up as Frankenstein I would paint my skin green. It's not offensive. I hate people having to issue fake apologies for this. If they thought it was offensive they wouldn't have done it. I wouldn't be offended by a black person painting their skin white. Hell, look at the movie white Chicks. I don't see some class action lawsuit for an entire movie based on two black guys dressing up as white girls.

  3. chillax62 says – reply to this


    You t wo people totally miss the point of you are too fucking ignorant to know that you cannot dress to look like martin luther king when your name is Ella Sheen! FFS what is the world turning into? Want to imitate someone, right do so, but don't go painting yourself to look black or white, outside of the given contexts (vampires, goths, zombie, frankinstein). Get your facts about color swaps right before saying nonsense! Mais quells bands de pouffaise va!

  4. sigh says – reply to this


    1) You don't look more like an African person by painting your skin black or brown…you look like a White person painted.

    2) Why would you NEED or WANT to look like a Black person if you aren't Black?

    3) For fun you say? Just jokes you say? What exactly is the punchline. What kind of good time can you possibly have by painting yourself to look like a freakish caricature of another ethnicity?

    4) Every justification a White person has for going in blackface is bullshit. No response can ever make any sense to make this seem like a good idea.

    4.5) Also, stop wearing Black people on your freaking t-shirts. I know you want to feel cool by wearing a Black man on your shirt…but you look like an ass.

    5) Any Black person you see with a blonde wig or artificially lightened skin or blue contacts is not the same thing. It is in response to centuries of racism…such as this…that told us our natural beauty was the butt of a joke, ugly or a sin by White people too insecure about their veiny, wrinkled, pale freckled selves.

  5. sigh says – reply to this


    Re: Vanessa87 – Two African-American guys dressed up as White guys to put that shit back in your face to show White people how it feels. You people have no soul therefore you feel nothing. That whole movie was a fart in the face of your race and you don't even get it. It's like White people have no brains or hearts. Also, comparing Afro people to a green monster is another example of racism. In old hollywood movies characters that were evil were depicted as green or 'coloured' as a symbol for being racist against non-Europeans. Guess what asshole…half the globe is some shade of brown. White people are the minority. Your insecurity can't handle that on top of being ugly so you act racist to feel better.