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This young lady is seriously gorge! Ariel Winter brought the flawlessness to the SAG Awards red carpet as she showed up in the most lovely printed dress.… Read more…

19 comments to “Ariel Winter's Beauty Is Tied Up To Perfection In A Pretty Printed Dress At The SAG Awards!”

  1. nfff says – reply to this


    Ariel Winter is no beauty. She will be lucky to find work after Modern Family goes off the air. Which is hopefully soon. As that show took a turn for the worst. It is painful to watch.

  2. 2

    Very innapropriate for a 15 year old girl. Maybe she needs to be with her mother after all.

  3. Wrenn says – reply to this


    She looks so inappropriate for a 15 year old. That dress is way too revealing at the bust. I'm no prude, but no way would I allow my daughter to go out looking like that.

  4. share says – reply to this


    Oh no, no, NO…not for a 15 y/o.

  5. 5

    15????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She needs parents !

  6. 6

    All these people commenting need to learn a little more about Ariel's mom. She does not need her mom because her mom was the one telling her to take nude pictures so that she could sell them! You all think she should go back to that? Please stop being so stupid. She has big boobs and no matter what she wears they will be popping out. No matter what she wears her boobs will be noticeable so leave her alone.

  7. Matt says – reply to this


    Re: kdlp1322 – Whether she has big boobs or not, she doesn't need to be flaunting her chest since she's a 15 year old. Especially in a setting where the majority is older men. She might not necessarily need her mother, but she needs SOME guidance if someone is telling her this is okay, because it's not. And lastly, you probably aren't a woman if you think breasts CAN'T be tucked away, no matter how big. I'm sure, I'm overly sure, that there were plenty of dresses at her disposal that covered her appropriately, so that is NO excuse. There are dresses made for the sole purpose of covering a bust. Think before you speak, you ignorant pervert.

  8. 8

    I would love if someone went over to her with a sweater and said here honey, let's put this around you. BECAUSE YOU KNOW EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT IS VIEWING HER ON THE CARPET IS THINKING THE SAME THING! OMGGGGGGGGGGGG! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! CHILD.

  9. JKS says – reply to this


    well said…. i was thinking the same thing!!! :)

  10. LD says – reply to this


    Holy cow let your girls breathe. Very young to be showing all that off and it looks painful.

  11. 11

    She has to wear her "FUCK ME" dress if she's going to get those DIRTY FILTHY NASTY Hollywood Casting Couch PEDOPHILE JEWS to hire her for her next tv show/movie

  12. 12

    Anyways, it was nice of Sofia Vergara to lend her one of her old dresses for the night…

  13. whoawhoawhoa says – reply to this


    her cleavage doesnt look so pushed up in other pictures, this is just a bad picture. the dress actually looks really good on her. shes not gonna be able to hide those, ever, just like christina hendricks or kat dennings. its the way shes standing for the picture that makes her boobs look packed into the dress.

  14. jynn says – reply to this


    ok this is wrong, aka child porn. 15 is far to young to be a cm away from nip. put on sweater, you need church girl.

  15. 15

    Nasty, disgusting attention whore. Go put some fucking clothes on your breasts, slut.

  16. 16

    She looks like a cheap whore.

  17. MuseEndlessly says – reply to this


    Those tits look ridiculous!! a big chest is no reason for a 15 year old to walk around like this!

  18. jenny says – reply to this


    Why is everyone being so horrible? She's just a child. Yes the dress is inappropriate for her age, but most girls her age would wear it if they were allowed to. Also all you people hating on her are probably jealous that she looks better than you.

  19. Wade Wilson says – reply to this


    God God, people. I'm laughing at all the comments that are saying the same things:
    She's 15 and shouldn't be dressing like that.
    Like none of you girls dressed like this for special events or to flirt with boys.
    Hypocrites, you know when you were 15 you dressed way worse than this.
    Oh and you pervy ladies should stop talking so much about Ariel's chest so much. One would think you have an obsession with the twins.