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Barneys Selects 17 Transgender Models To Star In Their Spring Campaign!

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Check out the gorgeous transgender models starring in Barneys' Spring 2014 campaign!

Fierce! Fierce!! FIERCE!!!

Barneys has decided to fully embrace modeling diversity in their Spring 2014 campaign, Brothers, Sisters, Sons, & Daughters — by starring seventeen GORGEOUS transgender models. And that’s not all!

Each set of campaign photos comes with inspiring stories of how the models got to where they are today.

Their experiences detail struggle and strife, but ultimately end in triumph!! SO touching!

Barneys put the following explanation on their site:

“Barneys New York has partnered with two leading voices in the trans community, the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) and the LGBT Community Center (The Center) on the campaign. By bringing the personal stories of these 17 individuals to a national stage, Barneys New York hopes to help break stereotypes and build social acceptance of transgender people—long-standing goals of both The Center and NCTE.”

What a wonderful idea!!

Additionally, Barneys will donate 10% of their sales on February 11th to the LGBT Community Center in New York City and the National Center for Transgender Equality!

So if you were planning on doing any Valentine’s Day shopping at Barneys, shop on the 11th to support a GREAT cause!!

Check out some of the stunning Bruce Weber lensed campaign photos (below)!

And CLICK HERE to read the models' stories!

[Image via Barneys.]

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2 comments to “Barneys Selects 17 Transgender Models To Star In Their Spring Campaign!”

  1. really says – reply to this


    really gross.

  2. bTeri says – reply to this


    I am falling on the floor laughing… I thought the "woman" in the white dress was Kim Kardashian….. when I read the headline I lost it.