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This African Pop Star's Skin-Whitening Cream Just Became The Beauty Industry's Most Polarizing Product!

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whitenicious dencia skin bleach fast acting dark spot remover africa beauty product

This is incredible incredi-bleach!

An African pop star named Dencia is taking heat for selling Whitenicious — a pigment-whitening cream marketed toward individuals who might be looking to lighten their skin tone.

Critics of the supposed beauty product say the product and its advertisements aren't doing darker-skinned women any favors, as the “7 day fast acting dark spot remover" could be seen to promote skin lightening and perhaps the notion that one color is preferential to another.

In a recent interview with Ebony, the Cameroonian performer admitted folks might be using her product to bleach their skin, but she says it is intended to be used on minor spots and blemishes. She points out that, at $150 per tiny bottle, Whitenicious is far too expensive for someone to use on their entire body.

The magazine argues that a reduction in melatonin levels might make this product's users more at risk of developing skin cancer! Yikes, we hope not!!

We obviously support a person's right to be whatever color makes them happy, but we just hope products like these don't wind up making anyone feel inferior about who they are or what they look like. Especially if side effects might be detrimental to one's health!

Because beauty comes in all colors, obvi!!!

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25 comments to “This African Pop Star's Skin-Whitening Cream Just Became The Beauty Industry's Most Polarizing Product!”

  1. Freedom Of Choice says – reply to this


    If its ok for whites to tan our skin if we feel like it, then, its ok for tan people to lighten their skin if they feel like it. I dont believe in one way streets.

  2. Ashley says – reply to this


    Re: Freedom Of Choice – completely agree!

  3. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: yeasty yezus – No, it's for SPOTS of any kind. It would probably work on uber freckles too.

  4. ... says – reply to this


    As long as they do not come to look like the guys in White Chicks..

  5. 5

    But this can't be reversed. A white woman's/man's tan will eventually fade but someone who is dark skinned will forever be reminded of how much he/she hates themselves/their race.

  6. Verdad says – reply to this


    Why is this making news now? ASIAN women do it ALL THE TIME. The majority of bleaching products for the skin originate in ASIA.

  7. no says – reply to this


    I don't know what's worse…the fact that this lady bleaches her skin to that degree, or the fact that she's trying to look like Nicki Minaj with the abnormally proportioned fake tits and ass, and of course that ridiculous hair and outfit

  8. Ben says – reply to this


    If I was a lady I would so bleach with whitelicious! Lol

  9. mike says – reply to this


    Beyonce must buy this by the buckets.

  10. carla says – reply to this


    Re: Freedom Of Choice – I agree with u totallly!!!! Its a choice.

  11. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: mike – She's an hereditary mix (and it's well known), so her gorgeous caramel and light coloring is natural.

  12. national says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – not if she got lighter over the years. look back at her from destiny's child. she was SHADES darker. so dark, she couldn't wear the blonde hair that's a staple now. she's doing something to her skin, mixed or not.

  13. Stephanie says – reply to this


    So what!?!?! Are people not entitled to have a preference or free will anymore? We already have UM…. THE SUN!!! TANNING BEDS! SPRAY TAN! So what if dark women want to be lighter… Women change their hair color religiously, because preferences change… why the hell should skin color be any different? People have their own money, body, mind and free will, and business. If people spent more time minding THEIR OWN damn self shit like this wouldn't be "news".

  14. Alien says – reply to this


    Re: Freedom Of Choice – That's a very good point.

  15. 15

    she's nasty looking.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: national – Young people suntan a lot, and spend a lot of time outside.
    Older, not so much. I'm shades lighter than in my teens, and am caucasian. No creme.

  17. Afro says – reply to this


    Why is this wrong?
    Of course white people would liken skin bleaching to tanning. It is not the same. You tan as a preference to be more 'golden'. Africans, Indians, Caribbean's tan because of the harsh and still lasting effect of colonialism and Eurocentric ideals of beauty. They are not bleaching to be 'just a little lighter' they are bleaching as a self-expressed form of self-hate of their color because everywhere they turn they are told their color is not as beautiful as white or lighter skin. If they want to be successful, have pretty children, and have a standing in society they need to be lighter. That's why this is wrong. Unless your black you will never understand and it is insulting to compare this to tanning.

  18. Amanda says – reply to this


    So people can use tanners and shit to make themselves darker but if someone wants to be lighter it might make people feel 'inferior' bull shit!

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Afro – Listen up. Since when? A hundred years ago? Being golden, or dark tanned has been the thing for many decades, at least 50 years. It shows you can afford holidays, or have the luxury of time to sit in the sun. Being fair, have had so many ghost insults, told that I should 'get some sun' in spite of hundreds of hours playing ball or beach volleyball outside yearly, that your violin playing has to extend to us whiteys too.

  20. Aneka says – reply to this


    Has anyone actually ordered and recieved this cream, I ask because this woman and her people are quick to take people's money they are not so quick to deliver the goods. Me and four of my friends ordered the Whitenicious on her website and they promise to deliver within 7days,3 of us are still waitng with no updates whatsoever my other friend cancelled the order.My question is why take people's money when you know you cant deliver.zi am sure there is a name for doing bizness like that and its not a nyc one

  21. Laqeesha says – reply to this


    Re: AnekIa – I thot I was the only I ordered 2wks back and I am still waiting,Wots up with that! and the stuff does not communicate very well either especially when they have received your payment!! Be careful those who want to order coz you will be waiting a month for the goods if they ever ship .And she charges a hefty sum of money for shipping!

  22. Stephanie says – reply to this


    Re: Afro – "You tan as a preference to be more 'golden" … no… people tan to TAN not to "golden". You're confusing yourself. And dont even try to say "unless your black you will never understand"… im hispanic, and darker than most black women that i know/meet. Sounds like you have some racial insecurities of your own to deal with. Changing your appearance is expressing ones personality, if you choose to equate that to "self-hate" then you must be the happiest and most basic looking mfka on the planet.

  23. Sillyden says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – Being tanned is more to do with fashion, as you stated it has been "the thing" for around 50 years. The problem Afro is talking about, goes back many centuries and has social, historic, economic and political implications. You can no way compare tanning to bleaching, as you said there is very little history to tanning. If you think of the way some people have blatantly told you you need to go in the sun (which is really very rude tbh), and then imagine someone telling a dark-skinned person they should lighten up…its not the same, there are psychological differences.

  24. Sillyden says – reply to this


    Re: national – I wish everyone would stop claiming Beyonce and Rihanna bleach!!! They are naturally light skinned, just like other people they tan when its hot and get darker, fashions come and go, when they were younger they may have been more into tanning and enhanced their skin with bronzers/fake tan. Lighting, photoshop and weather changes is why they appear lighter at times. If you look back to Beyonce before destiny's child, she is the same skin tone. Look at Rihanna's photos before she got famous, she is light in them too!

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Sillyden – Good points. I think people these days should go ahead and look the way they want to look if it makes them happy. Happiness with oneself is inner work anyway.