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Kim Kardashian's Vogue Shoot REJECTED By Controversial Photog Tyler Shields! Do You Agree With This Reasoning?

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What's up with photographers refusing to shoot some of the most famous women of our time???

It's an epidemic!

Jeurgen Teller refused to shoot Miley Cyrus for her Marc Jacobs ads, and now we've learned that Tyler Shields REJECTED a chance to shoot Kim Kardashian for that mysterious Vogue spread.

A source said of the shocker:

"Tyler is the hardest person to hire for a shoot. You have to know him or it has to make sense to him. He prides himself on shooting only the people he knows or likes. A lot of people want to be shot by him."

It's either people he knows or a $100,000 Birkin, which later turns out to be fake! LOLz!

Apparently, both Kim and the peeps at Vogue were blindsided by Tyler's decision.

Another source added:

"It was a shock and a stab to Kim’s ego to be turned down by a photographer she wanted. Vogue was in shock too, as if people should be clamoring to shoot for them."

Well, by all accounts, Vogue DID get someone to replace Tyler, and the photo shoot has already wrapped!

Regardless of the photog, we are SO READY to see Kimmy's spread and/or cover! Cuz as much we love the talent of Tyler, you know that ish is gonna be epic.

[Image via AKM-GSI & FayesVision/WENN.]

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29 comments to “Kim Kardashian's Vogue Shoot REJECTED By Controversial Photog Tyler Shields! Do You Agree With This Reasoning?”

  1. 1

    Few things…First, why did Vogue allow Kardashian in the magazine? They're now the Walmart of fashion. Second, Tyler is a complete fraud. Third, so is Kim.

  2. 2

    I will never buy that magazine ever again. That and Cosmo.
    They're no different from all the trashy tabloids. Pathetic.

  3. 3

    So Kanye managed to buy Kim a spot in Vogue. Well I guess everything has a price.

  4. 4

    AW and V have lost all credibility.

  5. Lady_Says says – reply to this


    It's really desperate that she has to buy her fame, and subsequently still can't get what she wants.

  6. janie says – reply to this


    Kim's biggest problem is she has no idea what NO means! Grow up! They don't want you on Vogue, deal with it! Trash family!

  7. 7

    Tyler Shields is my new hero!!!

  8. 8

    If this story is true, and she really gets on the cover of Vogue, I'm SO done with Vogue. I will have lost all respect for that magazine for putting her on a cover. She doesn't deserve to be on the cover of a magazine like Vogue "used" to be. Kanye couldn't handle seeing Beyonce on the cover, so he had to whine and snivel to get his baby mamma a spot. This is a sad day Anna Wintour!!!! SAD day!!!

  9. 9

    Oh Anna, what have you done? You have singlehandedly destroyed Vogue…

  10. 10

    Why would any self respecting photographer want to shoot that fat porn star. She is nothing and if they put her on Vogue you can kiss that magazine good bye.

  11. 11

    Re: adg100 – I think Kim met Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue in New York, maybe it was the opening of the opera? Can't remember.

  12. hahahahaha says – reply to this


    Isn't it funny how Kanye basically bugged the ppl at vogue till they finally said ok just to shut him up and WHAT HAPPENSE??!!! LMAOOO this!!!! She was rejected by a photographer!!! I wonder how their sales will do. LMAOOO smh.

  13. 13

    By Vogue, won't buy. Kim is not famous…only tabloid trash.

  14. Charlie Boy! says – reply to this


    Re: AlwaysOnTimeB – Totally agree, so sad!

  15. Danae says – reply to this


    My VOGUE subscription runs out in April. If Kim is on the cover I won't renew.Ever.
    I don't even care that she had a sex tape in her past. It's her general trashiness I can't stand and her low class behavior now.

  16. 16

    I find it amusing that people say that these magazines have no creditability for shooting this hack and they will not buy them in future, when they are comprised of about 80% heavily augmented ads and the rest are gaunt coat-racks with the same uncomfortable facial expression in every shot. They are all aimed at making you buy products you don't need, that you can't or shouldn't afford. When you flip through a copy and the first 20 full pages are ads before the mast-head and any in-house content, it is pretty clear they are about selling space and not about what you as the reader give two craps about.

  17. Panda says – reply to this


    Good for him. No one wants to see a dirty sloot who is famous for letting dudes stick their big.. well.. sticks in her. Miley Cyrus and Kim K are terrible role models in the first place, Kim especially. The name Kardashian is the only thing keeping Kim relevant, that and Kanye's psychotic antics.

  18. Ivan says – reply to this


    Another sensationalist, misleading article…This from another site…
    Well, Kim won't be celebrating with a Vogue cover any time soon. Despite the buzz that she was just shooting for the magazine, Us Weekly is sharing that Kim's dream of being gracing Vogue are still in the "never gonna happen" stages. An insider tells Us that the rumors are simply "not true," while another Kim pal reveals, "Of course Kim would love to be on the cover of Vogue someday." Why thank you very much, Captain Obvious!

  19. envy adams says – reply to this


    God Tyler Sheilds is such a egotistical douche bag. I knew him when I lived in L.A. he thought he was "kind of a big deal" couldn't stand him then, can't now. he pretty much alienates every single person around him for longer than a few hours. Yuck.

  20. vc blackwell says – reply to this


    Obviously the great Anna Wintour is a sell out. Hopefully Kim's Vogue issue won't be. Wintour doesn't care about her subscribers but maybe the advertisers in her magazine will. Not only will I refuse to have Vogue again, but I will sincerely and absolutely not make a single purchase from any advertiser in Vogue for the next year.

  21. 21

    There is nothing Vogue about Kim….she makes designer clothes look cheap

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Pink Mafia – Agree

  23. 23

    Vogue should take this as a sign.

  24. 24

    Re: envy adams – Ugh!!! I don't know him personally but I agree. He's a freaking skater turned photographer. He didn't really study photography.

    Tyler is a one trick pony - he just had tons and tons of bright lights. That's it. Literally.

    I hate Kim, but Tyler is the Kim Kardashian of photographers

  25. GRDR says – reply to this


    Why are we even still talking about this talentless women/family? The only thing she is famous for is spreading her legs and having sex and even that wasn't that good, Paris Hilton was better and that was like watching dogs F%#k.

  26. Suuuuuuuup fokes says – reply to this


    She should play the P card or the R card or the Picard. "how come i cant be on vogue covers? is it because i'm so visually obviously some part PPPersian? You have an issue with my probable ancient iranian ancestors who invaded armenia? HMMM. Or perhaps its because my lover is of african descent? hmmmm? Or perhaps its because I'm a Cardassian and my lover is a violent klingon? Got something against Klingons? ".

  27. Kristi K says – reply to this


    First of all, it isn't true. Tyler Shields is a liar and a hack. He's never shot for Vogue and never will. He also once claimed to sell a photo of Lindsay Lohan for a MILLION DOLLARS, when it's common knowledge that the most a photo has ever sold for is around a third of that. Why do you idiots pick up his B.S. press releases? Too hard to fact check? Call us at Vogue. Ask if it's true. It isn't.

  28. Say What? says – reply to this


    Come ON! Are you serious? As if Vogue would EVER ask Tyler Shields to shoot for them. This is the biggest lie - a total crock of shit.

  29. Say What? says – reply to this


    A rumour and lie about rejecting Kardashian for Vogue is the closet Tyler Shields would ever get to shooting for Vogue. He is the most amateurish and lying hack going. please.