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These two are probably the sexiest couple in Hollywood right behind Angie and Brad! As you can see, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp sizzled on the red carpet… Read more…

165 comments to “Amber Heard Plays The Sexy Gun Moll To Johnny Depp's Dapper Gangster”

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  1. alice says – reply to this


    she is ugly now

  2. 2

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  3. no... says – reply to this


    Johnny, Vanessa was so lovely. Why would you leave her for this girl who only dates men when it suits her?

  4. 4

    He's starting to have the same feel as Courtey Stoddens (sp?) ex husband.

  5. Lala says – reply to this


    No, they ARE Hollywood hottest couple right now. Angelina looks like a skeleton and Brad isn't aging well. But Amber is one of the most gorgeous women in town and Johnny is a sexy beast!
    And by the way, you deserve an invitation Perez. You were the first breaking with the pictures of Amber getting into Johnny's airplane in Las Vegas when the rumors didn't even exist. And you've been so supportive of this beautiful couple. If you'd need that we sign a request for these two to invite you to their wedding, count with my firm ;)
    By the way, Johnny will play a gangster on his next movie. I wonder if Amber will accompany him too. The real life longterm partner of Whitey Bulger looked alot like Amber and they also met when she was around 20's something years old and he past his 40s….hmmm? time will tell

  6. Conan The Barbarian says – reply to this


    Johnny and Amber's PRs finally found an agreement about the time it would have been "appropriate" and "opportune" to let them walking the red carpet together. I told this long time ago for people who remember it. Last year I predicted that Johnny would have attended for the first time with Amber a movie premiere and I told that it would have been the second or the third movie that Amber shot in 2011 and that's the way things went indeed, can't you see now that I didn't lie to anybody? I told that something big was about to happen soon and it only took a little bit more than they planned, that's it. Especially Amber's PR is working hard to help Amber getting more and more into the spotlight. Amber wants to become the next Angelina Jolie, no kidding. Some people are not even that bisexual after all. And some other people would do anything to get publicity even playing the role of lesbians to look more interesting when they have nothing really interesting to show. In Hollywood is all a game. Not long ago Angelina also denied she ever liked women for real and this is just a resume of how things in Hollywood go… Angelina and her emulators are more hetero than our grandparents….

  7. Aha says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbarian – Weren' you the one who told us that he's not in love with her, that he doesn't want to marry her or get her pregnant? Guess you totally forgot about that part of your story?

  8. Teeerrrrrrrrrrmon says – reply to this


    Re: alice – anytime a female calls a female "ugly" it means she's good looking. Females never call ACTUAL ugly females ugly. Anytime a female calls a female "good looking" it means she is ugly or plain. Females spit a females who make them jealous with words like "ugly" or "gold digger" or "too skinny" or whatever.

  9. MAESY says – reply to this


    Yeah, he look's like her dad

  10. Conan The Barbarian says – reply to this


    Re: Aha – Walking on the red carpet together for you is the proof that two people are in love? If you think so then you know nothing about how Hollywood works but also like PRs work. Last year I told you that Johnny would have attended a premiere of an Amber's movie first to make their official debut as an engaged couple and that this movie would have been the second or the third she filmed in 2012 (sorry I wrongly written in 2011 in my previous post, it was my mistake!) and you can see it's true and now I can tell you that this is only the beginning. I know very well what I'm saying. Amber will never be seen again with a woman (her lesbian fans can get a reason by now); she will end up with Johnny. It's since 2009 they've been lovers either people wanna believe it or not and now whatever they have isn't gonna finish in a while. It's just the beginning. Get prepared to read and see much more than this.

  11. IRONIC says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbarian – regained a household friend, because you are not troll over there.

  12. IRONIC says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbarian – will do what you do best, stay away from here with your lies

  13. Conan The Barbarian says – reply to this


    Re: IRONIC – You're free of believing what you please like everybody else here. I didn't come on this site to demonstrate what I say because things I said cametrue either you wanna admit it or not but also my new predictions will come true. Just wait and see. No lies, no trolling, just a warning about what I know, then believe what you want, it's not my business, I could care less. Goodbye and keep dreaming about Hollywood like it's not.

  14. squidoo says – reply to this


    Re: Teeerrrrrrrrrrmon – Sorry no, that's bs. As a "female" (you don't have much experience around real women do you?) I can attest to the fact that Vanessa Paradis, Depp's ex, was gorgeous, hot, stylish and lovely. I'm not complimenting her because she is or was "plain" but because I would love to get with her anytime. No, sorry, Amber Heard is pretty in the way the popular jocky white girl was pretty in high school. She's not special. She's not ugly. She's kind of plain, but in a pretty way. She's no Vanessa. And, he's a total sleezebag.

  15. IRONIC says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbarian – typical sentence from a troll:” wait and you'll see.” You're sick

  16. IRONIC says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbarian – hospice that you left? 're taking the right medicine?

  17. Which Is It? says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbarian – Yet you did say that Johnny was not in love with her and that she wanted to have his baby, but he said no.
    And now you say they have been lovers since 2009, and that they will end up together.
    But you also told that Johnny regretted their relationship and wished to return to Vanessa but she couldn't forgive his betrayal.

  18. Teeeerrrrrrmmmooonnn says – reply to this


    Re: squidoo – "you don't have much experience around real women do you?"…..I have only been without a girlfriend for a sum total of about one year since the age of 14 (the time spent inbetween girlfriends). Not to mention the fact that I had to complete 6th grade math just to be able to COUNT all many sisters and half sisters I have between all my dads wives and girlfriends between wives. Of course you would say Vanessa "gorgeous". She's over 40. Thats one of the demographics that women always give complimentary charity too. But if she was 20… we'd never hear the end of how Ugly she is. (she isnt ugly. I'm just speaking in very general terms of women in general). You are a woman and dont know women are a jealous being of other women? If a woman calls you ugly.. its a compliment. Trust me. If a woman says you are good looking.. get out the claws.

  19. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: MAESY – Not really! Her father is in his 70s and he looks like he could be Johnny's father. Johnny looks 40 and she looks 30 so now he doesn't look like her father.

  20. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: no… – Can't you just fucking understand? He and Vanessa had major problems with the relationship since the beginning and they were not together as a coupke for years and then they broke up normally like any normal couple and both moved on with their lifes and started seeing other people. He didn't leave her.

  21. Melman says – reply to this


    LOL @ the predictor connan here! all lies, all lies. I remember somebody saying they going to do red carpets for London Fields (that still doesn't have release date) and they will be talking for Transcendence. LOL! no one mentioned "Three days to Kill". Stop lying no one believes you or any of those loosers with the nonsense of "I'm an insider" or "I know of his friends" LOL how naive (or retarded) the people who believes those idiots are?
    By the way "Variety" and "The Hollywood Reporter" reported about their red carpet appearance and they called Johnny "her fiancée Johnny Depp". I think those were the only two serious and really important media missing to report about the engagement, but not anymore…

  22. M says – reply to this


    LOL Amber's dad is not in his 70's!

  23. hmmm says – reply to this


    Amber told to Extra TV that she'll have to work in NYC (promoting the movie) for Valentines. So I suppose she'll be alone, because Johnny has to receive an award in Los Angeles on saturday and I doubt he'll accompany Amber to NYC just to be there a some hours and then go back to LA. Also because the children are in LA and Vanessa- as always- is in Paris. Maybe they were celebrating Valentine in advance the night of the premiere, I watched a video and it's said (and filming them) having a romantic dinner after the premiere

  24. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: hmmm – but I think it likely that Saturday will already be with him for the prize ..

  25. Just Sayin' says – reply to this


    Re: Which Is It?Re: IRONIC – Not to contest you because I know you have your right to be skeptical about everything that alleged insiders tell here and I have myself doubts about what these people here are often telling us since I think that people really informed wouldn't waste their time here talking with us, BUT… Conan used to tell similar things told by Veritas: that Amber was manipulating Johnny to be into his life at any cost and it's very possible that this is how things have gone. More over I personally believe the story that he cheated on Vanessa with Amber in 2009 already ’cause it makes sense. Also other 'insiders' like Jamina confirmed this story and I can tell that it's since 2010 indeed that Johnny and Vanessa started to look in trouble and in a bumpy relationship (maybe when she found out that he was f***ing Amber???) and we can't deny that everything that Conan said came true. He was the first one who announced that he wouldn't have let Amber to attend premiers with him even though she wanted to and I remember well that Conan also told that the first premiere they would have attended together would have been planned by their PR and that it would have been the premiere of her second or third movie shot in 2012, so Conan seems for real the only one who has got real info if we have to face the truth…

  26. IRONIC says – reply to this


    No no, there is controversy in the things he posted earlier, after he tried to fix the lie ^^

  27. Just Sayin' says – reply to this


    Re: IRONIC – I don't see controversy because he told that he wasn't in love with her and that she was very manipulative and I don't see controversy in this. I think it's true because as we can see, even though he doesn't look in love and even though there were rumours that he wanted Vanessa back, he kept f***ing Amber… I mean, it's not controversial it's just that the guy doesn't want to be alone and Amber is his rebound so now he's trying his best to make this relationship work even though he still doesn't look happy with her. Everytime he smiles it seems a forced smile. So it's his relationship with her that is controversial. I don't see love in his eyes and not even passion for her. I don't see any chemistry when they touch and kiss. Their kiss during the premiere looked like the way people kiss their relatives… I mean, there was more chemistry and complicity between him and Marilyn Manson when he kissed him on the stage. I personally believe that Conan didn't tell anything controversial. He just told that it's her the one who wants everything from him and she's slowly getting it. This relationship is strange. He keeps dating her even though he's not in love with her and it's very evident, come on.

  28. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: Just Sayin' That Conan mother fucker said that Amber will walk the red carpet with Johnny for The Lone Ranger premiers and THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN. He doesn't know anything and is not an insider. Vanessa reportedly wished them happiness on the phone after he told her about his engagment with Amber so how do you still think that he cheated with Amber? Would Vanessa let Amber around her kids if she was the reason of their breakup and would the kids be so friendly with her if she was the one who broke their family?

  29. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: Just Sayin' That Conan mother fucker said that Amber will walk the red carpet with Johnny for The Lone Ranger premiers and THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN. He doesn't know anything and is not an insider. Vanessa reportedly wished them happiness on the phone after he told her about his engagment with Amber so how do you still think that he cheated with Amber? Would Vanessa let Amber around her kids if she was the reason of their breakup and would the kids be so friendly with her if she was the one who broke their family?

  30. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: Just Sayin' Why the fuck are you talking as if you know Johnny personally and know exactly how he feels? Bitch wake up you don't know anything. He's with Amber since more than 2 years because he's in love with her. There is no need to make a very powerful relationship work out. He is happy with her and you can see it in the pictures that are not taken by the paps. Have you seen how they scream and shout at them? How the hell do expect him to look happy while being photographed like that? The kiss he gave her was a quick see-you-later kiss on the cheek and not a passionate kiss on the lips and if you actually saw the video with Marilyn Manson you would've seen that Marilyn didn't even kiss him. How the fuck do you judge their relationship based on pictures that were taken in seconds? Do you think they would act like they act in their home when they are getting photographed by lots of paps? If he wasn't in love with her then why does he keep dating her and why did he get engaged with her if he doesn't love her?

  31. Just Sayin' says – reply to this


    Re: 5aled – That's not true at all. You don0t remember well at all what Conan said. He was the only one saying that he wouldn't have let her walking with him on the red carpet during that premiere and it didn't happen indeed. I remember well that there people saying that Amber would have done it and he contested them saying that no way, it wouldn't have happened and then he said that they would have walked on the red carpet together for the first time at the premiere of one of her movies, maybe the second or the third she filmed in 2012 because that's what a sort of agreement between their PR and it came true as far as it seems. Make a better research of Conan posts instead of telling things that aren't true. There was an user Tega, who can confirm what I'm saying. She also noticed that everything Conan used to tell came true. He was the first and only one who told that Amber wouldn't have walked with him on the red carpet during TLR premiere. Your memory is failing, sorry.

  32. Just Sayin' says – reply to this


    Re: 5aled – Yousef, why did you change nickname??? Keep using the other one please, it was nicer at least! :D Keep deluding themselves that he's in love with her even though there's no love in his eyes. It's just your problem, not mine. You're the only one who see happiness and love in his eyes for her. Actually most people don't see it and there must be a good reason for it. He doesn't look at Amber the way he looked at Winona, Kate and Vanessa. He's never really relaxed when he's with her. That woman will destroy him.

  33. Fernanda says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbarian – until now you talked about Amber's PR and about Johnny's PR?

  34. Sasha says – reply to this


    Amber played so much dirty games, for nothing. She will never be a new Angelina Jolie

  35. Veritas says – reply to this


    Tasya herself will begin to tell the whole truth

  36. Yousef? says – reply to this


    Re: 5aled – How do you keep track of all your Johnny accounts Yousef?? You probably live off the government and spend all day posting about Johnny's relationship status. Get a job and stop stalking Johnny idiot!!

  37. Aha says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbarian – Walking on the red carpet together for you is the proof that two people are in love? - and - It's since 2009 they've been lovers either people wanna believe it or not and now whatever they have isn't gonna finish in a while -

    Sounds a bit contradicting to me, doesn't it?

  38. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – Welcome back Veritas ;) can you tell me when Tasya is going to tell the truth? And byt the way what is this truth? Don't tell me that she's secretly seeing Amber again because nobody would buy such a thing also because if Tasya is still into her I think she's very pathetic. Amber doesn't deserve so much attention by Tasya. I hope Tasya moved on and that she's not seeing or talking with Amber anymore, so what is the truth she's gonna say? You're talking about what Amber did in past or what? can you be more specific please? Thanks :*

  39. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah – I laugh to much, really. Conan, sarah, veritas, all the same pessoa.Vergonha over you.

  40. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: claudita – Shame on you instead that judge other people without even knowing them! You don't know me or Veritas or others here, so how dare to accuse us of being the same person? I'm only Sarah and I always believed what Veritas told because Tasya herself put a picture on her tumblr with a book named "Veritas"…. Tasya often publishes things with subliminal messages, so I think it's true, Amber is a selfish person as she always described her. We have evidence that Amber is manipulative and that she uses others for her purposes. She's using her PR to spread stpries to clean her image and look like the good girl when she's just a homewrecker. She even uses Lily Rose sometimes to play the role of the perfect stepmother. She's lucky that Lily Rose is a polite teenager but if it was up to me, I would kick her dirty ass and I'd spit on her face. I guess Tasya knows everything and I can't wait to read what she's going to tell about Amber and so if Veritas is a troll and a liar as someone here thinks, we will find it out soon at this stage because if Tasya doesn't tell anything only then we can figure out thatmVeritas is an impostor and an attention seeker… I guess we'll see soon what happens and if Tasya is gonna tell the truth, Amber's image will be totally destroyed since too many people already don't trust and don't like her.

  41. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah – veritas, conan, sarah, useless to use different names troll shit. Have you discovered.

  42. Sarah says – reply to this


    I believe to some insiders here like Veritas, maybe Conan and also Jamina. I read a post where Jamina warned us that in the next months we will se more things and that the "operation" to clean Amber's image has started and I figured out it's true because today I read an article by Daily Mail that tells that Vanessa will be one of the guest of Amber and Johnny marriage and the article also said that a friend of Amber told that Vanessa really likes her…… I mean, we should be crazy to believe such a story!!!! How can Vanessa like the woman that ruined her longtime relationship with the father of her children???? The article said that there's no hatred or rancor between Vanessa and Amber but anyone who buys this story is an idiot!!! Jamina was right!! Amber's team is desperately trying to clean her image and this way Amber only shows she has no respect for Vanessa because she's allowing together with Johnny to spread by their PR such stupid stories just to clean her image and just to make people forget she's only a homewrecker!

  43. Sarah says – reply to this


    Well, fortunately most of us aren't stupid and we know what dirty game Amber is playing. She's so brainless…. she can make her PR work as much as she wants to clean her image and to get more fame, but the truth is that she's nothing without Johnny. People wouldn't give a shit about her anymore if she broke up with him and they know she's a talentless homewrecker, false and manipulative. She can only dream of becoming the next Angelina Jolie, she's only pure shit.

  44. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: claudita – The only troll here is you, and you're a shit as much as Amber is since you seem to defend that talentless bitch.

  45. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah – I think you are getting a little too in your feelings over a relationship that does not concern you. Nobody knows what happened. Honestly stop with the obsession over this couple. Did they offend you? Kill your family member? Do you know them personally? i trust the answer to all those questions is NO!! so what is your fucking problem? calm your horses, take a breather and perhaps now is the time to look away since you do not like what you are seeing. It really would be good for your mental health to step back a bit and get back in touch with your reality. Enough of this nonsense!

  46. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: jamjam – And why you are investing time on me? Why you're so upset that I dislike the homewrecker Amber as everybody else here?? Why do you care so much about my opinion?? If you don't like what I write just don't read it, it's very simple! Since we're in a free world we can think and write what we want and also invest our time talking about celebrities but it's ridiculous when people like you invest their time analyzing what other people (common people) think… and about knowing how facts went, well even dogs know that Johnny cheated on Vanessa with Amber and that Amber is a homewrecker and if you wanna be in denial about this it's only your choice but I really can't stand talentless bitches homewreckers and I'm free to tell it how many times I want to and by the way, I don't write here that often as you do. I rarely write my opinion, it's you the one who spends more time than me on this site trying to prove that Amber after all isn't that bad but just wait till you're 40 years old with 2 children and some bitch takes stoles your mate and starts a relationship with him, only then we could talk about how much you can think that people like Amber deserves to be defended in any way…

  47. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah – Child i don't give a shit if you hate her. That is your fucking problem. Like i said it would be better for you mentally to take a step back and reconnect with your own reality cos you are seriously losing it mate! I think perhaps you maybe just got dumped or something. The more reason why you should reconnect with your own reality and heal. You are getting overly sensitive and bothered about a relationship that frankly has nothing to do with you. You act like they killed a family member of yours jeez..

  48. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah – It also seems you have some personal issues or their relationship touched a nerve. Then i would suggest therapy honey cos you getting too into your feelings like this is not a good sign. Someone like you could be self harming over this. Seriously, this is not healthy. Am just concerned for your mental health luv.

  49. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah – oh and fyi, i only come here occasionally. I do not defend anyone. I remain neutral on this subject cos i like both johnny and vanessa. If they are both doing ok that is all that matters to me. They have not said anything bad about each other, none of the people involved have murdered anyone. Therefore, i have no problem with any of them. That is where i stand on this issue. I am not like you who feels the need to write a monologue/epistle or diatribe here about someone else's life that i do not know.

  50. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: jamjam – Expressing my disgust for Amber doesn't mean to need help or to be too much into this thing. There are people expressing disgust and insults towards Amber everyday here but you never tell them they need therapy, so why you tell this only to me if I almost never write here? Are you pretending of not knowing how many people here express their hate in every new article? Don't talk to me like I am the only one who is deeply disappointed that Amber ruined Johnny's relationship with Johnny because we're thousand and thousand of people who dislike that homewrecker that Amber is and you should know it as you should know that most of Johnny's fans are praying to see that bitch away from his life. Haters of this couple are far more than supporters and there must be a good reason for it, don't you think so? Just look at Jamber forum… it has got tens and tens of members who express everyday their hate as they also do here and on other sites, while their positive blogs are almost desert. Almost anybody writes there, so wake-up. We can't stand Amber because she's the symbol of everything that is wrong in a woman: false, attention-seeker, homewrecker… she's a shame for women.

  51. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah – buckle up, ran a crazy Hospice ….

  52. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: claudita – After you, my dear!

  53. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah – Oh and those sites i mentioned are live as live can be. And i only mentioned a few. Enjoy your life of hatred and so called disgust. You really are losing it and you don't even see it. What a shame. I was a huge fan and johnny and vanessa but when they split up, i got on and over it because it is not my business. As long as johnny is ok and making good movies and as long as vanessa is alive and well, then am ok. I don't feel the need to take it too personal as if i know them or be going off on one like i was involved too and it was me who johnny split up with. It is not necessary.

  54. Leslie says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah – I understand where you are coming from, but what does it say about Johnny that he betrayed the woman who stood by his side for 14 years and gave birth to his 2 beloved children. He sacrificed his life with Vanessa in order to sleep with or have a relationship with Amber, so maybe they deserve each other. He also has thrown Vanessa to the wolves so that he can repair his image and that of the homewrecker as well!! Vanessa is too good for him and Johnny has found a mate who matches his low character!!

  55. gym says – reply to this


    Re: Leslie – YES !

  56. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbarian – All true. I wonder how can you have my same informations? :) You maybe know also this: "operation clean of image", there is already a clear strategy for all .. Wait and see ….

  57. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah – Exactly, and unfortunately the 'operation clean" is only the beginning … you will read things "unpleasant" also about Vanessa (Photos with Johnny at the premiere are not enough for her immagine). You don't worry about JamJam or 5Saled . They know that the things written by me and Conan are true, but they needs to do their job ..

  58. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: JaminaRe: Leslie – I agree with both of you. Johnny found his soul mate maybe, they deserve each other but I think that Johnny is anyway better than Amber. Amber is clueless and she only thinks about herself. She has no respect for anybody and she's just a false person. She's trying to change her image to look like the good girl and it's nasty that she wanna make people forget that she's only a homewrecker. She wont' succeed because the public is not stupid and already realized how false she's in interviews. She already denied to be the cause of Johnny and Vanessa split once because she said that she was never part of a situation where there was betrayal so she's only a liar and people like don't deserve respect. JamJam pretends to be neutral but she's not and reading her old posts I can see that she has a kind of sympathy for Amber. The way she speaks about her it seems she thinks that Amber isn't that bad and that she doesn't deserve to be called homewrecker even though that's what she is. Amber is lying all the time, she ruined a relationship and she's always seeking for popularity and attention and people like her don't deserve respect nor to be neutral. How can we be neutral about a homewrecker?

  59. Sarah says – reply to this


    If we're neutral about homewreckers it makes feel like we approve them but I feel the duty to express my opinion about people like Amber even if I don't know her in real life because she represents everything that is wrong in women who are hypocrite and that stole mates to other women. I really don't get how we can be neutral about such things. More over Johnny and Amber chose to be celebrities and to be into the spotlight so it's normal that people have opinions about them and especially if we used to like one of them we can't be neutral when something really sad happens. Johnny told for years that he was happy with Vanessa and he always told he was faithful but we found out there were all lies. Having an affair for 2 years with another woman is something that doesn't deserve to be justified in any way and even less a woman like Amber deserves to be respected because she for first is showing of not respecting others. While dating Johnny she was often seen with her ex girlfriend for example and there were insinuations that she was still having a thing with Tasya and I believe it's true. She also cheated on Johnny. She’s a dishonest person.

  60. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Thanks anyway for the support and thanks for the new info. It's sad that now Amber keeps playing dirty games and that as you announced she will try to discredit Vanessa just to clean her own shitty public image of homewrecker.
    Amber is already sending her pathetic friends to magazines to tell how much Vanessa likes her…. is this respect??? Is this to be honest? Nobody is gonna buy such a shit! Amber is only involved in lies and dirty games to get what she wants from life and that's something we can't see in a neutral way, sorry. It's absolutely disgusting what she's doing and it's even more disgusting to see some people tell that we should see such awful facts in a neutral way. This is just an excuse to defend that bitch of Amber. A woman like her has no excuse for what she did to Vanessa and will keep to do in future with some invented stories just to clean her own image. In no way we can be neutral about someone that runied a relationship. I hope that the same happens someday to people who justify her and who proclaim that it's fine to be neutral. Once that their mates dump them for some younger girls, I doubt that they will see in a neutral way women of that kind and being neutral about homewrecker is almost like supporting them after all.

  61. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – You know, even though Johnny isn't perfect and he's human, he's not as bad as Amber is because he regretted his actions with Vanessa and tried to reconciled with her while I bet that Amber didn't regret of having slept with someone who was already engaged and had a family with another woman. Then Johnny never said anything bad about Vanessa while Amber is sending her friends to tell magazines things that aren't true about Vanessa just to be accepted better by the public and if she will make dirty games to bash on Vanessa as you announced, then she's really nasty. More over Johnny is very private and doesn't sell his private life while Amber is an attention-seeker and she always sold her private life in past. When she was dating Tasya, she used to call paparazzi all the time to be seen with her because she needed attention since nobody knew her at the time and paparazzi came only when she called them since they could care less about a poorly known celebrity like she was at the time.

  62. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Then even though Johnny surely asked Amber to not mention anything about their relationship in interviews, Amber did her best anyway to be noticed as his girlfriend. It doesn't matter that she doesn't speaks a word about him in interviews because sometimes facts and actions have more importance than words and everything she did till now shows us that she always wanted people to know that she was dating Johnny. She used to wear his clothes, she called paparazzi more than once when she was with him in 2012 (in Las Vegas, at the Petty festival etc) because I really doubt that it was Johnny's team to call them… Amber is really selfish and clueless. I feel bad for Johnny because he's far better than her and even if he did wrong with Vanessa it doesn't mean he deserves to be used so bad by such a fame whore as Amber is. I bet she even cheated on him more than once…. I really hope he opens his eyes and sends that bitch away from his life because Amber has a very bad karma. More over she thinks to be one of the most beautiful women of this earth when there are millions of women prettier than her. She's kind of ordinary without makeup if we have to be honest.

  63. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah – it's really clear that there is a lot of hypocrisy in "this affair". I mean if Amber is a great artist, why her roles are so "poor and repetitive"? If she is a great woman why does she entered into a relationship with a man engaged? If she is a great stepmother why does she not try to ward off the paparazzi when she is with the kids? Sorry I don't like this hypocrisy. It 's only a media circus, where unfortunately the nice words do not correspond to the facts. I prefer sincere and honest people and I had the feeling that Vanessa is so. Amber has lived in the shadow for years, crawling like a snake and taking all the opportuneness work served to her on a "silver plate", because "the people of Hollywood" knew she was close to Johnny, but this is not enough to make a good career. I appreciate Amber for her perfect body, but I have no estimate of her heart, for her soul and still less for her "art." Unfortunately for her it's no possible to buy the talent with the body ..

  64. jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah – I know that the nice words do not correspond to the facts. I prefer sincere and honest people and I had the feeling that Vanessa is so. Amber has lived in the shadow for years, crawling like a snake and taking all the opportuneness work served to her on a "silver plate", because "the people of Hollywood" knew she was close to Johnny, but this is not enough to make a good career. In the last few days has received a lot of details that confirm this. I appreciate Amber for her perfect body, but I have no estimate of her heart, for her soul and still less for her "art." Maybe It's possible "to buy" the men with the body but unfortunately for her it's no possible "to buy" the talent with the body ..

  65. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – I totally agree with you. Amber is a hypocrite and she likes to be into the spotlight using everybody, even teenagers like Lily Rose. Don't worry anyway because only idiots will buy that she's a nice woman. She dreams about becoming the next Angelina Jolie but she's only a very bad copy of her. Angelina at least is charismatic and can act better, while Amber can't act at all. She definitely s*ck as an "artist", that's maybe why she thought of marrying someone very rich, so that she can live a nice life with him. Since you seem to know more things than common people here, can you tell me if rumours that her and Johnny are planning to marry are true? Then do you know if she really is in an open relationship with him and still bedding women sometimes as it was rumoured? I don't know, but I think she's lesbian and just faking with Johnny to be bisexual selling herself to him to further her career and popularity but as soon as she will get more fame I think she's gonna dump him for a woman… am I right? There are often insinuations that she still sees Tasya… do you know if all this is true?

  66. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah – You just outed yourself as one of her lesbian angry fans loool. Tasya is way out of the picture honey and she has moved on with her life too. You should too, that ship has sailed/sunk. However, vanessa is still in the picture cos of the kids and she will always be. I like both johnny and vanessa but i do not want to be drawn into an argument and be forced to say something bad against either of them. Also i don't know what happened so who am i to judge. I am just not emotionally/mentally invested like you and jamina clearly are, to the point that its driving ya'll to the point of madness. That is why i am neutral on this subject.

  67. Neutral? says – reply to this


    Re: jamjam – You don't seem neutral If you have to argue every time they post something! Why can't you just ignore them?
    It's obvious that you are a fan of Johnny and there is nothing wrong with that, but it seems as though you don't like that some of his skeleton's are falling out of the closet.

  68. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah – Also i don't know where you got your insinuations from loool. Her instagram and so on is all about her art now..pics of her friends, places she has travelled to and so on. And this is a 'fact'. As for jamina, you just turned nasty over night and lost the fairness/levelheadedness that you usually displayed here, as if you have only just found out that johnny and amber are together. You mention about the media, i have not seen anything bad that has been printed about vanessa. oh and fyi i am a student and do not work for johnny/amber. Hell, i am not even from their country. I am just an ordinary person and i do not pretend to be an insider like you when it suits.

  69. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: Neutral? – If you notice, i haven't replied for a long time. I do have a life you know rather than spending my whole day here. I was just about to post a reply to both sarah and jamina that i was done arguing back and forth cos at the end of the day nothing will change. Then i saw your post. I am not just a fan of johnny but i like vanessa too. As far as skeletons go..a ghost can even accompany it lool. who in the world is innocent or skeleton-free? Nobody. It is easy for me to stay neutral cos it is not my life. Their relationship or issues does not affect my own life in anyway or relate to me in any way. To me its just gossip so i don't take it personally.

  70. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: Neutral? – If you notice, i haven't replied for a long time. I do have a life you know rather than spending my whole day here. I was just about to post a reply to both sarah and jamina that i was done arguing back and forth cos at the end of the day nothing will change. Then i saw your post. I am not just a fan of johnny but i like vanessa too. As far as skeletons go..a ghost can even accompany it lool. who in the world is innocent or skeleton-free? Nobody. It is easy for me to stay neutral cos it is not my life. Their relationship or issues does not affect my own life in anyway or relate to me in any way. To me its just gossip so i don't take it personally.

  71. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: jamjam – First don't accuse me of pretending of being an insider because I've never told of having insider info and I've never proclaimed myself an insider nor someone closer to insiders. When you told this you mentioned my name in your post and you don't have any right to accuse me of something I've never done. Second, I am not emotionally/mentally invested to the point that it's driving me to madness because I express my opinion like everybody else here who just like me can't stand Amber and if you can't accept that me and Jamina aren't the only people who dislike her and feel the need to say she's just a homewrecker, it's just your problem because you know better than me that we're so many people that say and think the same things about her that I've just said. Are we all mad? No, we just care about Johnny and Vanessa and we're sorry that Amber destroyed what they had and it's normal that we can't be neutral at this point.

  72. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: jamjam – You know, saying that you can’t judge the situation because nobody knows how things really went between them, you're only pretending of not knowing what really happened but even dogs knows it and I bet that in your heart you know very well what happened and that you're not that stupid to think that Amber is innocent and that she had nothing to do with Johnny separation from Vanessa. I guess you're aware that she is what caused their split, so stop being hypocrite saying you're neutral about all this, because you're not. I read some old posts of yours (here and also on their blog on altervista) where you were clearly expressing sympathy and defending Amber saying positive and nice things about her and about her relationship with Johnny so "neutral" my ass. You're a hypocrite. You like her with Johnny even though you're not going to admit it. So keep swimming in your hypocrisy but nobody here is gonna buy you’re neutral. Third, unlike you I don't see that Johnny is okay and happy with Amber and this is another reason to be worried for him. He's not the same anymore since he broke up with Vanessa. Most of his fans realized that his relationship with Amber has something wrong, something really fake and disgusting and not admitting this you're just in denial.

  73. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah – Learn to read child, i was referring to jamina pretending to be an insider when it suits her not you idiot. And yes i was invited to Altervista to comment which i have done a few times. I have CLEARLY stated that i like all of them and have no problem with any of them but i am a fan of both johnny and vanessa (I've said nice things about them there too). I have also CLEARLY stated that since i do not know what happened, who am i to judge. The tabloids write all sorts of things with no proof. Like when they said johnny bought amber a horse. It turns out she got the horse herself when it was a pony. You may think you know what happened based on what you have read or how things appear to be but you may be wrong. So its best not to judge until one of them says something. And i am done talking to you.

  74. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: jamjam – The idiot is you because you didn't mention Jamina at all in your post accusing of being a fake insider. You only quoted my name, not hers and if you were talking about her then why you quoted ny mane you hypocrite??? You should have quoted her name if you were talking about her because if you quote my name talking about pretending of being a fake insider is logic that I have to suppose you were talking about me. Then next time learn which name is right to quote for your accusations, you idiot. More over you said that since you don't know what happened, you can't judge because the tabloids write all sorts of things with no proof and I ask you something: why you don't wanna judge Amber with the excuse that you don't know what happened but you find easy to judge Jamina of being a fake insider??? Even in this case you don't know if she's sincere or not, you have no proof to say that she can be a fake insider but you're judging her anyway without any proof, so you keep being a hypocrite because you don't judge people you don't know at all only when it's convenient to you!

  75. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: jamjam – Jamina is a stranger as much as also Amber is for you, so how come that you don't wanna judge Amber in any way but you wanna judge Jamina? Just because she provided us info that you don't like, that's it. Jamina said she knows for sure that Amber is what caused Johnny split from Vanessa, so who are you to judge Jamina and tell she's lying??? She's surely more honest and sincere than you precious Amber. Stop being a hypocrite because you keep defend Amber's point of view and it's very clear to everybody. You're not neutral because if you like and support her with Johnny as you do, well, you can't define yourself neutral because you like her. It's really sad and disgusting that you like and support homewreckers. There are many clues that prove that Amber ruined Johnny's relationship with Vanessa and there are also many clues that let us see how much Amber is false and an attention seeker but you're just pretending of not seeing all this just to "protect" the honor of this homewrecker Amber whored. Maybe you support homewreckers because you're one of them.

  76. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah – Listen you maniac…and put your glasses on. I DID NOT FUCKING ACCUSE YOU OF ANYTHING!! Let me quote what i said in my post that you cannot seem to comprehend. Do you not see where i said "As for jamina"? Please read my post again, i beg you. And i refer to jamina because she herself stated in a previous article, (the one with ninety comments) that she is just a fan and not an insider. That is why i said what i said. I am tired of talking to you. In fact both of ya'll. If you still cannot see that i did not accuse you of anything then i hope someone else can point that out to you cos i have tried. I will not be replying to you again so please continue with your diatribe. Have a nice day:)

  77. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: jamjam – What you said doesn't change anyway how much hypocrite you are.

  78. Gil says – reply to this


    I read everything and I have to agree with Sarah and Jamina about the fact that we can't be neutral pretending that there aren't lots of clues that indicate that Amber is what caused Johnny and Vanessa split. People who say that nobody knows the truth are only in denial. It's not about believing in what magazines told because it's not only about rumours but there are too many things that let us see how much Amber is fake and that her relationship with Johnny has never been natural and clean. First of all if Johnny didn't start his affair with Amber when he still was in a relationship with Vanessa, why the hell in the world he used to hide for more than a year that he was seeing Amber? If he really started to date her after his split from Vanessa he didn't do anything wrong and he had no reason to hide, but he did and even when he came out with Amber, the first times in public he looked guilty and ashamed of showing the world he was truly dating her, why? If his relationship with her was based on love and not on a former betrayal, he wouldn't have had any reason in the world to hide and to look so uncomfortable with her in public and more important to say is that if he didn't cheat on Vanessa with Amber, why then he never denied rumours?

  79. Gil says – reply to this


    It would have been very simple to deny all the rumours if they were untrue, but everytime he's asked about his new relationship he asks for silence. He refuses to talk about Amber and this is really suspicious because he never refused (and for so much time) to talk about a relationship that he had. And it's evident that he and Amber are never gonna answer in future to private questions like when they started to have their relationship and if rumours that he cheated on Vanessa with her are true… this only shows that something is wrong and that since he's guilty he can't talk so much about what happened. People that are innocent also have no reason to hide and to refuse of telling the truth. And about Amber, if she’s this sincere and private person, why she did everything she could to make the public know that she was dating Johnny even when he wasn’t ready yet to come out with her? She used to wear his clothes and bracelets in public and her PR worked hard to inform tabloids that she was indeed dating him. More over her team probably informed paps when she was with him in Las Vegas and at the Petty Festival.

  80. Gil says – reply to this


    Amber herself told more than once in her interviews that she doesn't like to hide because hiding denotes shame, but that's what her and Johnny did for more than a year: hiding… why the did if they didn't do anything wrong? Some people are in denial and refuse to see the truth. More over there are lots of clues that Amber is a fake person. If she was that private and not an attention seeker, how come that in every article that regards her relationship with Johnny is mentioned? Her PR has to give the OK to magazines before they publish their interviews and official articles on her and if Amber really wanted to not use his name to get publicity and if she was that private, she would ask her PR to order journalists of not mentioning at all her relationship with him but she doesn't do it because she's aware that articles that would talk only about her wouldn't be that "salable" because they wouldn't interest anybody since Amber isn't this big artist or interesting celebrity she thinks to be.

  81. Gil says – reply to this


    Then, if Amber loves Johnny's children with not second purpose, why her PR is trying to sell the story that she's very kind with them and why she does everything she can to be seen with Lily Rose once hugging and kissing her, then escorting her to go on shopping etc. etc.? She would avoid to get publicity with her if she was really private and if her affection for her was genuine. But nobody can deny that since she came out with Johnny, Amber's PR is doing everything she can to make her look like the best mate for Johnny and the best stepmother for his children. These are facts, not rumours because actions and pictures talk by themselves. Amber is not a true person. She's using Johnny to get the popularity she always dreamt to get. But she could only aim to be famous for gossip and not surely for the talent she doesn't have. If Johnny left her she could say goodbye to media attention because she actually is in the spotlight only thanks to her relationship with him. Before of it nobody really cared about who the hell she was. More over she cheated on Johnny with Tasya becauseI bet that Tasya herself spread this rumour and now has promised to tell soon all the truth about Amber who is not sincere and uses people for her purposes.

  82. IRONIC says – reply to this


    Re: Gil – will treat sick! crazy

  83. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Gil – Your analysis is perfect! I'm not an insider and I'm not a fan. I like Vanessa because she is an honest and loyal woman. She did not talk about all the shit she has received, she could destroy Amber, if she wanted but despite everything she has complied with Amber because she is became part of the lives of her children. b she has not estimate for this woman. She has never said publicly this, beacuse she's A GREAT LADY. She only care her children, and I respect her a lot, because what it means to be a great woman and a great mother.
    Little detail: Why Amber was in the Letterman Show Late?? David said it: "my friend, friend Johnny Depp". This is only raison of her presence there..
    Last thing: Johnny will talk this relationship only if ll be necessary to help the image of his lover, but he will can tell all the truth otherwise he would not help Amber's image..

  84. Gil says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Thanks for your info Jamina and I really believe what you're saying. I don't think either that Johnny will ever answer about when he started to have a thing with Amber as well as he will never answer if rumours that he cheated on Vanessa are true and his obstinate silence confirmes us how much guilty he is about all this story. It's his right to not make any public confessation if hedoesn'twant to because he doesn't owe us anything after all, but my question is: why ig he doesn't love Amber he kees dating and suporting her??? Jamina as someone already asked you, can you tell us if the story of the engagement is another PR stunt or is it real? Amber was seen wearing 3 different rings in these latest days and she doesn't wear them all the time either. I think that it's just a PR's stunt. Most people started to believe that Amber is only a lesbian and that Johnny is just helping her to further her career because he's very kind and generous. This relationship reminds everybody of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley's relationship which allowed MJ to get credit about being hetero and also about cleaning his public image from bad gossip. Jamina can you tell us more details about what's true and about what is fake on Johnny and Amber relationship?

  85. What is he Thinking? says – reply to this


    Why is Johnny so comfortable being in a relationship with this woman who contributed to the destruction of his relationship and more importantly why is he allowing her to be a part of the children's lives? That is so hurtful to Vanessa, especially considering how he already betrayed her!! And now you let your children form a bond with your mistress?
    Such awful behavior!!
    Poor Vanessa now has to share her children with this person? And he allows it to be displayed in public? yuck
    Johnny is going out of his way to hurt her!!

    I'll never support anything he does ever again!!

  86. joanna says – reply to this


    Re: What is he Thinking? – In a few years time the kids will be grown up and perhaps move out. So people need to stop talking as if the kids will stay young forever. Oh and by the way you not supporting his movies or whatever because of his PERSONAL life is just ridiculous.Re: Jamina – Having read the above posts, i kind of agree with jamjam that you pretend to be an insider when it suits you. Oh and she had to be on letterman because it is part of her contract with the movie people. Johnny did not have to do anything. However, i do agree that vanessa is a lovely woman and i hope her new beau benjamin biolay is treating her well. He is kinda cute. I wish both of them every happiness:)

  87. Anthony says – reply to this


    Re: joanna – I agree with you. I don't believe in any fake insider here because as soon as people ask them for a proof or a specific question, they disappear or they don't answer finding the excuse they can't. They're so predictable! Even Jamina. She was asked some specific questions and she didn't answer because she knows nothing. She was asked if Johnny and Amber are really engaged and she didn't answer. I mean, if she talks for real with people well-informed she should know at this stage if the news of the engagement is only a PR stunt, as well as she should know if Johnny and Amber are really planning to marry because she stated of knowing many things they're doing about the media, but when she's asked what are fake news for the media she doesn't answer because she obviously knows nothing, so she prefers to be silent to not risk of telling something that in future we can find to be untrue. She's very cunning but we're not stupid. People that really have info from sure sources can answer instead of disappearing and this is what all the alleged insiders here do. They disappear everytime they are asked specific questions: Veritas, Conan and now Jamina. My advice: don't waste your time trusting these people, because it's very easy to notice how their behaviour is the same everytime they're asked for specific questions. They don't wanna risk to say things they really don't know, that's it.

  88. Anthony says – reply to this


    Re: jamjam – I totally agree with you too! I understand your point of view and don't mind if some obstinate and childish and not mature people can't understand what you mean. I'm neutral too about what Johnny does in his private life and not because I support home wreckers etc. etc. but because I think that whatever every celebrity does, it's just their business. Since we don't know them in real life and we don't even know why they make some choices, we can't judge them. Some fans of Johnny are really getting crazy thinking that they can judge and analyse his life as it's their life. Silly and childish. Then, even if Johnny really cheated on Vanessa he didn't kill anybody, the world is full of men who cheat, especially in show business I really doubt that there are so many faithful men. Maybe it's not nice, but nobody is perfect and Mr Depp has always been very beloved by lots of women on this earth and it's probable that Amber wasn't the first woman whom he cheated. I mean, we can see that even ordinary and ugly men cheat and then we got surprised if a worldwide famous actor that all women want cheated??? I don't get why his private life is analysed as he's the president of USA… he's human and Amber is a very hot woman and I doubt that any other man would have say "no" to her, just let's be honest; every man dreams about having in bed a beautiful woman!

  89. Anthony says – reply to this


    Johnny is just like all men of this earth and that's it. I don't get why people talk about him as he killed someone or as he's the only man on this earth who cheated. Cheating isn't nice okay, but it isn't a crime either because cheaters don't go to jail, please! People hatred is becoming ridiculous! And we can't even judge since we don't know him or Vanessa because maybe he had his reasons to cheat her. Who are we to judge what we don't really know? Sometimes women make their mates feel miserable and we don't really know if this is the case and anyway, sometimes people cheat when they fall out of love for some reason and Vanessa herself told in an interview that her and Johnny just stopped to love each other and when this happens a relationship is doomed to end anyway even if there's no betrayal. Then is this Vanessa untouchable that people treat her like the big victim? We don't really know if she was that saint with him either. Maybe she wasn't a nice mate with him anymore. Who are we to judge what we don't know? We must live their life to judge but since we can't, it's time to think of our business. First of all Vanessa isn't the only woman on this earth who was cheated, the world is full of people that got cheated. Cheaters are much more than faithful people on this earth, trust me, so it's nothing new and I don't get why just in Johnny's case the matter is seen as it's a matter of State. Just get a life!

  90. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Gil – I have already said that their story is true, honestly I can not know the sexual preferences of Amber, but I think she was never a lesbian, because she loved both men and women. It is not difficult to think that she could be really in love with Johnny, that's not the point . She has "won" Johnny, his children and now she wants to conquer the fans, she very ambitious and if necessary she'll use Johnny and his children for her own purposes, so I don't love her. I mean nobody has forced her to attend a engaged man. Her reputation was not the best in Hollywood , even before of Johnny . Now why does she want to look at all costs an angel of the hearth , using Vanessa and her children ? She is playing a part , (just look at the changing clothes, her new smiles, her sudden shyness and her outputs with Lily, their photos and rumors of her great respect for Vanessa etc … They are part of a deliberate strategy, she is not this kind of woman. Unfortunately for her, she is a bad actress. I only wish people will not drink all these bullshits but i'm sure that intelligent people will not drink them..

  91. patricia says – reply to this


    Re: Anthony – I'm glad you have reasonable and good head people like you. I feel relieved ..

  92. Jamina says – reply to this


    I would explain that I don't judge Johnny because he has betrayed Vanessa, I don't think that he has committed a crime or something like that or that deserves jail for it. I don't "dispute" the fact that a woman like Amber is in love with someone like Johnny. What I find really objectionable is "speak publicly" of his devotion to his family, to his great love, meanwhile, he shamelessly betrayed her, making to believe to the whole world to be what he was not. Same thing for Amber, she was in shadow for years acting like " bad" woman, and now claims the love and respect of the people? I mean if you acted like a whore, what do you expect, now? She's using of this man's kids and his ex to rehabilitate her image, this is something really disgusting! If you act like an asshole, you're an asshole, why try to be what you are not? This is called deceit and hypocrisy …!! Everything the rest really does not interest me, if they are happy good for them, but they should not manipulate the minds of the people to save their image. How the hell do they look themselves to the mirror?? I hope that in their life they have what they really deserve and they have at least a little respect for Vanessa and her kids but i doubt that they will do it.

  93. Anthony says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – You fake insider aren't still answering the questions you've been asked to prove that you really can know more than us about what Amber and Johnny are doing with the media… since you claim to know what they're doing with the media, why don't you tell us if the story of the engagement and of the upcoming marriage is true, you must know it at this stage since you claim to know many details about what they're faking to get a better reputation… come on… we're waiting because we're all curious to see if you really know something at this stage…. if not, please, don't embarass yourself and so stop pretending to know things you don't really know! If you can't answer well, you're only speculating my dear, we're not stupid as you think us to be. AND about Johnny, he's not a saint but you're too childish to understand that his devotion for his family has nothing to do with problems he could have had with his mate, Vanessa. People can always be devoted to their family but wish to change something at some stage if they're not happy. What I mean is that a man can be very devoted to his family, in the sense that he can love very much his children but somehow he stopped loving his mate for whatever reason and emotions can't be controlled.

  94. Anthony says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – So you can't judge someone just because he stopped to be in love with his wife. Why he did it is just his business and you can't judge his reasons unless you personally know him very well, but you don't. So just because he wasn't in love anymore with Vanessa it doesn't mean he's a bad guy for this and it doesn't mean he stopped to care about his children. Many couples get separate in this world but this doesn't make them bad people or bad parents. And it's not fair to say that someone isn't devoted to his family if at some point of his life he cheats on his mate. First of all it wasn't adultery because Johnny and Vanessa never married and only about people who are married we can talk about adultery, then, you know, maybe when Johnny talked about his family and about how much he cared about Vanessa, he was sincere and he wasn't planning to cheat on her, then it's just happened… sometimes we don't plan to do bad things but it happens because we're humans and we can all do wrong but this doesn't mean that people, in the exact moment they're talking about their love for their family aren't sincere. In that moment they really are, but then you can't stop to love your mate and everything simply change without that you planned it because you can never plan emotions and temptations. They just happen!

  95. Anthony says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – So stop to say that he pretended to be what he's not. Maybe he really wanted to keep his family together and he did for many years, but then something happened and things changed but this doesn't make of him a false person. It's just that we're all are in evolution during our lives. You know, the way you speak and your considerations about love make sthink you never had a long term and serious relationship. I bet you have a poor experience about love and couple’s life because you speak like a teenager who still trusts eternal love that nowadays doesn’t exist anymore anywhere. Just wake up. Nowadays it’s really hard to make a relationship work forever, especially in show business. After first years passion fades out between a couple and people often cheat but in many cases they aren’t discovered and that’s why it seems that some relationships are still okay but the truth is that there’s no eternal and true love anywhere by now and in most cases people work hard to make their relationship work but without succeeding sometimes. Wait to be married and have a family of your own for several years and only then you’ll see how hard it is to be really happy and in love also after so many years.

  96. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Anthony – I already told not to be an insider and I have never pretended that , everything I've said, is the truth and now it is under the eyes of all , the engagement is real, why continue to deny ? it' s not a matter of personal involvement, you still don't understand . A person who wants to keep her family together, holds it together . You speak of the betrayal as if it was natural event as an earthquake or hurricane, but the man has a brain, a heart, he can choose..!!! Of course the eternal love does not exist, I agree with you, but there is the respect for the people who were at his side in his life in good times and in bad times, i dont' speaking just about Vanessa, but also his fans, because if he became rich and famous must thank his fans. Many of them have followed him because they considered him a loyal , faithful and sincere man and now they have anymore respect for him. I do not mean as an actor, because this does not affect on his talent, but as man. " The Johnny" that people loved does not exist anymore or he doesn't ever existed or maybe the real Johnny came out just now, so he told us many craps for years! Does someone know the true Johnny?? Why does he continue to lie to pubblic and maybe to himself?

  97. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – closed the lchat amber and these lesbians vent their frustrations see here. Go fuck!

  98. Anthony says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – So if the engagement is real, are they really planning to marry? Anyway, I can't judge Johnny about the reason why he needed to search something else in another woman because I'm not him, I don't live his life and I don't know what his reasons were, only him knows them. I just think we can't judge what we don't know just because of what we read or we heard by other people. He just fell out of love and he has no fault if he stopped to be in love with Vanessa. Emotions can't be controlled, it's not a choice to stop loving someone, it just happens for whatever reason. Then the public image of the loyal man was just a PR stunt and I always knew it. You know, most of celebrities public images are fake. I never believe 100% (and not even 50%) in what I read on magazines about celebrities. In most cases it's just a PR work to make their clients look good and nice, it's a business and it works this way for all celebrities my dear, not only for Johnny. This is the price they have to pay for being famous: accept to sell a different image of themselves to be liked by the public. This is Hollywood I guess and it always was fake in many things, just wake up! Do you really think that it's only his public image that was and is fake in the show business industry??

  99. Anthony says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Johnny had and still has to accept compromises like all the other celebrities to be part of the hollywoodian circus, that's it. I think that people should learn to not believe in everything that PRS of hollywoodian celebrities try to sell us. The real problem is that people think to know the truth about their favorite celebrities just because they read certain things about them on magazines but it's really naive and they should open their eyes… nobody can really knows how celebrities are in real life unless they live with them. No matter what these celebrities tell in interviews because behind every interview there's always a long PR's work and list of advices that celebrities must be submitted…

  100. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: claudita – baby, maybe you've swallowed too much " liquid", your brain is closed. Lol

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