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How Awesome Do Madonna's Boobs Look Here?

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madonna hard candy canada

Sex bomb!

Madonna attended the opening of her Hard Candy gym in Toronto, Canada on Tuesday, and she was her own best advertisement.

The global icon showed off her hard body in a tight pencil skirt and even tighter lace-up top that opened up to reveal a sexy black lace bra!

That cleave!!!

Her Madgesty got even more edgy with her fishnet stockings, gold-accented fingerless gloves, and tousled blonde locks.

She goes hard or she goes home!

CLICK HERE to read all about her new skincare line!

[Image via AP Images.]

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22 comments to “How Awesome Do Madonna's Boobs Look Here?”

  1. Lets be real says – reply to this


    Madonna is full blown white trash. She had her opportunity to be sexy and provocative and she did it well, but she has teenage children. There is beauty in accepting yourself and she clearly refuses to accept who she is now, and prancing around with her underwear showing pretending to be Miley Cyris' age is just pathetic and trashy. Women of her age should be aging gracefully, not dressing as prostitutes while their children look on in horror and run to a shrink.

  2. g peters says – reply to this


    WTF is that? Sex bomb my ass. Looks like a bad drag queen. Love how she always covers up the grandma hands. Please go away.

  3. @v@ says – reply to this


    Any trussed up boobs: "Let me down! Let me down! WTH, it's chilly out here! I want a t-shirt! This is almost as bad as a mammogram! Help us!"

  4. The Big Bad Bully Nerd says – reply to this


    Re: Lets be real – I guess you and I define "white trash female" differently. I define it as a poor or working class white female who dates similarly poor males and lives in trailer park or, worse, a ghetto (where people who cant even afford trailers live. The violent communities). Or its a white female who is a druggie (pot excluded) or a convicted felon (regardless of her economic class). Madonna might not be as beautiful as the average 22 year old or even as beautiful as a few of her lucky age defying peers like Christie Brinkley or joan jett but she is NOT white trash. She is white elite 2nd class. RICH WOMAN. (2nd class white elite is people who became rich via some other means besides business ownership or inventing something). My parents are white elite FIRST class. White elite 3rd class are people who became rich because they won a lottery or someone died.

  5. Kdoh says – reply to this


    Re: The Big Bad Bully Nerd – Wow really? Honey you can have all the money in world and still be white trash. It's not about what you do or don't have but how you portray yourself, and Madonna does a terrible job. Get your head out of your ass.

  6. The Matrix says – reply to this


    I glad she covered up her wrinkled old lady hands.

  7. DC says – reply to this


    Re: The Big Bad Bully Nerd
    "My parents are white elite FIRST class. "
    Yeah, right. People who are "elite first class" don't go around telling people they're elite, not that anyone actually believes you are anyway. White trash who come into money are the ones who boast about it.

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: DC – Old and inherited money (even better with familial lineage) wasn't even mentioned, and bumps nouveaux business money.

  9. 9

    @matrix yup she's always wearing gloves to cover her wrinkled veiny hands. I'm surprised there isn't a medical solution for her problem.

  10. Ken says – reply to this


    Her last two albums were hot messes. I wish she would put more passion into her music, if she's even interested in making any anymore, as she puts into all these business ventures. She has more money than God! She doesn't need any more.

  11. The Big Bad Bully Nerd says – reply to this


    Re: DC – Yeah, right. People who are elite first class. don't go around telling people they're elite, not that anyone actually believes you are anyway"….. People ont brag? then you dont know any elite people. Jealous much? Your mom gave you a poor father and to feel good about her sad breeding skills you have to pretend some women dont have better taste than her in order to feel good about her tawste? Society called my mom a gold digger for 20+ years (her sisters and even my friends). I'm sure as hell going to brag about how lucky I am that I came from a "gold diggers" womb as a result of that vilification. I dont consider myself "white elite 1st class". I consider myself "3rd class" since I clearly won a lottery. I wouldnt have money if my mom hadnt married money. But you can pretend that I'm pretending if that is what makes you feel good about the womb you came from.

  12. The big bad bully nerd says – reply to this


    I do love that defensive mechanism of society though. "hey lets call women gold diggers for marrying rich men and then when their angry kids who hate the "gold digger" word BRAG that there moms gave them the greatest gift a woman can give a child (a wealthy father), lets pretend he's lying so that way my children will think ALL women breed like me and not like… his smart mom (who sure can pick em)".
    As for "poor white women who marry rich men"… they are white elite 3rd class. That is clearly winning a lottery. I am still debating whether people can MOVE from class to class with msyelf. Madonna owns a business now. Is she now white elite FIRST class? If she has moved from 2nd class to 1st class then so have I because I own a business too. I dont know. I havent decided. For now, she is 2nd class and I am 3rd class.

  13. The Big Bad Bully Nerd says – reply to this


    Re: Kdoh – I believe i said you can have money and be white trash: "Or its a white female who is a druggie (pot excluded) or a convicted felon (regardless of her economic class)"…………But I dont view "acting/dressing sexy or slutty" or "dressing young for your age" is a form of being white trash. Sex is not a trashy thing therefore people who do it are not trashy. The idea that sex is dirty and sinful comes from religion. Not all people believe that gods exist just like not all people believe that the children of the upperclass exist. But… 1) the children of the upperclass (as a group) have lower crime rates than the other classes and better academic performance as a group and according to IQ researchers, higher IQs as a group (gold diggers raise the smartest babies). People dont usually read studies that show these statistics but I sure do. Yes, people with money can be trashy, but, I still would never want to live around the poor.

  14. The Big Bad Bully Nerd says – reply to this


    Re: The big bad bully nerd – I've just decided that people CAN move from white elite class to white elite class. It was silly for me to even think people cant. For example, you can start a business. and become white elite 1st class and then develop a meth addiction. In my mind that person has moved from white elite to white trash (bottom barrel). Madonna made her money by singing. That type of upperclass person is NOT as important to society as inventors like my father are (or business owners who employ people). But now she owns a business. She employs people. She is now important to society as an employer of society. That makes her white elite 1st class. I also employ people. That makes me white elite first class. Even rich men who got rich owning porn businesses are white ELITE not trash. (sex is not trashy to the minds of people who think religion is a fabrication)

  15. Big Bad Bully Nerd says – reply to this


    And just for the record. Lets SUPPOSE i'm lying. Lets suppose that i have the ONE [part] jew mom (she practices her dads catholic religion but is culturally jewish) who didnt like successful men and that she married the kind of men that her mom married: white trash. I WOULD STILL BE RICH because I'm not like other males. My philosophy since I was 15 is "if you cant be born rich or if you cant BECOME rich… then marry rich or date rich" (thats the philosophy of my entire family tree. "become rich on your own steam or on the coattail of a rich person"). I would be married to a wealthy girl if i was "poor" I would GOLD DIG. (there are dating agencies for upperclass people. I would NEVER sit around chasing poor women or middle class women if I wasnt upperclass. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS. But, we live in a jealous society so…. i will ignore the predictable "you cant get a rich woman because you are ugly" comments. If people will pretend my parents are poor they will surely pretend i'm ugly too. So convenient. If I wasnt upperclass.. i'd be a gold digger and I'd still be upperclass. Heads I win tails i win (the motto of my life). My IQ is higher than the average male. And if i was too ugly to get a rich woman.. I'd date an elderly one. You are never too ugly for the elderly. Seriously. HAHAHAHA.

  16. Big Bad Bully Nerd. says – reply to this


    Re: Big Bad Bully Nerd – But of course "rich elderly woman" would be the last choice behind 20 to 30's rich women since I want to breed (as scary as some people might pretend that is). I'

  17. DC says – reply to this


    Re: The Big Bad Bully Nerd – That's an awfully long-winded response just to try to prove you're something you're not. I do know a lot of elite people. That's why I know you're not one of them, just like I know you're not intelligent with those 5th grade retorts. You bore me. Have a nice day.

  18. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    She really does look like 'bad drag'…I mean OMG ! How old and wrinkly is she starting to loo ?. And, WTF is up with that hair ! ? ! Women push'n 60 really should not have long hair…she truly is showing her Michigan White Trash roots…in more ways than one ! Woof !

  19. The Big Bad Bully Nerd says – reply to this


    Re: DC – " I do know a lot of elite people. That's why I know you're not one of them"….. well that proves it then (So I take it YOU arent elite. So why arent you gold digging? see, I would NEVER be you. Thats such a pitiful way to live. You werent born rich, you dont date/marry rich. You just pretend upperclass people are poor. what a "life" you have. Enviable). Thats incredible deductive work. How you arent more famous than Colubmo is beyond me. Thats 4th grade deductive work. But I get it. Your mom gave you a mediocre or poor father so you want to pretend EVERYBODY was given that same misfortune. Nope. My mom poked a wealthy man in the stomach back when she was good looking and if I told you how much my mother is worth today… youd REALLLY bust a nut. You'd have to work fulltime for 2 lifetimes just to afford the necklaces she locks away and never wears. "they are just investments. Not for wearing".

  20. The Big Bad BUlly Nerd says – reply to this


    RE: DC. But I wasnt trying to CONVINCE you or anyone that I'm upperclass (only my girl needs to believe that and my employees. Whether or not someone named "DC" believes me isnt important. I know how jealousy works). I was merely debating (with myself mainly) the word "white trash" and whether madonna is it or not. Society likes to use the word "white trash" so I invented the opposite phrase "white elite" (everything needs opposites). And then there is white mediocrity (the common man/woman). But some "elite people" didnt do elite things to become elite so I had to invent "classes of eliteness" based on their importance to society. Inventors are more important than singers (to the advancement of society) so business owning inventors who cash in on patents are an ELITE FIRST CLASS wealthy person (hence my dad). Crooners are second class elite (society doesnt NEEEED singers in order to advance. Tribespeople sing but they arent advanced). As for "5th grade" retort…. well gee.. your retort sounds like that of a jealous 3rd grader. But you didnt even bother saying "my dad is bigger than your dad" because your mom didnt know how to breed (maybe if she had been part ashkenazi). Calling someone "5th grade" is so.. "college educated". You have a masters degree for sure. Your retort PROVES it. I'm more columbo than you are. I even linger around like Columbo.

  21. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    HagDonna !

  22. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    She was in Toronto …? ? ? It will take a WEEK to get her stench outa that city ! Yuck !