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Would You Hide Your Engagement Ring If Johnny Depp Gave It To You? Cuz Amber Heard Is!

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Amber Heard keeps doing interviews without her engagement ring from Johnny Depp!

Being engaged to one of the hottest men in Hollywood is a HUGE deal!

So why would anyone want to hide that??

We certainly can’t fathom a reason, and yet time and time again Johnny Depp’s fiancée Amber Heard has been spotted without her huge engagement rock.

On Monday morning, she stopped by Live! With Kelly & Michael sporting a Burberry outfit, Jimmy Choo heels, and a surprisingly blank ring finger. That same evening, the 3 Days to Kill actress wore a Veronica Beard dress, Smythe jacket, Quay sunglasses, and no engagement sparkler on The Late Show with David Letterman!

Where’s your commitment, gurl??? We want more of that diamond! Wear it like you mean it!!

Or maybe the ring's just so GIANT it weighs her down, LOLz!

P.S. Need more Depp? We totally understand. CLICK HERE to see all the other ladies who've held Mr. Depp's heart!

[Image via Instagram/Ramey Pix.]

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19 comments to “Would You Hide Your Engagement Ring If Johnny Depp Gave It To You? Cuz Amber Heard Is!”

  1. lc says – reply to this


    Why hide it again!?! Amber should just be honest&herself and say that they are engaged/happy. That's if they are at all?? At the end of the day, the media/paps/interviews she does are only interested in her for being Johnny's partner. Am sure she will know this and without him, she is just another young Hollywood scarlet trying to make a name for herself.

  2. 3nickim says – reply to this


    Johnny and Amber are surely laughing all mídia.rsrs her touting the film does not ring.

  3. 3nickim says – reply to this


    I bet my kidney that this marriage may be on her birthday

  4. 4

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  5. joanna says – reply to this


    Did anyone see Leighton Meester's engagement ring? and now she is married by the way. She knows people would be more interested in her ring so its best to take it off. She is there to promote her new movie afterall, not her private life.

  6. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: lc – She doesn't want to talk about her personal relationship with Johnny which is her right.

  7. Meh says – reply to this


    Well, if her PR issued a missive to the media to not ask about her personal life -as it's said- it would be a nonsense of her part to be in the interviews with the ring. It's like shows to the media the bait, to tempt them, and after that to pretend that they don't want a piece of that.
    But actually, the ring looks too big anyway. I think that's the main reason she doesn't wear it on her everyday outings and that might not change with the time (because with the interviews, once she/he open up their relationship to the press, she'll be with the ring in every talk show)

  8. Mary Agnus says – reply to this


    Re: 5aled – Yousef,
    How can she have any boundaries now when she was sleeping with man in a 14 year committed relationship?
    She's such a hypocrite!!
    The only reason she CAN'T talk about Johnny is because there is no honor in their relationship!! Their hands are not clean!!

  9. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: Mary Agnus – And how do you you know she was sleeping with him when he was in that dead relationship? Is there any evidence? Btw how is it a 14 years relationship if they are broke up in 2011? She started sleeping with him after he broke up with Vanessa. She is not talking about Johnny because she is a private person now and don't want to expose her personal relationship to media who are so not worth it.

  10. Lala says – reply to this


    A video. Amber almost fell to the ground but kept signing autographs, that sounds "familiar" to me as Depp's fan ;) Johnny's bodyguard saved her ass (literally). And funny when the papz recognize the bodyguard as Johnny's bodyguard an ask about Jerry :D
    h t t p : / / y o u t u . b e / d u v _ 2 Y 3 4 f U g

  11. Amber says – reply to this


    Because you gave me Vanessa's ring… :(

  12. gym says – reply to this


    Re: Lala – ha ha ha ha ha ha ha dumb,stupid bitch

  13. 13

    Re: Amber – I thought the same thing it does look just like Vanessa's old ring! But I didn't want to say it. But we know he likes to recycle so maybe huh?

  14. What? says – reply to this


    Re: MonroeAmberHearders – It looks nothing like Vanessa's ring. Go to check the pictures again. This is like 10 times bigger than Vanessa's one. Also Vanessa's is like one stone ring with a platinum setting. This other is like THE DIAMOND and many little more diamonds on that elaborated setting of platinum and brilliants

  15. Emma says – reply to this


    Re: What? – check this photo: h t t p s : / / w w w . f a c e b o o k . c o m / V a n e s s a P a r a d i s F a n C l u b

  16. AV says – reply to this


    Re: Emma – Not the same. it's just the angle of that picture that someone - a delusional- use to compare it. If you look any other picture of both rings and you could see are totally different. And there are many pictures of the love ring and many many angles of Amber's ring and in any other picture look like in the picture they chose to compare it
    Also who kind of mad would think that Vanessa's ring going to end in Amber's hand? That ring going to end in Lily-Rose's hands at some point more than sure, because that's the tradition

  17. AV says – reply to this


    Re: AV – Sorry, here is an article with many angles to Amber's ring and of course, it doesn't look like in the picture at Vanessa's comparision; h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m / n 5 f y o 7 y

  18. GimmieChoo says – reply to this


    Give it up people! Amber's engaged and can wear the ring or not. A huge 5 ct diamond doesn't have to be worn every damn minute of the day!

  19. charity says – reply to this


    She is gay!!!!!! I feel Sorry for Johnny Depp what a waste of time and money in the future when she takes him to the cleaners!