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8 comments to “Aspiring Model Pushed Out Of Moving Vehicle & Beaten; Uses Horrific Injuries To Raise Domestic Violence Awareness”

  1. 1

    Let me guess! She's back together with him now…

  2. mikeh420 says – reply to this


    Yep, she'll be back with her dirtbag shortly. They always do.

  3. 3

    dumbass put herself in harms way…8 months, how slow can she be?

  4. 4

    Wow that is horrible, my late husband only tapped me once lightly on the cheek when I was getting hysterical after my mother passed away.

  5. jessica colleen says – reply to this


    These comments are ridiculous. Most dv.. NOT just woman.. sit in silence and don't speak up or get help. This poor girl did everything right.. To the people talking badly about her saying she is going to get back with him or how shes a dumb ass should be ASHAMED of themselves. People like you need to go to hell don't EVER blame a victim! Blame the man who DID this to her. Makes me sick to think there is people out there like you talking badly about her and you know what? That makes you just as bad as the man who did this to her!

  6. myfunnyfootshoe says – reply to this


    I often wonder how many 18-25 year old women are told by their parents to break up with their 40-50 year old boyfriends on the grounds that "older guys are dangerous" only to be beaten, raped or murdered by males under 25 (the most dangerous male per capita). Any male can be a danger but females can reduce their odds of being with dangerous males by avoiding 1) undereducated males 2) lower IQ males 3) poorer males (especially unemployed males. the highest risk male) 4) males under 25 (the most violent males per capita) 5) males on drugs/booze ESPECIALLY. 6) males from abusive families themselves (if he tells you "My dad use to beat my mom".. say "oh so sorry.. and then run". It runs in families).
    I'm sure i'm forgetting some other males to avoid or at least proceed with caution with.

  7. MyfunnyFootshoe says – reply to this


    now I know what i forgot: males with certain mental illnesses.

  8. myfunnyfootshoe says – reply to this


    Society needs to also raise awareness of domestic violence in gay and lesbian households (I was not impressed with lesbians. I expected better of them but it would seem that abuse is rampant in lesbian households. fortunately, child abuse isnt). And we need to raise awareness of male victims of abuse too. Machismo (the same thing that makes men hit women) also stops male victims of abuse from reporting it which results in violent crimes against men being seriously underreported. I believe woman on male abuse is as under reported as women child rapists are. There needs to be a movement to encourage more men to report their abuse. No human should have to live with a feral "lover". I dumped a girl just for YELLING alot. Thats how little tolerance I have for barbarism.