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Just another reason Madonna is QUEEN!! The unconventional singer is known for going against the grain, and one of her recent Instagram photos is a per… Read more…

30 comments to “Madonna Grows Her Hair Out — Under Her Arms! Check Out Her Piliferous Pits HERE!!”

  1. Allison says – reply to this


    Julia Roberts did this many years back on the red carpet. all the power.

  2. fercy says – reply to this


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  3. 3

    Gross! anything for attention!

  4. susan says – reply to this


    She has nothing better to do than act like a 7th grader? Look at me! Look at me! And I have nothing better to do than post a comment?

  5. 5

    First, I don't know what's more frightening, her face or the fake pit hair ? She looks old n worn…and you can totally see that it's fake arm pit hair. Plus, everyone who is a M fan knows her really hair color is dark brown….maybe even gray now.

  6. susan says – reply to this


    Looks fake.

  7. annieoo says – reply to this


    *sigh* Just another reason she is queen.

  8. JC says – reply to this


    So armpit hair is now considered art?

  9. Coolsville says – reply to this


    Meh! Patti Smith did this back in '78.

  10. Jenn says – reply to this


    It's only a statement if it were real…

  11. 11

    Fake, hand tied hair on lace then glued to pit.

  12. MB says – reply to this


    I think the only thing good about it is she beat Miley Cyrus to it.

    Miley's going "Damn…. why didn't I think of that?" Then she'll fire the person responsible for thinking these things up.

  13. mebenz says – reply to this


    I just threw up in my mouth. Thanks Madonna and Perez.

  14. 14

    Since I can't post a picture, my response to Madonna's 'hairy' situation is my new avatar! LOL

  15. kssomom says – reply to this


    Look at me, Look at me, I'm an OLD HAG who still craves attention!!! Please give me some before I do more stooooooooooooopid things to make you notice me!!!!

  16. 16

    MadDonna : Oh Mr. Director, my armpit is ready for its closeup!
    Director : *thinks* Well, at least it's not her wrinkled face again.

  17. 17

    More like the old lady who needed attention. Just don't get too close to smell those pits.

  18. Seriously?! says – reply to this


    She stinks to high heaven…of desperation. This is just sad.

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    Give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair
    Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen
    Give me down to there, hair, shoulder length or longer
    Here baby, there, momma, everywhere, daddy, daddy…
    Hair, flow it, show it
    Long as God can grow, my hair

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Coolsville – 'Patti Smith did this back in '78.' …and women do it everywhere, all of the time unless they're going to wear sleeveless.

  21. 21

    This woman is so desperate for attention and compliments.

  22. JoAnne says – reply to this


    This Is ridiculous anyone knows when you reach 50 years old the armpit hair becomes less and less her first Playboy layout she had less hair than this and she was hairy!!

  23. mongrel says – reply to this


    A hairy italian woman. Somehow I'm not surprised.

  24. SS says – reply to this


    Rebellious? Hardly! Revolutionary? Please! Artistic? She wishes! Women all over the world do not shave;she's not leading the pack. If she really wanted to be all those, how about she stop coloring her hair as well and go make-up free.

  25. The Matrix says – reply to this


    Obviously she dyes her pits. Naturally they're a musky grey !!

  26. B says – reply to this


    Doing nasty shit to stay relevant. That'll be miley when she's 50 something.

  27. mlington says – reply to this


    fake hair. this is armani photoshoot

  28. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: mlington – Either that or she (lol) dyes her pits.

  29. C says – reply to this


    Doesn't she know bad lighting illuminates plastic surgery scars?

  30. Brandon Arkell says – reply to this


    **News Flash** Women can grow armpit hair!

    It isn't shocking at all. If you Google 'early Madonna nude', you will actually find some quite beautiful, elegant, and even innocent nudes of the Material Girl. And there is plenty of bush and unbleached arm hair to be seen. It's just that with Photoshop these days, people live with the illusion that women don't look the way they actually do.