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More people are weighing in! And this time it's Kelly Osbourne! The Fashion Police co-host and Kim Kardashian's good friend blogged her thoughts on all t… Read more…

80 comments to “Kelly Osbourne Speaks Out On Kimye's Vogue Cover! Tells All The Haters Off! WAY OFF!!”

  1. 0000 says – reply to this


    Eat shit Kelly, by the sounds of it you really seem to like it anyway!

  2. 0000 says – reply to this


    Eat shit Kelly, you seem to really like shit anyway.

  3. 0000 says – reply to this


    Hey this is ground breaking too, its the first time a porno star has been on the cover.

  4. liquid kitty says – reply to this


    Does anyone but Gaga care about the opinion of a Kelly Osbourne?

  5. 5

    Nope. I don't agree with Kelly. Their dreams did not come true - as Kelly says - their dreams were bought and paid for. Maybe they can buy a parade too.

  6. Andrew says – reply to this


    Why is this even a discussion, there are many world issue's going on and if people cared or spoke up about them as they did about this Lame ass Vogue cover then the world would be making some progress. I find when celebrity life pops ups as big news it's a distraction from what's really important. It's two people who's heads are so far up thier own asses on the cover of a magazine laugh at it people then move along.

  7. kandace says – reply to this


    Do I agree with Kelly? No because everyone is in-titled to their own opinions there are things to be said whether nice or not.. things will be said its not something to control.. this is complete madness if you ask me lol

  8. kandace says – reply to this


    Re: Andrew – I totally agree with this.. stuff like this will always remain the main focus instead of something actually important and focusing on world problems.. that's why Icant stand celebrities and what's made them so attention worthy when we could focus our attention on world hunger or all the other problems that don't get discussed..

  9. 9

    Nope - don't agree with Kelly. Have NEVER dreamt about being on cover of vogue. I find it pretentious. The "fashions" in it are unrealistic and un-wearable for every-day attire. As much as I had wanted to be a fashion designer as a kid, "high" fashion never made sense to me. You can't wear it anywhere.
    The American dream - porn "star" to cover girl…..

  10. Jenny says – reply to this


    Coming from a co-host on fashion police who does nothing but judge and insult people by what they wear, she has no right telling other people not to judge or share their opinion!!! Piss off, bitch!!!!

  11. beach says – reply to this


    They may be a that to you, but there are quite a many of us that do not find them anything but disgusting. Get over yourself Kelly. And I seriously doubt the WORLD has been in a tizzy. MANY MANY people in the world don't give a flying "F" either. Good grief. You wanna be stars sure think your shit doesn't stink.

  12. beach says – reply to this


    Dream of being on Vogue? How fricking funny. No, Kelly, not all of us dream of being on the cover of a magazine that is page after page of nothing but advertising. Ridiculous. You may dream about it. You have joined all the plastic people.

  13. Canadian M says – reply to this


    Re: Jenny – EXACTLY!

  14. NoOne says – reply to this


    Why is she focusing on race? Literally 0 people care that Kanye is black. People are mad that they bought the cover and that she has no fashion sense. People stopped caring about race like 20 years ago…

  15. shelby says – reply to this


    Kelly who?

  16. 16

    I agree with Kelly. Most of of them are just haters that wish it were them. Those who actually think you can pay Anna Wintour to be on the cover of Vogue obviously don't follow fashion to much or else they'd know better. Besides at least Kim and Kanye look better than half the ugly ass supermodels they put on those covers with all their nasty bones sticking out like some skeleton decoration at Halloween. At least Kim has a nice healthy body (maybe too much ass though). Hell I don't even like Kim and Kanye but it is what it is.

  17. 17

    This coming from somebody paid to trash-talk people based on their looks for a living…*eye-roll*

  18. mike says – reply to this



  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    People are going to have finite opinions, even Ms. Kelly here. They're the mag's customers, and they'll either buy it or they won't. People speak with their wallets.

  20. char says – reply to this


    Who cares what Kelly thinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Jennifer says – reply to this


    WTH? Are you kidding us Pop culture most powerful? LMAO! I think Kelly O is in the Kimye lala land! They are self absorbed and think their sh@t don't stink, and only fooling themselves! Sorry but people don't like him and can't understand why she is even given this kind of attention for what? Oh yeah, she had a sex tape!. Vogue should have more class!

  22. 22

    Kims just so gross bc she's always been so desperate for fame. She was willing to lay on her back and display her lack of dignity and self respect by releasing a film of herself in the most intimate moment for FAME, she was willing to show her boobs and Vaj in playboy for FAME, she calls paps, does stupid PR stunts all the time, etc. Seh just wanted fame. She rides on peoples coattails - how many slightly famous ppl did she boink do get to the top? It's like she has no selfrespect and THAT is why I'm turned of fby her. Not by the fact that she is on a reality show. She's like that person at the part who tries to get in all teh pics and uses ppl to become popular or get attention. She's fking gross. She never has anything to offer. She says she's a designer but actually she pays ppl to copy others designs, switch it up and slap her initials on it - once again riding on someone else's hard work. She so narcissistic.

  23. char says – reply to this


    Re: Pink Mafia – You are soooooo right, "the pot calling the skillet black"

  24. 24

    PART 2:

    And Then she rides on Kanye's coattail and all of his hard work, he says he finally found someone who doesn't need to use him for Money, what an idiot. That's not what she's after. She is no gold digger, she's a famedigger, and she made sure she was set by popping a kid out so she can ride on his coat tails the rest of her life. I will never respect her no matter how often she is googled, no matter how many trashy tabloids she gets, no matter how many gossip sites talk about her - lets not forget she's also a homewrecker who not only cheated on her bf (Reggie) but who she cheated w had a gf. She's just a shitty fking human being.

  25. Don't hate.. says – reply to this


    Doesn't matter what she did that made her famous.. she is who she is and now has a beautiful daughter…and seems 2 be happy with kanye… u don't have 2 luv them or even like them..but u shouldn't judge them…u r no one 2 judge anyone.

  26. 26

    WTH! Biggest culture power couples? LMAO! Kelly Osbourne is in Kimye lala land. This couple thinks their sh@t don't stink, sadly are only fooling them self's. First of all people just don't like him and can't understand why she get this kind of attention. For what? Oh yeah she did a sex tape! NOTHING to do with race don't play those cards Kelly! And Vogue should have more class!

  27. No Kelly says – reply to this


    Don't pretend it's about race. It's about the face that 90 percent of the American population has seen that KK Ray J video & will never get that vile image out of our heads. We will never see Kim as anything but trash, no matter how many designer dresses her douchebag fiancée puts her in. It's like putting a prom dress on a ten cent whore, someone is still going to want to pee on that trash. To be on Vogue you must have class. KK & Kanye West are as classless as they come. There is NOTHING that is going to change that perception. Period.

  28. Lida says – reply to this


    She missed the point entirely. The backlash is not about race whatsoever. It's not even really about Kanye - although in my opinion he is trashy, at least he has a legitimate career. It's more about Kim Kardashian being on the cover. This is Vogue, the ultimate cutting edge magazine - yes it features older stars but it also features up and coming young actresses and models… all people who have contributed something REPUTABLE to society, and there are some places where reality stars just should not be.

  29. 29

    Re: @v@ – Oy @v@ I do nothing but agree with you lately..
    But it's not only the people who are not on the cover (and wouldn't give a damn of being on it! Dream my ass!) that buy this magazine. Yup, in case of Kanye and his fiancee, all bought and paid for in full, this Vogue stunt. But hey! As someone said, that's what Vogue really is, "page after page" full of advertisements. Being on the cover or inside of this magazine has one simple goal - to promote oneself, to sell oneself. They got what they paid for! Whether we like it or not, OR how it happened, THEY got back every penny they have invested in it and it will be paying off for quite a while yet, I tell you. Even all the negative publicity is just that, a publicity.
    Dear me.. Kim looks like stuffed fish on those photos. Poor thing. Yes she has curves which are not too bad even if a little to overinflated in some places, but the look on her face says it all. She is NOT happy. Vogue cover or not.

  30. 30

    Re: Lida – You've got the point there, "Lida". I think Ms. Wintour is losing her "touch". Time to go?

  31. Jacks29 says – reply to this


    Kelly is just sticking up for her fellow 'famous for just being famous.' Kelly needs to get over herself. She is where she is because of her parents.

  32. emily clark says – reply to this


    TO Kelly Osbourne-Your comment are completely ridiculous. You have absolutely NO FASHION BACKGROUND. Yes you are on some show where cackling hens give there options on which "dress is prettier" , but lets remember you didn't get that job with a degree from parsons so stick to what you know. Being a trust fund baby. As you say "it is not your decision who is on the cover of vogue" true but it is my decision not to buy it. The power is in the consumer and if no one chooses to buy Vogue then that sends a strong message. Comparing the Kim & Kanye cover that of Giselle & le Bron is insane. Just the comparison alone give the impression that Kim & kanye are in some way groundbreaking which they are not. Gisele is a hard working highly respected model and Le Bron a tremendous athlete. They have both made amazing breakthroughs in their careers. Please do not compare them with a mediocre rapper and an entitled reality/porn star. The people who purchase Vogue like myself are not looking to read about Kim Kardashian. We see her for what she is, tacky with no original style. Wrapping yourself in sausage like casing clothing does not equal personal style and is NOT worthy of a vogue cover.

  33. 33

    The womans only claim to fame is making a video of herself getting urinated on by a guy who thought he was a rapper Ray J……..Sorry but Kim Kardashian is nothing but a fame whore with no talent and a thirst for piss

  34. WendyO says – reply to this


    Listen Kelly Osborne, you may not live in reality but I certainly do and the "little people of Earth" don't appreciate a person who is NOT talented and has no talent on the cover of such an iconic magazine. In fact the only thing this person has done to make her famous is a "SEX TAPE" What a great role model for teenage girls. She's been married almost three times, one marriage lasted less than three months, I would say, unless you prove that she has done great things with her wealth, like maybe helped homelessness, children in need, hospitals, volunteer work, famine third world countries, I, and many other "little people" would grately appreciate to hear about it. In meantime, YOU don't impress me when you speak out. Your just another LOUDMOUTH who's got nothing better to do………

  35. beach says – reply to this


    And Kelly is on a show with a loud mouthed old hag who is not funny, and they sit around criticizing people. Joan Rivers is disgusting. I'd never be anywhere near her. They get paid to slam people, so Kelly ought to just shut her mouth. She doesn't dress well either.

  36. shaygirl says – reply to this


    between those two I wonder how many stds they have? to bad ray j wasn't available to piss on them. that would have completed this farce. Kelly you need some more tattoos, maybe across your face would help.

  37. 37

    Kelly Osbourne is a nobody. Who gives a fuck what her opinion is. She's only trying to kiss more ass. That's why she has friends. Because she's incredibly fake and sticks her heads FAR up peoples asses.

  38. 38

    How many actresses have dreamed of walking the red carpet at the Oscar's (or other event)? They get all dressed up and feel really good about themselves only to have Kelly and the other vultures pick apart everything they are wearing. She may not say the most disgusting things on that show (she leaves that to Joan), but she sure is happy to sit by and laugh (then cash that big paycheck)!

  39. bTeri says – reply to this


    Let me get this straight. Kelly Osborne makes her money on a TV show with Joan Rivers JUDGING other people and what they wear. But its wrong for consumers to share their opinion on the most over-exposed uninteresting unsubstantial and vapid famous couple today. If Anna Wintour wants to turn Vogue into a tabloid rag so be it, but I'm guessing tis is just a panicked attempt to stay relevant and with all their shallow garbage, sadly there are Americans that buy a magazine with this family on the cover (I cancelled 2 subsciptions that had become full time gossip rags for this boring talentless family.

  40. jesse says – reply to this


    Omg "Cackling Hens"

    That is a perfect description of Fashion Police!! So funny. You nailed it. Re: emily clark

  41. 41

    Correction to Vogue: #theworldsmosttalkedaboutcouple, only trended for 2 days tops!! The WORLDS most talked about couple would be Kate Middleton and Prince William. That should have read #worldsmostpatheticfamemongerinsecurebeyatchs

  42. 42

    LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen are celebrities…….Kanye and Kim are trash. One is a wanna be recording artist, fashion designer and the other is a porn star. As for Kelly, if it wasn't for her father she would be living in a small flat and working at McDonalds. She has done nothing on her own.

  43. isa says – reply to this


    If vogue is now featuring reality stars in their magazine they should lower the price. Most other gossip magazines only cost a few dollars.

  44. tacogirl says – reply to this


    Well Kellys a Pig. She sees herself on the vogue cover. Actually, if she likes it,
    It's a big clue that it's in bad taste….and WHo cares what Kelly Osbourne thinks…
    she is Horrid

  45. 45

    you're probably friends with them and feel like you have to defend them. THEY ARE FUCKED UP AND REPRESENT MUCH OF WHAT'S FUCKED UP IN THE WORLD, GREED AND SUPERFICIALITY. not art and beauty, not kindness and humility. GREED. it is an ugly scene you are defending.

  46. Nancy says – reply to this


    I wish Kelly would keep her big fat mouth shut. I refuse to watch Joans Fashion Police because of her. She is a skanky looking bitch with tattoos all over. She should be the LAST one on any fashion show….

  47. Nehade says – reply to this



  48. The matrix says – reply to this


    Vogue is a fashion rag….so is vogue now endorsing the trashcanian's Kmart collect ?

  49. 49

    Re: kandace – some people don't like to face the harsh realities of what's going on in the world. people are different, deal with it

  50. Tiffany says – reply to this


    DID THIS DUMBASS REALLY SAY 20st Century???? Seriously she needs to educate herself.

  51. Bla says – reply to this


    No I don't agree with Kelly. Kim and kenye didn't get a dream come true, they get whatever they want. I think people are disappointed because vogue is a magazine that's suppose to represent class, and respect dating back years ago. Which Kim and kenye lack both of. They are trashy as fuck and ill end this comment with telling them to go to fuck off ville

  52. june says – reply to this


    Kelly, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  53. yep I agree with U says – reply to this


    Re: Jenny

    I agree with you…. she should not say a word now or later

  54. Kat says – reply to this


    News flash: Not everyone has an ego big enough to dream of being on the cover of Vogue. I've never dreamed of that, and if it ever happened it would not be a big deal. Fame is fleeting and stupid. Kelly, you grew up in lala land with a rock star daddy and so your perception of people's needs is completely warped. Your letter may apply to wanna-be models, but for the majority of real people in the real world, we have more down-to-earth aspirations, and we think Kim & Kanye are two of the biggest narcissistic idiots ever who have done nothing in their lives (except once Kanye rained on someone else's parade when he interrupted an awards show recipient, his claim to shame.. er, fame).

  55. DCT says – reply to this


    Good for the little hobbit. Looks like Kanye used some of that money from the dragon horde and bought the little hobbit a magazine cover.

  56. free says – reply to this


    Strange, I never have dreamt of being on the cover of Vogue in all of my 60 years.

  57. 123456789 says – reply to this


    I agree and disagree. Kimye (yes I WILL say it) should be on the cover, they're beautiful in that picture. All these assholes want to slut shame Kim Kardashian (of course) because they don't understand that there's a double standard in life and sex. Someone can't be sexy, unless they're a whore or a slut. They MUST have all the sex in the world with multiple people and that's BAD! Why? Sex is proven scientifically to be good for people. Plus, what is it anyone else's business even if she had sex with everyone on the Earth, that's personal shit people! What's even worse is that women are more critical of other women than men are of women! Why attack other ladies women!??!? I also disagree with Kelly Osbourne as a person because she attacks people all the time, it's part of her job. Why would she tell people to stop bullying if she's doing it herself? She's terrible for that. Lastly, I disagree that anyone is "worthy" to be on a cover of a magazine, it's just a magazine. I agree with Kelly Osbourne that people should just shut the hell up about this cover of vogue, it's just a fucking magazine! What's so significant about it? Nothing! Okay, go learn what's happening in Congress and how they're trying to up their salaries, lower yours, control your life, and make more money. Politics is wayyyy more important, I'm just tired of people talking about this dumb crap.

  58. Ania says – reply to this


    SHUT UP KELLY !!!!!!!!!!!!! The crap that comes out of your mouth is JUST CRAP. CHEEZ

  59. apple pie says – reply to this


    well, Anna Wintour has the right to put them on Vogue cover. I have the RIGHT to cancel my subscription because I believe they do not belong on that cover.

    Simple as that, kelly.

  60. Shut up Kelly:þ@ says – reply to this


    The bitch needs to learn to shut up!

    There is always a time to open it and another time to shut the fuck up!
    No one is going to believe in such drivel! Kanye west has paid for this cover and no one,not even a genius, will make me change my minds on it!

  61. fid says – reply to this


    Kelly Osbourne is just another talentless hack that came out of a rich persons vagina. She knows nothing about anything except how to flap her gums every 5 seconds. Yes, Anna Wintour has the right to put who she wants to on the cover just like readers have the right to disagree with and cancel their subscriptions. I hate when these celebrity idiots think that certain peoples "rights" trump those who are actually using their hard earned cash to make a statement.

  62. 62

    Who cares what Kelly thinks? Who gives a damn what any of us think!!!…. nothing but hateful people on here….

  63. skabetti says – reply to this


    Who went insane? I don't know many people who even care.

  64. 64

    kelly prob wants her fat ass and broomstic ex on their next is why shes so vocal

  65. 65

    they spending money like water and still not getting anywhere i guess we just wait till the money runs out for the train wreck

  66. Lover55 says – reply to this


    This goes to Kelly O. Listen I respect you and think your a awesome person.But how can you expect people to react after Kayne outburst of racism. and humiliation to other so called super stars and thinking he is higher than Jesus.Then you have Kim,What has she ever done that makes her credible except being a whiner,user,attention seeking slut.,Am sorry I Don't calibrate that as a dream come true for me.Lucky she is,sure she has money,and leechers that she calls friends.If that's the cost of fame,am quit happy being the average Joe with family and friends that love & respect me for me.As far as I can see,the saying money is the root of all evil stands true.Anyone can sit out to be rich,but it takes a true soul to be a human being.These two will never have that because they are too much into themselves.Case Closed!!!!!!

  67. solweigskantz says – reply to this


    its her Life liv yuor on

  68. Nelo says – reply to this


    Oh yeah 100%.Kelly is just on point. Whoever that is hating that vogue cover is only being jealous&check it out that person hasn't been featured on vogue.

  69. Sara says – reply to this


    100% agree

  70. glen says – reply to this


    Re: Jenny – fair comment

  71. mboomer says – reply to this


    Kelly, you are friends witH KK and standing by her. Good for you. BUT for the rest of us we are objecting to a PORN STAR ON THE COVER OF A HIGH CLASS FASHION MAG. PERIOD. not only she is a porn star but of late an escort too!! I wonder how many copies Kanye clan and the Kartrashian clan will have to buy to make up for the losses. Bad move from Anna Wintour, considering what a snob she is what a new low for her. Now the vogue mag is a porn mag. MB

  72. 72

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  73. yeah says – reply to this


    i think their cover is rather sweet…

  74. brenda says – reply to this


    Kelly, I like you but come on Kim & Kanye I am so sick of hearing about she is a trashy reality star.who is going into her 3 marriage her last one lasted 72 days but we had to hear about it for ever. she wasn't even divorced yet and sh had multiple partners then got pregos with North (what name) they call her Nori for short that's a piece of seaweed you role sushi in. Poor kid.There are so many people who deserve this more way more than a trashy porn star.

  75. Mary says – reply to this


    Isn't it the 21st century?

  76. Kanya South says – reply to this


    Read between the lines people - Kelly is clearly pointing out the Kim is talking crap again when she states that Kanye and her are the first inter racial couple. It's a diss and then she put at the end to be nice, don't rain on Kim parade. She didn't say anything nice about Kim and the photos, only a dig that they should be on a prom magazine and she could have been nicer if she really wanted. ALSO NOTE ONLY 1 - 1.5% OF KIM FANS EVER 'LIKE' HER PICTURES, THE OTHER 98% ARE FAKE OR NOT INTERESTED.

  77. Lilly says – reply to this


    Kelly Osbourne, another no talent kid of a celebrity and business manager mother. Fashion? This plain chubbette? Give me a break. Of. Course. She will. Defend. The egoti st iCal. Se of-promoting talentless girl- she is made from the same ilk.

  78. legalmind says – reply to this


    Prez Shame on you for even posting Kelly O. statement … She not American and she's a A__Kisser to the Kardashians Just waiting for her and her mom's visa to expire.

  79. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Can u imagine this Osbourne broad NUDE ??? YUUUCK 1 ! Fat rolly polly smelly ugly fat English weed !

  80. cibi says – reply to this


    Kelly is an absolute dumb ass.