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H&M Pulls Offensive Shirt From Shelves! But How Did The Anti-Semitic Design Get There To Begin With??

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H&M was criticized for selling and anti-Semitic shirt, and has since pulled the design and released an apology!


H&M recently faced MAJOR backlash from one of their shirt designs, which featured a giant Star of David on a tank with a skull in the center (pictured above).

The Times of Israel criticized the image for looking anti-Semitic for obvious reasons, which prompted the retailer to hastily remove the shirt from stores and send out the following apology:

“Please accept our most sincere apologies that this has caused offense. We understand the criticism and in response to this have decided to remove the T-shirt from all stores with immediate effect.”

While we’re happy to hear H&M has attempted to right the situation quickly, we have to wonder how the offensive design was ever approved to begin with!

Even if the designer didn’t mean for the shirt to seem anti-Semitic, shouldn’t someone have noticed that it could easily be interpreted that way??


[Image via Twitter.]

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3 comments to “H&M Pulls Offensive Shirt From Shelves! But How Did The Anti-Semitic Design Get There To Begin With??”

  1. 1

    That is not ANY traditional design for a Star of David. NOT all 6-pointed starts are Starts of David either! The hexagram (6-pointed star) is used in several religions - even Catholicism. It is ALSO an occult symbol in witchcraft. People just look for things to offend them these days.

  2. Amy says – reply to this


    That's not even a real star….

  3. HD says – reply to this


    So it's always fine for Madonna to play with crosses and fuck around on stage with Christian music and Christian symbols, and millions of designs desecrating Christianity in clothes, movies… But this got the Jewish guys pissed????? REALLY? Oh yeh… they're forever the self-victimizing murderers, we all forgot that…