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Vanessa Paradis' Haircut Makes Her Feel Alive, Even Without Johnny Depp!

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Vanessa Paradis stars in a stunning spread for Porter magazine and opens up about her post-Johnny Depp haircut!

Nothing like a fresh haircut to get over an old romance!!

And Johnny Depp’s baby mama Vanessa Paradis debuted just that back in January, following rumors of Johnny’s now confirmed proposal to Amber Heard.

Even better? The new pixie was done by her supposed beau John Nollet, and made the French beauty look far younger than her 41 years!!

Miz Paradis opened up about the cut in the latest issue of Porter magazine, saying:

"You do feel different… You do, you do, you do. It changes… it does give you an energy, more younger than older."

Judging by her youthful and spirited photo shoot for the mag, she’s not lying!!

Vanessa looks more gorgeous and carefree than ever as she shows off her tousled tresses in a variety of flattering outfits.

Check out the dreamy spread (below)!

[Image via Porter.]

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93 comments to “Vanessa Paradis' Haircut Makes Her Feel Alive, Even Without Johnny Depp!”

  1. hannah says – reply to this


    What do you mean by "even without Johnny Depp"? Are you saying that you do not expect her to find happiness in life, or feel like she's living, nay, thriving without her ex? Get a grip.

  2. 2

    Re: hannah
    Perez does not think that any couple can just break up and move on with their lives. He is always talking about how Rob and Kristen must constantly be thinking about/missing/mooning over each other. If Rob is frowning in a pic "oh he must be thinking about his lost love Kristen".

  3. ednox says – reply to this


    What a crap story Perez!
    Her haircut is for a movie and John Nollet is gay!

  4. Beauty says – reply to this


    just beautiful!

  5. 5

    I am finally watching The Rum Diary where Johnny met Amber and my thoughts remain the same: that couple = train wreck! Great haircut, Vanessa!

  6. MissyZ73 says – reply to this


    Shes over it since a long time. She has another bf since 2 yrs and its not her hairdresser btw

  7. val says – reply to this


    Vanessa is far more beautiful than Amber and Johnny Depp has lost lots of fans since his cruel treatment of the mother of his children who deserved marriage and he denied her. I will never see another film of his. Amber will cheat on him with guys and girls and use him to further her career as his bombs. His children at this time when they need him most suffer too. Vanessa is beautiful and while Amber is lice and he's throwing the dice, I hope Depp lives to be sorry.. very sorry !

  8. truth says – reply to this


    Photoshop does wonders!!

  9. maria says – reply to this


    Re: truth – Yes,especially with photos of johnny,they erased to him all wrinkles and flabby neck disgusting.

  10. maria says – reply to this


    Re: val – Indeed

  11. maria says – reply to this


    Vanessa has white teeth and in better condition than johnny.He has the disgusting yellow teeth and seems he never brushes his teeth

  12. noooo girl says – reply to this


    I never really liked herpersonality after wathcing some of her interviews and her songs never really got me.And i have seen her wihout make up and photoshop so nooooo!!!

  13. disagree says – reply to this


    Re: val – Don't you know his kids live mostly with him and are doing great?He didn't treat cruelly at the kids or vanessa.Kids are doing great and vanessa does too!!For me both vanessa and amber are beautiful.I know johnny and vanessa moved on.I just wish them happiness with their new relationships!I don't want anyone to live to be sorry.I wish the best for them!

  14. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: val – You're really trying hard Jamina, aren't you? You use many nicknames to express your liking for Vanessa and your unconfessed hate for Amber and Johnny but it doesn't work. You wriiting style of a bad english is easy to be recognized because it's the same. Anyway, whoever you are what you sound ridiculous telling that Vanessa is far more beautiful than Amber. Are you blind or what? Vanessa has got a lollipop head with too large forehead and round face (also emaciated), while the shape of Amber face is normal. Then Vanessa has got bad teeth with a too big gap (a gap can be nice but not when it's so exaggearted as her one), she looks like a walrus when she smiles, while Amber teeth are normal, no gap and white. Then Vanessa has got many wrinkles on her ugly face that are often fixed with Photoshop's help my dear, and this is evident. Just look at her pictures that aren't taken from magazines and you'll see that she has more wrinkles than muscles while Amber face is smooth. Then Vanessa has a shapeless and skeletal body with no breast, no butt and it looks like a boy body while Amber has a nice and feminine body with nice shapes. So how do you see that Vanessa is more beautiful? She sùcks and we don't need any comparison with any woman to see how ugly she's. Just don't be in denial you sound ridiculous if you deny what is evident.

  15. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: truth – I agree. If it wasn't for Photoshop Vanessa would never look pretty. Just see her without makeup when she gets papped walking for the street, my god, she looks like she's 60 years old or as she has got Aids. Sorry but this is not an opinion because eyes speak by themselves and we can't be in denial about how much ugly Vanessa is in her natural shape without Photoshop's help… Photoshop can do miracles even about desperate cases as Vanessa who is one of the ugliest french woman I've ever seen. French women are beautiful usually and they don't look like skeletons. They have shapes.

  16. cwhoiam@gmail.com says – reply to this


    Re: val

    I agree with you totally

  17. maria says – reply to this


    Re: Elvisa – Johnny need Photoshop too, he has more wrinkles than vanessa.All his new photos in magazines (no paparazzi) are photoshop

  18. Surin says – reply to this


    Re: Elvisa – I agree 100%. People who compare Vanessa to Amber saying that she's more beautiful are definitely blind. Or maybe the Photoshop work made on vanessa has its effect on them… Amber is really hot while Vanessa is pure garbage by now. She wasn't that bad in her 20's maybe but she started to become ugly already in her 30's. It's not only about wrinkles the reason why she's ugly. It's everything, you're right, her lollipop head, her horrible teeth and I can understand why at some point Johnny felt the need to fùck a real woman with shapes and not a skeleton with no shapes as Vanessa is. Sorry to say it, but this is the truth, Vanessa has got a flat body with no shape and she's too skinny. French women are skinny yes, but not that skinny. Vanessa truly looks like a skeleton. She should eat more my god, her body is scaring. She always looked anorexic or like she was ill.

  19. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: maria – Well, but Johnny is 50 years old, almost 51 so it's normal for him to have wrinkles. He looks good anyway for his age and I'm not the only one to think this. Many people are often saying he looks younger than his age anyway. Only haters like don't wanna admit it, but Vanessa is about 10 years younger than him and she looks his age and this is bad! She doesn't look her age, she looks older, she's aging really bad and once again, I'm not the only one who says this. Johnny doesn't pose for magazines as much as Vanessa does, so it's normal to notice that it's Vanessa the one who gets the most photoshop work on her face to look beautiful on the covers of magazines but that beauty you see there is fake. Vanessa is really ugly in her natural shape and your comparison to Johnny is really pointless because it won't change anyway Vanessa's ugliness and the fact that she can look cute only with pounds and pounds of makeup on her face and only when Photoshop does the miracle for her.

  20. maria says – reply to this


    Johnny is really ugly but he is a man .This is the difference.All you criticize Vanessa because is a woman .Johnny is crumpled, dirty, has belly, his hair is dyed and is repulsive to many women. Butyou silly, besides being sexist, you are blind.

  21. maria says – reply to this


    Look at the tremendous photoshop they did to johnny posters of transcendence,removed 20 years and he looks very young but in the real movie he looks 50 years

  22. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: maria – I'm sexist just because I'm telling the truth about Vanessa??? She's one of the ugliest women on this earth and not only because she has got wrinkles. Teeth, lollipop syndrome and her boy body are what always made her ugly. Now about Johnny, is he ugly for you? Hahahah, are you aware that millions of women in all the world have an opposite opinion??? We think he's hot. How can you say he's dirty? Do you live with him to say that he doesn't take showers??? Or you just assumed this because of some old stupid gossip??? People who met him at the premieres always told he has a nice smell, so please stop inventing things you don't know, Jamina. His teeth are yellow not because he doesn't brush them but because many smokers have got those teeth after years they smoke and they have to do bleaching treatment to make them white again, it's not about being dirty you ignorant. He has got dirty hair sometimes, it's true but many men of his age are like that, also Brad Pitt (search his pictures) because since he travels a lot, sometimes he doesn't have time to wash them and anyway I saw many pictures of Vanessa where it was evident that her hair were dirty to, so what??? Johnny is still hot and you're just jealous that people still like him while Vanessa is getting forgotten because of Amber. Take some pills to get better and to heal your rage my dear, goodbye, I'm done with you. You're too idiot to accept the truth.

  23. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Elvisa – First of all, I'm happy not to be the only one not speak English well . :) Lol, I'm not Val. I know it's hard to accept the fact that Vanessa is a beautiful woman and who is loved more than Amber, true? This thing is unbearable for you, but don't worry, one day,maybe in 2030 Amber will be loved and appreciated, as Vanessa. Don't be afraid, there is time ahahaha….. God, it 's so funny to read your "intolerance" . The charisma, the originality, the talent are all things that Amber hasn't got, but I must admit she has a nice ass and wonderful plastic face! I mean she can play different roles with the same face and the same expression, i must recognize that this is a true talent … She could win the new award of the year: " the face of bronze".
    Jokes aside … she is a beautiful woman, but nothing, really nothing more than this: a plastic face, nice body and very much " ass", all the way..!!! LOL .

  24. Jamina says – reply to this


    Perez, when you have a bit free time, go to lissen Vanessa's music or see her movies, or read her biography, i don't know, but you looks very ignorant about her ( no offense). If you don't care her, ok, but before to write these crap, you should have more correct informations. John Nollet is her hairstylist, and her haircut is for a movie… This article is the triumph of ignorance..!!! Do you ever hear to speak of "Google news"????

  25. Jimmy says – reply to this


    Re: Elvisa – I agree with you and Surin. Vanessa is an ugly wheel who is aging bad. I never thought she was beautiful. I never could stand her flat body. True beautiful women must have shapes and Vanessa doesn't any. She looks like a broom. I don't really care if Amber is talented or not because I don't see that Vanessa is so talented as someone says but Amber is really really really hot. She would have never been chosen as a femme fatale in many movies if she was an ordinary beauty. She's wonderful. Beautiful eyes, nice shape of face, beautiful hair, wonderful smile, she's tall and she has got a perfect body while Vanessa has nothing of all this. Even her eyes are too stretched and long with a not nice shape. She's so skeletal that I don't get how Johnny could have fùcked her for so many years. And even less I don't get how seeing her in bed in the morning in her natural shape with no makeup could have turned him on. Maybe he used to put a big and black envelope on her face while fucking her just to not see her emaciated face with no make up and with no Photoshop magic tricks.

  26. Jimmy says – reply to this


    Re: Elvisa – And oh my friend I forgot to say that you're right. Johnny doesn't look his age. I'm an older man than him and I can tell you this. He's aging very well and better than Vanessa and than some other 50 years old men. He's 10 years older than Vanessa but Vanessa looks his age you're all right. I always thought that she looked ill as she had A.i.d.s. when I used to see her without makeup. Then it's not true that he's got belly because he used to several years ago when he still was in a relationship with Vanessa, but since they broke up he started to look better and healthier. He lost weight and I think it's only thanks to Amber if it happened. Vanessa didn't make him happy somehow, so he gained weight while being with her. Some women make miserable their men, that's why they start to gain weight and I can tell you for personal experience. Some women are really toxic for some men. It's so evident that Amber is making him happy now and I'm happy for him because he's a nice actor and far more talented than Vanessa. Amber is a real beauty, Vanessa is a dog and this could bother someone but that's the truth, sorry.

  27. maria says – reply to this


    ¿what? Amber has horse face,her legs are ugly,especially her calves,her ass is nearly flat,
    she has too many shoulders and looks like a transvestite,she's a little masculine, tomboy.
    Amber was the man in the relationship with Tasya and she is the man in the relationship with Johnny if you can call this a relationship

  28. Jimmy says – reply to this


    Re: maria – You're hysterical and stupid other than jealous. Amber is so hot that you can only dream to be like her. If she was so ugly as you said, she wouldn't have got all these femme fatale roles she got. Many men like her, fact but you're a woman and you can't understand. If there's someone who is masculine with androgynous features is only Vanessa. When she has short hair and she doesn't use makeup well you can definitely mistake her for a man. Even magazines write that she has an androgynous face, get informed and her flat body doesn't help the situation. It makes her look even more like a man. It's not only me who thinks that Vanessa has got a man body and that she's ugly just like it's not only me who thinks that Amber is a very hot woman. Get a reason. Amber is hated just because she's dating Johnny, otherwise people won't insult her and before of knowing she was dating Johnny, the same haters that now are calling her ugly (just because of jealousy) used to admit she was a real beauty. Just don't be in denial.

  29. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: Jimmy – Thanks for supporting my opinion ;) I agree with you in everything and if you want my advice don't read silly posts that Jamina writes. I skip then since long when I read her name on top of them but sometimes she uses other nicknames and it happens that I read these posts and I can't help but answer them. But now for example I didn't even read what she wrote using again the name of Jamina, she doesn't worth my time and not even time of people intelligent like you. I can only tell you that she's a pathological case here. Everybody knows that she's the only one who defends Vanessa to death. She only comes here to defend her and sometimes I used to think that maybe she's lesbian and in love with her because there's no explanation in such a pathological behaviour that Jamina has. Anyway, coming back to Amber I agree with you especially about the fact that since Johnny is dating her he looks better and he lost weight. When he was still in a relationship with Vanessa you're right, he looked 60 years old while now he's in a better looking and shape.

  30. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: Jimmy – Amber gave him life again after that he got rid of that witch of Vanessa. You know, just like you I don't care if Amber is talented because I don't care about her as an actress (she has many fans in all the world though- there are some fb pages dedicated to her with thousands and thousands of fans indeed) but what really matters to me is that she's making Johnny happy unlike Vanessa who made him miserable for long time. I just think that Amber is a better mate for him than Vanessa and if she's talented or not it doesn't matter because if she's making my idol happy, I'm happy too ^_^

  31. maria says – reply to this


    Amber's voice is male and his hands are huge,seems hands man,she is always with open mouth showing those big horse teeth like a sex doll.I couldn't understand how johny change beauty Vanessa for this transvestite.Vanessa is thin, delicate, feminine and is a real woman,not like Amber,dirty bisexual who does not care to be with men or women or both at once time

  32. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: Jimmy – One more thing. Lately I also found out that Johnny used to speak as he wasn't really in love with Vanessa. He probably felt forced to be with her because she gave to birth his child. In an interview, when asked about living together in France with Vanessa he replied: "We're back together again. We had an argument, my fault of course, but we made up. We had to, because we became a father and a mother."… you can read this on johnny depp fan . com and you know, from his own words it's easy to get that he came back with Vanessa because he had to… he himself told that he had to and this means that he felt that it was the right thing to do just because they had a child together. I bet he never wanted for real to be with Vanessa but he only tried to make things work for years with her because this is what many men do when women trap them with children. They think they can make things work, they conceive other children but then they realize it’s all a big mistake and that they wish something else. What Johnny had with Vanessa wasn't true love. He tried to convince himself that she was the right woman because he's a nice guy but it's pretty evident that if Vanessa didn't get pregnant his relationship with her would have been short. Now he's with Amber and wanna marry her not because he has for her pregnancy but because he wanna be with her. He also called her his true love during his engagement party and this tells it all.

  33. maria says – reply to this


    Only ones fans that Amber had were lesbian and now that she's with a man lost many of those followers.Straight women do not support her.Right now only a few lesbians support her, including yours.

  34. Jimmy says – reply to this


    Re: maria – "Dirty bisexual"??? You deserve to be reported soon because your posts have homophobic contents. Nothing of what you say about Amber is true of course, your hate and jealousy for her is really evident but don't give you anyway the right to use homophobic terms. It's your right to not like someone and to express your opinion about them of course but homophobia is serious and bad and deserves to be reported. I don't really care if you call someone ugly and if you insult her body or other things because these are opinions, but homophobia isn't an opinion and if you call "dirty" someone just because she's bisexual you're highly homophobic. I feel sorry for you because you have a very poor soul and your jealousy is eating up your stomach. Get some help because you truly need it.

  35. Jimmy says – reply to this


    Re: maria – It's more and more evident you're jealous of her because you're also telling lies. Amber has got lots of fans. Just see the number of fans that her pages on face book have got…. you're in denial and sound like a jealous 10 years old little girl…. Amber has many fans everywhere already, get a reason. There are russian sites that love her too. Amber Heard Italia fan page is full of fans also. You would do better to get a reason and take care of your stomach because your jealousy has almost eaten it up.

  36. Jimmy says – reply to this


    Re: Elvisa – And I agree with you in everything in turn ;)

  37. maria says – reply to this


    Yes ,Johnny is a fuck bastard if he gave that speech, he lied all these years ,14 years uffff.
    Now he's saying the same things he said about Vanessa.This man is not worth and he doesnt love Amber.He is being ridiculous and the story of the ring is little credible

  38. Jimmy says – reply to this


    Re: maria – Sorry to intrude but Johnny never called Vanessa his true love. He used to say nice things about her in past but he never defined her his true love otherwise prove it giving us the link where you read it if it's true because we can't find anywhere such words for her. He used to praise her as a woman and as a mother many times but he never called her "his true love". Not true and I can tell this because it's very long time that I follow Johnny as an actor and as a celebrity.

  39. maria says – reply to this


    Re: Jimmy – There is no difference between your insults and mine,you deserve to be reported by libel and defamation to Vanessa.Well, you have insulted lesbians in this forum many times but with other username.You are miserables for defend a homewrecker

  40. maria says – reply to this


    Re: Jimmy – You're in denial .Johnny said it

  41. Jimmy says – reply to this


    Re: maria – About Vanessa it's true, he only told that he had to come back with her because they had a child together. This is what he told in an official interview when he came back with Vanessa after they got separated for a period. He didn't say that he came back with her because he loved her and because he couldn't live far from her. He only said that "he had to because they were a father and a mother"…. do these words sound like the words of someone who is really on love? As Elvisa I don't think he was ever in love with vanessa for real. He just tried to fix up their problems but it wasn't meant to be or they would be together right now but they split several times and then they came back together but it never worked for real. This is the truth either you like it or not.

  42. Jimmy says – reply to this


    Re: maria – Then prove it finding the link where we can read such a "statement". If you can't find it you should better shut up because you're only embarassing yourself with your lies.

  43. maria says – reply to this


    Re: Jimmy – You are damned,everything you say about Vanessa is a lie ¿Why do you hate Vanessa? ¿What did she to you?This is a fucking relationship, amber is fucking woman who needs 10 engagement rings to be happy

  44. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Jimmy – Is Amber beautiful?' Oh YES, HAVE SHE a NICE BODY? yes…!!! But have she got some talents?? NOO…!!! This is the problem..!! SHE IS good as MODEL, but she should be far away from Hollywood. It's quite evident, she is in Hollywood, not for her talent, but only why she knew the right people…., ( everybody knows it very well) Come on… Maybe one day she 'll learn to play. Now she is very bad actress, She would be perfect in a "television hot spot" but "be hot" Is a talent??
    It's really not possible to compare Vanessa and Amber. Vanessa is a particular beauty, unique, rare while Amber is a universal beauty. When it looks Amber, it thinks, very hot, etc…. when it looks Vanessa, it thinks, very interesting, etc.. I believe that the intelligent people understand this difference, because they use the brain :) The men like you love much more Amber because she doesn't keep busy your brain but another thing….. LoL

  45. Jimmy says – reply to this


    Re: maria – Is it a lie that Johnny said that "he had to come back with Vanessa because they were a mother and a father"??? No, someone also indicated where we can read it and I found it, it's true. I'm not lying. Johnny himself told that he had to come back with Vanessa because of their child and if this gets you disappointed it's not my fault. This is what he said and how he felt, get a reason. And it's a fact also that Vanessa wasn't his true love or they would still be together and he wouldn't have cheated on her that much for years. I know from sure sources that he didn't cheat on her only with Amber. It happened before with other women and sorry when you cheat so much your mate you're not so much in love. Johnny felt trapped by Vanessa pregnancy and tried to fix things between them anyway thinking it was the right thing but it wasn't. It could be sad for you to accept this but this is the truth and just because I'm telling the truth it doesn't mean I hate Vanessa. But yes, I think she's ugly and there's no need to make comparisons. For me she's ugly. I can tell my opinion about celebrities as much as you do. I don't like women with flat bodies, androgynous and emaciated faces with huge gaps between their teeth, sorry. This is my opinion as you have yours on her and on Amber.

  46. Jimmy says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – I can respect your opinion but opinions aren't the truth, they are just opinions. You think that Vanessa is talented and beautiful? Well, nobody asked you to change your mind and I won't change mine. I don't think that Vanessa is beautiful at all and not because i think that Amber is better, it's not about that. I don't need any comparison to tell that Vanessa is ugly. Everyone of us can have a different idea of what beauty is and for me but also for other people, Vanessa isn't the portrait of beauty as well as she can look pretty only with pounds and pounds of makeup by now.

  47. Jimmy says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – About Amber yes, I like her as a woman and I don't really care if she's bisexual (I'm not homophobic as someone here is) and it's not true what you have just said. I don't get why you hate her so much because you lie telling that she has no fans. She has got already millions of fans in all the world and there are already lots of face book pages and sites dedicated to her that are followed by many many people. I don't think she's the best actress of her era of course, but she did a nice job in several roles, she's not as bad as you wanna try to demonstrate because I watched her in some movies where she was really good like in "The ward", "Paranoia", "North Country", "Drive angry", "As soon the darkness" (that she also produced by her own, did you know it???) "Ex terminators", "Pineapple express", "All the boy love Mandy Lane" and "Syrup". She's not the worst actress of this earth but I bet you ignore her perfomance in these movies and that you judge her without ever watched not even 1 movie of her, so you should better shut up. Maybe you just watched her in "Informers" and you got a bad idea about her ignoring in how many movies she did a great job not undressing herself at all. You're just prevented on her.

  48. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Jimmy – I don't understand, if Johnny is so Happy with his chick, why do you and Elvisa insult Vanessa? I Know, can be hard for you to accept the fact that people love much more Vanessa of Amber but you can't change the opinions of people. The people is not idiot. Amber and Johnny have what that they want, so what's your problem with Vanessa?? Do you really think that people 'll love more Amber, because they insult Vanessa? My God, i must admit, you are so fools… ahahahah…

  49. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Jimmy – i don't prevented about Amber, maybe you are prevented about Vanessa. You are blind, all Amber's movies are very bad, this is not only my opinion , but millions people think like me, infact you Know very well that the most of these movies are been a very disaster in the box office ( and they weren't little productions) I wish her a great Hollywood carrier, but now she is very very bad actress. This is a realty, not a opinion… She 'll learn only if she want it, as well as you 'll stop to say "crap" only if you want it. Sorry but i 'm only very honest..

  50. Jimmy says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – You know, now I got why some people say that you don't even worth to be read, because you're supid. First of all the reason why I expressed my opinion about Vanessa here is because this topic is dedicated to her and talks about her new haircut and look and I just watched her pic and I commented what I think of her as a woman. If this topic was dedicated to Amber and Johnny you would be right to ask why I talk about Vanessa, but since it isn't, your question is stupid. I could now ask why if this topic talks about Vanessa some people started to talk about Amber… why if Vanessa is so wonderful and happy you and some people need to insul Amber even in topic not dedicated to her??? It's 2 years and even more that Vanessa and Johnny split and people should get a reason that he chose to live his life with another woman. Is Vanessa really happy without him? Well, then why people didn't move on and always tell the same things over and over again? If she's now happy nobody should worry anymore for anybody because they're all happy, right? So why insult so much Amber? Don't get it.

  51. Jimmy says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – More over I don't get why you keep saying that Amber isn't loved by anyone… are you idiot or what? Nobody is saying that she's more loved than Vanessa, it's only you who feels so often the need to tell how much loved she is and you're the only one who often compares Amber and Vanessa as artists. Of cpurse Vanessa has more experience than Amber in show business and she has got her fans but I personally don't like her as an artist either, (respect my opinion please) but nobody is denying that Vanessa has got her fans. You're denying though that Amber has her fans too and even if they aren't as many as Vanessa got this doesn't mean that anybody likes Amber. Just search some Amber fan pages and look at the number of fans… they are thousands and thousands, is this nothing? I wouldnb't say that more than 800.000 fans for example are nothing… do the math by yourself because you keep being prevented and in denial. Get a reason, even though you and others hate Amber, this doesn't mean that everybody does. Either you like it or not, she has got lots of fans in all the world anyway and maybe as time goes by the number will increase because she's getting known by people only since a while. Give her time and watch her movies before criticing what you ignore. She was good in many roles.

  52. Jimmy says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – You're also very ignorant about cinema and you know nothing about Amber movies. You only talk basing your theories on what you read that has been told by her haters that never watched her movies. Something that isn't known can't be judged. Her haters probably watched only "The informers" where Amber has a very crap role that required nudity, but she played many other roles where she didn't get undressed and did a good job. She was very good especially in The Ward, in Ex Terminators, Drive angry, and Paranoia and you can find critics that praised her performances in those movies. Paranoia flopped yeah but it wasn't her fault. Her performance was one of the rare things that got praised by critics, get well informed because you aren't and you'll never be if you keep reading only what her haters have to say about her as an actress even though they don't really watch her movies. Also some other perfomances of her have been praised in past by critics and if some movies were a dysaster at the box office well, it's not necessarily her fault especially if she has got secondary roles in movies mainly played by A-list stars.

  53. Jimmy says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – I forgot… you're really ignorant about good quality cinema… the quality of a movie indeed can't be judged by the amount of money it gets because at this point the pirate garbage sequels that Johnny did (I admit I never liked that franchise) should be judged as masterpieces. The Tourist for example got lots of money, but it was a very mediocre movie. Johnny was defined a poison for box office at the beginning of his career but people loved him anyway. Many movies that are really good didn't get lots of money at the box office, so what??? My argument now has nothing to do with Amber. I'm saying this just to contest in a general way your theory about the fact that if some movies fail at the box office it's because they're bad or the actor aren't good enough. Sometimes can be actors but in most cases can be the script or a bad director's job. You're really presumptuous because you think to know everything while you know nothing.

  54. maria says – reply to this


    Re: Jimmy – if Amber has so many fans ¿why nobody is going to see her movies? all her movies and TV series have been a disaster.

  55. Jimmy says – reply to this


    Re: maria – Maybe for the same reason why Johnny was very loved as an actor and had many fans already in 1990 but he was defined anyway a poison for box offices… his movies flopped for the most, but he had many fans in all the world anyway and still does.

  56. maria says – reply to this


    Re: Jimmy – Is not the same.Johnny had several hits before he met Amber but she hasnt been successful in anything she has done

  57. unique woman says – reply to this


    WOW lot of talk for nothing!
    Anyway, I like that Vanessa feels confident enough with herself that she can cut her hair short for a movie, avoid botox and plastic surgery, and accept to age naturally. And for such an ugly woman, she had quite a successful career as a model!

  58. Jimmy says – reply to this


    Re: maria – You know, if your theory is right, Johnny's failure should be even more controversial because how can you explain that such a loved actor who had already some hits started to fail a lot at the box office? Why if he had these important hits nobody used to go to watch his movies on the big screen and he got the reputation of the poison for box offices??? …About Amber, well, she produced a movie with her own money in 2010 (so she was quite rich since then to be that insignificant actress if she could already pay to produce a film - "And soon the darkness") and she was chosen by John Carpenter (who is a big director) for a very good movie ("The ward") and this is quite significant for an insignificant actress after all… and get better informed, she won Young Hollywood Awards in 2008, while in 2010 she won Dallas International Film Festival award, then in 2011 she won a Hollywood Film Festival award and she recently won the Texas award and all these awards should be controversial for an "insignificant", "talentless" and hated actress as haters define her, don't you think so? If she's that bad why all that I've just mentioned happened??? Keep being in denial as much as you want, I'm done with you. You're too idiot, ignorant, repetitive, jealous and disgustingly homophobic.

  59. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Jimmy – ok, so Amber Heard is the best actress on the world, but she is very unfotunate, because the people don't see her movies, all the fault is of directors, troupes etc, but she 's great…!! Do you want make me laugh, right?? ahahahahah… Okay, you are very funny, thank you. Now, I comeback serious for a moment. The prerogative of an actress is to enter in the life of an other person. Amber cannot do it . There's too much Amber in her characters, she has little sensibility, she's too focused on herself for be in contact with her characters. Amber is great in Amber Heard, but in the all others characters is really bad. I have seen 9 her movies and i like only one, but don't care, it's my taste. If I thought to SUICIDE, i would watch the rest of her movies. It would be a nice way to die, but my life is too nice to think this, So I wish to remain pleasantly ignorant about her past movies-career still for a long time. I really hope to survive many years to watch next movies of this great actress, but I would not want to "challenge" my destiny. I'm too young for die… LOL

  60. Jimmy says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Hey calm down, you pathological child! …You misunderstood my words. I never praised her as the best actress in the world, read again my post you idiot. I just said she's not that bad as some haters like you wanna make her pass. Seriously, take care of your hate, because it's consuming you. Your words are full of rage and hatred. Why if someone express a bad opinion about Vanessa in a topic dedicated to her you feel the need to insult Amber in return??? Why you can't accept that some people don't like Vanessa at all??? Why if you think she's so beautiful and talented you feel the need to compare her to Amber? It's not a correct comparison by the way. Just compare Vanessa to other french artists and we'll see if Vanessa is this big thing compared to them but I doubt it. There are lots of better singers and actresses than her and you know it but I won't even discuss about this now. As someone warned me you're a pathological case and I'm not going to waste anymore my time with you. Take care of your mental health and take some lessons to control your neurosis and psychosis, you really need to. Goodbye and don't hope I'm going to read your delusional posts again.

  61. maria says – reply to this


    Re: Jimmy – You are repetitive,fucking idiot,you haven't argument and defend infidelity.You are a disgusting old man, like Johnny.Surely you also like girls, and stop insult Vanessa

  62. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Jimmy – no my dear, the hatred is an other thing and I m' not idiot or sick, i'm only honest. You don't know what say, so you insult me. It's a classic. You didn' t read well my comments. I said, it's no possibile to compare Vanessa and Amber. You don't understand it.
    The beauty can be opinion, the talent not. You said Vanessa is ugly. Ok it's your opinion but the realty is an other. If she was really ugly, she would not be the muse of Chanel since more 20 years and she would not do the covers of most important fashion magazines in the world. You should know it, the fashion is closely linked to beauty, if you are ugly you cannot work in fashion. I accept your opinion about this. It's no problem for me. The talent cannot be a opinion,there is or not, in the Amber 's case there isn't. It can always learn in the life, maybe, one day she'll learn to play. She works in Hollywood ( the top of the Cinema, not in Spain, Italy, France etc…) since 10 years. What does she wonderful role or movie has done?? Her roles are very bad. She doesn't need anymore to work for live.( She is with Johnny since years) Why did continue to do shitty roles, also in the last years?? Because she is bad actress… Can like or not, but this is the realty not a opinion.That's all.

  63. Anthony says – reply to this


    Re: Jimmy – Hi Jimmy, I feel the need to tell you something. Just because a woman is thin doesn't mean she's ugly. You have the right to express your opinion of course and everybody has different tastes, but let me tell you that there are many men who like skinny women. I really do for example. They're even more sexy than women with big shapes sometimes, you know. Not all the women have shapes, but they can be beautiful their way and not all the men like women with big breast. Many men can like skinny women with small breast and Vanessa is this kind of woman. She's not that shapeless as you say and years ago she wasn't that thin either. Since she started to have problems with Johnny she lost weight and I think it's normal but when she was younger she wasn't that thin. You shouldn't judge her thin body because she probably had a bad time because of Johnny and she lost weight. About her teeth okay, they aren't that good looking but Vanessa explained that she doesn't believe in surgery and that she likes to not change her the way she was born. Some people like to be natural and Vanessa isn't as fake as many actress are.

  64. Anthony says – reply to this


    Re: Jimmy – You will never see Vanessa walk the path of Pamela Anderson for example because she likes to be what she's and she is a nice face, with beautiful fawn eyes, beautiful hair and about the wrinkles and her look without makeup well, she's not the first woman on this earth to look bad without it. Did you ever see pictures of some famous celebrities with no make up? Just watch Madonna, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson, Meg Ryan, Nicole Kidman etc. without makeup and then tell me if they are better than Vanessa… all women when they’re 40 start to look bad without makeup, come on and I’d really like to see how Amber will be in her 40’s without makeup… Vanessa isn’t the most beautiful on this earth I think, but she’s not that bad at all and she was more beautiful than Amber in her 20’s because she always had a special Lolilta beauty that drive crazy many men. Amber and Vanessa are two different beauty, there’s no need to denigrate one to make the other looking better. And did you know that Johnny himself defined Vanessa “one of the most beautiful women in the world”? Make your research. So as you see he was one of those men who appreciates skinny women with small breasts :D

  65. jamjam says – reply to this


    I really do not understand the baseless argument here. Vanessa is 41 yrs old, amber is 28 years old. Why would you want to compare both of them?? Vanessa is vanessa, amber is amber, they are different people with different personalities, talents etc. They are both beautiful women in my opinion but everyone has different opinions/ideas of what beauty is. There is no point in forcing those who do not think vanessa is beautiful to think otherwise and the same goes for amber too. Just leave it at that.

  66. Cameron says – reply to this


    Re: Jimmy – I agree with you. Vanessa is one of the ugliest women on this earth. I couldn't imagine how Johnny could f#ck her without throwing up.

  67. maria says – reply to this


    Re: Cameron – Hater¡¡ jealousy

  68. Cameron says – reply to this


    Re: maria – Acid spinster… jealous of what? Of Johnny that dated a jezebel as Vanessa is for years??? I'm so glad I'm not him!!!!!

  69. maria says – reply to this


    Re: Cameron – Stop insult Vanessa, embittered pig,jelous ,you are Jimmy
    Why you write under another name? HATER

  70. Cameron says – reply to this


    Re: maria – Well then… I can be Jimmy as much as you can be Jamina. Why you write under another name? By the way I'm not insulting Vanessa. I'm only telling what's evident for eyes. She's very ugly, FACT.

  71. maria says – reply to this



  72. Cameron says – reply to this


    Re: maria – Vanessa should be the most beautiful woman in the world??? Are you on drugs??? Seriously, stop abusing substances because you start to have an altered vision of the truth! …Or maybe you just are one-eyed…. Vanessa is even uglier than the hole of my ass. About Amber Heard, I don't really care about her even though I don't get why you started to talk about her in a topic dedicated to Vanessa. If you think that Vanessa is so wonderful why do you feel the need to denigrate someone else in a comparison that I wasn't even caring in doing? Yes, you're on drugs. Stop doing this stupid game of insults (if Vanessa is insulted, you insult Amber and does this help your poor soul to feel better?) because it's so childish just like you. You can insult Amber as much as you want, I don't give a shit and it won't change the fact that a toilet is more attractive than Vanessa Paraskeleton…

  73. Mala says – reply to this


    Vanessa Paraskeleton?!?!? Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. maria says – reply to this


    Re: Cameron – You are who feel the need to denigrate someone else in a comparison .You hates Vanessa and say only lies about her.A real man never speaks badly of women, well, maybe you're a woman using a male name.

  75. Cameron says – reply to this


    Re: maria – I didn't make any comparison. I only talked about Vanessa in this topic dedicated to her and you came out with the comparison with Amber because if someone express a bad opinion on Vanessa, you can't help but coming out with a comparison with Amber. Just tell me why if watching these pictures of Vanessa and telling my opinion about her you can't simply accept it but you start to talk about Amber that has nothing to do with this topic, with these pictures and with my opinion? Just explain why and give me a good reason, but you can't of course because you're on drugs. And since you are on drugs, you also claim that only women tell negative things on other women… so according to you, men never express their opinions on women and never say when they think they're very ugly? Oh Lord, you're totally idiot. Keep living in your ignorance then just because you can't accept that someone says that Vanessa Paradis is ugly. You're very childish Jamina.

  76. Yo Yo Yo says – reply to this


    I don't like Amber but to be honest I don't even like Vanessa and I have to agree with Jimmy and Cameron. This topic is dedicated to Vanessa and it shows some pictures of her so it's normal if someone expresses an opinion on Vanessa beauty or ugliness, but if someone else feels the need to start talking about Amber making comparisons in a topic not dedicated to her it's ridiculous. Some people should learn to respect others' opinions. Not everybody can think that Vanessa or Amber are beautiful, it's just a matter of tastes, so people shouldn't contest different opinions because this is not respect. Some people get nervous as soon as Vanessa is called ugly and not respecting others' opinions is childish. She can be thin for someone and she can be a skeleton for someone else, so what? We all can see things in a different way. I personally dislike both of them. I only liked Winona Ryder with Johnny. She was his true love. He never talked about anyone else as he used to talk about Winona and I don't get why someone describes Vanessa as this huge worldwide appreciated artist when she's not. She has her pretty success but she's not that big. Someone talks about her as she has the same success of Johnny in the world when it's not true! Vanessa got success in France but in the rest of world she's not that huge at all. She’s definitely over rated by someone here.

  77. Jamina says – reply to this



  78. Cameron says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – And I'm not Jimmy, so what??? If you really didn't care a "banana" about other people's opinions, you wouldn't contest them when they say she's ugly, a skeleton etc. because this is their opinion, their vision of things and since we're in a free world, we can use words we want to definite someone or to express what we think about this person. People are free to tell that Vanessa looks like a skeleton or that she has a syndrome lollipop head as well as they're free to say that her teeth are ugly and similar to walrus ones because this comparisons represent how some people see things about Vanessa and you're anybody to tell that they can't tell those things and that these are lies because Vanessa has a bad gap in her teeth as well as she's very very skinny etc. etc, these are facts that only a blind person would deny. If you don't agree it's just your problem, take for yourself your protest because we all got by now you're too obsessed with Vanessa that you can't stand that people call her ugly when they see her pictures on topics dedicated to her. Learn to respect other opinions because you don't.

  79. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Cameron – you don't understand, i repeat, i don't care what you think about Vanessa, i will not change my opinion on her, for you or others like you. I only explain my point of view. i don't think it like you. You have written: "You' re very childish Jamina" to Maria 's comment! You are the first that doesn't respect the opinions of others. I'm not Maria and It's no my intention to insulte here, i wanted only to explain my opinion, but you, Jimmy and others, feel the need to insult .. so I don't respect the people that don't respect.. ok?? THAT 'S ALL .I will not waste other time here. GOOD LIFE. END..!!

  80. Barrell says – reply to this


    I saw Vanessa's recent pictures at the Fading Gigolo premiere and she looks awful. She needs surgery, she's really ugly. Her tiny round horrible face is a wrinkles hive! And those teeth… they look like fangs when she smiles. She should better shut her mouth and don't smile at all because she looks like a creature coming from a horror movie when she smiles! She's disgusting as a woman. Her head with her face looks like a spermatozoon because of that ridiculous shape. Just go and watch her pictures at Fading Gigolo pemiere and whoever isn't blind will agree with me! She's really ugly and I don't know how french people can like her telling she's one of their most beautiful women…. don't know, maybe she was gorgeous years ago, but now she looks so ridiculous and ugly. She looks also 60 years old. Her face skin remembers me mummy skin >.<

  81. maria says – reply to this


    Re: Barrell – You're jealous and hater because she is too beautiful. You are fan of amber and you can't endure that Vanessa does better than Amber with her films.She has received excellent reviews for her performance,in contrast,Amber is terrible actress and all her films are flops.

  82. Barrell says – reply to this


    Re: maria – You surely need a pyschiatric therapy honey. First I don't give a shit about Amber, why do you talk about her and why do you feel the need to compare her if I was just talking about Vanessa's ugliness in this topic that has nothing to do with Amber??? Are you okay? You can tell whatever you want about Amber I don't give a shit about her and not even about your opinion. A hater you said? Are you serious? Just because I think that Vanessa is ugly I'm a hater? Jealous of what? I've only seen her recent pictures and I got disgusted by her ugliness and I only wanted to tell it and you started to talk about her talent comparing her to Amber… what the hell all this you talked about has to do with Vanessa ugliness??? I was talking about her ugliness and not about her talent. I don't really give a shit if she's talented or not because I'm not interested in her as an artist and even less as a woman and you attacked me writing all this nonsense… are you okay baby? Please go to see a doctor because I think you're not okay. If you like Vanessa is okay for me, but I don't need your authorization to tell what I think about her and I don't change my mind just because you cannot stand that I think she's ugly. Grow up child.

  83. maria says – reply to this


    Re: Barrell – It is obvious that you worship amber,maybe you're her friend, for that you attack to Vanessa in way so abnormal and exaggerated. All your words are bul s hit

  84. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Barrell – bla bla bla bla bla…. it's funny your envy ahahahahah..

  85. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: maria – many people insult Vanessa, but they know anything about her they can not be objective. A great envy leads to a great hatred, but sometimes I find it funny that, because girls like Barrel suffer a lot and it's very funny to see them to burn with their envy … hahahabhh

  86. Barrell says – reply to this


    Re: maria – You keep talking about Amber while I never did it and I don't know why you say that it's evident that I worship her even though I made clear that I don't give a shit about her and not even about Johnny to say it all because I think he's an over rated actor. About Amber I don't follow her as a celebrity so I don't have much to say, but just because I think that Vanessa is ugly doesn't mean that I worship Amber and you're definitely sick supporting such a delusional theory. I repeat, ask for some psychiatric help, you don't seem okay, there's nothing else to say.

  87. Barrell says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – First of all I'm not a girl, I'm a boy and just because someone thinks that Vanessa is ugly it doesn't mean that it's envy. Yours is envy instead because you cannot stand that Vanessa is called ugly so this makes you burn from envy otherwise you could care less about other people opinions and you wouldn't accuse people that think she's ugly that they're envying her. But you accuse them of envy because this is your way to not accept that not everybody likes Vanessa, so yours is also a pathological intolerance towards people that have a different opinion from yours. Just grow up and go with Maria to search for a psychiatric help.

  88. V.Paradis is a shit says – reply to this


    Re: Barrell – i agree with you. miss vanessa paradis is a hard fuck. i also saw her pics of the fading gigolo premiere and i got disgusted by her ugly face. without makeup her face definitely remembers a skull. i think that even io tillett is better looking than vanessa. it's strange. johnny depp has very bad tastes in women. he dated winona ryder who looked like a man with short hair, and with no makeup, same thing about kate moss and also vanessa paradis looks like a man with short hair and with her male body with no shapes. amber isn't that feminine either because her face has got some masculine features sometimes and she's also bi…. uhmmm…… it's evident that johnny likes androgynous women with masculine features or flat bodies since ever. maybe he's a closet and repressed homo. i'm waiting for him to come out sooner or later.

  89. maria says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Yep¡ you are right

  90. maria says – reply to this


    Re: V.Paradis is a shit – Bul s hit ,you love IO tillett.This is the proof that you are amber's fan .ha ha ha

  91. V.Paradis is a shit says – reply to this


    Re: maria – io tillett makes me thow up everytime i see her just like vanessa paradis and all johnny's women. so this is the proof you're idiot and that you must be as much ugly as vanessa is since you defend her point of view. truth hurts most of the times i know. you can consider anyway the chance together with vanessa to have plastic surgery even though in your case i don't know if it can work.

  92. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Barrell – envy, envy, envy, envy, envy…. is a bad thing ahahaahahahh

  93. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: V.Paradis is a shit – the only one thing that needs a plastic surgery is your brain…!!!!