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These Veet Commercials Are Sexist & Make Natural Body Hair Seem Like A Boogeyman! Lame!

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Hmm, maybe it's time to go back to the marketing drawing board, Veet peeps!

The hair removal company has faced quite a bit of backlash for a series of rather sexist commercials that basically compare equate even minor leg stubble to being "manly."

The series is even called "Don't Risk Dudeness." Subtle!

We understand that they're trying to sell their products, but is shaming women into feeling "unwomanly" really the way to go about it? Don't women already get bombarded with ads that basically make them feel inadequate about their looks every day anyway? Why add to that?

And really, body hair is not a big deal. It's certainly not the terrifying, unhygienic monster the ads make it out to be.

Not to mention, the commercials also promote stereotypical gender norms, which benefit no one.

It's 2014, and companies need to do better than this!

See two more ads from the series …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

UPDATE: Veet has since removed the commercials, offering an apology:

"Hi…this is the Veet marketing team in the US. We just wanted to let everyone know, we get it – we're women too. This idea came from women who told us that at the first hint of stubble, they felt like "dudes." It was really simple and funny, we thought. To be honest, the 3 of us could really relate to these real-life moments and they made us laugh. Not everyone appreciated our sense of humor. We know that women define femininity in different ways. Veet helps those who choose to stay smooth. Our intention was never, ever, to offend anyone, so we decided to rethink our campaign and remove those clips. Thank you for letting us know how you feel."

Hmm. Why do company apologies always sound so fake?

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12 comments to “These Veet Commercials Are Sexist & Make Natural Body Hair Seem Like A Boogeyman! Lame!”

  1. the verrrrr says – reply to this


    How is this sexist? One of my netbased friends I met 7 years ago is gay and he hates body hair on men PERIOD. He likes "hairless twinks" and hates "bears". He's the person I learned the terms "twink" .. "bear".. and "top" and "bottom" from. Gay terms. And I told him "nothing wrong with that. I'm not at all fond of body hair on women either. Not anywhere" He didnt make an issue of it or call me sexist. He told me "men should shave body hair". Why is it ok for gay males to hate body hair on their male partners but not ok for men to hate body hair on their female partners? And I've heard women bash men's body hair ENDLESSLY. If women are whining about this.. this is just evidence they are weak.. whiny and crybaby. We live in a weak society that cant take a joke anymore. We should outlaw comedy clubs. Funny aint funny anymore in the land of the weak..

  2. 2

    Yeah, Perez, because body hair is always sexy on a woman. They aren't shaming anyone. You really need to lay off this whole "everyone's a victim" mentality and look up the definitions of shaming and bullying because you are using both way too much and incorrectly.

  3. 3

    Have heard of Neet but not Veet, use Nair myself personally. Not quite sure how this is sexist. As a female I prefer not too much body hair but would never pressure someone to use a hair removal product.

  4. 4

    Um, you made fun of Demi more some time back because she hadn't shaved her legs. You basically said no one wants to see that she should know better to go out in public like that. So maybe you should STFU, you hypocrite.

  5. B says – reply to this


    Re: sick_girl – WHEN WAS THIS!? I WILL FINISH HIM!!!

  6. B says – reply to this


    Re: B – Or, in the words of Fat Amy, "I'M GONNA FINISH HIM LIKE A CHEESECAKE!!!"

  7. B says – reply to this


    Re: the verrrrr – It's sexist because it's body shaming women. And you're just contributing to the problem.

  8. Ana says – reply to this


    A woman without body hair is a child.

  9. 9

    Re: the verrrrr
    It's sexist because women should be allowed to have hair or not have hair. in the commercial the women shaved yesterday. so if you have any stubble at all you are no longer feminine and should be ashamed. that’s why it is sexist. -> Also let me be clear I do not think it right for women to hate on men with body hair either. they can shave or not it is THEIR CHOICE.

  10. the verrrrr says – reply to this


    Re: selizabeth – I'm sorry. Its not sexist at all. ITS JUST A JOKE. What happened to the good old days when white females were strong and could handle jokes and dolls and models? When did they go so freaken limp in their ability to handle things? The stronger women got in the workplace.. the weaker they got in the heart place. My dad spent 30 years being called a "dirty old man" for marrying a woman half his age (my mom) by white females (her friends, aunts, sisters. Her mom grew to like him ). My mom's friends would even say to her "how can you like that old guy? [calling my dad "that old guy"] wouldnt you rather have someone young and hot?" but did my dad start whining "waaaa. stop body shaming me?"… nope. He would say "i'm not a dirty old man. I'm a filthy stinking rotten dirty RICH old man. Get it right [shit eating grin]". White females only have one ball. The ball they use to DISH it. But they are missing the ball needed to TAKE it. That fell off while shaving.

  11. the verrrrrr says – reply to this


    Any high IQ females offended by this? I think this is an IQ issue not a sexist thing. Lower IQ females are going to have a harder time interpreting the things they see in the world and will thus classify anything and everything as sexism falsely on a whim almost arbitrarily. I cant imagine any real women with real IQ's being offended by this. Its just … a joke. Thats the way the high IQ mind interpreters it. As for shaving body hair, its a cultural thing and its a generational thing. I'm from the younger generation. Females under 35 are going almost completely bare these days and most young porn stars are bare. So when I see a full bush or pit hair, it looks strange because I'm not from the generation that was accustomed to that. But my generation has an obsession with tattoos that the hairy people from yesterday find gross. Anyways, did anybody hear males whine about those body shaming John Stamos yogurt commercials where the girls are "doing better" than their boyfriends. Did any males whine about the inference? Nope. Because males have TWO balls. Mine are a little damp right now.

  12. the verrrrrrrr says – reply to this


    "interpreters it"… ok. have your little laughie.