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Reddit's Banned "Creepshots" Past Has Come Back To Haunt! Hopefully It's Stopped Before More Victims Are Humiliated!

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Reddit's \

If you’re familiar with Reddit, you may be familiar with the site’s creepiest subreddit, aptly named “Creepshots”.

It featured candid photos of women, sexualizing them and posted without their consent. Despite being hugely popular, Creepshots was eventually banned for obvious reasons.

But the degrading forum has somehow wormed its way back into the Reddit community under a new name: CandidFashionPolice.

Sure, it sounds innocent enough — but upon viewing the forum, it’s clear that CandidFashionPolice is almost exactly the same as what Creepshots used to be. It features candid photos of women in revealing clothing, and totally objectifies them under the guise of fashion.

When clicking on some of the posts (which we won't re-publish here for obvious reasons, like not inflicting more pain on the victims), it immediately becomes clear that the whole “fashion” angle is just a thin disguise for the creepier draw of female (and occasionally male) T&A.

Then the real kicker is the link at the top. It reads:

“If you want to post to this subreddit, but have a hard time finding new pics [Click here]”

The “Click Here” link leads to a long list of creepy Twitter pages and websites that are oddly similar to the original Creepshots, as can be seen in the photo below:

Reddit's \

Is it just us, or do the forum's claims of being about fashion when it's not make CandidFashionPolice even MORE creepy than Creepshots??

At least the original was honest about its intentions!

[Image via Reddit.]

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5 comments to “Reddit's Banned "Creepshots" Past Has Come Back To Haunt! Hopefully It's Stopped Before More Victims Are Humiliated!”

  1. keyth says – reply to this


    Yet you continue to sexualize straitght men on here. WTF ????????
    Who the fuck are you to even talk ???? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. m says – reply to this


    Re: keyth
    He doesn't post pictures of non famous people who are completely unaware of the photo's existance, with sudo-sexual references and a whole lot of inuendo. Some of the girls in those pictures look very young. Another reason my daughter will dress practically armish when she's older.

  3. matt says – reply to this


    good job giving this website more publicity

  4. keyth says – reply to this


    Re: m – Famous or not -it's humiliating how Perez sexualizes everything on this site. How would you like it if you were straight and Perez posts pictures and says: "my imaginay husband " or the non-stop frothing over straight men?
    Woman too, are subjectyed to his constant mention of body parts etc.
    He's a juvenile PIG at 36 who wears teeny bop t-shirts.

  5. Non and says – reply to this


    I would make a male version of this, except that it would be stooping to a level that I don't want to reach. This is fucking disgusting; the ass shots taken under the guise of discussing fashion are layered with this heavy film of what the audience is supposed to appreciate as satire. "Gurl (it's always gurl) I don't like that pattern at all" Lol! It's funny because it's sexist! Much edgy! I sincerely hope that there is only a handful of scumbags propagating this subreddit.