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Bikini Alert! Roberto Cavalli & His MUCH Younger Girlfriend Soak Up The Miami Sun!

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Roberto Cavalli flaunts his beach body with his girlfriend in Miami!

Spring break!!

Roberto Cavalli may be 73 years old, but that hasn’t stopped him from scoring a woman who could pass as his granddaughter. Go him!!

The Italian fashion designer was spotted relaxing on the beach in Miami on Wednesday, with his 26-year-old girlfriend Lina Nilson, and it looked like the two were getting plenty of sun.

And the best part?

The couple was totally matching!!

Both parties wore leopard print swimsuits, but while Lina's was rainbow colored, Roberto's was purely dark blue. The cutest, right???

[Image via Splash News.]

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15 comments to “Bikini Alert! Roberto Cavalli & His MUCH Younger Girlfriend Soak Up The Miami Sun!”

  1. 1

    There's not enough money in this world to have that wrinkled old F.. on my body!!!! what some women do for money!!!

  2. ohmy says – reply to this


    What is that big old maxi pad doing taped to his leg?

  3. 3

    Oh geesh, the visions in my head are horrible.. puke.

  4. Love says – reply to this


    This is definitely a relationship based on love….

  5. coconut Perez says – reply to this


    Bla, Bla, Bla..
    To have the opportunity to ensure a life without financial worries to its children and at herself? I believe many women would be willing to many personal sacrifice! Like this one! :D

  6. Tina says – reply to this


    OH ! all for money. Dirty old man

  7. flock of weed. says – reply to this


    i am convinced that mean agism against males is what caused males to be sexist in the first place which is why the issue of sexism isnt a top priority to me. My top priority is hoping us white male /asian female couples are the richest couples in america (so far we are at the top of the list with a few other groups) and i hope more and more upperclass white males go asian.

    My mom was married to a wealthy older man for her entire adult life life from 24 onwards (except he was only twice her age). While i'm sure my dad probably wasnt as good in bed as a guy her age would have been… i'm glad she made the sacrifice so that my sisters and I could be born upperclass in a world full of white trash who are white trash because their moms wanted hot sex and didnt secure for them an accomplished man with money as a dad.
    Currently in the united states.. "gold diggers" are raising the babies with the highest IQ.
    Its not the babies of the middle class and its sure not the babies of white trash or ghetto people.
    I dont know if this couple is reproductive..but babies born to older fathers are believed to have longer lifespans due to something about the DNA strand that babies inherit.
    By the way… big gap couples actually earn less money as a group than same age couples. You just only hear about RICH big gap celebrities. IN the general public.. big gap families are LESS wealthy. I know. Counterintuitive. But thats why I research things.

  8. flock of weed. says – reply to this


    Re: Tina – If every black female in america spent the next 100 years chasing nothing but rich men (of any race)… i believe their children would end up with the highest IQ, genetically, (over the passage of time. I dont know how many generations it would take) since there IS a connection between IQ and success. And IQ is genetic. So, from a eugenics perspective, Its bad to send a message that its wrong to 'chase money" is a good message to send. Its for the IQ genes not for the money.
    IQ is largely genetic. High IQ doesnt mean you will be successful but successful people tend to have higher IQ and by breeding with successful people… that increases the odds of high IQ offspring. I know.. not very PC. But.. its a scientific fact. The females in america that marry the wealthiest males are raising the smartest babies.

  9. flock of weeeeed says – reply to this


    "So, from a eugenics perspective, Its bad to send a message that its wrong to 'chase money" is a good message to send. "…….. what am i? stoned?

  10. Shut up and drive says – reply to this


    I'm sure if it wasn't his great body, that giant bandage on his leg was what attracted her to him.

  11. 11

    Re: flock of weed. – (post #7) "babies born to older fathers are believed to have longer lifespans due to something about the DNA strand that babies inherit." what a load of rubbish! Where the hell did you get THAT from?! Children born to older women are at much higher risk of getting Down's syndrome than children born to young mothers. The same apply to man. The older they get the more corrupted their DNA is hence the missing chromosomes or mutated chromosomes; hence a higher chance for a retarded offspring. What the hell! Longevity has nothing to do with the age of either of the parents, rather it's a family history with large number of ancestors reaching very old age. Well, 73 is nothing to sniff at, it IS bloody old but I wouldn't say it's THAT old.
    Now, as to the girlfriend thing going on there, he knows what she is about and she knows what he is about. It doesn't seem to bother either of them. Obviously there is an arrangement going on there and it has nothing to do with passionate love. This does not mean that there is no room for love for those two. It may come one day. One never knows with those things.

  12. Tea baggy says – reply to this


    Re: flock of weed. – If your so f'in Upper class, wtf are you doing on a perez Hilton ? Liar

  13. weeeed of flock says – reply to this


    re: someone. since you asked. I own an internet business. I'm at my computers anywhere from 30 minutes to 16 hours a day running it, promoting it etc. watching my servers etc. Or answering phones and emails (my employees work a regular workday. So who does customer service when they are off? ME.. if necessary). Running an net business is the BEST and the WORST kinda business to run. Its the best because customers come from search engines for free (since 96). Its the worst because there are lots of distractions on the net.

    I am nowhere near as well off as my upper family tree (I didnt marry the factory owner).. but i'm not hurting for cash either by ANY stretch. .
    You could just have easily used the logic "if he's so F-in poor.. why the heck would he advocate black females date wealthier men?" YOu arbitrarily chose not to use that logic despite it making 10000x more sense than the logic you chose to use.

  14. flock of weed says – reply to this


    Re: Bella2u2 – "autism?" ahaha. The "Sky is falling disease"??. Do you have any idea how many 100000s of things I've heard said being the cause of autism? they make it seem like EVERYBODY should have it. Now i'm hearing that babies born to overweight women are more likely to have it etc. is there NOTHING that does? haha. As for the lifespan thing.. just google "telomeres". It was something my sister pointed out to me some time ago but I'm not an authority on the subject.

    Men have been having babies late in life for 1000s of years and humans have been fine.
    Dont let the spookmeisters scare you with their "there is a 100% chance that if you breathe air.. your kids will be autistic" fear mongering.

  15. flock of weed says – reply to this


    Re: Bella2u2 – autism most likely varies by race too. Its just a matter of time before some scientist claims "interracially mixing increases chances of autism". I wouldnt worry about autism. There are 1000000 alleged causes and all those causes combined only produce a few alleged autistic kids per 100.