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EXCLUSIVE! Kelly Osbourne Gives The Greatest Style & Confidence Advice Of Her Life!

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Kelly Osbourne reveals all about her sense of style and even her advice boosting self-confidence in this EXCLUSIVE interview!

Kelly Osbourne doesn’t shy away from anything and that includes her fearless wardrobe choices!

We've seen her in multi-colored prints, rockin' skyhigh locks, and all sorts of sheer necklines. But the lavender-haired beauty doesn’t take it all too seriously, either.

During an EXCLUSIVE interview, Kelly revealed:

"I am loving Birkenstocks with socks, especially the platform ones with socks! I am not mad at that! I love it. However, I don’t think it’ll stick around forever!"

Hey, whatever works! Besides, we’re sure if anyone could pull it off, it’d be Miz Osbourne!

Which only goes to show how much this fierce lady looooves taking risks. She continued, sharing with us:

"I love anything that is ugly and I will find a way of making it look pretty! I love doing that with every aspect of my life… taking the things that people don’t like and making them like-able!"

Her bold tresses are the perfect example. While we’ve learned they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, Kelly’s definitely responsible for starting this to-dye-for trend!

Of course, in the end, it's really about what YOU feel comfortable with. She left us with this inspirational advice:

"No matter how hard you try, no matter what you do to yourself — surgically, or no matter how much weight you lose or gain — when you wake up, you’re still going to be you. You’re not ever going to wake up and be someone else, so you better figure out a way to like yourself! I have tons of female friends in England, but in L.A., I have a very small handful of female friends. My one friend would say to me, 'Look at yourself in the mirror right now and say to yourself that you are beautiful,' and I’m like, 'No way! Absolutely not,' and she made me do it everyday, ten times a day. It literally would make me uncomfortable. It would make my top lip sweat — I couldn’t do it! She would go, 'Look at your face. What do you have that no one else has?' and I would go, 'Seventeen double chins?' and she goes, 'No. You’re the only girl I know who hasn’t had a nose job. And look how long your bottom lashes are!' You only see what you want to see. You just have to start with the little things and never jump into the deep end, and just realize that you are beautiful, no matter what. You just have to learn to love yourself. It’s easier said than done. I’m not going to sit here and be like, 'I just woke up one day and loved myself!' People saw what I went through. People saw and still see the mistakes that I continue to make, because I’m human. But, at least I get up everyday and try again. My past made me, but it did not define me. it will never define me and I will always be changing. I will never be perfect, nor do I want to be. I’m a strong believer in, no matter what your dream may be, if you never give up, you’ll achieve it. It’s just that people give up. In this world, you’re expected to want to know what you want to do with the rest of your life by the time you are 18. How the f*ck is anyone supposed to know that?! There’s so much pressure on the youth to be something that doesn’t even exist and then we wonder why kids are having so many issues!"

Sigh. SO TRUE! We're definitely taking this to heart!

Ch-ch-check out the gallery (below) to see just how AH-Mazing she looked at MusiCare's MAP Fund benefit concert in El Lay on Monday!

P.S. CLICK HERE to get more of her thoughts on self-image in this EXCLUSIVE interview!

P.P.S. CLICK HERE to catch up on her adorable partnership with PetSmart!

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6 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Kelly Osbourne Gives The Greatest Style & Confidence Advice Of Her Life!”

  1. shaygirl says – reply to this


    most of kellys friends end up dead of drug overdose. Not sure I'd take ANY advice from her.

  2. Sharon Baxter says – reply to this


    I love Kelly! She was the one to get me to add purple to my hair.. Purple is in memory for my beautiful late daughter, Stacy Baxter, who died in a car accident in 2004, on her way to work. Purple was Stacy's favorite color.. She was 23 years old, when a car came into her lane of traffic, hitting her car and killing Stacy… Stacy will be forever 23, young, and beautiful…

  3. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: Sharon Baxter – I am very sorry for your loss, your daughter sounds like she was a lovely young woman.
    On topic, sorry I do not care for her purple hair.

  4. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    This Osbourne broad is a two-bit no-talent fugly ugly smelly English Weed…..she is SO fugly ! WHO would wanna f*ck her ??? No One ! Fat rolly-polly SKANK !

  5. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    IS it true that Kelly is gonna be kicked of Fashion Police ???? Apparently they are gonna replace her with someone young hip and slim ! And, fashionable !

  6. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    I wish someone would sh*t all over this broad's face to make her look better… a BIG greasy dump all over her fugly face would do quite nicely, thank u …………….