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Madonna & Her HAWT 55-Year-Old Nipples Make A TITillating Appearance On L'Uomo Vogue!!

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Madonna fully exposes her tittays for L'Uomo Vogue -- she\'s still got it, y\'all!

Holy hotness!!!

Madonna may be 55 years old, but her nipples are still FLAWLESS!!

Her latest cover and spread for L'Uomo Vogue are undeniable proof, as Queen Madge totally exposes her bare tittays for their May/June issue.

Sure, we love her in the Giorgio Armani suit on the cover as well as the various outfits from Versus Versace, Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana, Zac Posen, Moschino, and more, but can all that fancy attire REALLY compete with Madonna's bare nips??

We think not!

Check out her seXXXiest, NSFW photo from the Tom Munro lensed shoot…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Madonna fully exposes her tittays for L'Uomo Vogue -- she\'s still got it, y\'all!

And see the rest of her fierce spread (below)!!

[Image via L'Uomo Vogue.]

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83 comments to “Madonna & Her HAWT 55-Year-Old Nipples Make A TITillating Appearance On L'Uomo Vogue!!”

  1. jimmyd says – reply to this


    the photoshopped turkey is ready

  2. PolyPam says – reply to this


    God this woman needs to stop already. You have children! I would be so embarrassed if my mother behaved like her

  3. Europa says – reply to this


    Is anyone still into her? I mean, besides 40 + gay men? When was her last hit? I was formerly a big fan but I've had it with her need to insult younger artists like Gaga. Grow the eff up Madonna!

  4. MDNA says – reply to this


    Fucking hot <3….Haters keep crying, she will never leave

  5. MDNA says – reply to this


    Re: Europa – im 18 and i love her…your comment is sad (and you never was her fan)

  6. fhfhfgfg says – reply to this


    Re: jimmyd – everyone is using photoshop…even 20 years old girls. WAKE UP

  7. iluvla says – reply to this


    She's been 55 for the last 5 years!!!! Gross & Pathetic!

  8. LMAO says – reply to this



  9. Lizzie Borden says – reply to this


    GranMadonna = desperate old bitter hag with a criminal history of copyright infringement. Fuck off already, you plagiarizing attention-whore.

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    Another entertainer jumps on the birthday suit attention bandwagon. Oh well, Madonna's fans have already seen it all. I want to be shocked with a good album.

  11. FUCK YOU says – reply to this



  12. 12

    Re: iluvla – No, she was 50 5 years ago - learn some math.
    She is hotter than any of the butt hurt whiners commenting here.

  13. KC says – reply to this


    Is it me, or does her head look too big, like it's pasted on someone else's body? Either way, the whole thing is photoshopped to an inch of her life, which makes it hardly FLAWLESS.

  14. Derek Evans says – reply to this


    Re: MDNA – She didn't diss Gaga, she dissed the song that was ripped off from her. Also, don't' act like you don't know she's still big. 5 #1 CDs since 2001, The two highest selling solo artist tours of all time, and a record setting super bowl performance. Have a seat and shut up. #QueenofPop

  15. MichJb says – reply to this


    Once a dirty skank - always a dirty skank. Only change is now she's a granny skank and needs a team of photoshop artists to try and make her look human.

  16. May says – reply to this


    She is an amazing woman and you will see her new album is gonna shock so many in a very positive way. Viva madonna!!!!

  17. * says – reply to this


    Re: fhfhfgfg
    Yeah, but there's a difference between being 20 and trying to look 20. At least the people touching up the pictures should be honest.

  18. Joe says – reply to this


    Re: Europa – yes people will ALWAYS be interested in her ! She is the QUEEN of Pop

  19. Joey says – reply to this


    YES!! The queen looks Amazing👏👏👏

  20. Lola says – reply to this


    Whoa whoa whoa she is hot!! I don't care the age and wherever the doing to the photos, is important for me!! she still has it!!! She is going to show us with this new magnificence album something new and un inspected that is going to give people to talk about it for long time. She already is making this new album very serious and different with many love songs. We love you madonna!!!

  21. poosie says – reply to this


    Std's are NOT sexy. Photoshop galore. Perez the way u glorify the fakery is sickening.

  22. Glinda says – reply to this


    That's why we love her. Because she never changes, she's always Madonna!

  23. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: MDNA – That is never "were" her fan, not was. TY

  24. TT says – reply to this


    That is about as sexy as a migraine. She has to still rely on sex appeal, because that's all she knows.

  25. Kerry Louise says – reply to this


    This Filthy, immoral and disgraceful Woman will stop at nothing to try to maintain relevance. She was last 'something' back in 1984, since then she has disgraced the World with her filth and degradation.

  26. 26

    This gross rotten OLD Corpse doesn't look like that in real life. We all know that Hagdonna is a haggard-looking dried up mummy. Desperate, washed out has been, so sad and ridiculous.

  27. Eh says – reply to this


    I can't stand this woman.. I think she's incredibly horrid and dresses way too young for her age… Although… I have to admit, with the photoshop, she looks amazing.

  28. Paul says – reply to this



  29. Makka says – reply to this


    omg, this must be so shopped it's ridiculous.

  30. chellybird says – reply to this


    her nipples look like a clip on piece of Lego. credit to the artist who prepared the picture for print whether it was air brushed photo shopped it looks amazing. I wonder if she will perhaps consider a CIG version of herself they look amazing too. I think her music is ICONIC of the 80's and it was good and still is good you cant take that away from her. She pathed the way for GIRL POWER for that she deserves respect,

  31. Just Me says – reply to this


    so, someone is still fucking her? Who is that? Does she pay a lot to these men?

  32. Just Me says – reply to this


    Re: PaulRe: Joey

    how unusual….I never understood why men want to fuck this old woman, but she has a fan crowd, I wonder who all these people are

  33. Just Me says – reply to this


    I think she should join Miley Cyprus and shag alltogether with many many Arabs and Turkish men :) )).

  34. Michael says – reply to this


    Madonna is madonna !!! Pictures with a bit off whatever and her age so what!!! Give us what a you only know best!!! good music and then shout loud," music is great",all the princess of music; gaga,perry,Rihanna, are waiting for the queen to appear and tell them!!! Come girlds let dance together !!!!

  35. 35

    Re: Michael – honey, the name of your has-been idol means NOTHING anymore. She's just a laughing stock nowadays.

  36. linda says – reply to this


    Re: jimmyd – lol

  37. smily says – reply to this


    Re: Michael – you sound so out dated …

  38. Me ! says – reply to this


    Re: Joe – ok gramma

  39. Dago says – reply to this


    Re: iluvla – lol

  40. get over it ! says – reply to this


    Re: PolyPam – your just jealous your boyfriends like me more

  41. mlington says – reply to this


    QUEEN shes soooo hot. love every pic. tom monru. freedom. love it

  42. Yeah thats Her says – reply to this


    Re: FUCK YOU – lol

  43. Geez says – reply to this


    Her Head Looks Bigger than her body .

  44. market strategy says – reply to this


    Shes Looking to Get Hired And do cameo For Mileys Tour .

  45. Shes Despicable says – reply to this


    Re: Lizzie Borden – she so out touched with reality srly .

  46. so sad for you says – reply to this


    Re: Michael – Madge wants to get paid to get on tour she desperate needs attention and is not getting it .

  47. smily says – reply to this


    GranMadonna = desperate old bitter hag with a criminal history of copyright infringement. Fuck off already, you plagiarizing attention-whore big deal

  48. mlington says – reply to this


    love every pic stunning shoot

  49. Rocco says – reply to this


    old Woman from a different time is Not Always Sexy

  50. asasasasa says – reply to this


    Haters Gonna Hate..granma call your granma..Madonna is fucking hot

  51. Lizzie Borden says – reply to this


    Re: smily – Why did you copy my comment?

  52. Bangerz i.n.c says – reply to this


    Shes no Where near Miley sexiness and talent .

  53. Sean says – reply to this


    Re: asasasasa – Gramma Are you Done acting like teenager,With my clothes on ? can you take me to the museum instead ?

  54. love madge says – reply to this



  55. Grant says – reply to this


    These are not her real titties they are strap on ones your find in those stupid party shops, of course she would be having the last laugh looking at all these comments. By the way Madonna you look super fly xxxx

  56. YouKnowWho says – reply to this


    Re: Sean – Actually, Miley does the same as Madonna did, and this is all the same. :) Agree? Fucking with men on the stage is not hard :) )) And if somebody pays for this - why not? :) ))

  57. Dago says – reply to this


    Re: YouKnowWho – Liar Madonna sells on her last album were the worse in 20 years , her 15 are over Every knows that
    shes is just mad cuzz miley is younger pimpin hard with out her ,simply cuzz she has Been ,

  58. 58

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  59. Times Have Changed says – reply to this


    She was so Greedy & Such Selfish overbearing woman ,When She was on Top ,she always had to have the upper hand on every deal ,i Cant stand Her ,shes so Despicable .

  60. XXX says – reply to this


    She's not doing anything revolutionary. People have been marveling about how great stars look after 50 ever since plastic surgery has been a thing. If she wants to be revolutionary, let's see her without the photoshop, wrinkles and all. That's how you show sexy at 55. Her face is airbrushed so much, it doesn't even look like her, and her face wasn't even that smooth in her 20s.

  61. YouKnowWho says – reply to this


    Re: Dago:) )) good 4 you :) )) keep rocking, babe.

  62. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Bangerz i.n.c – Actually, she's still sexier and more talented than scrawny pubescent Miley even at 55, imo. Sorry. Madge has curves. And brains. And legacy.

  63. Guy says – reply to this


    Ummm she looks pretty much the same in video interviews and I doubt the media photoshops every Frame of her… Of course she's been touched up but everyone is in any of these shoots, to be honest I don't consider anyone a senior till they are in their 70s the idea that you're old at 55 is such an American idiotic idea, and I'm 25 and find madonna still relevant and do look forward to her new projects.

  64. LOL says – reply to this


    Re: Guy
    "Ummm she looks pretty much the same in video interviews"
    Then you must have filters on your screen.

  65. rox says – reply to this


    They looked photoshopped in

  66. LOL HAHAHA says – reply to this


    Since when do nipples look like that? I can't stop laughing XD

  67. Ugh says – reply to this


    Re: Guy
    It's one thing to be touched up in a photo. It's another thing to be made into a totally different person.

  68. melinda says – reply to this


    she craves any kind of attention she can get ……get over yourself and grow up silly woman

  69. Sting says – reply to this


    Hot hot hot. This woman will keep doing whatever she wants against what is acceptable and known, most of us who live a cubic life with a cubic way of thinking will keep being puzzled with confusion.

  70. Stingy says – reply to this


    Hot! This woman will keep doing whatever she wants, against what is acceptable, digestable and know while most of us, who live a cubic life with a cubic way of thinking will keep being puzzled and confused. ….

  71. cwr says – reply to this


    Thank-You for your comment. People need to understand if Madonna never appeared on the scene, None of the other women you have mentioned would be here today……Madonna is a trooper! (looking forward to her next album/production..

  72. SB says – reply to this


    Re: Stingy
    The only thing I'm confused about is how she was able to reverse the aging process so quickly between her performance at the Grammys and now, because she sure didn't look like that 3 months ago.

  73. Lila says – reply to this


    I found that her 15 songs ARE THE SAME…..Holiday,Everybody….name it…..the same melody….dance-shit ! Blondie is the real STRONG WOMAN,with super-cool songs…woman with class ! Look at her on that pic…little-piece of meat…industry-slave!

  74. 74

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  75. superchicken says – reply to this


    She might look great if she would dress and act age appropriate, As it is, she looks like a pathetic embarrassing accident.

  76. mauro says – reply to this


    Re: Kerry Louise
    envy is a bitch…Madonna has more hits that your maother monstah flopper

  77. Logan says – reply to this


    It's pretty degrading that she has to keep relying on sex to keep her afloat. If she actually covered herself, I guarantee she would be bankrupt within two years. Disgusting.

  78. * says – reply to this


    It's funny how her morons, aka the fans, will defend the use of photoshop, because "every celebrity uses photoshop, even the young ones" but then will follow up with something more moronic like, "you wish you could look like that at 55." Madonna doesn't even look like that at 55! You can't throw around the word "ageists" when your object of idol worship is falsely trying to defy her own age.

  79. oliver says – reply to this


    the photos in the actual magazine are very clear and sharp. the contrast is lower and her face isn't washed out. these are scans of the original photographs. she looks beautiful. it's called great genes, good health, an excellent plastic surgeon, and Photoshop. furthermore, every woman and every man in every magazine is Photoshopped.

  80. Leeds says – reply to this


    Her eyes are pulled back so far in some of those shots, she looks like she's Asian. She's never been sexy, IMO, but the camera has always been good to her. So has photoshop.

  81. 81

    I think a lot of these haters are just young kids or young adults for whom it is typical to hate on older women. They call her pathetic and despicable because she is living. They expect her to crawl into some hole and die, stop being noticed, stop living because she's past her 40s. These are ignorant young people with small minds. They will get old one day too and when they day comes, they will wish they were as fit and active as Madonna.

  82. 82

    Whatever anyone says about photoshop, she is that fit. She does yoga and dances and I'm sure she probably eats very healthy. Not everything is photoshop.

  83. 83

    Re: divinah – You are wrong divinah. She means something to me. She always has. Her music changed my life.