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Amber Heard Vs. Vanessa Paradis: Which Of Johnny Depp's Ladies Wore It Better???

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Two of Johnny Depp's ladies were caught wearing similar attire, but who wore it better???

Left: Amber Heard wearing a sexy black cutout dress while accompanying fiancé Johnny Depp to Spike TV's Don Rickles: One Night Only show.

Right: Johnny’s baby mama Vanessa Paradis in a sultry black cutout bodysuit for a spread in Violet Grey magazine.

Both of Mr. Depp's ladies looked stunning in cutouts, but we want to know…

Who Wore It Better???

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Who Wore It Better???

  • Vanessa Paradis (69%)
  • Amber Heard (31%)

Total Votes: 11,114

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[Image via Getty Images/Violet Grey Magazine.]

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130 comments to “Amber Heard Vs. Vanessa Paradis: Which Of Johnny Depp's Ladies Wore It Better???”

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  1. um says – reply to this


    I think they both wore it great but I am gonna go with Amber since Vanessa's photo is very very photoshopped and airbrushed.Amber's is completely real.Still,Vanessa has amazing bone structure.They are both lovely and it's a shame that Amber is getting so much hate just because it happened to fell in love with someone.I am happy that her and Johnny remain strong and inseperable despite the jealous comments.People love to hate so much these days…

  2. EleanorFromWindsor says – reply to this


    nobody. :) ) sorry!

  3. EleanorFromWindsor says – reply to this


    :)) you look ordinary, I dont have to say sorry saying truth :)

  4. alex says – reply to this


    one is a dress and the other a swimsuit!! i don't know why to compare it? Amber is a natural beauty. Vanessa is posing and with photoshop. I chose Amber, because Vanessa doesn't look like that for real

  5. lou says – reply to this


    Vanessa, bien sûr ;-)

  6. barb says – reply to this


    Who wore it better really doesn't work here because they are each wearing different outfits…..duh !!!!!

  7. herta says – reply to this


    Vanessa ,of course

  8. Elvisa says – reply to this


    I choose Amber because she's more natural. Vanessa is photoshopped in every picture by now. Just pay attention at her photographic services… they are all photoshopped and show her skin smooth as it isn't in truth. Vanessa looks better only thanks to photoshop work on her but without it and without makeup she's so ugly and insignificant…. she looks like she's 60 years old with no makeup. Amber is beautiful even with no makeup (I've seen her pictures with no makeup and she's lovely) while Vanessa is very ugly. I've also got to see Vanessa last pictures of her last photoshoot and she looks awful. She looks like a man with shot hair and with her skeletical body. Disgusting. She has nothing of a woman.

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  10. oh says – reply to this


    Re: Elvisa – wow your very nasty towards Vanessa if she was that dog ugly why did johnny say that he was stupified with her beauty and called her a stunner etc she can't be that ugly and BTW Vanessa looks beautiful so does amber.

  11. dado says – reply to this


    Amber copies everything to Vanessa .She is sick

  12. 12

    Since I am team Amber I will choose her. But one is a dress and one is a photo enhanced photo shoot. In person Vanessa looks has gone down the drain. For 41 she looks older. Most her age look better after years of dieting, it caught up with her. Vanessa mentality is off so of course Johnny had to leave or go insane.

  13. alice says – reply to this


    amber's look more better than vanessa paradis who us photoshot open yours eyes

  14. maria says – reply to this


    ¡Vanessa win!

  15. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: oh – Because at the time that Johnny was stunned by her beauty Vanessa was younger and cute but now she's not young anymore and she's really ugly and needs photoshop work on her and pounds and pounds of makeup to look a little bit decent.

  16. getreal says – reply to this


    Re: Elvisa
    Amber has no bone structure. She also has very low muscle tone, floppy tilted head, floppy feet. Amber's pictures are full of contouring to give the illusion of some bone structure. IMO, far worse than photoshop. Amber isn't worth photoshop. She's just another pretty girl. Nothing special at all. Cheap looking, in fact.

  17. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: getreal – Jealousy is a very bad thing.

  18. nobody says – reply to this


    Perez please stop forcing the gross relationship of johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Its plan to see Amber's minions read and post to all these sites. Look at Vanessa would you please she 41 and has a banging face and body after having two kids. I can't wait til this relationship is over and hopefully at some point before its to late JD will be able to save a little face.

  19. Andy says – reply to this


    Vanessa may have been airbrushed but she didn't have torn pantyhose with a hole in them, and showing it to the world like Amber did in the rest of the photos from the Don Rickles event. Besides Amber always looks drugged or something. So her natural is very un natural. Besides there's not much to like about Amber Heard. She hasn't done a successful movie, can't act, looks like every other blonde in Hollywood, and well, there's nothing. OH YEAH, she's dating Depp.

  20. barry from UT says – reply to this


    Vanessa all the way. Paradis is a classic beauty. Vanessa is 15 years older with two teenagers and she still kicks stone face Ambers butt. Heard will never look as good as Paradis at 42. FACT!

  21. I love Jamber! says – reply to this


    Amber is far better than Vanessa. There's not even to compare. Amber is stunning. If she wasn't, producers and directors wouldn't cast her in the role of femme fatale and she wouldn't have become a celebrity if it wasn't for her beauty. Johnny himself talked about how beautiful and stunning she was during an interview of 2011 at the Graham show where everybody there talking with him were saying how beautiful she was. Vanessa was pretty years ago, but she's an ordinary french beauty nothing more and now she isn't even that hot anymore, sorry but she's not aging well. Haters will always say that Amber isn't that beautiful just because they can't stand her but when she wasn't Johnny's girlfriend, they were the first to say how beautiful she was come on. Such an hypocrisy! Amber is really really beautiful, the best for Johnny! ;)

  22. fy says – reply to this


    Amber is in Boston disturbing Johnny.That movie has bad lucky now

  23. chris says – reply to this


    I agree with umsays, I choose Amber because she looks so much more natural, sweet, and was the 1st to wear it, remember ! the photo of Vanessa looks heavily photoshoped, that's not attractive to me, and Vanessa's pose is not particularly subtle either.

  24. Peter says – reply to this


    Amber is dull and vulgar. Vanessa is charming and has attitude.

  25. Jennifer says – reply to this


    Re: Elvisa – Really?? — Sabrina Bedrani, Makeup Artist say about Vanessa:
    “Her skin is dewy, fresh, youthful and glowing with a golden, bronzy feel to it all.”


  26. V.Paradis is a shit says – reply to this


    Amber is beautiful all the way. Vanessa Paradis is ugly. She's a CESSA.

  27. V.Paradis is a shit says – reply to this


    Re: Jennifer – No, she's a dog. She's a CESSA.

  28. Ben says – reply to this


    h t t p : / / s 1.z e t a b o a r d s . c o m / L _A n o n / topic / 5273464 / 3 /

  29. Jamina says – reply to this


    VANESSA 66% — AMBER 34% uuuuuuhh..
    ELVISA AND FRIENDS SHUT UP AND FLY AWAY …!!!! There are videoclips and many paparazzi's pics of Vanessa in that shooting. it's evident that there is NO PHOTOSHOP!!! I know this is so hard for you but come on… after all Amber is always a nice chick.. it's so funny to read your hatred ahahahahah…….

  30. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: Ben – Ahhahahahahha! The link you posted it's really funny. You made my day by showing it! Yeah, Vanessa is so ugly that she remembers "The scream" paint of Edvard Munch!!!!!!!!!!!!! That picture of Vanessa showed on zeta board is the exact copy of "The scream" ahahahahah! Too funny and too true! Even lesbian women make fun of that bitch of Vanessa!!!!!!!! And lesbian women surely can tell more than men when a woman is beautiful or not and not even lesbians like Vanessa or think she's pretty, ahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

  31. fy says – reply to this


    Re: Elvisa – Lesbians like Amber hahahhahhhahh

  32. Chris says – reply to this


    Amber Heard is only young. She is nice but ordinary and without class. Nobody known her before dating Johnny Depp. Vanessa was a reknown artist since she was a teenager, a long time ago before dating Johnny, as singer, actress and model with a lot of success. She is now 41 and always a celeb artist herself without Johnny Depp ! She is always a nice lady, professionnal singer, actress and model, and a beautiful person ! To 27, she was more beautiful and celeb (by herself) that Amber !

  33. nero says – reply to this


    Amber's only beauty is the youth. In 15 years, she will be much less ! Vanessa always will be nice because she is too nice inside !

  34. Sacha says – reply to this


    Vanessa of course who is a real model !

  35. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: fy – Yes, they like her because she's beautiful. Far more than Vanessa. Lesbians surely have good tastes in women, so if they dislike Vanessa it means she's ugly for real. Amber is liked by women and men because her stunning beauty, FACT.

  36. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: Chris – Vanessa was a reknown artist since she was a teenager because she used to undress completely herself in movies since she was a teenager, ahahahaha! She was only 16 when she undressed completely in movies and this wasn't even legal because underage girls coulnd't do that but she started a career just because of it, using her body (that wasn't even that beautiful to watch naked, FACT) and if this means to be classy and a real artist I can only laugh, ahahahahah! At least Amber only showed her breast in movies and not also her pus.sy as Vanessa did and Amber wasn't an underage girl anyway when she did it few times. More over if Amber was an ordinary beauty she wouldn't have arrived where she has arrived. Also Amber was an actress before starting dating Johnny. She was casted in some good projects as Pineapple Express, The Ward, Zombieland, Drivre angry and she even produced a movie with her own money before of meeting Johnny, so she wasn't this poor actress as you say. I'm not saying she was successful but she was already getting something good by herself, FACT and she had her awards too and you can read it on wikipedia what she won. Vanessa can be described as more successfull of her yes, but only in France because outside of it she never was that huge star, sorry. FACT.

  37. fy says – reply to this


    Re: Elvisa – Do you watch The informers? Amber is nude all the movie hahahahhahhhhhhhaaaaaaa

  38. fy says – reply to this


    Re: Elvisa – Amber used and fooled the lesbian community. They dont love her now

  39. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: fy – She's not totally nude though. You can only see her breast, you don't get to see her butt and her pus.sy naked. While in "Noce Blanche", Vanessa played the role of a student who seduces his teacher and she's naked all the time there and she shows her breast, butt and pus.sy. There's a big difference between Amber that filmed some naked scenes where she didn't undress completely showing also her pus.sy as Vanessa did and Amber wasn't an underage girtl anyway I repeat. Vanessa was only 16 years old when she started to shoot lots of naked scenes in movies as "Noce Blanche", "Elisa" etc. in those movies you can see Vanessa completely naked and there are even some photoshoots of her when you can see her posing completely naked while Amber never did such a thing. She never showed also her pus.sy to the world as Vanessa did. Vanessa showed lots of times in movies and photographic services her ugly pus.sy. You know, it's very common for actresses to show their breast in movies as Amber did, there are a lot of actresses who do it all the time, but it's pretty rare for actresses to show also their pus.sies especially when they're only 16 years old as Vanessa did. She's a disgusting bitch, classy my as ahahahahaha!

  40. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Elvisa – OMG STILL HERE??? Have you seen this : VANESSA 66%– AMBER 34%. SO SHUT UP AND FLY AWAY..!!!
    Vanessa's carrier is started when she is 14 years in the music. You are so ignorant, ahahhahahah…… she was a good artist much time before that she met Johnny. Amber is doing carrier thanks to Johnny and Johnny's friends, not for her talent, because she hasn't any talent, she is only beautiful and sweet girl like many others. There are many girls with more talent than her who have lost their roles in the movies, just because Amber was recommended by Johnny and his friends. In fact, when she met Johnny in 2009 she has pratictally stopped doing auditions and before of 2009 she had roles only for her "knowledge of that world". The people of Hollywood" know this very well…!!!!
    You should read Vanessa's profile in wikipedia.. At the same age Vanessa was much more good artist than Amber. Could seem weird , but Vanessa had and has more success without Johnny, because she has ever need his help to work. Amber is only more young than Vanessa but Vanessa has still more elegancy, classy than your chick . In anyway the beauty is a opinion, but the talent no. Can like or not, but it's a realty.

  41. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: I love Jamber! – I agree with you, Amber is the best for Johnny! :) Far better than the talentless bitch of Vanessa that always had an insignificant career. Most people outside France know her just because of her relationship with Johnny. Vanessa used Johnny name for years and years in interview to get publicity in all the world, but Amber doesn't even talk about him in interviews. Magazines make his name and ask her about him but she never says a word and this is really appreciable because she's not like Vanessa and not even like Angelina Jolie who uses Brad Pitt name since years and years to get publicity and being always on magazines to tell her private facts. Amber is very good for Johnny and he knows it. He called her sweet and told they're on the same wavelength. Amber follows Johnny everywhere, she adores him and doesn't let him most of time alone when he has to work as other former girlfriends of him did. Also Amber works but she does her best to spend most of time with him. She's such an adorable woman and I can tell tell that I can uderstand him if he wanna marries her when he never married Vanessa in 14 years of relationship. Amber has something special that makes Johnny happy so again, you're so riiiight, Amber is perfect for him, the best :)

  42. 42

    its like the country crazy singer and the wanna b reality 'start' lol. but crazier

  43. Morgan says – reply to this


    We are comparing a 28 year old to a 40 year old… My god.. For her age vanessa is rocking the shit out if what she is wearing and amber heard is nothing more than a gold digger looking to make a quick buck

  44. Franck says – reply to this


    Sorry guys the Vanessa Paradis picture is totally PHOTOSHOP , she does not even look like that in real life …and Amber picture is natural , it s just her coming out of a party …so let s compare 2 natural pictures to really get a true objective comparison . And it s definitely Amber who s the most beautiful one but remember it s not fair on Vanessa they have 20 years difference !

  45. Alexander says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Sorry, why you started to praise Vanessa's career in a topic only dedicated to beauty? This topic doesn't ask who is the best artist between the 2. It only asks who wore better the bodysuit and you always come in every topic repeating the same things over and over again… I respect your opinion about Vanessa, but I think we're all done about reading always the same things from you that talks about Vanessa as the best artist of the world! In a comparison with Amber she looks like the best artist because most people hate Amber anyway since the beginning, so it's logic that Vanessa looks better, but if you compare her with other show business women really talented I'm sorry, but Vanessa would get the lowest rate, just admit it! And by the way, I like more Amber as a beauty, so what? Who are you to tell people that they have to fly away just because they have a different opinion? Are you crazy or what? Just respect other people's opinions because even the minority have the right to tell what they think and nobody can tell who is right or wrong, not even you that thinks to be God to tell what's right and what's wrong. Tastes are just tastes and they're not wrong or right and you're so ignorant that you still believe the stereotype that majority is right and minority is wrong. You're really pathetic if you think this theory is right and that proves what's right and what's not. Come back to middle ages where you belong.

  46. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Alexander – Hey … why do you fell the need to insult me for explain your opinion?? I 'm free to say that i want LIKE YOU BUT I don't insult you… i only said Vanessa 66% and Amber 34% It's a fact. The words are O. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE RESULT, IT'S NO MY PROBLEM ( I haven't voted). You don't respect who thinks in different way from you so why do you make THE moral to me.. ?? I HAVE MORE RESPECT THAN YOU. SO BEFORE TO TALK OF RESPECT, YOU SHOULD LEARN THE RESPECT..!!!

  47. Alexander says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Don't address your behavour on me because it's you that insulted ither users here saying "fly away" as they don't have the right to express different opinions. Your dirty game doesn't work for me honey, I'll report your behaviour on this site because you're the first one who usually insult people that express different opinions. You also told to an user "STILL HERE"? As you have the right to decide when people have to be here or not. Your behaviour is clearly not respectuful and provocative towards people that express opinions you don't like and if reading opinions you don't like upstes you so much that you need to tell them to fly away, well it's only your problem. It's evident you can't have a civil debate without saying people to fly away just because they wrote something you disagree. Sorry but your behavour must be reported because it's long time that I read you and that I think you need to be reported and I don't think I'm the only one here neither.

  48. j... says – reply to this


    Re: Elvisa

    and also to clarify something vanessa is well known by all the famous men with which said relations, including Lenny kravit, f. pagny, johnny depp and now Benjamin biolay is no coincidence that all are famous with power and money, I mean vanessa race is not by itself is by men that they have collaborated with her and all happen to be lovers of the samevanessa is not capable or compose your own songs depends on the male to produce an album and film not to mention stop attacking amber when vanessa isn't the big thing already at age 14 was with men doing naked.
    Looking for information of who is vanessa and then say who is more bitch if she or amber

    Sorry for my English

  49. Jamina says – reply to this



  50. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Alexander – Are you Elvisa?? Why do you worry of Elvisa?? She continues to write shit about Vanessa and she insulted many people who have written positive comments about Vanessa but you MAKE THE MORAL to me..!! YOU ARE NOT BEST THAN ME… SO I REPEAT SHUT UP AND FLY AWAY..!!

  51. Alexander says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – You keep insulting by saying to fly away and you have no right to do it. I never read Elvisa insulting people. Just because she expresses nasty opinions on Vanessa it doesn't mean she has to be reported because people are entitled of their opinions on celebrities even if you don't like them but usually in all the forums, boards and sites it's not allowed to insult other users just because they express opinions you don't like. You have to respect people first of all and also their opinions. Also Amber gets everyday lots of nasty comments and insults and it's people's right to tell what they think and I never contested them. Never. I see only you contesting and insulting people that express opinions you don't like and maybe also another user that often defends Amber insulting everyone that insults her… I mean, people like you who can't stand other people opinions by calling them idiots or by telling them to fly away and that they cannot be here deserve to be reported and I'm going to do it as soon as I have more time because I think I need registration to do it and at the moment I can't dedicate this time ’cause I gotta go. I have better things to do in life that contesting and insulting people that express opinions on celebrities that I could not like.

  52. Roxanne says – reply to this


    I dont understand why they hate vanessa, if it was amber who took the boyfriend to vanessa.Amber is the homewrecker,not Vanessa.She had the nerve to go to France twice, Vanessa's homeland, to sssssssssshow the ring and with his smug attitude.That woman so disagreeable.Johnny is a fool for staying with a woman like that. Amber demands him all time to buy expensive things and even her mediocre works are get for him . Sorry for my english
    and even their mediocre work will get him the

  53. eve says – reply to this


    Vanessa c est sur !! And she is 41 !! And she is a good singer and actrisse + a verry nice person. Amber no class..and who is she..? but vanessa is happy c est tout … good to see her that way

  54. Alala says – reply to this


    Re: eve

    I is not nothing of who is vanessa, the only thing that is now famous and not precisely for being singer and actress remember everything we know as the ex-wife of johnny depp and point

  55. Alala says – reply to this


    Re: Roxanne

    Amber has every right to go to the countries that stick you the wins, vanessa comes to l.a. and amber lives there please…
    Vanessa whether a search for is fortune was with lenny kravit and with a lot of famous men so they gave him fame in contrast none of that, you never going to listen to amber talking about johnny

  56. Me says – reply to this


    Vanessa more than 3 years ago this coming out with a French musician which also made him their latest album while the world believes it is the victim as long this lying down with another, vanessa bitch.

  57. eve says – reply to this


    To alala you no the world is not only us !! Johnny D has nothing to do whith vanessa been famous ah ah you're funny and she didn't lost much ! She's free and verry happy whith her life a wentt to her concerte and what a plaisir !!
    my english is not so good..but i try. ;-)

  58. eve says – reply to this


    To Me

    what a ugly comment !! Why ?? Your a verry sek personne ..you have to go see a docteur !!
    Grave !!!

  59. Falala says – reply to this


    I honestly don't know why people are getting their knickers in a twist over this. Both women are beautiful but they are FAR APART in ages so there really is no point in comparing them both. Also, the outfits are different, one is a swimsuit and the other a dress. The result of the voting therefore makes no difference. However, if i was being honest, when it comes to who looks better i would pick amber because there was no airbrushing involved. Also we all know that vanessa does not look like that in real life. But that would be unfair because vanessa is a lot older and should be compared to someone her own age. The result of the voting is based on pity. Having said that, vanessa looks good for her age but amber is the wrong comparator.

  60. Falala says – reply to this


    Also, ya'll should chill because this vote ain't changing nada. She still got a ring on and vanessa too has moved on to biolay, which is good for her.

  61. Nick says – reply to this


    JDF is here !
    Amber Heard is nice but soulless and no beauty inside ! She is bad as an actress and finally, she is a gold-digger without a lot of morality ! Vanessa Paradis is a beautiful person, inside too, and an excellent artist. Millions of people love her. She has a great carreer, before and after JD and it is good for her to be over JD. She has a lot to do without him now !

  62. Chris says – reply to this


    Amber is an ordinary beauty soulless, a bad actress ! And she is a home wrecker and a gold digger, and not a nice woman ! The nice woman is Vanessa !

  63. mel says – reply to this


    To 40, amber will be ugly and over ! Vanessa is not !

  64. Alala says – reply to this


    Re: eve

    And if Vanessa are happy that follow their fans like you looking for each item of amber and johnny to criticize him, focus on what makes vanessa and she is free johnny also is not
    After all johnny is much happier not lies and his love no matter what the people think

  65. Alala says – reply to this


    Re: Nick

    You must search the biography of vanessa, people love to vanessa for pity

  66. You says – reply to this


    People have you grief to vanessa lol

  67. P. says – reply to this


    Photoshop ? Really ? 42 years old, 2 kids. Please…

  68. eve says – reply to this


    I never critique JD i don't care about him ..as vanessa i realy like her job and the persone she is stong and rigth in her ead !

  69. Jamina says – reply to this


    [re=6687637]Re: Alexander[/re ahahahahahahahahahahh….. hey you have insulted me..(ignorant, pathetic, crise of middle age etc…).!!!!!! "Fly away " is an insult??? ahhahahahahahah… please stop to say craps and back to your life. it's better !!! Go to make the moral to someone else…!!!!

  70. BBERGH says – reply to this


    VANESSA is sooo class, so elegant, so French
    Everything in her attitude is class. she is very precious.
    she is a wonderful singer and artist on top of it, her voice is a real marvel
    nothing to see with venal amber, a barbie girl who would die for money, one again amongst so many others…..
    Vanessa, you deserve so much better really

  71. 523 says – reply to this


    Re: BBERGH

    vanessa a classy woman when he was with johnny, you seek your life and see that vanessa has sex with the man for money and fame.

  72. dinda says – reply to this


    here's the classy woman vanessa

  73. Alexander says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – I didn't insult you by saying that you're ignorant ’cause you really are. Only ignorant people would tell that majority is right and that minority isn't as you meant with your words. You told to an user here to fly away just because she expressed her opinion showing her that she was in the minority part in the poll and sorry, but this is offensive and only ignorant people would say that only majority is right and that minority has to fly away. You don't admit that you've been very arrogant saying that. You're not God to say who is right and who is not when people express their opinions but you always do it and someone has to report your behaviour. I don't see Elvisa or other users here to tell people what they can do or not only you do this and yeah, it's pathetic to tell people they're wrong and youre right just because you follow the majority. I never told you are in a middle age crisis. I've just told you should live in Middle Ages if you believe the stereotype of that majority is right and minority is not. Sorry but your behaviour is often offensive towards many people here for what I've seen so you need to be reported.

  74. eve says – reply to this


    To elviisa and alexander

    you call vanessa a bitch… that show your education. Only a verry meand and uggly personn say those can of things about a personne she doesn'no !! I don't say that about amber or JD ..because if i have nothing good to say about them..then i say nothing ! I think your both arogant .. ;-) your commentes make french people amaz .. what did vanessa did to you ? NothiNg she juste move on whith her life !! Wake up !!

  75. Patricia says – reply to this


    Vanessa !

  76. Alexander says – reply to this


    Re: eve – Don't accuse me of things I've never said. I've never called Vanessa a bitch. You're lying and defaming me. Where did I say it? Do you have hallucinations or what? I never wrote such a thing, so don't lie and don't address to me what other users here told about Vanessa because also this is really offensive.

  77. Alexander says – reply to this


    The truth is that here there are users that insult Amber in many ways but that also insult Vanessa in many ways and I personally never contested nobody of them because I think that everybody has the right to express an opinion even if it sounds nasty to us because if we have to report people who insult Vanessa with nasty words, well, to be fair and balanced we should report also people who insult Amber and any other celebrity with nasty words but they're celebrities and it's a little bit normal that they got judged all the time everywhere by people. But nobody has the right to tell to other users that they have to fly away just because they expressed an opinion that they personally don't like as well as nobody has the right to say to those people who express opinions that are in minority that they have to fly away. Jamina spoke as only majority has the right to write here while minority as to fly away and this is deeply discriminating and offensive. Everybody has the right to write what they think, not only majority because majority doesn't mean to be necessarily right, this is just a stereotype and sorry but Middle ages where people used to believe in this is over since long.

  78. Yo says – reply to this


    Re: Alexander – " I personally never contested nobody of them" ha ha ha ha you are in all forums insulting Vanessa and people who think different of you. You should be

  79. eve says – reply to this


    To alexander.

    of curse everybody as the rigth to espress themself.. ( hey i m french..wee figth for that ..lol )but with mor class no need to speek like garbich !! I ll never defende somebody wo call a personn bich or stuf like that !! Any way theres mor importante things in the world…and a hope i look like vanessa at her age .. ;-) bonne nuit…

  80. Lol says – reply to this


    Vanessa bitch Vanessa bitch Vanessa bitch Vanessa bitch Vanessa bitch Vanessa bitch

  81. Alexander says – reply to this


    Re: Yo – You're only defaming me. I never insulted Vanessa. Where did you read it? Just provide a proof… but you can't because I never came here insulting Vanessa, you're inventing this and you know, defaming me you're the one who needs to be banned. You will be reported too.

  82. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Alexander – there are people who come here just to insult Vanessa or Amber .. I have insulted anyone, if you are touchy is your problem .. not mine. Again I have offended anyone. You continue to offend and insult, I have not told you that you are ignorant or pathetic … despite your bullshits, I do not feel the need. It 's obvious to everyone that you're bothered by the results of this poll .. so do not pretend to be impartial, the people are not stupid. Please stop being a champion of justice … because you're not. You are the first to have no respect for the others

  83. Alexander says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – The fact that you didn't insult Vanessa nor Amber is a good thing okay, because you don't do what many people do here, but saying to users to fly away just because they express their opinions yes, it's offensive and you're denying this. You also spoke as minority has no right to speak and has to fly away because it's the majority that is right and that proves what's the truth and even this is offensive or are you maybe denying now that you meant that minority has to fly away? You said this, not me, so you were offensive because you keep speaking as you have the right to tell people what they can say. If you weren't offensive you wouldn't say people that express opinions you don't like to fly away and you do it because you have no respect for others so stop lying and pretending you're an angel that is respecting other people's opinions because you never do it. It's not only Vanessa or Amber that need respect, but also users that have different opinions from yours need it and you think to be God to say what they can't tell or not but I'm not going to waste anymore my time fighting for you that are denying that you're not respectful. I'm going to report you, that's it. Goodbye and keep being with no education if you want.

  84. sammy76 says – reply to this


    Amber heard is real???? Are you silly?? She's just 22 years younger than Johnny!!!
    She's young and with her make up she looks perfect but in real life it's surely not like this.
    Let's see how she will be when she'll get the age of Vanessa.

  85. Alexander says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – I've just noticed that you're also a liar because you wrote "I have insulted anyone" and it's not true because not only you insulted minority by saying that who is in minority while expressing an opinion has to fly away, but you also insulted Elvisa as "ignorant". Read again your post written to her. You called her ignorant and now you're making the moral to me because I called you ignorant? You're the first one who call people ignorant and then you lie by saying you don't insult anyone… you're such a hypocrite! You are always insulting people that express bad opinions on Vanessa and there are lots of posts of you that prove what I'm saying. You also said you never insulted Amber but you did it and there's a proof. In one of your posts you wrote that she’s getting roles just because it's Johnny who recommended her and this is defamation because you have no proof that it's like you say. This is only your defaming speculation, so an insult. Amber was an actress and was able to get roles far before she started to date Johnny so you can't know how Amber keeps getting roles. Unless you have a real proof to prove this you're officially insulting Amber and if you wanna do it's your choice, I don't even contest it, I only contest your hypocrisy because you say you never insulted Amber while you do it and I proved it now, so please stop lying to look like an angel. You insult and then hide that you did it. Hypocite!!!!

  86. Alexander says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – For what I remember you also used to say that you knew for sure that Johnny cheated on Vanessa with Amber… you come here saying things but you have no proof to show us that what you say it's true. You act like those insiders who spread rumours to magazines and that would deserve to be sued. Do you know that yours can be called defamation and would deserve not only to be reported but also to be sued??? I never read from anyone here telling that they know from sure sources that Amber is what cause Johnny's split from Vanessa, you're the only one who tell these things and you would deserve to be sued for defamation. This is not something to joke with. You also said that Amber gets roles just because she's recommended by Johnny and since you have no proof about what you say, yours can be defined defamation. Are your words on Amber are reportable because their content is defaming unless you have a real proof and not just speculation??? I'm going to report everything because you need to be stopped with your defaming behavior and it's really funny that you deny you ever offedend Amber. How do you call what you said on her until now? And if now you're going to say that it's only the truth well, you have to provide a proof otherwise yours is only speculations. Stop acting like the angel that never insults Amber or anyone else here because there's evidence that you do it. Liar!!!!!

  87. eve says – reply to this


    Por think !! Maby You didn t have parents to give you education .. or you juste don't understand what class is :-( hope you find it mdr….

  88. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Alexander – About Amber's talent and her relationship with Johnny, I have already explained. You still do not understand, I have respect for people who express their opinions, but i have no respect for people who insults. Do You understand the difference between an opinion and insult? I don't believe so. Elvisa doesn't express an 'opinion, she insults just like you. "Fly away" has nothing to do with the minority or the majority, but it 's directed at people like you and Elvisa who feel the need to insult for express the opinions. This is just a poll and will not make Vanessa or Amber better or worse. The insults of Elvisa and others, are absolutely despicable and unnecessary. If you are not able to understand the difference between an insult and an 'opinion, it 's not my problem. You have insulted me and I certainly will not learn the education from you as well as you certainly will not learn English from me. SO GOOD LIFE ALEXANDER, THE BANNATOR MORALIST

  89. phoebs says – reply to this


    geez people what is your freaking problem?!?!? they both look pretty and the thing is we can't even compare them beause they are wearring completelly different dresses. And to all of the envy woman: amber ain't no bitch. she is with johnny because she trully loves him not because of his fame or money. and yeah johnny was sweet with vanessa but sweetness eventually loses it's charm and he has changed since dating amber. he's happy and that's the way it should be. he and amber might get divorced but they might stay together forever we don't know. and stop judging them already. are they hurting you? did they make your life a nightmare? i don't think so, so shut the hell up and find something else to do with your life.

  90. Bells says – reply to this


    Re: phoebs – shut up fool

  91. Alexander says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – About Amber's talent you didn't explain anything, liar!!! You only said that Amber is getting roles thanks to Johnny's help and I repeat, unless you have a real proof about it, yours is defamation and an insult. Just answer: do you have any real proof that Amber is getting her roles thanks to Johnny? I don't mean speculations, I mean a real proof… you have no proof this is the truth so yeah, you insulted Amber and you're also denying it. Yours wasn't an opinion about her in this case, it was a clear accusation made with no proof. What's annoying of you is that you wanna look like the angel that doesn't insult anybody while you do it. You denied you insulted Amber while you needed to be sued for what you said. Yours is only defamation because you speak without providing any proof. And you know, you're funny because you think that Elvisa has no right to insult Vanessa while you think it's your right to insult Elvisa… and ten you say you don”t insult anybody… why you feel you have the right to insult people that insult Vanessa?? And why when people insult Amber you don't insult them and let it go??

  92. Alexander says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Only when people insult Vanessa you insult in turn them… you're so hypocrite because you think you have the right to insult people but that nobody can insult you… Elvisa said that Vanessa is talentless and sorry but this is not an insult, this was her opinion for what I see and you are the one that cannot see the difference between an insult and an opinion so you insult. Who do you think you are to tell people that they're insulting celebrities just because they said that for them they're talentless? Nobody has to ask your authorization to tell that a celebrity is talentless and if you can't accept that people tell what they think it's you the one with problems. Yes, you deserved to be reported because you also deny the truth. You said that Elvisa was ignorant just because she doesn't think that Vanessa is talentless and sorry, but this was her opinion and you didn't accept it. Respect others, please. I'm sorry if I offended you by saying you're ignorant but it's your behavior that is really unacceptable.

  93. Alexander says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – You know, I don't care about Johnny, Vanessa and not even about Amber (I think she's beautiful though and I liked some movies of her, yes) I personally like Leonardo DiCaprio as an actor and when I read people say: "he's talentless" I don't insult them because this is their opinion and I don't contest it while you insult people that tell things you don't like about Vanessa and this is the behavior that is wrong as well as you have no right to accuse Amber of anything unless you have a proof because in this case yours is defamation. If you have any proofs about her getting roles thanks to Depp just tell what is it this real proof or just admit you insulted her because that's what you did. The truth is that you insult more than anyone here only that you have problems to admit it because you wanna feel like you're a respectful angel. Yeah, respectful my ass.

  94. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: Alexander – Hi friend, sorry for my absence from here but I don't use to read on this site everyday because I'm often busy and unlike Jamina, I have better things to do in life than fighting everyone who disagrees with me about something. I come here sometimes and I read just some opinions and I read yours right now. What can I say? Thank for defending my point of you but it wasn't really necessary my friend. I appreciate your words that were fair towards people that express their opinions but trust me, I don't need to be defended by someone like Jamina because for me she's a nobody just her idol Vanessa, so I don't really care what she says. It's long time that I don't even read anymore what she writes because I know how not respectful she is. You are new here and you ignore that almost everybody here knows how psychotic she is about defending Vanessa from every negative opinion she gets (and she gets lots of negative opinions) so I don't waste my time with her anymore and I skip her answers and posts since long.

  95. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: Alexander – And you know, even though I skip her posts without even read them, I don't know why she keeps answering me and why she's still obsessed about fighting my opinions… I mean, if she's so sure that Vanessa is that wonderful andtalented woman, why she feels the need to fight everytime people that have a different opinion? This happens because she's frustrated. Only frustrated people fight others. My advice for you is just ignoring her. I

  96. Elvisa says – reply to this


    I've just learned from yours posts that Jamina keeps insulting me just because I don't like Vanessa but you know what? I don't give a shit about what she tells of me. She's a nobody and I could care less about her opinion on me. What she doesn't understand is that she can say whatever she wants but she will never succeed to make me change mind about Vanessa. It's pointless that she fights my posts because I'll always write whatever I really think about Vanessa and if what I think annoys her it's only her problem. So she can keep forever to fight my posts but she won't get nothing else than frustration. So my advice for you is trying to ignore her posts. Be intelligent and ignore her because she doesn't even worth to be read.

  97. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Alexander – About Amber, she was and is a BAD actress. Few people knew her before she dating with Johnny Depp. It's no Jamina who says this. The facts and the world, say this. She said in an interview that since years, she no needs to do auditions. So, a girl (28 years old), without any talent works in Hollywood since over 10 years. She has made very bad and mostly insignificant roles, but she continues to work with "A list" in big-productions, without to have to do any audition ???? You do not need to be Sherlock Holmes to understand…and no need of proofs . I just read her interviews in the magazines and i have seen what she has done in the last 5 years. If you make the same thing, also you'll be able to understand everything without my comments, here. This is not a speculation, this is called deduction…. 2 x 2 = 4
    Amber is a beautiful girl and a great model, but she can”t play. It' s no only my opinion Maybe, one day she will learn it or maybe no. I have my doubts and many people have my same doubts. That doesn' t mean that she is using Johnny or others people for work, maybe they were and are happy to help her. The fact is that She continues to work in Hollywood without any talent to make it. Sorry but it 's too evident. That's all.

  98. Alexander says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Okay, then find and show the link of the interview where Amber said that she doesn't do auditions for getting roles because I never read such a thing. I remember that she only said that now it's not that difficult for her anymore to get roles but this doesn't necessarily mean that she is recommended by him. And you know, in show business sometimes directors and producers ask without doing any audition even to not very famous actors to plays some roles because they think they would be perfect playing them. You don't need everytime to do auditions and you are still defaming Amber saying that she's talentless but still playing A-list roles… she played good roles in A-list movies before meeting Depp. She played before starting to date Depp a movie directed by John Carpenter that is an important director, how could you explain this? And she produced with her own money a movie before of dating Johnny, so this mean she was already rich enough as an actress to do this and how could explain this? I don't think she's that talented either but I don't defame her as you hater do saying that she's talentless. She became an actress before meeting Depp you forget, so she had something that couldn't be only beauty because there are a lot of beautiful women in show business, but why she was chosen if she was that talentless??? Even if you pretend to not know it, also Amber has fans that watch her movies.

  99. Alexander says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Amber Heard Italia and some other Fbook pages dedicated to her for example are full of people that like Amber and also her movies. I know it because I talk to them since long and even before that she started to date Johnny either you wanna believe it or not. Also her russian site is full of people that like Amber also as an actress. I personally never cared about her private life but I used to write in some cinema sites and I can tell that some people like her. You said that she's talentless and nobody likes her but this is only the opinion of haters of her like you. You surely read opinions on her only on these gossip sites, but if you started to read opinions about her on cinema sites you would realize that many people don't denigrate her just because of what she does in her private life. If you read only haters site it's normal that you ignore that there are many sites where there are people who like her also as an actress. You keep having no real proof that she's recommended by Depp because you change what she said in interviews just to make it sound differently. Look, I'm not saying she's that talented either but she's not even that bad as you try to demonstrate by mentioning only what you read on gossip sites like this one. You hate her and it's pretty evident even if you try to sell us you're neutral. If you were neutral you wouldn't defame her so much.

  100. Alexander says – reply to this


    Re: Elvisa – Yes, thank you, I think I'm going to accept your advice.

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