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Amber Heard Vs. Vanessa Paradis: Which Of Johnny Depp's Ladies Wore It Better???

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Two of Johnny Depp's ladies were caught wearing similar attire, but who wore it better???

Left: Amber Heard wearing a sexy black cutout dress while accompanying fiancé Johnny Depp to Spike TV's Don Rickles: One Night Only show.

Right: Johnny’s baby mama Vanessa Paradis in a sultry black cutout bodysuit for a spread in Violet Grey magazine.

Both of Mr. Depp's ladies looked stunning in cutouts, but we want to know…

Who Wore It Better???

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Who Wore It Better???

  • Vanessa Paradis (69%)
  • Amber Heard (31%)

Total Votes: 11,109

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[Image via Getty Images/Violet Grey Magazine.]

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130 comments to “Amber Heard Vs. Vanessa Paradis: Which Of Johnny Depp's Ladies Wore It Better???”

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  1. ND says – reply to this


    She was never really with Johnny Depp She is related to JD impersonator Danny Lopez.

  2. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Alexander – "REALLY??"I don't remember the magazine about the auditions but read this.Question: It 's REALLY hard for you to get even a fraction ?
    "No, now it is not. It was. Now the hard part is making decisions. It is not difficult now to find a job , but choose well." (Amber in Esquire magazine).REALLY?? For her talent??
    Question: How is changed your carrier?? Amber:"I haven't noticed any change in my career and, for better or worse, I've always had a love life that seemed particularly salacious to some people. ("Amber in W Magazine).REALLY?? It's weird that she talks about her carrier and love life in the same answer. Sure, there is no connection . So, after 10 years in Hollywood, her carrier is not changed, but now it's not hard for her to get fractions. REALLY?? OK maybe she doesn't understand the questions.. Her first movie was Mandy Lane (2006), but it 's released only last year. REALLY?? Coincidence. She met Johnny in 2009, she is chosen for that movie, for "her walk in the room" (Said by Bruce Robinson), REALLY?? Well, anyone has own talent.. About this, i'm sure that it's a coincidence.. Auditions for Paranoia and 3 day for to kill.?? eeehh… boh REALLY?? London Fields?? Maybe she made an audition, yes, yes… but Johnny has made a cameo In it. REALLY?? Why ?? That said, it's absolutely evident that all these are ONLY COINCIDENCES..!!!

  3. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Alexander – Last thing: if Elvisa and others say that Vanessa has not talent, they express an opinion, but If i say that Amber has not talent for Hollywood, it 's a diffamation OR SPECULATION.. REALLY?????

  4. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Alexander – Last thing: if Elvisa and others say that Vanessa has not talent, they express an opinion, but If i say that Amber has not talent for Hollywood, it 's a diffamation OR SPECULATION.. REALLY?????

  5. Alexander says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – You keep speculating, you have no proof yet. Your thoughts aren't evidence. Can't you see that you lied about her saying that she isn't doing auditions anymore??? She only said that now it's more easy for her to get fractions and that she has more difficulty about make decisions because now maybe she has more choices. Of course being Johnny's girlfriend is helping her a little, I'm not saying that this is irrelevant now in her career but also for Vanessa being Johnny's girlfriend was helping a little and you can't deny this. Johnny helped Vanessa to compose her music and also helped her name to get more popularity in all the world even if you wanna admit it or not because if you pay attention, people talk in all gossip sites about Vanessa articles only when they're related to Johnny but if they weren't related to him, nobody would talk about her outside France, so yeah, even Vanessa has been helped by Johnny but this doesn't mean that Vanessa or Amber are working only thanks to him. Vanessa had her career in France before of him of course and Amber was already an actress and worked in A-list movies before of dating him either you wanna admit it or not so it's not that he gave her all this help as you think and it's defaming to say that Amber gets roles only thanks to him as you said because she would get roles anyway as she did even before of meeting him or do you wanna maybe tell that she wasn't getting roles before of that???

  6. Alexander says – reply to this


    I repeat, Amber also produced a movie with her own money and this means that she was also pretty rich to do that thanks to her job of actress because not all actors can pay to produce movies at the beginning of their careers. And about her statement on her career that didn't change you can't know what she meant. You only speculate and defame her. Maybe she meant that her career isn't improving in the sense that this hasn't become this big actress yet and this is the truth, so she didn't lie. Before of dating Johnny she worked with John Carpenter (an A-list director) and co-worked in movies with A-list stars as Demi Moore, James Franco, Kim Basinger, NIcholas Cage etc. etc. and those movies weren't that unknown at all, but she didn't suceed anyway to become this big name in the industry and it's what is happening even now. She co-works with A-list stars but she's still poorly known in the industry. She's more known in the gossip world but as an actress few people really care about her movies or know her, you know it better than me, so why do you defame her saying that she lied telling that her career didn't change? She keeps being a C-list actress as she was before even when she co-worked with A-list stars, so what's changed? I think she was sincere in that sense meaning that her career isn't going anywhere anyway as it happened before, no matter that now she's more popular thanks to Johnny.

  7. Alexander says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – About her audition for The rum diary, Bruce Robinson wasn't looking for this big talented actress. He was looking for a beauty face because the role of Chenault didn't require this big talent, come on. Sometimes directors look for a specific face for a role and Amber had that specific face. Also Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley were considered for the part if I'm right, did you know that? And Keira is pretty talented, so… what I mean is that Amber made the audition anyway because there were more choices not just one as Bruce Robinson said even though maybe he liked Amber more from the first istant he saw her. You're so bitter about her…. get a life. Don't get why you like to denigrate her so much in all the ways pretending that you're neutral when it's evident to everybody you're not. Did she do something to you personally? No, so you have no right to insult and defame her that much.

  8. Alexander says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – You didn't say that Amber is talentless. I wuould have never contested such an opinion. You said that she gets roles only thanks to Johnny and it's pretty different, don't be hypocrite about this. Yours wasn't an opinion, it was a defaming statement. If you wanna say that you think that Amber is talentless of course you can because it's an opinion, but you have no right to say that she gets roles only thanks to Johnny unless you have a real proof and facts prove only that Amber didn't become an actress thanks to Johnny and she didn't pay and produced a movie with his money as well as she didn't worked with A-list stars in some A-list movies thanks to him when she didn't know him yet, that's it. Deal with the truth. Stop defaming Amber just because as most haters you can't stand her.

  9. Conan says – reply to this


    Jamina is right. Amber now gets most of her roles thanks to Johnny. It's not just a coincidence that when she was in France in January 2013 having a meeting with the staff of '3 days to kill' Johnny was with her. They were negotiating Amber presence in the movie. Why Johnny accompanied her for few days? To recommend her of course for the job! Many people never believed that at the time also Johnny was there with her just because Amber used Marie de Villepin as a beard calling paparazzi to get seen and photographed while hanging out with her to confuse the media and the public, but Johnny was there for few days to recommend and support her for her job in '3 days to kill' and there were several twits about that. Even a french TV host at the time reported on her T.w.i.t. that she saw Johnny with Amber but sometimes people want to be in denial and choose to not believe.

  10. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Conan – yeah thanks Conan. She is talentless but she continues to work in Hollywood. This is no speculation , diffamation or an opinion, this is only the sad realty.

  11. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: Alexander – I agree with you, Amber has been sincere, genuine and very humble to admit that her career hasn't changed because the truth is that she was a C-list actress before meeting him and she's still a C-list actress while dating him. I also don't think she's that talented but at least she makes Johnny happy and didn't trap him with a child after few months they were dating. Amber doesn't need those dirty games to win Johnny. I've never been a fan of Amber as an actress because I don't think she's so good to be honest, but just like you I don't even think she's that bad as jealous haters wanna make her pass. I think she can be compared to Scarlett Johansson, that's it but to me that I'm a fan of Johnny, what's really matters is that she's making him happy because Vanessa didn't do it, especially in these last years, she only took care of her insignificant career. Amber isn't that selfish and she's very good for him. Johnny himself admitted it! :)

  12. chris says – reply to this


    Re: Chris
    so true!

  13. vanessa says – reply to this


    first, you did choose a bad picture of Vanessa. Second, how can you compare a young bimbo like Amber nothing, and a full acomplish woman, singer/actress since 25 years ago. This poor Deep gonna finish old and alone, all that it deserve.

  14. Dany says – reply to this


    I prefer times more Amber because she has an exotic beauty, she's very sexy, with pretty face and perfect body shapes while Vanessa is a walking skeleton, with no shapes at all and she always needs a huge photoshop work to look just acceptable. If you meet her on the street where she's not photoshopped and where she has no makeup, you can barely recognize her while Amber is prettiest without makeup and photoshop on her doesn't look good. She's really beautiful in her natural shape, she doesn't need any trick as Vanessa does.

  15. Matt says – reply to this


    To be honest I don't like any of these two women. They're both not that beautiful and definitely over rated. Johnny Depp likes women with masculine features. Amber facial expression in that picture remembers the Virgin Mother while Vanessa looks like a black widow. She has a dark expression that I don't like. They're both ridiculous to try to look like they aren't. The dress suits better Amber though because she has got a better body with nice shapes while Vanessa is flat and bony, with no shapes. Women must have shapes otherwise they look like men and Vanessa definitely has a man body. Her body isn't sinuous at all and that's not nice for a woman and since she cut her hair her look got even worse because now she really looks like a man even in the face, more over it's better when she has her mouth shut and doesn't smile just to avoid of scaring us with her ugly teeth. So I voted for Amber just because Vanessa is uglier.

  16. Beauty says – reply to this


    Vanessa said in a recent interview that the secret of beauty that her mother taught her, was the inner smile. And so she has. She has the inner smile of a person who has outer and inner beauty. Vanessa has a clear head that she is sincere in her actions. She has class. And people can see that. Contrary to popular belief, the public can see the inner beauty too.

  17. The public says – reply to this


    Re: Beauty – How do you know that Vanessa has the inner beauty? Do you personally her or something? Because what you see and read from magazines isn't enought to judge a person. You got to know her very well to express such an opinion about her and anyway she's pretty arrogant in saying she has got the inner beauty. It's people that know her that should tell if she has got it and not herself.

  18. Chrysdood says – reply to this


    Amber is bland !

  19. luchresia says – reply to this


    I really wonder what happened to Vanessa. She has two teenage kids back in the USA, and she is never there. Now, for example, she is promoting this movie, and when she isn’t doing that, she is touring with her “love songs” album in Europe.
    I know that everyone is different, and have different philosophies about raising kids. But I just find it so strange that a person who stressed so much in her former interviews how important it is to be with the kids, and that she would give up everything for them now does the complete opposite

  20. Diamond says – reply to this


    I voted for Amber of course because she's the most beautiful woman in the world while Vanessa is the ugliest one!

  21. French Kiss says – reply to this


    On reconnait à peine Vanessa Paradis. Merci Photoshop. Elle parait presque jolie sur cette photo. Pour l'avoir déjà vue en réalité, je peux affirmer qu'elle ne ressemble pas du tout à ça. Elle a une vilaine peau et des traits peu flatteurs. Vive Amber !

  22. maria says – reply to this


    Re: luchresia – Vanessa is in LA with the children (she was spotted today) while Johnny only is interested in go kissing with Amber in Boston. Vanessa is the only one who cares about them.Johnny, they don't matter.

  23. maria says – reply to this


    Re: French Kiss – vous êtes méchante !Vanessa vivant!

  24. Amber is better, yeah says – reply to this


    Re: Diamond – I agree with you. Amber is far better and she was nominated as one of the most beautiful and sexy women by lots of international magazines while Vanessa was never mentioned in those kind of charts because she's ugly as death. Photoshop is the only thing that saves and help her to look just a little bit watchable. I don't understand what Johnny liked about her for years because she has no body shame, she looks like a man, she has lollipop head, bad teeth and the emaciated shape of her face reminds a skull. How Johnny could get aroused with such a shitty woman??? Yes, love is blind sometimes.

  25. Amber is better, yeah says – reply to this


    Re: Diamond – Sorry, I meant that Vanessa has no body shapes etc. etc. Bye!

  26. ladidia says – reply to this


    I feel sorry for Vanessa because I think her break-up with Johnny is the heartbreak of her life. The man meant everything to her. And sure; she wanted to get married to him..all the time they were together. Just look at her former interviews, for instance this:

  27. maria says – reply to this


    Re: ladidia – Yes ,i think so

  28. VanessaRocks says – reply to this


    Vanessa–hands down. She's a class act. Elegant, down to earth, and genuinely seems like a good person. I feel bad for Johnny; things haven't been going well for him ever since they started having issues. He looks miserable every time he's with this bisexual phoney, and I think he's just sad without the family he had with Vanessa. I hope things turn around for him.

  29. curator says – reply to this


    I wonder where are the new Gene Tierney, Vivien Leigh, Ava Gardner, and die….all these girls sucks, they are common and vulgar. VP is cold, Amber looks old fashioned and very da-dame as they say in France…Boring here and there, no dream, no glam, no ideal. Just flesh and insignificant people.

  30. Ellen says – reply to this


    I don't understand why you compare them. They don't have the same age, the same figure so what's the point. Vanessa has two children and she's 41, Amber is 28 and she has no children so… We can't compare !
    Just wait 14 years to compare them at the same age ! If you look at the pictures of Vanessa when she was younger (like Amber) she's stunning !

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