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Do You Agree With That Petition Against Blue Ivy's Hair? Tamar Braxton & Other Celebs Weigh In!

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beyonce blue ivy hair

Have you seen that incredibly odd petition against the state of Blue Ivy Carter's hair yet??

If not, be sure to read it HERE!

Interestingly enough, the person who wrote that petition and the thousands of others who've signed it aren't the only ones discussing the hair of Beyoncé and Jay Z's child!

Reality stars Syleena Johnson, KeKe Wyatt, and Tamar Braxton from the show R&B Divas Atlanta were recently interviewed for Atlanta radio station V-103, and somehow Blue's untamed tresses came up.

Syleena compared baby Blue's locks to former Wu Tang Clan member Ol' Dirty Bastard, saying:

"She’s giving me ODB."

Uhhh, we wonder what Bey and Jay would think of that!

Then KeKe added:

“Ain’t nothing wrong with being natural. I got natural, but you still got to grease natural and comb natural and wash and condition and then you won’t have the beadiage.”

Here that, Yoncé?? KeKe's recommending that you stock up on some hair grease!

Finaly, Tamar sort of defended Blue's hair, saying:

“It just needs some product. That’s it. No shade. I have a nephew who has really, really curly hair like this. It ain’t that bad.”


We're just not sure why a 2-year-old's hair has come under such close inspection!

She's still a baby, guys!! Sheesh!

[Image via Beyoncé.]

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26 comments to “Do You Agree With That Petition Against Blue Ivy's Hair? Tamar Braxton & Other Celebs Weigh In!”

  1. Mike says – reply to this


    Wow, poor little girl, let her be. I'm happy that Beyonce isn't allowing the haters to mess with her baby.

  2. Nadine says – reply to this


    I am so disgusted at the petition. Are we really holding 2 year olds to a beauty standard determined by ignorance? We really have been culturally conditioned to see afro textured hair in it's natural state as ugly. I have three girls. As toddlers, I refused to hold them down, kicking and screaming, in order to manipulate their hair to the satisfaction of those who didn’t matter. I did not want my girls to associate their natural hair with pain and discomfort. For this reason I kept day to day manipulation to a minimum (spritz with water, some oil and a quick finger detangle). I’d only detangle root to tip when fully saturated, while washing their hair. Other than that I let their frizzy kinks and curls run free. I did so until they were at an age where they could sit still and enjoy the process of getting their hair done. Instead of trying to respond to all the ignorant posts, I set up a petition, to counteract the original one. Yes, it’s stupid that I should have to, but the unenlightened voices, shouldn’t be the loudest. Please sign, share and silence this nonsense.

  3. Seriously?! says – reply to this


    This is not that different from people petitioning to get people fired or condemned for having an unpopular opinion or uttering a single word people deem offensive. Apparently not properly grooming a child is just too horribly offensive.

    Everyone needs to take a god damn seat and let others live their lives. Raise their kids the way they want to. Have their own opinions. Just because you (or even in some case, the majority) of people don't agree with it, doesn't give you the right to force them to conform to your views!!

    Hopefully the crack pot who started this petition is just doing this for attention and not serious. If JT is, god help the people in JT's life. What a miserably self righteous a**

  4. MizzBoobBoo says – reply to this


    people in this world really make me sick. LEAVE HER ALONE!!! its not your damn child. Blues hair does NOT reflect the love that child gets. She has a blessed wife and i can't believe people would be SO DISRESPECTFUL to do something like this in regards to a 2 yr old and a mother that they do not know. its just low. KEEP YOUR COMMENTS TO YOURSELF! I've seen Blues hair done before but no one ever talks about it but then when they see her with her not done its as if Beyonce doesn't care about her daughter. HAVE A SEAT ASSHOLES

  5. Nicci Sundae says – reply to this


    Tamar should concentrate on putting her husband on a diet!!! Plus, that boy got hit bad with the ugly stick so she really shouldn't be talking!!!

  6. 6

    Wow! Every person who has anything to do with that petition should be ashamed. Instead, ask yourself…why would this be any of your business? I'm amazed at the balls some people have!!

  7. Kerry Louise says – reply to this


    I hate it when they use their Children for promotion. How sickening.

  8. April says – reply to this


    The nerve of these tranny looking broad who all wear weave hating on a 2 year old hair. They are just mad that they are all has beens and trying to get a career Jumpoff by downplaying Queen Bey, but I would have words for anybody that talks about my child. They need to shut up before Solange jump they asses.

  9. okay says – reply to this


    There life there child end of story. If there's a petition they must not be doing much in there lives to worry about a innocent child natural hair.

  10. maria says – reply to this


    Hold tf up why Beyonce n jayz get to look like a million dollars while their child looks like the help's foster child. Like why can't they comb her hair. Her mom hair always down. Nobody is attacking the baby. Its the fact of her looking amazing n her daughter looking like Bob Marley when he got his dreads cut.

  11. kay says – reply to this


    These people should be ashamed of themselves. So a child needs to go by societal standards and dress code. People ignorant!

  12. VykB says – reply to this


    Leave the kid alone. The petition is ridiculous. The kid is cute as she is.

  13. Michah says – reply to this


    It's true she's just a baby HOWEVER even a baby's hair shouldn't be neglected when mommy-b and poppa-j are literally paying thousands on their own naps….when ethnic hair isn't tended to properly it begins to hurt down to the root, and can even break off causing bald patches, poor baby

  14. Siobhan says – reply to this


    Nobody never said anything about Angelina Jolie not combing her daughters hair she adopted her and didn't comb her hair one time her whole childhood she who're a many fro

  15. Siobhan says – reply to this


    Nobody never said anything about Angelina Jolie not combing her daughters hair she adopted her and didn't comb her hair one time her whole childhood she who're a many fro

  16. Siobhan says – reply to this


    Blue ivy still pretty hair combed or not she's one of the cutest babies in the industry and the comments made by the r and b divas could have been kept they will never have blues status. Who r they to even make a comment

  17. llawrence says – reply to this


    I am going to start a petition to boycott these 3 tricks ratchet reality shows until syleena loses about 50 pounds, keke get mental medical help, tamar puts vince on a diet, stop bleaching her face, stop stealing songs and vocals, stop copying beyonce's style and get her own, stop putting all that johnsons baby oil on her sons hair. now how about that

  18. Cay says – reply to this


    she's a child who rightly has natural hair!!! leave off!!!

  19. sheena says – reply to this


    grease is bad for natural hair and she's a baby leave her alone

  20. Ashley says – reply to this


    I don't. To each their own. You can agree to disagree bit it's called perspective. How would a person feel if it were somebody signing a petition for putting to many barrettes or cream, gel, grease etc on their child's hair. This is silly to each their own. If the baby is generally happy and healthy other wise, let's sign petitions for shit that really matters. Seriously. To each their own.

  21. realtalk says – reply to this


    Re: Cay – Start your petition so I can sign and agree with you, yes. Leave the Carter child along and worry about why you aren't thought about like little Miss Blue Ivy Carter.

  22. Vivian says – reply to this


    What a miserable bunch of disgusting people to criticize that child's hair or her parents choice to let her hair be. The fact is, they're worth about a half-billion dollars. Who in the actual hell thinks that they haven't consulted with someone about letting their daughter be natural? Ignorant people. Get some lives.

  23. Vivian says – reply to this


    Re: maria – Probably because Jay Z and Beyoncé don't give a damn about sitting down and being groomed. There's not a toddler on the planet who would rather sit and have their hair messed with, when they could run around playing and being happy and carefree. Sit the hell down somewhere, your point is well…not a point at all. Pointless.

  24. Vivian says – reply to this


    Re: realtalk – I'm down for that petition.

  25. 25

    I think Blues hair could have used a comb or a Lil something,but geeze a petition? Lol…I'd sign for a real cause not about a child's crazy hair lol…Shilo Jolie Pitt got ripped on about her uncombed hair too lol

  26. Tina says – reply to this


    Re: kay – I hope beyonce is not letting this bother her with her daughters hair. People are so crazy and just want something to talk negative about on beyonce. Since they cant find nothing bad to say about beyonce they mess with her child and husband instead. All for the black people who are saying such mean stuff about blues hair. Just because you don't love yaself as a African woman, without weaves and perms does not mean every black person shouldn't love themselves for who they are. Take those weaves and perms out ya hair and ya hair will look just like blue ivy.
    Its crazy we only teach our black kids the only time there natural hair is beautiful is if we grease it, brush it up in puffs, and slick down that baby hair is when there hair is the most beautiful. Beyoncé is letting blue ivy love her natural hair in its natural state without changing it. Does not mean shes not brushing it keeping it moisturized. I can easily make my natural hair look just like blues why adding products twisting it up at night and taking the twist out. So to some people it looks unkept but its a style. We allow of race to fully love who they are, so im ashamed of black people who are talking about there own race. We have the most unique hair out of any other race, and we should stand proud and let others know we love our hair to.