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Cultural Appropriation Won't Quit! Teresa Palmer Wears Native American Headdress For A Photoshoot With Her Baby And Here's Why It's Offensive!

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teresa palmer headdress malibu magazine

Holy crap, people really love headdresses!

We get it — they look really beautiful and awesome.

And as you can see in the photo above, Warm Bodies actress Teresa Palmer, in an editorial for Malibu magazine for the June/July issue, is the latest celebrity to wear one.

HOWEVER, they're not just a fancy Native American hat. Headdresses were only allowed to be worn by the most powerful and influential people in a particular tribe, such as a chief or major warrior.

Feathers were usually also only added each time the warrior or chief committed an act of bravery. So, it took time to amass an entire headdress of feathers. Furthermore, women didn't even participate in the making of them — only men would (which, we realize, brings up a completely different social conversation, but lets stick to the point).

All of this is why Native people get understandably upset when celebrities wear headdresses as some sort of fashion statement at Coachella or in magazine editorials.

Cliff Matias, director of Redhawk Native American Arts Council, explains:

"[Wearing a headdress] could be similar to if the [shtreimel] became hip. Or the headdress that the pope wears — if [kids] started wearing that, if that became a trend. I am sure any Catholic people might be disrespected. So for our people, it is the same way."

It's just crazy that nobody on the styling team thought twice about putting a headdress on her, especially since just about a week ago there was outrage over Pharrell's wearing of a headdress on the cover of Elle UK.

It's even crazier how often this keeps happening. Sigh.

[Image via Malibu Magazine]

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12 comments to “Cultural Appropriation Won't Quit! Teresa Palmer Wears Native American Headdress For A Photoshoot With Her Baby And Here's Why It's Offensive!”

  1. 1

    That makes sense. Its like wearing military medals that you did not earn. BUT, why is that you can buy feathered head-dresses in gift shops on reservations?

  2. Just Saying says – reply to this


    Cher wore one and nobody seemed to take offense. I don't think she was a tribal leader

  3. I'm just saying too says – reply to this


    Re: Just Saying – just because it didn't make waves in the media doesn't mean people weren't offended. I think it gets more offensive every time people do it. They know they are offending an entire culture and they still do it. You are right though lol she's definitely not a tribal leader!

  4. enough says – reply to this


    she's the tribal leader of her family

  5. Leo says – reply to this


    Dumb analogy. On halloween plenty of people dress up as priests or nuns. Yet no one makes a big deal about it. And that is done clearly in a mocking tone.

    Here, the headdress is worn in a very beautiful tone. Perez just proves he actually knows nothing.

  6. 6

    holy crap, who cares? there is nothing offensive about it. what offends me are iphones. You know who makes them? Chinese slaves.

  7. Ketrina says – reply to this


    Oh stop being so politically correct!
    This website did not become famous for that reason!

    The popes headware will never become in style because it is UGLY

    No one has ever thought the native peoples headdresses were ugly. In fact, everyone thinks they are beautiful. So thats why they are in style.

    And I don`t think many tribes are left where their tribal leader are wearing the headdresses every day. So they should just get over it and be thankful that they created something so beautiful.

    They could try to capitalize on it

  8. Rob says – reply to this


    Remember kids, it's only racist when a white person does it.

  9. bigbud says – reply to this


    Fuck off with the sensitivity of wearing a fucking headdress.
    Stop being such pusses and getting offended by every fucking thing.

    I'm wearing a headdress right now fuckers!!! It's 2014 tribal leaders really, fuck off!!!

  10. Soupy Sales says – reply to this


    Plus, it looks really stupid.

  11. Excuseyou says – reply to this


    Actually, to correct you, tribal leaders do still wear headdresses, during ceremonial practices. Not just that, but capitalize on something sacred? Uh, no. Headdresses are sold on reservations? Never seen one "sold," on my rez. Perez is completely correct in saying it's offensive. Not a dumb analogy, it's the truth.

  12. Kckckc says – reply to this


    Thank you for posting this Perez. It's insane how many Americans are so ignorant. It's disgusting that people just say get over it. It's funny how people without culture imitate other cultures without any understanding or respect. They look desperate for attention. It's pathetic.