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These Photos Of Kylie Jenner's Lips From Then & Now Will Give You Pause! Makeup Or Injections???

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kylie jenner lip injection main

It's the case of the disappearing and reappearing lips!

The plastic surgery accusations against Kylie Jenner show no signs of stopping, especially since she keeps uploading selfies that show a very plump kisser!

Just today she posted an image of herself with a friend and there was a rather suspicious-looking blemish on the right corner of her upper lip that some are saying may be an injection site for a lip plumper.

We don't know! It could also just be a pimple or love bite or something.

There's no denying that when comparing past pictures with more recent ones, the 16-year-old's lips look much fuller, but it's hard to determine if it is indeed some type of plastic surgery or just a good makeup artist.

Or consider this: Maybe Kylie's secretly an apiarist and sometimes the bees she's handling freak out and bite her. Thus, giving her these full, luscious lips.

Mystery solved!

Check out two more then and now comparisons …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

kylie jenner then and now lips 2
kylie jenner then and now lips

But we want your opinion on this…

Has Kylie Had Work Done On Her Lips?

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Has Kylie Had Work Done On Her Lips?

  • I have no idea. (5%)
  • Nah, it's just makeup! (11%)
  • Yes! It's obvious! (84%)

Total Votes: 32,130

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Need more evidence before you decide? Check out even more comparisons in the gallery (above)!

[Image via Kylie Jenner/Instagram]

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52 comments to “These Photos Of Kylie Jenner's Lips From Then & Now Will Give You Pause! Makeup Or Injections???”

  1. 1

    The guy on the right got em too…♠♠♠

  2. Loca says – reply to this


    It just looks like a cold sore.

  3. jaeiicee says – reply to this


    maybe it's just a cold sore

  4. thalia says – reply to this


    i would say it's a cold sore or whatever, but makeup doesn't increase your lip size by that much. it's too extreme to be makeup. i just got out of beauty school, and i know what injections look like and what make up looks like.

  5. s says – reply to this


    also looks like she has had a brow lift, or eye work done. the space between her lid and eyebrow is much larger

  6. Nila says – reply to this


    PUleaseeee make up does not do that. It's so obvious she had injections done and a brow lift and anyone that doesn't think so is a fucking idiot

  7. ping says – reply to this


    i dont know how nobody has noticed that her jaw/chin has shrunk too. definitely been chiseled.

  8. Chantal says – reply to this


    Re: s – ITA- she's also had a nose job 100%… It's the Kim K. fix up! She doesn't look like the same girl at all & it's weird. Looking back at older episodes, she's not physically recognizable to me. Kendall's the same. Kylie must be jealous of the rest getting all this attention.

  9. 9

    She is slowly ruining her looks. Well, it's happened before…

  10. Christne C says – reply to this


    I would say the lips are 100% done and her lashes are fuller and longer….none of which are bad things to get done…I would love bigger lips and lash extensions! Own it sister!!!!

  11. Shauna says – reply to this


    Not saying that she has or hasn't because it doesn't matter to me, But sometimes my lips look bigger in the morning when I fall asleep with like Baby Lips on. Always consider things such as this!

  12. lisa says – reply to this


    its just makeup! she puts lip liner above her lips and fills it in, very very desperate and very very obvious. if you watch kuwtk some episodes she doesnt have her lips on lol. then on instagram she pouts and pushes her lips up to finish the look.

  13. amanda says – reply to this


    As someone who has had lip injections, these are lip injections. They plump the whole area of the lip and above it which is exactly what she has as well.

  14. Fancy Face says – reply to this


    Lip injections, she lost some weight so her face has contours now, but her eyelids are way higher which is a look you can achieve with botox injected just above the eyebrows. False lashes / lash weave, and really expertly done makeup. But still, she's 16 and lip injections? Christ.

  15. 15

    Trout mouth! The affliction of an air head. She suffers from "that other sister" syndrome just like Kloe.

  16. 16

    Top story? This is the top story?!

  17. jil says – reply to this


    whatever. she looks better. just look at her parents. it was bound to happen,

  18. Emily says – reply to this


    It's makeup + pouting like cray

  19. 19

    Lord, I could never let someone stick a needle anywhere near my face unless I was under anesthesia. Why does she need to get this done at her young age?

  20. mbooooooooooooooo says – reply to this


    this is makeup…. and this is very possible with makeup for those of you who are saying it is not. My lips are the exact same way and when i learned the makeup tricks for it which include overlining, it makes it look exactly like that.

  21. jw says – reply to this


    I dont care what she says….she's had work done. Not that there's anything wrong with that but, just be honest

  22. Sara says – reply to this


    Re: thalia – when I wear lipstick my lips literally almost double if you line ur lips just right. Idk how anyone can be sure. But honestly whether she did or didn't it's just lip injections not a face lift lol

  23. 23

    if she isn't using make up, lighting, angling, or plastic surgery then I don't know how else her lips have plumped out like that.

  24. Cris says – reply to this


    Lana Del Rey impact tbh. Every girl gets them now.

  25. misty says – reply to this


    such an ugly girl…she def needs something…

  26. tif says – reply to this


    Her lips are starting to look like Khloe's. Like a giant puckering, asshole smeared with lip gloss.

  27. 27

    She is only 16?! I wonder what she will look like when she is 26? Aaaaargh! The comparison photos are showing two distinctly different looking faces even though the person maybe the same. The lips are definitely swollen and so are the eyelids.
    The girl has been doing rotten things to her face. Can't her mother sit down with her and explain to her what will inevitably happen if she carries on that way?
    Botox will ruin her. In ten years time she won't be able to change expression on her face anymore unless she stops this idiocy. She is pretty in her own way and really doesn't need to make herself look like adult movies actress to get any recognition. Her sis done it for her already :D

  28. 28

    To me it looks like it's just makeup. Then again, she'll probably revert to plastic surgery as soon as she hits 18, even though her natural look is perfectly fine.

  29. Lisa says – reply to this


    Bitch got her Lips done and nose !! Lol

  30. Cylia says – reply to this


    You can check a candid from a few days ago when she got out from the hair saloon she wasnt wearing ANY makeup and her lips looked like before! This is definitely makeup, plus if she likes how she looks this way who are we to judge, i personally think this whole surgery thing is full of crap so find a better subject to talk about x

  31. kell says – reply to this



  32. 32

    Her lips are bigger but that's herpes not a needle mark.

  33. Maysoonelder says – reply to this


    Looks good

  34. 34

    She's had work done and there's lip liner drawn over.

  35. just my thoughts says – reply to this


    Lips and nose is WAY different for sure!
    No make up can lift your nose up from the Squished look!

  36. damn says – reply to this


    nah it's definitely makeup… it's kinda obvious in one of the photos… she made it look big through makeup/lipstick/whatever she used…

  37. Gabrielle says – reply to this


    It's 100% makeup, you can tell. She needs to stop, it looks ridiculous! There's nothing wrong with her natural lips!

  38. jsus says – reply to this


    Damn i remember when she was cute ,what happened

  39. nicole says – reply to this


    I'm so happy for you. …. I am your number1 fan!!!!!!! You are awesome. …. and I hope you enjoy your wedding! !!!!😘😊

  40. G says – reply to this


    It's called makeup people, makeup changes everything !

  41. huh says – reply to this


    maybe its a cold sore from suckin too much dick

  42. Suthernbelle says – reply to this


    It looks like she had a nose job too. I don't understand why they lie about their plastic surgery. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

  43. Li says – reply to this


    It is lip liner and lipstick. And she is pouching her lips.

  44. Razor says – reply to this


    Yep, injection.

  45. karen says – reply to this


    Lip injections, nose job, eye lift, chin work. 100%

  46. The truth says – reply to this


    She sucking too much dick..

  47. Aileen says – reply to this


    it's obviously make up, make up and it's wonders. you can see her real lips when zooming into old pictures on Instagram. Countouring is what she's doing to make the face and nose thinner. Make up + Pouting, not lip injections

  48. angee says – reply to this


    How self-absorbed and shameless.

  49. lucyluu says – reply to this


    ummm you're on perezhilton.com….what kind of top stories are you lookiing for? It's a celebrity gossip site!

  50. Brigitte says – reply to this


    She's had major work done on her whole face, not just lip injections. She'll be just as unrecognizable as her sister Kim by the time she's her age. That family is obsessed with their looks, so vain!!!

  51. Mirna says – reply to this


    Eye lid surgery and lip injections simple

  52. Laura says – reply to this


    It appears that Kylie is using a product called Candylipz on her lips. It is a lip suction pump in the shape of an apple, that sucks your lips, one at a time, till you reach your desired plumpness. Check out the Candylipz website and their pictures and decide for yourself. I'm convinced.