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Cara Delevingne Passionately Strikes Back At Vogue Writer Who Accused Her Of Falling Asleep TWICE During An Interview!

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Cara Delevingne is profiled in the July issue of Vogue, but as can sometimes happen, she's none too happy with the piece!

Writer Plum Sykes alleged that the supermodel fell asleep twice and kept her waiting before and during the interview. Plum wrote:

"It’s a late-spring morning, and Cara has arranged to meet me at Grace in Belgravia, the most exclusive spa in town. I wait in the cavernous café area and sip a delicious green juice. Still no Cara. A staff member calls her. She’s minutes away…Cara has overslept. 'I always wake up ten minutes before I have to be anywhere,' she explains. Luckily she lives around the corner with her parents, so she hasn’t had to tumble too far."

Later, Plum writes that Cara suggested they both get massages before the interview, but ended up falling asleep during hers:

An hour later I await Cara on a wicker lounger. I am definitely relaxed enough for the interview. I read a magazine, have some tea, look at the time. Fifteen minutes pass. No Cara. Half an hour. Finally a masseuse appears and whispers to me that Cara has fallen asleep. 'I went to take her some water after her treatment and she was out. Shall I wake her up?'

Dear reader, to misquote Oscar Wilde, can I say that to oversleep once for a Vogue interview may be regarded as a misfortune, but to oversleep twice looks like carelessness? It would turn out to be my own misfortune—some would call it carelessness—that I replied, 'She seems really tired, and we have the whole day. Let’s let her sleep till lunchtime.'"

Afterwards, when Cara awoke, she was very apologetic for leaving Plum waiting:

“'I’m so sorry!!!' she exclaims, collapsing into a chair. 'I fall asleep everywhere! Someone recently asked if they could publish a book of pictures of me sleeping, because there are so many.'"

True or not, we don't know (you can read the full interview HERE), but the accusations have gotten Cara all riled up!

The supermodel posted a series of tweets calling out Vogue magazine for their "lies" and insisting that she only falls asleep sometimes because she's jet-lagged and tired from work.

She tweeted (read from top to bottom):

cara delevingne vogue sleeping tweets 2
cara delevingne sleep vogue magazine tweets(1)

Judging by how often she travels, we're not at all surprised that Cara can get very sleepy. We don't think Plum Sykes meant anything particularly bad about pointing out how tired Cara can get due to work.

If anything, it shows just how hard the model works, just as she herself said!

[Image via Cara Delevingne Instagram]

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7 comments to “Cara Delevingne Passionately Strikes Back At Vogue Writer Who Accused Her Of Falling Asleep TWICE During An Interview!”

  1. 1

    Falling asleep at the drop of a hat does not necessarily mean that's you're (or your, as Cara would say) working hard. She should be professional during her fifteen minutes, at least. After that, she can sleep as much as she wants.

  2. 2

    Can she not sleep on the plane when she is traveling? If she overslept for her interview, why did she fall asleep again shortly after - although I suppose a massage could put one to sleep. I really can't afford the luxury of a spa day. And WHY would she have a massage when she is supposed to be getting interviewed anyway? Just because she falls asleep does not = hard work. I do not understand how diffucilt modeling is - you go someplace and sit while someone does your hair/makeup and gets you dressed. You walk downa runway or pose for pics, perhaps change a few times and do it again. It is not physically difficult nor is it mentally draining work. COnsidering she looks like a dirty waif, I thnk she is lucky that people want her to model their high coture for even as much as she bashes the fashion world.

  3. 3

    Heroin or what? Ask Michelle….

  4. 4

    Jet-lagged? aka Heroin or drinking and parting too much? That's ur ambition? LOL

  5. Sam says – reply to this


    Ambitious people usually don't fall asleep on the job Cara…a model being interviewed by Vogue, IS your job.

  6. 6

    Too much coke.

  7. Pothead says – reply to this


    Pot does that to you…