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EXCLUSIVE! Mexico's First Lady Makes History As She Takes On The Cover Of Marie Claire Mexico!

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Mexico's first lady Mrs. Angelica Rivera de Peña covers Marie Claire Mexico's July issue!

Wow!! This is huge!

Mexico’s first lady, Mrs. Angelica Rivera de Peña has the coveted cover of Marie Claire Mexico’s July issue!!

Never ever in the nation’s history has their first lady covered a fashion mag, but not only did Angelica do it, she did it fearlessly!

Posing alongside her daughter, Sofia Castro, the once-upon-a-time soap opera star, gives her most intense stare for the camera.

Pretty fitting for her first cover, right??

And the mother-daughter duo go for matching combos on the front page with their ruffled white blouses, black blazers, and bottoms!

As for the editorial, Angelica invited the mag to shoot the spread inside their very own presidential home, giving a glance at her luxe style!! Leather trench coats and chic jumpsuits were just the highlights!

Ch-ch-check out a peek of the spread in the gallery (above)!

[Image via Marie Claire Mexico.]

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34 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Mexico's First Lady Makes History As She Takes On The Cover Of Marie Claire Mexico!”

  1. seriously says – reply to this


    She should be addressing the massive violence and poverty in her country instead of being involved with superficial propaganda.

  2. 2

    Glad these women are parading the wealth they have taken from their own people, while many are starving and living in incredible violence. Mexico has over 60% of people in poverty, but good for these shameless whores to show off their huge wardrobes! Really… they must be so proud!

  3. Chris says – reply to this


    Perez WTF?! WHAT are u doing? Promoting these nobodies I am from Mexico and like the other people is commenting Angelica Rivera doesn't have the brains to be a first lady she is Enrique's puppet they pay her to give an image but that is all she does, it is infuriating what this president is doing to my country!

  4. ElPipila says – reply to this


    Shameful! This isn´t Mexico! What power is she redefining?

  5. Estef says – reply to this


    Que tonteria de articulo, cuando esta gente vive en los pinoa otros no tienen ni que comer o caerse en el país; pero Bueno hay andan votando por peña nieto..

  6. Alejandro says – reply to this


    That shootting is a monument to corruption and tyranny in Mexico. The country has more daily poverty, violence and inequality thanks to the ambition of political

    The first lady is not in any way represent Mexican women, mexico is first world in femicide

  7. Ehhh says – reply to this


    This is offensive too all hard working mexicans.

  8. karen says – reply to this


    If she and her husband were very honest people and work very hard for their country I would not say anything but please she is the must stupid and lazy first lady that Mexico has had, it's clear that she is taking advantage of her current position to get international fame, because when the president period ends she will have back to work and be an actress just like she used to do, it's the only thing that she does.. to act for everything, and many many people will get furious when they see these pics.. there are to many things to do for the DIF and help to the very needy people and she is just wasting her time posing for magazines.. bravo!!

  9. Juan says – reply to this


    Seriously!? Are you actually celebrating a monument to corruption and the ransacking of Mexico, as this magazine's cover and article are?! Just when I thought your "journalism" couldn't get any lower, you go and surpass yourself. How nice!

  10. Eduardo says – reply to this


    She is a whore and every mexican know that, we all fucking hate her and hers supid huspand the worst "president" México ever have,

  11. Annie Lavatelli says – reply to this


    Looks as cheap as the Kardashian a shame yo mexico

  12. getrealzzzzzzz says – reply to this


    To all those negative comments, shut up. Unless you live in Mexico your argument can have some validity. Otherwise you have been brainwashed and have believed all the negative propaganda, and thank god, otherwise you would be here. Mexico is a paradise everywhere, great weather, friendly people, beaches to die for, etc. Yes many have gone from here, the ignorant ones, wanting to become slaves for another country instead of growing their own food, creating their own destiny. Here in Mexico we don't give a shit. Those who complain about inequality here are complainers, you put a seed on the ground and anything grows, so there is no starvation. Yes the government is corrupt, but any government is. To have a government is corruption itself. So, yes our first lady is hot, looks great good 4 her. While all you losers believe what the media tells you, here in Mexico we bathe in the sun, grabbing mangoes from trees. Yes there is violence in this territory like narcos killing their kind, not as bad as the US sending young men and women to die in the Middle East for big Oil corporations. We have no issues wih ANY country, even the US bullies. I have traveled the world and there is place like Mexico thats why I returned, to paradise itself. Thank you CNN, fox news, and all those garbage media for keeping Americans away, they suck. Thanks America for accepting the trashy mexicans that decided to go there, do treat them like crap. Oh wait, thats not hard for you

  13. Leslie says – reply to this


    ¿Cuánto te pagaron, Perez?

  14. Marcos says – reply to this


    Re: getrealzzzzzzz
    WTF, Do you know what’s the INEGI? It depends from Mexican Government and according their data more than 59% of Mexican population lives in poverty condition, They also mention that more than 57% of Mexicans are afraid about violence levels in Mexico
    Do you know what's the OCDE, well according the OCDE Mexico has the lowest salary rate of the countries belongs to this organization, 12K per year…..
    Honestly it seems you don’t live in Mexico or you are just a rich person who believes all Mexican have the same economic level or your information sources are lying to you, However you are right Mexico is paradise unfortunately the violence levels are too high and current poverty conditions do not help to solve this issue…

  15. Marcos says – reply to this


    Hello, I was wondering how much I need to pay to make that a website like this show some pictures about the real Mexico? I mean killed people on Mexican streets, People who survive with less than 6 USD per day, People making lines outside factories trying to get a job, People who lost their relatives because the violence, people has been kidnaped. Also there are some great things about Mexico but honestly Angelica and Sofia are not on that list!!
    By the way I would like to point out Agelica and her daughter are not the owners of the presidential home, but most important her "luxe style" makes me feel sick!!! This government just rise the taxes and cut benefits to Mexican workers because they just want to keep their life styles….
    That's funny people now are talking about her "luxe style" but in the past Angelica was in the cover of other “kind” of magazines!!! At that time her style was a little bit “hot”!!!
    I hope you keep my comment…

  16. Carlos says – reply to this


    This makes me sick to my stomach! Is this where my tax money is spent??? I know this is not a politics web site, but Im sure you will not even consider publiciting Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong Un in here! These people represent everything that is wrong about Mexico. I am Mexican and I live in Mexico and this offends me!! Shame on you Perez!!

  17. Pena vivir en Mexico says – reply to this


    cuando veo el tipo de primera "dama" y presidente que tenemos me da pena vivir en México, si es un paraíso, pero la mayor parte de México esta lleno de corrupción, inseguridad e injusticias, y los culpables no son este tipo de personas, que aunque son unos arribistas, somos todos que vivimos en la ignorancia y seguimos eligiendo como gobernantes a personas ignorantes que solo saben comprar a las personas e incluso compraron a Perez para que hablara bien de esta mujer que no se merece para nada el titulo de primera dama

  18. 18

    no more marie claire si esta porqueria salio en la portada no la comprare otra vez enrique peña y su esposa son homofobicos porque la ponen aqui en una web gay friendly?

  19. 19

    Re: seriously – absloluty true enrique peña also is homophobic gay de closet hahaha

  20. Ale says – reply to this


    REALLY????? She is an embarrassment for the whole Mexican people (I'm Mexican), she and her hubby (zombie/president) are sinking our country and this stupid cover just shows how really they don't give a rats ass about our people, our children, poverty, selling our oil, etc etc etc

  21. Kiki says – reply to this


    Really shameful!! Uneducated women talking about their country… I'm mexican and it's lame that these women talk about charity and their lives when there's a war in here!! Injustice from the authorities, poverty, unemployement and even having to give a fee to gangsters just to have a house or your business, going with fear to school or work… I have to be super careful when I go to the hospital because doctors are targets, you don't help them?? They burn your hands…. Talking about charity and making history in Mexico? PLEASE DON'T!!!!

  22. Jorge says – reply to this


    WTF! Really!!! This is the most stupid promotion of a magazine yo have ever done… this lady used to be and actress from soap opera in Televisa she doesn't have any career or degree in any matter by the way great Photoshop for her daughter picture cause she in overweight and short doesn't look like her in anything really im a Mexican that see this king of publish and feels real ashamed, nothing to be proud of!!!

  23. adi says – reply to this


    the first lady is a disgrace to mexico. First lady has nothing. is a woman who does not study and is not recognized in mexico. It is like an ornament for enrique peña nieto.

  24. Luna says – reply to this


    What a shame. While she's showing off on that magazine, kidnapping, shoot outs and poverty is rising more and more in our country. And for all those who defend her and say that the media is exaggerating, I invite you to stay one day in my city, so you can see and feel the fear we have to live day by day here in Mexico.

  25. mil says – reply to this


    Es una ofensa a nosotros los mexicanos que salgan como si hicieran algo por mi pais . En mi ciudad natal todos los días vivimos situaciones de riesgo y su querido esposo se ha hecho el tonto y no nos ayudan. No promuevas esas cosas Pérez, por favor.

  26. Claudia says – reply to this


    Re: getrealzzzzzzz – really? In what mexico do you live in? Im from tamaulipas so thanks to the government for zero help against the insecurity. And i dont think the 60% poverty could live from mangoes, but thanks for your "deep" comment. Estupida.

  27. Sal says – reply to this


    Actually its not her first cover, take a look at this, i am really ashamed of my government and all this sitcom bullshit.

  28. enrique silva says – reply to this


    Great!, she is one of the 10th best dressed woman in the world.

  29. enrique silva says – reply to this


    Great!, she is one of the 10th best dressed women in the world.

  30. enrique silva says – reply to this


    Re: Ani555 – Definitely NO, Mexico is not just violence!

  31. enrique silva says – reply to this


    Too many stupid comments on this column. Marie Clare is a fashion magazine not The Atlantic, Harper's Magazine, The Wilson Quaterly, etc. therefore the First Lady do not have to talk about anything in particular. Most comments are completly bias and do not correspond to Mexico, nor the Mexican Moment. No wonder more than 22 million foreign tourists visit Mexico each year.

  32. enrique silva says – reply to this


    Re: Sal – Move to Mexico City! and stop complaining!

  33. Pipiripau says – reply to this


    What´s the point of featuring in a magazine if you paid for it (with your contry´s money)? And "redefining female power"? WTF!? These two know nothing about struggle. I AM Mexican, I AM a female, and I AM NOT represented bythese little shits.

  34. ñeñeAntigüedadYoSoy says – reply to this


    She was an actress and had a calendar in bikini, so what?