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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West In Fashion? Nobody 'Gives A Flying F*ck' And Here's Why, At Least According To This Industry Pro!

kanye west kim kardashian

Tell us how you REALLY feel, Kelly Cutrone!

Sure, there are all sorts of varied opinions on the ways Kim Kardashian and Kanye West influence or don't influence the fashion world.

But this latest opinion is all sorts of HARSH!

Kelly Cutrone, a renowned fashion publicist, recently dished on how she sees — and how she feels others see — Kimye in fashion. And she did NOT hold back!

The 48-year-old expert first ranted about Yeezus, saying:

"I don’t think there’s one person who really works in the fashion industry who gives a flying f*ck about Kanye West. I think they have no influence in the fashion world whatsoever. I mean, most people who watch the [Keeping Up with the] Kardashians can’t afford Givenchy. I don’t mean to be mean. Are [counterfeiters] on Canal St. benefiting from it? Probably, but that’s not the fashion world."

Fair enough, but she can't ignore the fact that 'Ye IS good friends with Vogue editor Anna Wintour, besties with Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci, and has created multiple sold-out fashion lines!

Even so, Kelly didn't stop there. She also went on to tear Kim Kardashian down a peg, saying that her style isn't cutting edge enough.

Cutrone continued:

“There’s a movie called Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Givenchy is a good brand, but is it cutting edge? No. It’s a gazillion-year-old luxury brand from Europe. Have Kim and Kanye had an impact on pop culture? Absolutely. Do I think that [Vogue editor-at-large] Hamish Bowles wakes up in the morning, calls [former Vogue editor-at-large] André Leon Talley and says, ‘Did you see those pants that Kanye was rocking on SNL?’ No. The truth of the matter is that Kim Kardashian is not doing anything fresh in fashion, either. She’s not getting into the nitty-gritty, super avant-garde players. She’s not even wearing [Vivienne] Westwood yet."

So apparently even Givenchy isn't good enough!! No one is safe!

And even though Miz Cutrone claims that no one in the fashion industry cares about Kimye, she obviously cares enough about them to know that Kim hasn't been wearing Vivienne Westwood!

That HAS to mean she cares just a little bit, right??

[Image via WENN.]

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28 comments to “Kim Kardashian & Kanye West In Fashion? Nobody 'Gives A Flying F*ck' And Here's Why, At Least According To This Industry Pro!”

  1. RickInHouston says – reply to this


    I LOVE Kelly Cutrone. I must follow her on every social media possible.

    How refreshing to see Perez post something that takes those two down a few pegs.

  2. Sarah says – reply to this


    She is absolutely correct. Showing too much skin, wearing too tight of clothes, and black, white, tan clothing, only, does not show fashion. It's tacky, no matter what the label reads.

  3. bnietzsche says – reply to this


    Kelly is so right about this. Sure they wear trendy high end pieces, but Kim rarely experiments or switches up her skin tight, tired silhouettes. And same goes kanye. They rarely take risks or have any impact in the world of fashion. The fashion world and celebrity culture are two different fields. They may dip their toes in the water, but never take the plunge.

  4. Candy says – reply to this


    Kim's style is overplayed as well. Like we get it you're curvy as fuck with huge tits and an even bigger ass. No need to always show every part of it off. Such an eye roll after a while.

  5. iluvla says – reply to this


    Kim is a porno star. Why would ANYONE want to dress like a porno star?!

  6. T says – reply to this


    Wait, aren't those the same pants she was wearing when Paris Hilton made that cottage cheese in a garbage bag comment? Jk :P

  7. TWang says – reply to this


    yes Kelly, we hate them also… no need for the fashion excuse

  8. Jenn says – reply to this


    Just because they're friend with people in high fashion does not make them influential in the fashion industry.. It just means you want to take a short cut to high fashion without doing all the hard work and build yourself up. This woman is just being blunt and honest and I totally agree with her.

  9. Munchkin says – reply to this


    I agree with Kelly 100%! Since when is it 'high fashion' to dress like a blind douche bag and 25 cent hooker???

  10. 10

    If real witches truly existed, Kelly Cutrone would be the leader. This woman truly is an angry, most times hateful, human being. But she was spot on re Kim and Kanye.

  11. makena808 says – reply to this


    Anyone with the funds, connections and a stylist can look great. Theses 2 are not innovators OR trend setters.

    Rihanna is a GREAT EXAMPLE of awesome style.

  12. beach says – reply to this


    Kim K looks about the same every day, even same colors. BORING. They are not that all fashionable to a lot of us. Glad they think they are. EGOS rule.

  13. barf. says – reply to this


    kim k can't wear most clothes anyway because she's lugging those stupid breast implants around. they make her look so fat and old.

  14. Teresa says – reply to this


    Kanye is the absolute worst. Always wearing regular jeans or leather pants, with an oversized coat or hoodie with no sleeves. Then he tops it off with sneakers that look like they could be from Vans. Yet somehow always puts down people who don't dress like him. GTFOH with that shit!

  15. Lauren says – reply to this


    Beyonce called Kim a "scandalous, social climbing whore." She's just using Kanye's boyfriend Riccrardo Tisci to get in but nobody in the fashion industry cares about her or Kanye. Those two are nothing but a joke.

  16. 16

    Nailed it.

  17. 17

    She needs to wear more colors - this is Southern California not New York.
    Are you sure Kanye is friends with Anna W? She sure picked out a really bad looking dress for Kim sometime this year or last year at some award ceremony, looked like a sofa cover.

  18. Mitanni says – reply to this


    Sorry haters. Kim and Kanye make fashion fun and the family and their show/ clothing have helped the fashion industry immensely. They shop all the time for clothes for themselves, each other and their children and it's appealing. Beyance and Rianna are showgirls/performers in tiny costumes/different story. Whether you like it or not all the Kardashians sell magazines, fashion and the notion that clothing is exciting to the world and have done so much for the "curvy". I'm going shopping !

  19. the matrix says – reply to this


    People fail to give her credit for her slut, whore, prostitute and street walker collections.

  20. MichJB says – reply to this


    He wear ghetto garbage and she wears trashy slut - how does this advance fashion?

  21. Stephanie says – reply to this


    Kelly is spot on! And PUHLEASE! The Kim Kardashian has trashed her body… That diaper dump of a butt is not built for Westwood. But let the countdown begin. I'm sure she'll see Kelly's comments and it wont be long before we see her trying to wear something from Vivienne Westwood.

  22. allan says – reply to this


    those two morons are definately not style icons she's a slut and he's just a joke plain and simple somebody please do something about them

  23. 23

    Oh Kelly how I LAAAAVE you. All of this was right on point 100%

  24. marie says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah – I agree these prople think they own the fashion world please

  25. julissa says – reply to this


    who the f*** is Kelly Cutrone? lol

  26. terver says – reply to this


    She aint ashame monitoring kims clothes…whether she hate or not kimye are raising eyebrows each time they step out

  27. julissa says – reply to this


    ok, just googled Kelly cutrone. i wouldn't wear anything she was wearing in any of her pictures. on the other hand, i would wear everything kim wears, she always looks fab and on point. love kims fashion sense. people need to stop hatting on her..geez

  28. purgatory floyd says – reply to this


    Kanye .. Urinal cakes with kims face on em .. they will make a huge splash ..